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In White Folks News: Seth Rogen Explains Exactly Why He Hates Punk Azz Justin Bieber

Seth Rogen Justin Bieber

What’s not to hate?

Seth Rogen Finally Explains His Hate For Justin Bieber

Via ABCNews

Seth Rogen is opening up about his tweet earlier this year that Justin Bieber was a “piece of s***.”

“I met him a few times,” Rogen told Howard Stern on Monday on his Sirius show. “He’s a good example of someone, who you meet, who you think you are going to hate and then you get to hate him … you meet him and he lives up to every one of your expectations.”

Rogen added that he first met Bieber backstage at some German talk show just at the very beginning of the Bieber craze.

“Someone came to the door and was like ‘Justin Bieber wants to meet you,’” Rogen said.

The actor agreed and said when he went outside to meet the young pop star, Bieber made it seem like Rogen had wanted to meet him, instead of the other way around.

“What the f***, I don’t want to meet you!” Rogen said of the first encounter. “Don’t act all nonplussed to meet me. I didn’t want to meet you.”

Ouch. To his credit, Seth says he chalked his initial experience up to Bieber’s youth, but then…

“I saw him again at like an MTV awards show, he literally had a snake wrapped around his f****** wrist that he was wearing,” Rogen explained. “I talked to him for like five minutes. … No humility, no awareness, no sense that ‘I appeal to young, young people, maybe a grown man who works in comedy doesn’t f****** give a s*** about me. Maybe I should act in such a way that perhaps this isn’t the great experience of his f****** life.’”

He added, “I remember thinking ‘He’s a piece of s***’”

Rogen then said he wouldn’t have said anything but Bieber started drag racing and egging people’s houses.

“Then I came out of the meeting and it had been retweeted like 200,000 times,” Rogen said. “I seemed to have tapped into something here.”


Yes, Seth, we all think the Biebs is a world-class d-bag. ESPECIALLY after seeing the outfit he wore walking into the ring with Floyd Mayweather this past weekend. SMH

Images via WENN

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Slore Air: Slizzard British Becky Traveling With Parents Caught Getting Chopped Down In Airplane Bathroom By A Stranger!

mile high club

Do you get extra frequent flyer miles for being a ho?

British Girl Caught Having Sex On Airplane With Man She Just Met

Via DailyMail

A ‘drunken’ British woman was questioned by police in the US after reportedly having sex with a man in the toilets of an airliner.

Cabin crew had to intervene after the woman, said to be in her 20s and flying with her parents, disappeared into the toilets with a man sitting next to her.

After a row broke out with air stewards following the incident on a Virgin Atlantic flight, the woman was taken away for questioning by US authorities.

Another passenger told The Sun: ‘She started getting heated with the guy next to her.

‘They went into the bathroom and people could hear loud noises. The cabin crew forced to door open, then she really kicked off.’

The paper reported the incident happened on a flight from London Gatwick to Las Vegas in the US last week.

The woman was questioned by police but released with a warning before continuing her holiday in the notorious Navada resort.

We would whoop our daughter’s AZZ if she was slurpin’ schlong on the airplane while we’re going on a wholesome family vacation!

Image via Shutterstock

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You Can’t Be Serious: Dallas Judge Orders Convicted Rapist To Volunteer 250 Hours At Rape Crisis Center



Judge Orders Rapist To Volunteer At Rape Crisis Center

It was an unheard of probation condition — ordering an admitted rapist to do volunteer work at a rape crisis center. Now the Dallas County district judge who ordered it is rapidly backpedaling.

Via WFAA News reports:

“I’m sure she probably thought that it was his way of giving back perhaps. But it’s just not an appropriate place for him to do his community supervision,” said Bobbie Villareal, executive director of the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center.

State District Judge Jeanine Howard, known in courthouse circles for her creative sentencing approaches, shocked and disturbed victim advocates when she imposed the condition that the defendant serve “250 hours of community service at a rape crisis center” last week.

The defendant, Sir Young, had pleaded guilty to the October 2011 rape of a 14-year-old girl in a practice room at Booker T. Washington High School, where they were both students.

