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Miley Cyrus Nude For Marc Jacobs

Miley Cyrus Nude

Now this is more like it! After a few weeks of nothing from Miley Cyrus but tongue action and not wearing bikinis, Miley stripped down to her birthday suit for Marc Jacobs. Supposedly it’s for a campaign to raise awareness for skin cancer research, which is great and all. Personally though, it’s definitely raising something at the moment, and it’s not awareness, if you know what I mean.

Marc Jacobs Pictures

The Spank Bank for 1/13/12

It’s Friday! It’s time to celebrate the end of the week with a bunch of babes! So, when you’re stuck in traffic on your way back home from the office, just close your eyes and think about your Spank Bank. Well, don’t close your eyes since you will be driving and all, but you get what I mean. First up… Miranda Kerr: No, sadly she is not posing nude again. However, she is still dressing up sexy for us! Is it just me, or does it look like two softballs are trying to break free from her chest? Hayden Panettiere: You don’t hear much about Hayden anymore, at least I don’t. I remember her trying to save a bunch of dolphins, but that’s about it. This is a nice way to make a comeback, though! More cleavage, please! Olivia Munn: She is single and ready to mingle! I hope you all saw my story earlier about her dumping her boyfriend. Now, she is sharing even more good news! She posed nude for PETA! Pictures below. Amanda Harrington: Okay, now these are the most interesting pictures of the day. I’m not entirely sure who Amanda is, but I am pretty sure she had like five seconds of fame on a reality show. Anyway, the pictures are golden! Not because she is super hot, but because they just make perfect sense. What I mean by that is that she is stuffing her face with Mcdonalds, right? A trashy, bad for you fast food place that you can’t help but eat. Well, Amanda Harrington is, trashy, bad for you, but you’re still going to be thinking of her next time you are having sex with your wife.   Thank me later.


Now who do we thank, and what do we have to be thankful for?

Watch Martha Marcy May Marlene and say thank you to Elizabeth Olsen for stripping topless in the indie flick. It sure is something MK and Ashley have never done. Who needs skinny-ass identical twins when you got the whole package in just one boobielicios Olsen sister?

Emma Frain for stripteasing her way into stardom. The hot young model just knew how to work a figure stunt. And when we say figure, we mean curves.

Annalynne McCord for going bra less. She could give the boys a better treat by pulling off a Courtney Love nipple slip, too!

Nadia Ford and Eva Ward for looking so cute-and-cuddly feline porno material. Girls, where are your daddies? Well, for now, perhaps Hugh Hefner would be interested. Oh wait, you have to be blond, …and lose those cat ears!

Amy Adams for her lingerie look on InStyle magazine. Seems like pur favorite Shopaholic is about to make addicts out of her male fans. Since it’s Thanksgiving and it’s going to be Christmas soon and sheer is a fall/winter 2011/2012 trend, can you please wear something more see-through? Pretty please, please, please?

And finally…

Rob Pattinson, for dumping Kristen Stewart on November 5, if only it’s a fact. However, it’s just too good to be true. The Twilight stars are still together so we’d have to cancel the Edward’s fans runner-up for future Mrs. Pattinson. And we almost believed the allegedly great news. Thanks to the Enquirer.

Now let’s drink to all that.


Scarlett Johansson talks about her naked pictures

Scarlett Johansson, who has no problem getting naked for Vanity Fair (above) but has to launch an entire FBI investigation for some naked cellphone pictures lest other starlets fall victim to the same crime and turn their vaginas into a pulp from agony and desperation, is now explaining how those naked pics came to exist in the first place – as if we really needed an explanation (“Look, breasts!!” *stares, and stares and stares*).

Via Vanity Fair:

“Those are old, from three years ago,”.
“They were sent to my husband,” she added, meaning her now ex-hubby, Ryan Reynolds. She also said for the first time that she was the one who snapped the two nude photos.
“There’s nothing wrong with that,” Johansson continued. “It’s not like I was shooting a porno — although there’s nothing wrong with that, either.”

