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Kid horsing around on escalator takes nasty fall


Sexy or Not? Women Going Ham on Hot Dogs

Welcome daily fixers to the first Sexy or Not post! As you’ve already seen, we now have this awesome new category called The Daily Fix-ation, where we will have all things to be fixated on blanketed beneath it. Now, we’ve got the Rants — basically anything that ticks us off that we would like to share with you; then we’ve got the Raves — all things worth raving about, obviously; and then you have Somewhere in the Middle, which would basically be something ‘somewhere in the middle’ between a Rant and a Rave. So, for my first Somewhere in the Middle segment, we’re gonna try something called Sexy or Not? I will find a picture of a celeb — or maybe just your average, everyday person — doing whatever it is they’re doing and leave it to your good judgment to decide whether it’s sexy… or not.

And — first up on the Sexy or Not? docket is women going ham on hot dogs. What spurred this discussion, you’re asking? LeAnn Rimes chowing down on a frank at a Dallas Mavericks game, that’s what. Is LeAnn sexy in that picture? Had she been a fat chick chowing down on her favorite raw material treat, would that be sexy? Or would it just be downright revolting? See where I’m going with this… Is LeAnn’s hot dog snarfing sexy just because she’s sexy? Is any woman eating a hot dog sexy, or is hot dog eating only sexy when the woman’s sexy? See the conundrum?

Check out the pics below, and you tell me: Are all women sexy when they go ham on hot dogs… or not?



LeAnn Rimes Goes Ham on a Hotdog . LeAnn Rimes chows down on hotdog and cheers for Lamar Odom in Dallas! Sexy or Not -- Women Going Ham on Hot Dogs Woman goes ham on a hot dog... sexy or not            . Woman goes ham on a hot dog... sexy or not           . Woman goes ham on a hot dog... sexy or not          . Woman goes ham on a hot dog... sexy or not         . Woman goes ham on a hot dog... sexy or not        . Woman goes ham on a hot dog... sexy or not       . Woman goes ham on a hot dog... sexy or not      . Woman goes ham on a hot dog... sexy or not     . Woman goes ham on a hot dog... sexy or not    . Woman goes ham on a hot dog... sexy or not   . Woman goes ham on a hot dog... sexy or not  . Woman goes ham on a hot dog... sexy or not . Woman goes ham on a hot dog... sexy or not




Kristin Cavallari’s Expecting a Baby!!! God Help Us All…

That’s right! Kristin Cavallari and on again, off again boyfriend Jay Cutler — who got engaged, broke it off, and are now engaged again — have announced to People mag that they are expecting their first child! In a statement to the magazine, Kristin and Jay said ‘We are thrilled to announce we are expecting our first child together… It’s an amazing time in our life and we can’t wait to meet the new addition to our growing family.’ WOW!!! The 28 year old Chicago Bears quarterback and the 25 year old former The Hills star got back together this past November. Normally, it is taboo to announce a pregnancy if you are any less than three months along. So, let’s calculate this back, shall we? If she is at least three months along, which — like I said — they normally are, then that would put conception at no earlier than October 22nd. Hmm… I’m sensing a time conflict here. Either they were together sooner than it has been reported, or we may be seeing a celebrity Maury episode in the future… You are NOT the father!!! Sorry… I had to say it…    

The Daily Fix-ation — All of Your Favs Rolled Into One!!!

Welcome one and all to The Daily Fix-ation — a new post that is going to roll all of your old favorites into one! Meaning, we here at The Daily Fix have decided to give you a special treat. Instead of The Spank Bank and The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly, we’re going to combine them to make one SUPER post! So, expect the same sexiness and the same fugliness, the same hotties and the same… well, not-so-hotties. We’ll be calling this new post The Daily Fix-ation; but, hey — if you’ve got a name you think may fit, we’d love nothing more than for you to let us know! So, without further ado, here’s the new Daily Fix superpost, The Daily Fix-ation!!! Georgia Salpa — Georgia went Nuts! Literally… posing for Nuts magazine, Georgia looks absolutely stunning! But, even though she looks hot, she may not be feeling so hot right now — getting kicked off of Big Brother UK will do that to you. And, according to the grape vine, she was voted off by one contestant because she refused to sleep with him. Hmm, tough break, dude. Nevertheless, she’s still stunning… and definitely something to fixate on! Miley Cyrus — Or, at least for now, the Braless Cyrus. How she seems to have so many wardrobe ‘malfunctions’ is a mystery, indeed. Though malfunction may be the wrong word to describe the braless treat Miley has given our fixated eyes. You must assume that she knows by now that those bright flashy things on cameras tend to make your clothing see through. Oh, well, let’s just hope she stays ignorant of that and keeps giving us these ‘malfunctions.’ Florence Welch — Ah… and here is the not-so-hottie of the day. Florence Welch, the British uber-pop star, has been vacaying in Rio de Janero and spent the day basking her disgusting body in the Tujac National Park waterfalls. She was also spotted smooching her new mysterious boyfriend. Though, who would want to kiss a woman who looks like a man is a complete mystery. (And it’s not like she’s even an attractive transexual look-alike, ya know?)

Tara Reid’s wedding is off

SPL166411_010Tara Reid and her internet entrepreneur fiance Michael Axtmann have called off their wedding planned for the end of May for mysterious reasons we can only assume involve Michael realizing that drowning himself in gin every night so he can look her in the stomach eye while having sex has turned him into an alcoholic and that she’d have no qualms nailing his penis to the wall the minute he decided not to share.

Michael: “Honey, i think you had enough. Let’s put that Scotch away.”

Tara:”BITCH, give me the bottle NOW, or i’ll headbutt you in the groin and go have sex with the neighbor.Oh, shit, already did that today when i went by to ask for some sugar. Hah, ha..oops!” (slips and falls in a paddle of puke).

Via People:

Four months after becoming engaged, Tara Reid says her wedding planned for next month is off.

The actress and Playboy model, 34, gave no explanation, releasing only a brief statement saying, “Tara Reid has confirmed that she will not be moving forward with her May 22 nuptials.”

After dating for several months, Reid and Internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann were engaged in January when he presented her with a ring while having dinner at a Los Angeles restaurant, prompting applause from other diners.