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David Hasselhoff & His Girls Go To Roast

David Hasselhoff posed with his two daughters - Taylor Ann, 20, and Hayley Amber, 17 - as they entered the Comedy Central roast of the 58-year-old Knight Rider star in Culver City, Calif. on Sunday (August 1).

Also in attendance were some of his Baywatch co-stars including Pamela Anderson, Nicole Eggert, Gena Lee Nolin and Traci Bingham.

All eyes were on The Hoff as he confidently faced press before taping the comedy 'roast' of his career and personal life, which will air on Comedy Central on August 15.

"If you can't laugh at yourself and you hold everything in, then that's when you have problems," he said. Hopefully they didn't hassle The Hoff too much!


Nicole Eggert gives her fat rolls some Baywatch action(with video)


Nicole Eggert got fed up of everyone calling her fat. So with the help of the guys from Funny Or Die (and probably the last 50 bucks from her Baywatch earnings) she created a video to send the message “call me fat and you die”, mocking the way men view women and particularly lifeguards…and good for her. But she still needs to lay off the Doritos…and although we feel her pain, we’d still rather be saved by Pamela Anderson’s aging funbags (assuming she can swim and breathe through a garbage bag at the same time and not die of asphyxiation before she gets to us) than Nicole’s godzilla ass…call us mean, but we can deny our nature.


Nicole Eggert should burn all her bikinis

I have absolutely no idea who this Nicole Eggert chick is, but going by these bikini pics, I can tell you that this babe is living under some kind of false impression. I think I’ll keep my mouth shut and let her pics only explain the situation to you in total detail. Well, a birdie just chirped into my ears that she is a former Baywatch babe. And that makes the offense more serious! Check out more pics after the jump.
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Nicole Eggert is ready to join the fat farm


Here’s Nicole Eggert looking like she swallowed a pregnant dolphin on her way to saving a drowning child (while making a necessary stop at a 7/11 to get twinkies on her way there). The only resemblance Nicole Eggert bares to the hot Baywatch chick that tried extra hard to get noticed while running next to Pamela Anderson in these pictures is the color of their bathing suits (although it looks like Nicole’s bottoms are being sucked in by a vagina with a voracious appetite). So as the norm for forgotten d-listers who’s only friend is the General’s face on a bucket of fried chicken bits goes, Nicole is the latest collection of fat rolls to be enlisted in 2010 Celebrity Fit Club. Nicole is willing to put her sweaty rino ass crack on show for a fistful of cash alongside other hungry for money and a dozen honey glazed chops losers such as K-Federline and Bobby Brown. Can’t wait!