So if I understand correctly, Ryan Reynolds got married to a large-breasted nymphomaniac, then dumped her, and is now banging Blake Lively? That’s it, where can get a Canadian citizenship? I hear he’s very close to dumping Blake Lively too and I want to be ready: “Hello, Blake, er, would you like to see my cabinet of government-paid pharmaceuticals?” I’m assuming that’s his opening line, right?

PS: Pics are of Scarlett shooting the horror flick Under The Skin in Scotland in which she plays an alien sex maniac. No Joke.

article-2056372-0E9F04D000000578-664_468x633 article-2056372-0E9F070400000578-831_233x336 article-0-0E9C7F1200000578-766_468x629 article-2055826-0E9C7E6700000578-376_468x313 article-2055826-0E9C7EDE00000578-476_468x699 article-2055826-0E9C81A100000578-531_468x334 article-2055826-0E9C81B500000578-149_224x423 article-2055826-0E9C818500000578-863_224x423 article-2055826-0E99431700000578-500_468x307

Lindsay Lohan showed her vajayjay for the Playboy shoot

Shown here getting knocked down by her own garage door, because spreading your legs in-front of your little sister (Ali went with her because Dina wanted the little one to learn the ropes) and prune-balls Hugh can only be celebrated by taking down a crane of Stoli, Lindsay Lohan earned her $1million check by going full frontal. Which means Dina realized Lindsay’s European “tour” did not bring in the expected cash she needed for that family vacation to Hawaii. “Lindsay, baby, we’re scratching operation “Italian handjobs”. That’s small time. I have something way, way bigger in mind. But very tasteful and classy. Now, hurry, our appointment for a brazilian wax is at 3.”

Via TMZ:d

TMZ has learned, the actress will BARE ALL in her upcoming spread … i.e. the holy trifecta … or as one source close to Playboy put it, “boobs, ass, and vag.”
… Reports circulated Lindsay would pull one of those lame semi-nude fiascos — all sideboob, no fun — but sources close to Hef & co. tell us, that is NOT the case. Lindsay did insist the photos be “tastefully done,” but we’re told she’s still going the full monty.

article-2053764-0E89DC9900000578-706_634x531 article-2053764-0E89D98000000578-668_634x492 article-2053764-0E89D99000000578-163_634x537 article-2053764-0E8B6FE600000578-887_634x675 article-2053764-0E8B6FFC00000578-476_634x465 article-2053764-0E8B701400000578-783_634x802 article-2053764-0E8C76BC00000578-622_634x616 article-2053764-0E8C76E000000578-400_634x755 article-2053764-0E8CD25D00000578-72_634x403

Lindsay Lohan gets close to $1million to pose naked

Voila some very grainy photos of Lindsay Lohan on her way to a meeting place where she would take her clothes off, and while the sentence i just conjured up means absolutely nothing because that’s the everyday schedule that Dina draws up on a napkin for her daughter, trust me, this walk towards what will ultimately be a porn studio led to a mansion where Lindsay got naked for Playboy. Apparently, Lindsay asked for $1 million because her awareness of her crotch’s value is astounding, and Hugh Hefner actually agreed to pay somewhere in the vicinity of that. Which tells me he’s nearing the final stages of Alzheimer’s and soon enough the Playboy mansion will be full of 60-year old grandmas with droopy tits and a penchant for leaving their dentures on the kitchen table. Dina reported that the photo-shoot went well, which in her lingo means she licked the check and it proved to be authentic and that Lindsay scored a bag of coke as a bonus in the end.

PS: The other two pics are of Lindsay taking a break after cleaning morgue toilets and dead people’s sheets. I hear the shoot was inspired by this: “Now Lindsay, bend over the toilet, arch your back and seductively lick that toilet brush. Oh yeah, keep going, keep going, this hot!!”

article-0-0E879BA000000578-216_468x512 article-0-0E879BA000000578-141_468x395 article-2053145-0E7D7B5500000578-18_468x647 article-2053145-0E77CC5400000578-459_468x992

Britney Spears has sex with her boyfriend in new video

Remember that story we posted about Britney Spears getting in trouble in the U.K over that fake robbery scene she was shooting? Well, it was for her video Criminal in which Jason Trawick saves her from an abusive boyfriend and then pushes her into a world of crime. And then of course we have the sex scenes. Which shockingly enough are not Mac-Donald – themed, and don’t involve Britney shooting Jason with “Fench” fries and whispering sweet nothings in his ears: “Yeah man, just pour them mayo-neise on my chicken drums, yo. And slowely rub them big’ol potato chips on my belly, yeah baby, do it one more time!”