“There’s just so many problems with that,” Villareal said. “First of all, we would worry about our client safety and well-being, the appropriateness of them having any kind of contact with survivors — even if it was a past victimization. Just having a criminal defendant in the office could be a triggering effect for many of our clients.”

Villareal said she received a call from the probation department on Tuesday asking if Young could serve do his volunteer work there. She politely told the probation officer “no.”

“[We] had a really nice conversation with them, but told them — first of all — that we have a strict policy on our volunteers,” Villareal said. “They can have no criminal backgrounds whatsoever.”

“The judge and the probation department are modifying his conditions,” Barker said. “They’re working on it right now. They’re going to come up with a different order for him to do his community service somewhere else.”

Villareal said she also wasn’t pleased with the rest of the sentence Howard handed down. Howard sentenced Young, 20, to serve five years’ deferred adjudication probation, meaning he won’t have a conviction if he successfully meets the requirements. Young had faced up to two decades in prison.

“It is a deterrent to all survivors when you see a very lenient sentence like this passed down,” Villareal said. “It sends a devastating message to survivors of sexual assault. That victim’s family definitely didn’t feel like there was justice for her and for other survivors of sexual assault.”

No worries about the women who have experienced sexual assault being exposed to him, of course, we’re sure they’ll be pleased to help him better himself. GTFOH!!

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Parents Speak Out After Teacher Makes Black Student Show How To Pick Cotton In Front Of class “What’s Next… Slave Beatings?” [Video]

Isn’t this about a…


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Chilli Talks Pebbles’ Lawsuit “She Doesn’t Have A Lawsuit… Because We Told The Truth!” [Video]

Chilli talks to Bossip about the crazy lawsuit Pebbles has in the works to get paid from the TLC Biopic.

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Donald Sterling’s Wife Does NOT Plan To File For Divorce Despite His Racist Comments And Black Mistress!

sterling Is she loyal or just dumb??

Donald Sterling’s Wife Rochelle Stein Does Not Plan To Divorce Him

Via RadarOnline reports: Racist L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling‘s estranged wife, Shelly, could be taking “stand by your man” to a whole new level. Even after her spouse was exposed for making racial slurs on audiotape, and having a four-year affair with a much younger woman, a source close to the situation claims she has no immediate plans to file for divorce!
“Shelly has no immediate plans to divorce Donald,” an insider tells Radar exclusively. “They remain the best of friends, and have been separated for years.” In fact, she was spotted out with him last night in Los Angeles. “One of the reasons Shelly has no plans to file is purely financial,” the source explains. “It would just cost them too much money — both are extremely cheap. Shelly is actively involved in the family real estate business and is a co-owner of almost all of the apartment buildings Donald owns in Southern California. They are the single largest owner of apartment building in Los Angeles County. For them to divorce, it would entail having all of those properties appraised, calculate rental income for each unit. It would be extremely costly and time consuming.”
In addition, the source adds, “The taxes they would have to pay as single individuals rather than as a married couple would be significant. It really all comes down to the money.” “Secondly, Shelly is suing Donald’s former mistress, Vanessa Stiviano for gifts, cars and real estate he gifted to her,” the source reveals. “In her lawsuit, Shelly is seeking $1.8 million which she believes Donald spent on Vanessa. She has very little chance of ever recovering that money because Donald gave those gifts to Vanessa. However, Shelly would be able to recover that money from Donald if she chose to divorce him, because the argument would be community marital funds were used on his mistress. The fact Shelly is suing V and hasn’t filed for divorce from Donald speaks volumes.” Sterling, 80, is now in the spotlight after his racist comments to Stiviano were leaked to the media, but he has been openly dating her for almost four years. By filing the lawsuit, his wife is simply “seeking to protect and recover community property in her individual capacity,” according to court documents. The lawsuit claims that Sterling has used their community funds to lavish a multiple of gifts on Stiviano, who has five aliases. Those gifts allegedly include $1.8 million for the purchase of an apartment in downtown L.A., $240,000 in living expenses, a Ferrari, two Bentleys and a Range Rover! Stiviano has enjoyed showing off her lover’s generosity and has frequently posted photos of herself with his gifts on her Instagram account.
sterling2 Shelly probably knew about all her ain’t isht hubby’s indiscretions but didn’t worry about it until it started fawking with HER money. Donald took money out their shared accounts to buy his Black mistress almost $2 million worth of gifts, real estate and cars. Do you think Sterling’s wife should divorce him??
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No Isht Sherlock: NBA Lawyers Authenticate Donald Sterling’s Racist Rant Recording

Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano

In obvious as hell news…

Lawyers From The NBA Say Racist Donald Sterling Tape Is Real

According to TMZ reports:

Two NBA lawyers left the law firm representing V. Stiviano Monday … and sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ Sports … the lawyers are now convinced — the racist audio of Donald Sterling is REAL.

NBA lawyer David Anders and another NBA lawyer went to the law office of Mac Nehoray Monday afternoon. Stiviano was also there for the purpose of authenticating the audio.

We’re told there was NO doubt by anyone the recording is the real deal. The NBA lawyers heard the 15 minutes that have been made public, but not the remaining 45. And we’re told … based on conversations along with analysis … they’re satisfied about authenticity.

Neither Stiviano nor Anders had comments for our photog as they left the building.

TMZ Sports has also learned … people who have heard the entire recording say there is “NO DOUBT” Donald Sterling KNEW he was being recorded.

Great, now that there has been “due diligence” let’s get beyotch azz Donald up out the paint!

Image via AP

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Bird Beef: Nene Leakes Puts Cynthia Bailey On Blast And Exposes Her Shady Text Messages!

nene4 Nene ends her friendship with Cynthia is over and exposes her texts!

Nene Leaks Exposes Text Messages From Cynthia Bailey

Last night’s RHOA reunion was a doozy! Nene confronted Cynthia’s isht stirring and accused her former friend of bringing up all drama for the sake of a pity party from the other ladies. NeNe claims Cynthia already forgiven her for calling Peter Thomas a “b**ch” because they had hashed it out and spent tons of quality together since the incident. Mrs.Leakes accuses Cynthia of being fake outraged to create a storyline for the show but at the expense of their friendship. Nene took to her IG account after the episode to finally put Cynthia’s shadiness on blast and posted this photo with an open letter: nene
NeNe then posted conversations she had with Cynthia after the Mexico vacation was filmed, discussing how to film a scene together: nene2 This text message basically proves there is nothing “real” about these housewives and their “reality” show. Nene later deleted the messages but uploaded another text message where Cynthia told her that she is the “Queen Bee” of the show and no one cane dethrone her from her rightful place. Hit the flip to see the texts next!
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Conservative Bill Kristol Sticks Up For Donald Sterling’s Racist Comments “Big Deal… Don’t Go Crazy Over A Few Racist Comments” [Video]


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Shook Ones: L.A. Clipper’s Bigot Owner Donald Sterling Asks Girlfriend “How Can We Make This Go Away?”

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers

Nah, don’t try to run now, talk that isht you were talkin’ before

Donald Sterling Asks Girlfriend How To Make Racism Scandal Go Away</h2?

According to TMZ reports:

Donald Sterling contacted his ex-girlfriend Sunday and asked her flatly, “How can we make this go away?” … sources connected with Sterling tell TMZ Sports.

Our sources say … Sterling is keenly aware V. Stiviano is in possession of more than 100 hours of recordings … some of which are extremely damaging to Sterling’s reputation.

Our sources say Stiviano told Sterling to call her lawyer … and thereby opened the door to settlement discussions. It’s obvious the incentive for Sterling is to make sure the rest of the tapes never see the light of day.

TMZ Sports contacted Stiviano’s lawyer Mac E. Nehoray … who had no comment.

We know Stiviano is extremely upset that the Clippers and Donald Sterling publicly embraced a lawsuit filed by Sterling’s wife Shelly against Stivianio, claiming she stole $1.8 million from Donald.

