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Take a Moment to Enjoy The Kodjoe’s in JET Magazine


Boris Kodjoe, Nicole Parker and their adorable children are on the cover of JET Magazine. In their interview, they give a little insight about how important family time is and also why they are not constantly in the lime light.

Celebrity couple, Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker, have chosen to “live for their family” despite the pressures of maintaining their thriving acting careers. Married in 2005 after meeting on the set of the former Showtime TV series Soul Food, the two have ditched the bright lights of Hollywood for a much simpler life in Atlanta for the sake of their children, Sophie, 4, and Nicolas, 3. “The pull of Hollywood is so strong that sometimes your priorities are not in the right place,” says Nicole. “We wanted to make sure that we focused on our children during these delicate years.


Such a beautiful family. It’s nice to see a family that is not tainted by all the scandal that comes along with celebrity fame.