article-2050440-0E6C836A00000578-656_634x286 article-2050440-0E6C84C600000578-569_634x286 article-2050440-0E6C87DC00000578-711_634x286 article-2050440-0E6C88B300000578-597_634x278 article-2050440-0E6C823200000578-373_634x299 article-2050440-0E6CA0C500000578-14_634x272 article-2050440-0E6CA2E700000578-744_634x286 article-2050440-0E6D07E400000578-98_634x286

Adam Levine’s missing torso

Adam Levine posed with his Russian girlfriend Anna I-arrived-in-the-mail-Vyalitsyna for the cover of Russian Vogue, and that 99.9% of you who have yet to notice that half of Adam’s torso is missing because you’re too busy staring at his bride’s superb ass, you may have ADD, but at least you don’t have Spock’s (aka Zachary Quinto) problem of finding the love for vagina highly irrational and off-putting. Gotta love photo-shop bloopers.

PS: The junk-handling from the mail bride pics are from a different shoot with Cosmopolitan UK, because somehow that will save the penis from cancer (Levine’s charity). We’re guessing this one’s about saving the anus?? Or the rain-forest, it could be either way.

article-2050099-0E6A5A7100000578-412_634x821 article-2050099-0E618D5600000578-785_306x396 0107-adam-levine-naked-00-480x720 0107-adam-levine-naked-01-480x673


Rihanna named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire

Here’s Rihanna posing naked for the cover of Esquire’s November issue in all her photoshopped glory, because how else can we see she’s the world’s sexiest woman alive? Now, they don’t tell us exactly how they chose Rihanna, but let’s assume they also got carried away by the non-stop Barbadian ass-groping. If an entire island has its hand on this woman’s ass, well then, she has to be the world’s sexiest, non? Esquire has high standards you know.

article-2047877-0E53EA6000000578-202_306x423 article-2047877-0E5485D300000578-191_634x818 1011-rihanna-nude-esquire-06-480x720 1011-rihanna-nude-esquire-06-480x720 article-2047877-0E5291BC00000578-138_306x542 article-2047877-0E5291B500000578-931_306x542 article-2047877-0E550C6800000578-875_634x813 article-2047877-0E550C4B00000578-534_306x648 article-2047877-0E550C5700000578-156_306x648

Monday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (08.10.2011)

Miranda Kerr gets completely naked for Australia’s Harpers Bazaar. Which is a fashion magazine. About clothes. Ok, that turban is pretty fashionable.

Katie Holmes’ cleavage is more desolate than an African village plagued by drought. And later, Tom Cruise goes for some well-documented PDA. He washed his hands with Lysol afterwards and looked at his photo album of penises to make him forget. Kinda like comfort food.

Looking at 53-year old Sharon Stone in a tight mini dress is like drinking milk that’s slightly beyond its expiration date. It doesn’t make you throw up, but you wished you didn’t take that huge gulp.

Holly Madison reminds us of the important things in life: Oktoberfest and beer.

Lady Gaga is into rams now.

Demi Lovato is on her way to winning over alcoholism and bulimia. Don’t let that water fool you. She ate the Twinkies and the beef jerky before the guy gave her change back.

Serena Williams and country singer Jake Owens were out on a romantic date. “I said, gimme your goddamn fries or I’ll shove a tennis ball in your mouth. And then strip down to a bikini!”