As for why Stiviano taped so many conversations … as TMZ Sports reported, she told friends the Clippers owner WANTED her to record him and he knew he was being recorded … partly because he frequently forgot what he said and the tapes refreshed his memory … at least that’s her story.

And this is interesting … on Stiviano’s Instagram page, she constantly tagged photos with “#RandomHouse” and “#Simon&Schuster” … both large book publishing companies.

Sources connected with Stiviano tell us … she IS in the process of writing a book “about life” — but she insists it is not about Sterling.

Thank God for Donald’s silly THOT boo. Without her we might not have ever gotten to see Donald’s prejudice live and in living color.

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Times Are Tough: Florida Man Attempts To Rob Bank But Leaves Job Application With All His Information On It


As bank robbers go, this guy was no pro.

Florida Man Tries To Rob Bank With Job Application

Via Sun-Sentinel reports:

Felipe Cruz was doubly doomed, FBI agents said, when he tried — but failed — to rob the Chase Bank in Pompano Beach on April 10.

First, agents said, Cruz chose a teller who, protected by bulletproof glass, rebuffed his robbery. Second, as if it wasn’t enough to botch the stickup, he left behind a robbery note conveniently containing his name.

According to FBI agent Sarah Gioielli, Cruz, dressed in a long-sleeved shirt and ball cap, strode into the bank at 101 S. Pompano Parkway and presented a note to an unidentified female teller.

“Give me the 100s 50s 20s now,” the note stated. “Do not set the alarm. Hurry!!!”

The teller simply backed away from her bulletproof window. Cruz, stymied, fled the bank empty-handed.

But, agents said, he left his stickup note behind. His demands had been penned on the back of an online job application form, complete with the handwritten username of CRUZFELIPE36. It also included a password, Gioielli stated in a federal criminal complaint.

Broward Sheriff’s Office investigators then lifted fingerprints from the note that matched those of the 39-year-old Cruz, Gioielli said. They determined he lived in an Oakland Park apartment about 4 miles from the bank.

Police are now actively searching for the hapless holdup man. The charge: attempted bank robbery.

“By trying to rob a bank with a demand note written on the back of his employment search form, the robber has given us a clue,” FBI agent Michael Leverock said, in a model of understatement. “He probably should have continued looking for honest work.”

Are things really bad?! We doubt he’ll be getting any jobs at ANY banks to soon…


Deadbeat Royal Dads: Prince Of Monaco’s Black Baby Mama Says He’s Cut Off Their Swirly Seed!


Prince Albert has reportedly cut off his swirly son since marrying his new white wife…

Black Mother Of Prince Albert’s Son Says He Has Cut Him Off

Alexandre Coste Grimaldi is the ten-year-old illegitimate son of Monaco’s ruler, born after Albert engaged flight attendant Nicole Coste in a six-year relationship.

Via Daily Mail UK reports:

Renowned for his roving eye, Albert – known as the ‘playboy prince’ who has been linked to a string of beauties including Naomi Campbell, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brooke Shields – demanded DNA tests before he accepted paternity. As his subjects reeled at the news of his liaison, he continued to disown Alexandre, even though behind the scenes he was more than happy to be part of his son’s life.

But since his marriage to South African-born Princess Charlene in 2011, he has distanced himself from his only son.
Albert already has an illegitimate daughter, Jazmin, now 22.
In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, Nicole, who has fought hard – but unsuccessfully – for Alexandre to be recognised as a prince, tells how she was shunned by Monaco society and left to explain to her tearful son why his father no longer sees him.

‘The truth is that, I’m sorry to say, Albert hasn’t seen Alexandre since a brief visit last September. It has become impossible since he married that girl,’ she says referring to Charlene, 36. ‘I suppose as a new wife, how would one feel? But she should think about my innocent child. I don’t want to attack her but I think it is just jealousy and I don’t know why. I have been through hell in my fight for my son’s name and future.’

Understandably loath to go into the detail about her son’s distress, Nicole leaves it to a close confidante to explain how the distance has affected her son. ‘Alexandre misses his daddy dreadfully,’ the friend says. ‘He has started to feel sad and rejected. He asks, “Why can’t I see Daddy?” He has to be told that his father is busy.’


