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President Obama Says Kanye Is Still a Jackass

I’m sure you still remember back in 2009,  the infamous Kanye/Taylor Swift MTV Video Music Awards incident? Shortly thereafter, our President referred to the rapper as a “jackass,” and a few years later, his view still hasn’t changed. In the latest issue of The Atlantic, the President mentions that he actually prefers Jay-Z’s music over Kanye’s but does mention: “I like Kanye. He’s a Chicago guy. Smart. He’s very talented.” However, Obama still holds on to his belief that the 34-year-old rap superstar is a “jackass.”  A reporter from the magazine recalled that “when the interview reminded Obama of his comment from 2009, he replied, ‘He is a jackass. . . But he’s talented.’”


Atlantic Cover barack-obama-kanye-west Kanye Swift kanye-interrupts-edward-cullen-276x300 kanye-west-1 kanye-west-interrupts-obama kanyedream kanyegate2 kayne-jackass-obama kdouche obama banner yo-joe

Justin Bieber & Taylor Lautner Get Slimed Kids’ Choice Awards 2012 Show Highlights


Irish, I was Irish … Or Atleast Knew Why

Happy St. Patricks Day!  Though I’m pretty sure most of you are not Irish (Happy National Corndog Day too, though I’m pretty sure most of you are not corndogs either.)  I thought I would take a moment to explain the history behind the holiday.  So now you can pretend to know your sh!t when you go out tonight pretending you’re an Irishman. This is not a holiday to celebrate Irish Independence Day as many people believe.  St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday, obviously celebrating St. Patrick.  AND YES DRINKING BEER IS PART OF THE CELEBRATION! (for all those religious nuts claiming otherwise)

Here it is in brief…Ok ready?  Back around 400 A.D. St Patrick returned to Ireland as a Bishop after living his life as a kidnapped slave to Irish Raiders.  He used a shamrock to represent the holy trinity of the church. People wore shamrocks to represent their unity to the Saint.  (This is why we wear green)  Originally blue was the Saints color of choice but since there weren’t any blue shamrocks,  the color eventually went to green…still with me?  The day was celebrated with church services, wearing green and the lifting of certain things that were not allowed during the rest of the year (*Like Drinking Alcohol)…So yes it is encouraged and your religious obligation to chug down a warm one!  Not a cold one since they didn’t have electricity to power their Kenmore appliances back then.  Ok now go out there and share!  I’m pretty sure you now know more about the day and it’s origins,  than Lucky the Leprechaun and his bowl of marshmallow goodness.  Enjoy your day and get back to your business, oops I mean Guinness.

Busted Even McDonald's Is Irish The Rest Of The Year They Pretend Not To Be Even Obama Is Irish Even The Japanese Are Irish Green Banner Green Bulls Jersey Green Dog Irish Hottie Irish Wedgies Irish Yoga My Church Is Nothing Like This OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA st-patrick1 St. Patty's Day Block Party Youre Not Wearing



President Obama Sings “Sweet Home Chicago”

President Obama just can’t keep away from the microphone. You may remember last month when he sang some Al Green at Harlem’s Apollo Theater. Well, last night he started singing again! This time he shared the stage with Mick Jagger, B.B. King and Jeff Beck. They all performed, “Sweet Home Chicago” you can watch the video above.

“No one goes through life without both joy and pain, triumph and sorrow. The blues gets all of that, sometimes with just one lyric or note.” Obama said.

He’s not so bad at this “singing” thing, huh? Maybe after he leaves the White House, he can form a band with some former Presidents. “Obama and the Bushes” or “Bill and B-Rock” something like that. With hit songs like, “I Drop Bombs” and “PEACE! WHAT IS GOOD FOR?” and their hit single, “We Will Always Tax You” President Obama Sings “Sweet Home Chicago” President Obama Sings “Sweet Home Chicago”


Samuel L. Jackson Says He Voted for Obama “Because He’s Black”

Are you ready for some news that has nothing to do with the Grammys and nothing to do with Whitney Houston? Me too. So, let’s talk about how idiotic Samuel L. Jackson is.

In an interview with Ebony, Jackson said: “I voted for Barack because he’s black. ‘Cuz that’s why other folks vote for people, because they look like him…That’s American politics, pure and simple. [Obama’s] message didn’t mean [bleep] to me.”

Huh? I’m not sure if he is serious or not. I feel like he is trolling because that is the only way to explain this outburst. Jackson continues on his rant by dropping the n-word…a lot.

“Because…what’s a [bleep]? A [bleep] is scary. Obama ain’t scary at all. [Bleeps] don’t have beers at the white house. [Bleeps] don’t let some white dude, while in the middle of a speech, call him a liar. A [bleep] would’ve stopped right there and said, ‘Who the f**k said that?’ I hope Obama gets scary in the next four years, ‘cuz he ain’t gotta worry about getting re-elected.”

Congrats, Mr. Jackson. You have left me completely speechless; I have no idea what to say about that. Mainly because I just can’t take it seriously. It sounds like he is getting ready for a new role, doesn’t it? You know where he plays an “angry badass” and says “motherf**ker” like 15 times? You would think he would have that role down.