Kim Kardashian’s ass defies air brushing (Australian InStyle).

article-0-0E4EFFBC00000578-211_634x494 article-0-0E4EFFB800000578-835_634x796 article-2046824-0E4BC86B00000578-523_468x662 article-2047136-0E4BE3FB00000578-28_634x619 article-2046824-0E489E6C00000578-913_224x500 article-2046824-0E489D8800000578-470_224x500 article-2046824-0E489DDC00000578-512_468x675 article-2046824-0E489E7000000578-566_468x613 article-2046824-0E48092900000578-114_468x715 article-2046824-0E48940800000578-784_468x666 article-2046865-0E4BAB2C00000578-627_468x584 article-2046865-0E4BAB0400000578-26_224x377 article-2046865-0E4BAB4800000578-500_224x377 article-2046865-0E49A47B00000578-669_468x623 article-2046865-0E4885E800000578-604_468x567 article-2046865-0E48854800000578-488_468x821 article-2046865-0E48856800000578-892_224x600 article-2046900-0E48CF2E00000578-132_468x711 article-2046900-0E48CF7A00000578-903_468x682 article-2046900-0E48CF8A00000578-346_224x600 article-2046900-0E48CF4300000578-194_468x521 article-2046900-0E48CF9000000578-660_224x600 article-2046776-0E47538A00000578-865_468x784 article-2046776-0E47537300000578-723_468x486 article-2046855-0E48A96900000578-740_468x745 article-2046855-0E48A97500000578-811_468x768 article-2047178-0E4CC6CA00000578-792_224x625 Serena Williams on a date with country singer Jake Owen at Matsuhisa article-2047178-0E4CC36800000578-279_468x594 article-0-0E489B3E00000578-977_634x712

Elisabetta Canalis is now dating True Blood actor

According to TMZ, Elisabetta Canalis was spotted having a romantic dinner at STK restaurant in L.A with True Blood actor Mehcad Brooks before jetting off together in his black SUV. Listen, we get it. After dating George Casanova Clooney for two years, what are your choices? Who can take his place and not look like a ridiculous substitute for the man millions are willing to die for? The big black penis of course. Really, Eggs was the ONLY logical choice here. Granted, they’re both jobless at the moment, but at least they can marvel at each other’s abs and well defined triceps. It works.

article-0-0E35AD2D00000578-137_224x646 article-0-0E35AD1500000578-589_468x539 article-0-0E35AD2100000578-885_468x760 article-2046239-0E43F3BE00000578-898_224x409 article-2046239-0E43F9EF00000578-435_224x409

Hope Solo gets naked for ESPN

Just when we thought Nancy Grace’s Breast Petal pasties would be the only exciting thing that came out of DWTS this season (did I just call the Incredible Hulk’s pasties exciting? I’m more desperate than I thought) here’s Hope Solo restoring our faith in American family values by posing naked for the cover of ESPN. So, can you do that on the show, love? Just sayin’ so we don’t look lame to the Argentinians.

article-0-0E3FBBBF00000578-830_468x803 article-2045858-0E3FBBB100000578-637_468x561 article-2045858-0E3FC8D500000578-572_468x587 article-2045858-0E3683B000000578-874_468x582 article-2045858-0E4004F000000578-617_468x808

Sophie Monk somehow turned down $1million offer to do Playboy

Because today it’s “believe whatever bullshit D-listers come out with” day, Sophie Monk, you know, the chick who’s been topless more times than Mel Gibson had Jew-fueled DUIs, has turned down $1million offer to do Playboy because it would hurt her movie career. You’re allowed to laugh.

Here’s parts of the interview she gave to an Australian radio station:

‘I got offered Playboy, the cover.’

‘They’re trying every angle to get me to do it. They’re relaunching the whole thing and making it old school again because it kind of lost it for me.’

When I was younger, I was like “I want to be on Playboy”. My mum was a Playmate. She was hot.’‘They’ve offered me a million dollars, and it’s negotiable how much you show.’

‘Some people are like, no,’ . ‘My agent said it could stop me getting movies.’

‘I’ve done a movie as not myself for like $2.50 showing my boobs, but being me naked selling magazines for men to get excited over is a different story for me, personally.’

**EXCLUSIVE** Sophie Monk is seen going to an auto repair shop to try to retrieve her car after waiting for its repair. article-2044134-0E29F3B200000578-58_468x689 article-2044134-0E29F40B00000578-290_468x668


Way to waste the FBI’s time Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is seeking to restore her vaginal purity after two nude pictures SHE HERSELF took from a device that can actually MAIL them to someone if a sudden need for publicity arises (we’re just pointing the obvious here) were “stolen” from her mobile phone. Her lawyer Marty Singer has now written to various websites, warning of legal action. The letter reportedly says: ‘The highly personal and private photographs at issue capture our client self-posing in her own home in a state of undress and/or topless. ‘If you fail to comply, you will be acting at your own peril. Please govern yourselves accordingly.’