When Alexandre was born Albert provided a generous financial allowance for Nicole and her son and moved them into a luxurious villa on the French Riviera. Nicole says initially Albert was a loving father:

‘Albert and his son shared an affectionate, natural father/son relationship with trips and pirate-themed birthday parties,’ she reveals. ‘The Prince was proud of his son, often cuddling him warmly.

‘Despite the end of our relationship a boy needs his father and I wrote to Albert saying this was not about money. Our son needs a father with whom he can talk, who will pay regular visits – not one who appears and disappears.’

But while Albert was, albeit in private, a hands-on father, he refused to acknowledge paternity. It was only when DNA tests proved he was the father that he accepted the situation.

In 2005 he announced he was the father but decreed his illegitimate son would not inherit the throne. He did, however, vow that Alexandre would be cared for financially. When Albert met and then became engaged to South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock in 2010, his interest in his son waned.

Nicole felt sidelined and snubbed by society friends who feared they would offend the new Princess-to-be if they consorted with her.


No matter how fawked up a parent’s relationship is, a kid deserves to know both of them! Grace Kelly would be ashamed, embarrassed, and disappointed at all the horrible choices her children have made.


Rumor Control: Nene Leakes Shuts Down Marlo Hampton And Denies Dirty Dog Cheating On Gregg


Nene says she has never cheated on her husband Gregg!

Nene Leakes Denies Cheating On Husband Gregg After Marlo’s Allegations

Just days after Marlo Hampton told that NeNe Leakes is a “childish liar who needs a nose job,” Hampton has ramped up her attack on the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, calling her “an adulterer” who cheated on her husband with her ex!

Via RadarOnline reports:

“I heard that NeNe is still in touch with her ex-boyfriend, and he is buying her gifts including Gucci bags and other expensive things,” Hampton exclusively told Radar.

Before Leakes reunited with and ultimately re-married Gregg Leakes in a made-for-TV wedding on Bravo, she dated Famous Famiglia co-founder John Kolaj.

During their fling, Leakes tweeted about the extravagant gifts he gave her, which included diamond necklaces, Louboutins, and designer handbags.

Now, Hampton claims, “She’s a married woman, but I heard she is still communicating with [John]. He’s still asking her to be with him.”

Indeed, Hampton tweeted at Leakes earlier this week, “You are an adulterer that was still calling her ex boyfriend talking about your hello kitty up until last month!”

The bombshell allegations come after Leakes called her former pal “man-ho” on Bravo‘s Watch What Happens Live.

When Radar asked Hampton about the adultery tweet, she said, “Oh my gosh. I almost fell off the couch when I heard [what she called me]. And then my fingers just went to tweeting!”


Nene clapped back at her former friend and cleared up the vicious rumor started by Marlo:


Friends! How many of us have them??


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You Got Us Twisted Exclusive: Ebro Says “Bossip Is In The Blognatt” And In Cahoots With The Breakfast Club [Video]

Ebro from Hot 97 decided to talk about our senior editor ‘Janee Bolden’s’ friendship with Angela Yee being the reason behind The Breakfast Club killing them in stats and getting the kind of juice we post daily. But, he’s got it twisted…

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People Ain’t Isht: California Hoodbooger Parent Uploads Video Of Baby Boy Smoking A Blunt To Vine


These people don’t deserve the right to have children!!

Parent Uploads Video Of Baby Boy Smoking A Blunt On Vine

Via Gawker reports:

An idiot is potentially in trouble over a disturbing (now-deleted) Vine video of a toddler smoking weed— if the internet can find the original uploader, anyway. So far, the Reddit investigation is going only slightly better than the time Reddit solved the Boston Marathon bombing.

“After watching this I immediately downloaded the video, took screenshots and reported it to CPS in California as it is where the user is from,” wrote redditor skidoorider21. “This is no environment for a child to be in. He needs a good parent not someone to hurt him or bring him down.”