But, you know what they say, “Practice makes motherf**ker perfect!” Samuel L. Jackson and Barack Obama Samuel L. Jackson


Wednesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like for 1/11/12

What’s up, my peeps, and Happy Wednesday!! Khloe Kardashian is suuuuuper pissed! And with good reason. Her ex-stepmom’s, two women who were married to her father Robert Kardashian after he and Kris Jenner split, have recently gone to the tabloids saying that Robert admitted to them both that Khloe was fathered by another man. Hmm… question. How is it that BOTH of these women went to a tabloid at the same exact time? Why… I bet it’s because they planned the shit out. We all know that Khloe is not the spitting image of her father or her two big sisters, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not his biological daughter. I wish I could go into genetics and recessive genes with these idiots, but I don’t think they’d listen to me. There was one person who listened to the older women’s claims, though… Khloe. And she was ticked, as any daughter would be, and went — where else — to voice her opinion? Twitter, of course! Yes, like two sixty something year old women would see your Twitter rant… Anyway, she had this to say: ‘The audacity you have to mention my father’s name like this! Should be ashamed of urself! I let a lot of things slide but this one is really low… YOU ARE DISGUSTING! (yes you know who YOU are).’ Blue Ivy — The Antichrist!!! Yup, according to a North Carolina CHURCH sign that read Beyonce Had Her Baby, Satan Is On Earth. Wooooow… The pastor of the church actually made a statement to TMZ, saying that he took the sign down immediately after he received numerous complaints from the locals. In a twist of irony, though, the pastor went on the local news claiming that he never told TMZ a thing. This just gets weirder and weirder… Aaaaand, ever more Bey baby blue’s… (okay, not a very good pun, but anywho) A report was just released that an investigator from the Health Department is going to be looking into the complaints from the parent’s that were forced to share the hospital with Beyonce and her million muscle men! We’re not sure how many parents have complained, but apparently, it’s been enough to call in the health department. And, believe it or not, it is illegal to keep a baby from their mother’s breast milk, and trust me, that hospital does not want the La Leche League (the international organization that supports breastfeeding mothers) who have billion dollar pockets on their ass. Having the health department investigating is going to cause enough problems. The investigator gave this comment in reference to the complaints, ‘Whenever we receive a complaint, we look into it. It’s not necessarily an investigation. It could be a review. Most likely in this case, it would be an investigation.’ So, what does that mean? That means that Lennox Hill Hospital has stepped in biiiiig donkey doo… Hmm… it seems our Commander in Chief is a celeb junkie, too. Just a day after infamous pics were [...]

Tuesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (11.08.2011)

Someone told me JLo and Jennifer Aniston engaged in some sort of battle of the slits and thighs at Glamour’s Women Of The Year Awards but I was too mesmerized by Donatella Versace’s corpse-like beauty to notice.

Iggy Pop is the new face of Paco Rabanne perfume…which I’m assuming smells like unwashed hair and soiled underwear? This brand just committed suicide, didn’t it.

Kim Kardashian pictured arriving at LAX without make-up. She’s really, really hurting, you guys!

Christina Aguilera revisits her Disney days…and somehow makes Minnie look quite appealing. I have a thing for skinny chicks.

Coco goes shopping for clothes. Just trying to imagine the salesperson’s face when she asks for pants in size DDD.

George Clooney takes Stacy Keibler to Los Cabos for the second time in a month! “Good morning, George. I hate marriage.” “I’m booking us another vacation as we speak!”

Nicole Richie and her cleavage accepting the award for Style Influencer Of The Year. That tip on how to wear a scarf AND earrings at the same time had a profound effect on my life.

And now the Obamas taking drastic measures to resurrect the economy.

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The Kardashians declare war on the Obamas

Seen here trying to break Obama’s hand with a handshake back in 2009 (because the Prez knows who the important people on this planet are and has to invite them to the White House), Wookie, and her Kardashian sisters have now unleashed a war on Michelle for pretty much saying them bitches are crazy and a show that pretty much gives you a Master’s degree on publicity whoring is not really appropriate for a 10 and a 13 year old. Granted, the Obamas are probably clasping their hands together in agony watching what’s going to fall down the toilet in “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” every night, but they have a point there. The golden shower whore parade is not my favorite show either. I’m more into really classy porn.

Via DailyMail:

They have allegedly responded by insulting the First Lady’s dress sense with one of the sisters reportedly calling her wardrobe ‘pretend poor’ while another said her outfits are ‘cheap suburban tack’.

‘Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are furiously dissing the First Lady,’ a ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ source told the National Enquirer.

One of the sisters reportedly said that the First Lady’s clothes were selected to ‘keep voters on a budget’, according to the source.

‘They charge Michelle is ‘two-faced’, that she really worships the kind of life they lead and ‘takes every vacation she can’.’

Khloe Kardashian is said to be most offended as she had told friends that the President thought their show was great after she met him at the White House in 2009 at a function with her Lakers basketball husband Lamar Odom, reported the Enquirer.

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Woody Allen says President Obama should be granted dictatorial powers (seriously)


Woody Allen has a strange take on the democracy that allowed him to become rich and famous.

The “Scoop” director said it would be a cool idea for President Barack Obama to be dictator for for a few years.


So he could get things done without all the hassle of opposing views getting in the way.

In an interview published by Spanish language newspaper La Vanguardia (that we translated), Allen says “I am pleased with Obama. I think he’s brilliant. The Republican Party should get out of his way and stop trying to hurt him.”

But wait – there’s more!

The director said “it would be good…if he could be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”

Of course, Allen has a famously strange relationship with reality. The director took nude photos of his lover Mia Farrow’s teen-age adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, and then ended up marrying her after separating from Farrow.

Farrow also said he molested their seven-year-old adopted daugther, Dylan. A judge refused to act on the charges, but called his relationship with Soon-Yi “grossly inappropriate.”

Perhaps that judge has an opinion on Allen’s “dictator” comments?