Scarlett has also called in the Feds to help her discover how her phone was hacked. “Hey guys, drop the serial killer case and the new terrorist cell case you’ve been working on. Boss says we got bigger fish to catch. Scarlett Johannson’s ass has gone public in the world wide web and we have to apprehend it! *high fives all around*


Naked Statue of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Coming Our Way Soon

Daniel Edwards, the insane Brooklyn-based sculptor behind masterpieces as Suri Cruise’s bronzed poop and Britney Spears giving birth on a bear rug is back. Now he’s installing a nude statue of pop power couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in a store in Dallas called New Fine Arts. (In this case, “fine arts” means porn. Since it’s a porn store.)

Via Splash News:

US artist Daniel Edwards has unveiled this nude portrait of pop stars Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez. It depicts the teenagers almost entirely nude, with a Canadian maple leaf and a Texas lone star covering up most of the intimate parts.
The piece, titled “Justin and Selena as One” captures them conjoined at the torso and will be unveiled at later [date] in Dallas.

The random nudity isn’t even the insane part. The statue only has three legs! They’re fused together. Who cares about a couple of boobies, this is some sort of weird chocolate parallel human centipede thing. It’s enough to give Eli Roth nightmares.

Maybe the artist just wanted this to symbolize the melding of our two great nations. Beeb and Gomez will unite us ya’ll!

Nude Statue of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Nude Statue of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Nude Statue of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Nude Statue of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Nude Statue of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Nude Statue of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Sara Jean Underwood Takes a Naked Bike Ride

Cycling can be fun, especially when it includes former playmate of the year Sara Jean Underwood and nudity. Here she is on her sweet ten speed at the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland, Or. for a piece she did for her nerd TV show on G4TV. It’s quite obvious from these pictures that she’s a very lovely young lady with many desirable qualities one would look for in a mate. You can just tell that she’s intelligent, helps out at animal shelters, enjoys foreign literature, and she clearly tries to stay abreast of current affairs. She more than likely has volunteered more than once at a retirement home, wiping old wrinkly asses. I hope that she never becomes jaded by the world so caught up her beauty instead of focusing on her contributions to make the world a better place. I also hope I’ve said enough nice shit so she’ll let me ejaculate on her face. That’s how that works, right?


Candice Swanepoel Got Completely Nude for the CFDA Fashion Awards

We suspected that the CFDA Fashion Awards encouraged nudity from guests and participants (like Lady Gaga), but we were sort of joking. Then we saw this Candice Swanepoel thing and we realized that CFDA totally encourages nudity.

OK so we only get eleven seconds of nakedness from Candice, but we’re not picky. Some of those seconds are slo-mo and that makes us feel alive. We can pretend that it’s actually running in real time, and we’re only seeing it way slowed down because the raw beauty of her body has given us a jolt of adrenaline and heightened our senses.


Kate Moss’s Naked Message to Kate Middleton

Right, so Kate Middleton thinks she can just roll up on London, steal everyone’s hearts, and it’ll be no big deal? Aw hell naw! Kate Moss is here to say that nobody cares about long-sleeved gowns as much as they care about full-frontal nudity. She might have used a photo that is a teensy bit old, but it’s never been so relevant as it is now. We think that Moss and the Douches of Cambridge need to settle this the old fashioned way: they don their respective gowns and wrestle in a huge bowl of English custard.

Dips on eating it after they are done.


Valentina Lizcano Nude in SoHo Magazine

This here is Valentina Lizcano, who is famous for something somewhere in the world (she’s Colombian)… but honestly, all we care about is that she’s gorgeous and posed naked for SoHo Magazine. We’re a simple website, with simple desires, people. Is that really so wrong?