Skidoorider21 apparently didn’t read the caption on the Vine, which explained that the uploader had only reposted it—he wasn’t the one who let the baby smoke or filmed the incident. Other redditors figured this out and called off the witch hunt.

The clip of a small child sitting on a toilet and appearing to take a hit from a blunt was first uploaded 3 days ago by Viner ChiefSmokes with the title “Wow fucked up parents smh.”

The version made popular on reddit was a re-vine by NikoWavy, who made it clear he wasn’t the original poster.



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Out Of Pocket? Ray J Puts Black Woman “Instagram Bully” On Blast For Lookin’ Like “The Planet Of The Apes”

Ray J calls Instagram bully an ape

When doin’ it for the ‘gram goes wrong

Ray J Compares Black Woman To Planet Of The Apes On Instagram

According to TMZ reports:

Ray J just pissed off millions of people — one woman in particular — after he compared her to a character from “Planet of the Apes.”

Ray J Instagrammed the above photo Friday, writing the caption, “I usually don’t go this hard but … This chick look exactly like a character on Planet of the Apes.”

He has since deleted the post — but the fan he targeted (a woman named Tina Chastang) tells TMZ, she was mortified when he singled her out on his page.

In fairness, Tina admits she egged Ray J on a little, posting inflammatory comments on his Instagram like, “Ray J you are irrelavant. Why dont you stop worry about Kim Kardashian. Why dont you talk about you being gay.” But she insists he didn’t fight fair.

Ray J compares Instagram heckler to planet of the apes

Fair fight? There’s no “fair fight” on the internet, boo. You wanna fair fight? Join MMA.

Tina tells us, she’s just one voice out of millions of fans — thousands of whom trash talk Ray J on the daily — but he made a mockery of her on a global scale. Tina wants an apology.

Sources close to Ray J tell us, “This girl is an Instagram bully. She’s been making negative comments on everything Ray J posts for months. He’s been trying to take the high road, but finally decided he needed to give her a taste of her own medicine.”

When you shoot at people, you should expect people to shoot back. Ray has every right to defend himself, but comparing a black woman to an ape is always gonna get you in trouble.

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Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Blames Herself For Hubby’s Dirty Dog Cheating “I Assume Full Responsibility”


Are women to blame when their husband cheat?

Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Blames Herself For Husband’s Cheating

In a new interview with blogger CNikky, Gospel singer and reality star Tina Campbell takes the blame for her ain’t isht hubby’s trifling infidelity. The singer says she was too controlling and neglected her duties as a wife prompting her husband to cheat on her:

“I Tina assume full responsibility for the issues that I contributed to the relationship. I was controlling, talked too much. And you can never be heard over me because when I wanna talk I got the floor and ain’t nobody gonna get it from me until I give it up. Real talk. That was the way it was and I have to work on myself. You know what I mean? I was selfish. When we started having children it’s like, I forget that I have a responsibility as a wife. And I’m questioning you like, ‘Really, what you want me to do? I gotta baby!’”

Tina says she put her children first and it may have damaged her marriage:

“Even though that’s sometimes what you’re faced with, that ain’t the right spirit to do it in. And what happens is, you’re going on and you’re busy and you’ve got children and you’ve got work. And what happens is your husband is last and you don’t realize that he’s last. And if he has a problem with being last you’re like,’Well, what am I supposed to do? You know that I’ve got a career? You know that I’ve got these babies, you’re the one that got me pregnant!’ You want your husband to be the man and to take his place, but because ‘I’m a strong woman, I’m a this woman and I’m a that woman’ we busy stepping on our man. Making him feel small. And you know what? I did that. And I take responsibility for that.”

Is she serious?? Tina blames herself for her husband’s dirty dog ways because she says she made him feel less like a man and wasn’t physically available to him. What happened to someone taking responsibility for their own actions and being faithful?

Do you think Tina is to blame for her hubby’s infidelity?

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Hi Hater: Black Conservative Ben Carson Says Gay People “Don’t Get Extra Rights” And Can’t Redefine Marriage


Does he have a point?

