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Dita Von Teese Launches Lingerie Line TONIGHT At Bloomingdales NYC

Are you ready New York?  The queen of the new burlesque, Dita Von Teese is officially releasing her lingerie line Dita Von Teese at Bloomingdales tonight at 6PM. She has been promoting the event on her social media sites and is asking for those interested to please attend.  (All of these photos are from her [...]

Lindsay Lohan Arrested Again!

Lindsay Lohan was arrested early this morning for leaving the scene of an accident. The accident occurred just after midnight when Lindsay was pulling in to park near The Dream Hotel in NYC. She was reportedly being very careful, but somehow still managed to hit a guy in the knee with her Porsche. Someone from the car got out and checked the car for damage, and then quickly got back in the car. Lindsay and her gang parked the car and went inside the hotel.

Someone must have called the police on Lindsay because when she walked out of the hotel at around 2:30 in the morning; she was arrested. She was booked for leaving the scene of an accident, which is just a misdemeanor. She was released without having to paying any kind of bail; officers do not think alcohol was involved. The man who was hit by Lindsay went to the hospital, but witnesses say that he did not have any noticeable injuries.

I think my favorite part of this story is the fact that they got out to check on the car and not the guy they just hit! Not only did they hit the poor dude with their car, but they also care more about a machine than a human being! They should all be locked up just for being horrible human beings. Besides, how much damage could one guy do to a Porsche? Were they checking to make sure he didn’t get any of his disgusting blood on it?

Didn’t his mom teach him any manners? Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan


Jonah Hill Was Caught Snapping Photos Of WHAT?

It takes a lot to shock a celebrity blogger, but Jonah Hill managed to do just that today in New York City. Jonah was taking a nice stroll through a park when he witnessed a woman giving birth, and then he did what every normal person would have done; he took pictures! Presumably for his Facebook, or maybe he’ll print it off and put on his wall; who knows? The possibilities are endless!

Oh, and we haven’t even told you about the strangest part, yet! TMZ happened to be there, as well, and they caught Jonah Hill doing something very strange. Their photog caught Jonah Hill taking a close-up picture of the bloody aftermath. Jonah eventually noticed the photog snapping photos of him and quickly walked away from the scene with his lady friend. The photog tried to ask Jonah some questions, but Jonah ignored him, clearly embarrassed by the situation.

However, Jonah Hill did end up tweeting about the incident and managed to make the situation sound even more awkward…

Don’t feel too bad, Jonah. Who hasn’t been caught taking pictures of a placenta?

Jonah Hill Jonah Hill1

Chris Brown and Drake Brawl: What Started It?

As we reported yesterday, Chris Brown and Drake got into a huge brawl at a bar in New York. Bottles were thrown and glass was scattered all over the bar floor. Several people had minor injuries, including an innocent bystander who had to get 16 stitches put in her head.

So, what caused all of this mayhem? Well, it all goes back to Rihanna, of course. However, it appears like a “middle finger” is what really got things going at the bar. It’s being reported that Drake gave the middle finger to one of Chris’ bodyguards and that is when things really went downhill. Chris’ bodyguards were pissed off and a shouting match started between the two groups.

‘You be on that ho sh*t on Twitter n***a’ Drake was heard shouting at Chris, referencing a recent Twitter war between Chris, Drake and Meek. Sources say Drake didn’t actually throw any punches…or bottles in the brawl, but his mouth and finger are what started it all.

Geez, what are they? 12? Since when do adults get that mad over someone giving them the middle finger? IT’S A FREAKING FINGER! Fighting is never acceptable…unless someone steals the last Oreo cookie, then and only then is it acceptable. Chris Brown and Drake Brawl: What Started It? Chris Brown and Drake Brawl: What Started It? Chris Brown and Drake Brawl: What Started It? Chris Brown and Drake Brawl: What Started It?


Rihanna in New York City with See-Through Top!

The week wouldn’t be complete without Rihanna doing something “naughty.” What did she do this time? Well, she walked the streets of NYC in a very revealing top. Let’s just say it was a very niptastic event!

If you want to view ALL of the nipple action, then click on the following link.

Enjoy! Rihanna in New York City with See-Through Top! Rihanna in New York City with See-Through Top!


Tuesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (09.27.2011)

Vanessa Hudgens almost falls out at a Cirque Du Soleil event.

Elizabeth Hurley plays a hungry cougar on Gossip Girl.

Snooki lost 15lbs after a sensible diet comprising of Dina’s saliva and whatever sperm lay on the floor every time she fell down.

Kim Kardashian continues to pollute NYC with her fake happiness. Wait, this one was genuine, someone threw a 100 dollar bill at her.

Octomom and Amy Fisher will fight it out at celebrity fight club. We’re sure it will all go down with poise and dignity.

Charlie Sheen is allowed around his kids and Denise Richards is actually smiling. We’re begging you, Charlie, bring mayhem and meltdown back!!!

Chris Brown takes a tumble on stage and almost breaks his arm.

Jessica Simpson ate a few Mexicans before she left Los Cabos.

Lady with the alien-looking baby, what have you done with Alicia Silverstone??

Leann Rimes and her nipples felt the breeze yesterday. Must be that she only has 000.1% body fat to shield her from the cold.

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Jennifer Aniston knows how to choose them

Here’s is Jennifer Aniston in NYC yesterday getting soaked to the bone while boyfriend Justin Theroux held tight to his little umbrella. Hey, at least he didn’t go around a bunch of magazines (yet) telling everyone how basically her boring and pathetic existence led him to recreational drugs and thoughts of suicide. So overall, Justin Theroux is a great improvement. You’re now allowed to tie him to your bed and refuse to feed him or remove the catheter until he says “I DO!!!!!”

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Rihanna hasn’t given up the pasties yet


Does Rihanna have star pasties in every color of the rainbow?  We certainly hope so!  The R&B songstress slapped on a see through top and red star pasties for a dinner out in NYC recently.  You may remember RiRi wore a similar set over the Fourth of July weekend in Vegas. Look, we don’t blame her for wanting to air her ladies out.  It’s summer and it is horrendously hot out there.  Get your cool down on, girl!