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Olivia Newton John’s missing ex was in deep debt, created fake ID to escape from it


Five years after the disappearance of Olivia Newton John’s ex boyfriend, a top secret dossier has revealed new details about his dire financial problems and his mysterious last months.

In 2005, just two weeks after splitting with Newton John after ten years together, Patrick McDermott disappeared at sea. According to investigation papers obtained by, McDermott was deeply in debt, had destroyed many of his personal emails in the weeks before his disappearance and had apparently researched how to set up a fake identity.

According to the documents compiled by the U.S Coast Guard, McDermott purchased a handgun three months before he stepped onto the Freedom vessel on a fishing trip from San Pedro, California in 2005. For years, officials claimed they believed that he had fallen overboard and drowned.

But the papers reveal that investigators probed suspicions that he may have staged his death to capitalize on life insurance claims. At the time of his disappearance, he had roughly $750 in savings and nearly $20G in credit card debt. In a more telling piece of evidence, he had attempted to have his life insurance policy changed from $100G to $500G, before learning that he would not meet approval standards because of his financial problems, Radar reports.

Newton John told officials that she was unaware of any issues surrounding his private financial affairs.

Another shocking revelation was McDermott’s move to delete all of his emails in one of the last acts before he disappeared. According to Radar, forensic investigators also believe someone unsuccessfully attempted to access his computer between the time of his disappearance and the time it was seized by authorities.

For now, the whereabouts of McDermott still remain a mystery, although recent sightings have put him in Mexico and Brazil. The Coast Guard has closed the active investigation into his disappearance.