Ben Carson Says Gay People Don’t Get Extra Rights

Via HufPo reports:

Conservative Ben Carson let loose on gay marriage during his Saturday CPAC speech, reinforcing his belief in traditional practices.

“As you know, I am not a fan of political correctness,” Carson told onlookers, drawing cheers. “I still believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Carson went on to add that the political world is full of “ideologues” and the only people that can stop them are the American people. While he believes gay people are entitled to their rights, Carson drew the line at “extra rights” that alter the institution of marriage.

“Of course gay people should have the same rights as everyone else, but they don’t get extra rights,” Carson said. “They don’t get to redefine marriage.”

Back in April 2013, Carson stepped down as commencement speaker for Johns Hopkins University’s School of Medicine after making some gay marriage comments that sparked outrage from students and faculty.

“It’s a well-established, fundamental pillar of society, and no group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA, be they people who believe in bestiality — it doesn’t matter what they are — they don’t get to change the definition,” he said in a Fox News appearance at the time.


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SMH: Pizza Hut Manager Popped For Spitting On Cop’s Food Because He Arrested Her For A DUI Prior


A Tennessee Pizza Hut manager who recognized a police officer she didn’t like got herself arrested after the cop spotted her spitting on his pizza.

Pizza Hut Manager Popped For Spitting On Cop’s Food

Via Gawker reports:

Jonathan Rogers figured out something was wrong when he called in an order to a local Pizza Hut and the cashier rang up his order without asking his name.

When Rogers sat on a bench to wait for his food, the manager began to act suspiciously.

As the defendant removed the pizza from the oven I observed her cut her eyes and look at me. The defendant then leaned over the pizza that she had began to slice and I observed her spit on the pizza which had been purchased by me.

It turned out the manager, Amanda Engle, didn’t need to ask Rogers’ name to ring up his order, because she recognized him as the man that arrested her for a DUI last April.

Engle, who pleaded guilty earlier this month, had knowingly allowed a friend to drive her car drunk, which is also a DUI charge under Tennessee law. She spent two days in jail and paid a fine, but according to Sheriff Mike Hensley, the conviction was “fresh on her mind.”

Unfortunately for Engle, Rogers arrested her for a second time, this time on misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges.


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Really??? Indiana Christian College Tells Rape Victim She Is Harrassing Her Attacker By Filing Complaint!

Hanover harrassment

This isn’t very Christian-like behavior

Rape Victim At Hanover College Accused To Harrassing Attacker

Via HuffingtonPost

A female student at Hanover College in Indiana is accusing the school of retaliating against her for reporting that she was raped, harassed and physically abused by a former boyfriend.

In response to a complaint filed by the female student, named Samantha, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights informed the small Christian College last week that it is under investigation. Samantha, who requested The Huffington Post only identify her by her first name, claims she faced possible expulsion for reporting sexual assault and harassment.

Over a two-year period, Hanover instructed Samantha to take her case to the police and even attempted to prevent her from living on campus, according to correspondence between Hanover and the student. Samantha says the school also failed to stop the former boyfriend and his new girlfriend from harassing her. Under the federal gender equity law Title IX, colleges are obligated to prevent and intervene to stop harassment that has been brought to their attention.

The OCR initially worked with Samantha, her attorney and the college to reach a mediation agreement in the summer of 2013, allowing for Samantha to file a harassment complaint against her alleged assailant and his girlfriend. But the college then decided in November 2013 that the former boyfriend and his girlfriend were not responsible for harassment, and allowed them to file their own harassment complaint against Samantha.

Here’s how it all went down…

Samantha said she was told with roughly a day’s notice she had to move out of her dorm room right before a week-long fall break began in October 2011. The notice came shortly after she complained about a dispute with her roommate. The school informed her it had made the decision to move her and forced her to surrender her dorm keys, disallowing her from entering the dorm building until the fall break ended but neglecting to make alternative arrangements for her, according to the complaint. She arranged to stay with a former on-and-off boyfriend in his fraternity house, where one night, she said, he sexually assaulted her after he had been drinking heavily.