Valentina Lizcano Nude in SoHo Magazine Valentina Lizcano Nude in SoHo Magazine Valentina Lizcano Nude in SoHo Magazine Valentina Lizcano Nude in SoHo Magazine Valentina Lizcano Nude in SoHo Magazine Valentina Lizcano Nude in SoHo Magazine Valentina Lizcano Nude in SoHo Magazine Valentina Lizcano Nude in SoHo Magazine Valentina Lizcano Nude in SoHo Magazine Valentina Lizcano Nude in SoHo Magazine Valentina Lizcano Nude in SoHo Magazine

Finally, an Olsen Sister Gets Naked in a Movie

Remember back in the heady days of the Olsen Twins Countdown Clock, who among us could have imagined that the first Olsen sister to get naked on film would be…one we’d never even heard of before?

Yes, according to the very reputable New York Times, it’s the twenty-one year old Elizabeth Olsen whose nude scenes in her movie “Martha Marcy May Marlene” are lighting up the Sundance film festival in Park City, Utah this week (and, with Fox Searchlight’s purchase of MMMM, hopefully lighting up a theater near us very, very soon).

“It was incredibly weird to watch it with other people watching it,” she added, “especially during nude parts.”

Yeah, about those: in “Martha Marcy May Marlene” (which Fox Searchlight bought on Monday) Ms. Olsen bares quite a lot, and has some semi-graphic sex scenes.

“My dad, when he found out there was nudity in the film, was like, are you sure this is a good idea?” Ms. Olsen said, adding that it was a stretch for her too. “Me as a person, I don’t even wear things that show my midriff ever. I’m a very covered-up human being.” But she thought the nudity served the story, helping explain her character’s twisted relationship to sexuality.

You can kind of see the resemblance to her sisters, but it’s like you took an Olsen and fed her regularly, while raising her in a household of loving acceptance instead of a grueling endless cycle of child labor, marketing and grubbing every penny. In other words, this one looks human.

Props to Elizabeth for NOT murdering Heath Ledger… as far as we know.

Elizabeth, the Other Olsen Sister Elizabeth, the Other Olsen Sister Elizabeth, the Other Olsen Sister Elizabeth, the Other Olsen Sister Elizabeth, the Other Olsen Sister Elizabeth, the Other Olsen Sister

The Topless Photo of Selena Gomez That is Going Around

OK first off, this picture is clearly fake. I’ve seen Selena Gomez naked many times in the past and can assure you that is indeed not her. I have thousands of pictures I took from the house across the street from hers to prove it. Now that we got that out of the way there is still a story in its fakeness.

It all started with the gossip blog HollyScoop claiming they were approached with cell phone camera pics showing Gomez topless, but that because they could not determine whether she was under 18 at the time the photos were taken, the photos would not be published (yet this one made it’s way out of their hands with a censored bar). According to the report, Selena’s hair was “shorter” than it currently is and the photo was “taken by someone else” inside of a bathroom.

Now Selena’s people are in disaster mode trying to get the word out that it’s a fake, having told TMZ, “The alleged photo of Selena Gomez is absolutely not her. Selena’s family is pursuing all available remedies to deal with the offender.”

The only bad thing this girl has done is getting involved with the fetus known as Justin Bieber. His insane fans are out to get her, and in fact they are probably the ones who made this picture.


Jessica Szohr Nude Apart From Some Body Paint

I should just go to bed now and end my day on a high note, because Jessica Szohr decided to wear absolutely nothing but some annoyingly-placed paint in a Costa Rican jungle for SoBe’s new Lifewater ad campaign, showing the world a whole new perspective of the Gossip Girl actress. If there was any time in my life I wanted to be a paintbrush­, this is it.

Most of you probably won’t have a clue who the hell she is and only came here because you saw “nude” in the headline. All you really need to know is that she is the token minority on that show your little sister and gay cousin watch, Gossip Girl, apart from that she is hot which is all that matters at the end of the day.

Jessica Szohr Wearing Body Paint Jessica Szohr Wearing Body Paint Jessica Szohr Wearing Body Paint Jessica Szohr Wearing Body Paint Jessica Szohr Wearing Body Paint Jessica Szohr Wearing Body Paint Jessica Szohr Wearing Body Paint Jessica Szohr Wearing Body Paint Jessica Szohr Wearing Body Paint Jessica Szohr Wearing Body Paint Jessica Szohr Wearing Body Paint

Angelina Jolie is Asstacularly Asstastic

Assgelina Jolie was just nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in The Tourist, and she said the acknowledgment was an honor, then added “we were laughing because it’s the first time that I’ve been in the comedic category so it’s new for me.” Ironic­ally that was the exact reaction from the rest of us. But who really cares about award nominations, what really matters here are these two pictures that have just surfaced of Angelina’s butt naked… umm butt. The pictures are from when she starred in Wanted not so long ago.

