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Ho Sit Down: O.J. Simpson Wants to Go On A College Speaking Tour If He Is Released From Jail


O.J., what can college students possibly learn from you? How to kill a b**** 101? How to go to jail for stealing your own ish?

O.J. Simpson Wants To Go On Tour If Released From Jail

According to TMZ

OJ Simpson is already planning life after jail — despite the fact that his conviction has yet to be overturned — and priority numero uno: a massive college speaking tour to line his pockets.

Simpson is gunning for a retrial in his 2007 armed robbery case, for which he’s currently serving out a 33-year-sentence. If a new trial happens, and his conviction is overturned, Simpson’s time behind bars could be drastically reduced.

With high hopes of getting out soon, Simpson reportedly told a source close to The NY Post that he plans to go on a nationwide college tour to make some cold, hard cash speaking about the Nicole Brown murder case.

OJ told the source, “I’m excited. I mean, they teach the ‘Trial of the Century’ in school, so who better to talk about it than me?”

According to the report, Simpson could make up to $1,000 per speech.

Would you want O.J. teaching your kids?



O.J.’s Acquittal Suit Gets Rejected


First of all, it takes some big hairy man-balls to be gutsy enough to donate the suit you wore when you were acquitted of your former wife’s murder. It’s surprising that O.J. didn’t have the snappy “if it does not fit, you must acquit” catchphrase embroidered onto the back. Some may venture to say that O.J. didn’t really give a toss that Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are dead. But that’s just wild speculation based on their bloody murders and the series of court cases following said murders.

The Smithsonian Institution rejected the attempted donation – and that’s saying something. The Smithsonian will take a 100 year-old piece of dirt if they think it has historical significance. But the institution won’t accept memorabilia from one of the most televised and watched court cases of the past 20 years? It must not mean much to the Smithsonian that a brutha chopped up his wife and homey, only to get away with it. Not like that ever happens anywhere.

According to the New York Times, the decision to donate the suit was announced Tuesday. It was the day after a judge approved the donation as the solution to a battle over the suit. O.J. Simpson was most likely in a hard battle to keep the suit so he could get it dipped in gold and have “HA HA, I DID IT A**HOLES!” carved across it. That fella is classy.