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Not A Total Betty But A Vast Improvement: Michelle Williams Looking Way Better Than Usual With Alter Egos


Michelle Williams hooked up with Derek Blanks and shot a bunch of different looks for her alter ego photoshoot. Michelle is a good girl, supposedly, and these pictures suggest that she does have a ’sex-symbol’ side.

Pop the top and see Michelle go bald for the shoot


Knifed Up Round Two: Amy Winehouse is Trying to Up her Cake Game Now

amy winehouse 3 261009

As if her new two bee stings up top weren’t enough, word on the town is that Amy Winehouse is also trying to get butt implants too.

We guess after the success of her breast implants, Amy wants to complete the package and is planning on enhancing her backside as well.  This seems like a really intense makeover but after recovering from excessive drug use, her body may need a pick me up.