We find her ass more than adequate for our needs

Fun fact: The artist who did those back tattoos did not utter a single word for over twelve years after the day of finishing them… and when he finally did, he simply let out “Ta daaaaaa” before collapsing to his death. True story. We wouldn’t lie.


As Suspected the Miley Cyrus Nude Photo is Not Her, Real Girl Came Forward

Earlier today the internet went wild after an alleged leaked photo of Disney star Miley Cyrus posing nude in a bathroom leaked onto Well as most people suspected it wasn’t Miley and the crazy lengths that 4chan went to prove that it was her were for nothing. The picture was instead of some random 19-year-old slut from London who goes around taking all sorts of nude photos of herself telling guys she is a Miley look-a-like. Which is weird because she looks more like Taylor Swift if anything…wait a minute, you guys thinking what I’m thinking? FAUX TAY SWIFT NUDES!

Now what the hell am I supposed to do with this 18 feet high poster I had made today of the picture?


Miley Cyrus is Back to Taking Naked Cell Phone Pictures of Herself (Uncensored Picture Inside)

NEW Miley Cyrus naked pictures have hit the Internet thanks to some clever sleuthing by those philanthropists at 4chan. Apparently Miley’s purse was stolen last week and this treasure of a naked photo was hiding on her cell phone. Allegedly, Miley Cyrus took the pictures in her hotel room while she was in Madrid, Spain for the MTV EMAs a few weeks ago, when she was 17 years old by the way!

Now we do say ALLEGEDLY because 4chan did go to the trouble of doing a very complex diagram (Full size can be seen here) to prove that the photo is actually of Miley, and if 4chan loves something it’s perpetrating a new scandal and trolling people like the troll pros they are, so this picture could very well be one of their awesome hoaxes. Just so you know.

Now that that warning is out of the way it has to be said the evidence they do put forward seems very believable and obviously Miley is known for a nude photo scandal before.

We can just see the guy responsable for creating that epic fact finding diagram sitting in his mom’s basement sipping on a Red Bull, then jumping from his seat after uploading the diagram online, and going all David Caruso from CSI Miami, saying this:

What we have here… (takes off sunglasses)… is the best of both worlds.


[The uncensored nude Miley picture is the 2nd one here below:]

UPDATE: Yep, as suspected it wasn’t Miley. Just some random slut who likes to play pretend games. Read more here.

Miley Cyrus New Nude Cell Phone Photos Miley Cyrus New Nude Cell Phone Photos THE PROOF - Miley Cyrus New Nude Cell Phone Photos Miley Cyrus New Nude Cell Phone Photos Miley Cyrus New Nude Cell Phone Photos Miley Cyrus New Nude Cell Phone Photos

Gisele Bundchen Changes Clothes in the Back of a Car

Gisele Bundchen Changing in the Back of a Car

As a former Victoria’s Secret model Gisele Bundchen is no stranger to baring her body, so during a recent photo shoot in St. Barts she had no problems with undressing in front of her assistants while in the back of a van parked on a public street, which sounds a whole lot like the “plot” to every single Bang Bus porn scene ever made.

Personally I would love to find a way to hook up with her. Just to piss off Tom Brady. There are other reasons too, but mainly just to piss him off.

Gisele Bundchen Changing in the Back of a Car Gisele Bundchen Changing in the Back of a Car Gisele Bundchen Changing in the Back of a Car Gisele Bundchen Changing in the Back of a Car Gisele Bundchen Changing in the Back of a Car

Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal Topless On the Cover of Entertainment Weekly

Look what Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal did just in time to make your coffee table all porny for Thanksgiving, they went all topless and cuddly for the cover of Entertainment Weekly. By porny [it's a word, just ask those dictionary dudes in England] I mean they look like they should be on the cover of a raunchy romantic novel, because at what point does it start to look less like a magazine cover and more like a picture from one of those ‘How to Make Sweet Sweet Love’ guidebooks. Seriously, this just looks like a public service ad where the headline should read “Help your lady with her breast exam today!”. OK I’m done.

Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal Topless in EW Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal Topless in EW Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal Topless in EW Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal Topless in EW

Miranda Kerr is All Kinds of Pregnant and Nude in W Magazine

Australian Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, who is expecting her first child with actor husband Orlando Bloom, bared her titties and baby bump  for W magazine. Last August Miranda confirmed news of her pregnancy, telling Spanish Vogue, “Yes, I am pregnant. Four months along!” She was six and a half months along when she posed for the black-and-white pictorial in W. “For me, family is life,” she told the mag. “The decision to start one wasn’t complex at all… My career has been wonderful, but it’s not my life. I don’t feel pressure to get back to work.”

Really does seem like “W” magazine (which has nothing to do with George Bush apparently) has more pictures of nude chicks in it than Playboy does these days. What with all these celebrtities posing for them nude recently, Kim Kardashian having been the last one.

What the hell is it with chicks who don’t do nudity when we DO want to see them, young, fit and hot… But you can’t get them to keep their clothes on when they’re grossly bloated, hog pregnant, old, or fat?

Anyways check out the uncensored puffy pepperoni nip picture below, oh and some older pictures of her, pre-pregnancy, for old times sake.

Miranda Kerr Pregnant and Naked Miranda Kerr Pregnant and Naked Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr

Naked Photos Leaked of Kat Dennings

Oh look, another Hollywood starlet with nude pictures leaked onto the net, that’s twice today, must be my birthday. You’ll probably know Kat Dennings best from movies such as ”The House Bunny” and “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, in both of which she pretty much played a very pale weird chick. But on the 87% off chance you have no clue who she is then at least you do know and she’s on your radar. Mission complete for Kat and her agent. Then again if these pictures indicate anything it is that Kat Dennings doesn’t give a f*ck if you knew her or not, or if you see her big titties.

Massive beautiful breasts aside, I can’t get enough of that sweet Casio keyboard in the chimney! Santa is gonna be double-pumped to hit the Dennings’ household.

Kat Dennings Naked Photos Kat Dennings Naked Photos Kat Dennings Naked Photos Kat Dennings Naked Photos Kat Dennings Naked Photos Kat Dennings Naked Photos

Kim Kardashian is Naked Again, This Time in W Magazine

Kim Kardashian has gone full frontal wearing nothing but silver paint for W magazine. Which is weird because Kim threw a hissy fit when Playboy released new outtakes from her nude 2007 shoot in September (read here), so the only logical thing to do was go naked again it seems. She probably realised that nipples are currency in the world of reality television and now she can buy that new 7 speed blender she wanted oh so much.

You gotta hand it to the guy who convinced people that if he paints naked chicks silver and photographs them, it’s ART. I’d like this guy to negotiate my next car purchase, because it sounds like he could sell ice to an Eskimo.

Speaking of cars, that chrome bumper of hers belongs on a 46 Ford Coupe Convertible. Seriously, that ass is just ridiculous. The ass crack probably has a colony of those blue fellas from Avatar living deep in its valley, they love the swampy jungle like conditions.

Kim Kardashian Fully Nude Kim Kardashian Fully Nude Kim Kardashian Fully Nude Kim Kardashian Fully Nude Kim Kardashian Fully Nude

Jessica Alba, Coming Nude to a Theater Near You

No, I’ll never do a nude scene. I can act sexy and wear sexy clothes but I can’t go naked. I come from a very Catholic family so it wasn’t seen as a good thing to flaunt yourself like that. I can handle being sexy with clothes on but not with them off.

- Jessica Alba, February 2010

It wasn’t that long ago these horrid words came out of Jessica Alba’s sweet little mouth and thus killing wet dreams worldwide.

Well apparently something has changed since last February when she said that, because Jessica will wear her birthday-suit in Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming arthouse action film Machete.

*Insert the sound of millions of erections rising in unison here*

Obviously this isn’t full on frontal boobs and lady bits, just side on nude action, but we’ll take what we can get.