Once she felt comfortable, Samantha reached out to the college to report the assault, roughly a month later. She requested to make the report to a female officer, but she says that while she was waiting, a male security officer pressured her into reporting it to him. He then told her she could not leave the room until she signed a statement agreeing not to press criminal charges, according to Samantha.

The college held a judicial hearing on the alleged assault before the end of the term in December 2011 and found the former boyfriend not responsible. In a fall 2013 review of the case, the college would declare that campus security followed protocol and the officer was simply “anxious to help” Samantha.

In the two years between, the former boyfriend, his new girlfriend and their acquaintances harassed Samantha, and the college did next to nothing to stop it, according to the complaint, which was reviewed by HuffPost. At times, Samantha landed in the same classes as the former boyfriend, and continually ran into him on the small campus, where roughly 1,100 students are enrolled.

Can you imagine having to sit in a 2-hour class with the man who sexually assaulted you, to then be told to stop “harrassing” HIM???

Image via Shutterstock

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Bird Beef: Erica Mena Catches Fade With Peter Gunz For Calling Her A “Terrible Voice Havin’ Nasty Beytoch”


Erica and Peter beef it up!

Erica Mena And Peter Gunz Fight On LHHNYC

Via S2S Magazine reports:

Peter Gunz is likely used to dealing with women who are quick to forgive, but Erica Mena isn’t one of them.
The “Love & Hip Hop: New York” stars are the latest to nearly come to blows after Rich Dollaz organizes a reunion that doesn’t go too well.

“I have no idea what the hell Rich was thinking, but bringing to me so-called business dinner to sit across from Little Gunz was definitely the wrong decision. I made it very clear to Rich that I want nothing to do with this clown,” Erica said before picking up a glass and hurling it at Peter.

While Peter arrived to the pow wow seemingly ready to make amends and admitting he jumped to conclusions about Erica last season, she seemingly wasn’t in a forgiving mood.

“You didn’t have no reason to do what you did last year…You’re the main reason why me and Rich aren’t together,” she said.

Clearly recognizing that his attempts and contrition were futile, Peter opted to meet hostility with hostility, insulting Erica’s talent and calling her out of her name.

“Your voice is terrible,” he said.

Get More:
Love & Hip Hop

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Watch Agitated Kanye West Scream On Sway “YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS, MAN!!!!” [Video]

You Aint Got The Answers

The audio is one thing, the video is another!

Kanye West Flips Out And Screams At Sway During Interview

It’s all good until about 17 minutes in…

To his credit, Sway checked ‘Ye QUICK about bein’ too “turnt up”. Sounded like the usually calm host was ready to get into some furniture movin’…

Image via YouTube

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Isn’t She Married? Salma Hayek All Up On Lenny Kravitz At Yves Saint Laurent Show In Paris

enny Kravitz and Salma Hayek attend the Saint Laurent show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2014.

Salma Hayek is one bold lady! The Latina actress was spotted all over Lenny Kravitz at Yves Saint Laurent’s Paris show… And her hubby was also in the building! Do you think her hubby is just a trusting kinda guy or is Salma doing too much?

Francois-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek attend the Saint Laurent show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2014.

LOL for some reason this photo screams “Beyotch, get ya lil flirty a$$ in the car.”

Hit the flip for more.


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Six Slizzard Teens Arrested For Trashing Ex NFL Player Brian Holloway’s Home During A House Party

partying slizzard teens

Finally, someone is held accountable for trashing this man’s house.

Six Teens Arrested For Vandalizing NFL Player’s Home

We bet these youngins won’t get slizzard and destroy another house again.  And to think, they threatened to sue him for releasing pictures.

According to The NY Daily News

Police say six people have been arrested on charges they were among hundreds of young partygoers who trashed the upstate New York home of a former NFL player.

The Rensselaer (rehn-suh-LEER’) County sheriff’s office says more arrests are expected.

The arrests came after former New England Patriots offensive lineman Brian Holloway said Thursday he signed papers authorizing the sheriff to bring charges in the Labor Day weekend party attended by up to 400 teenagers.

Holloway says investigators have told him the number of people charged could end up in the hundreds as they work through the case.

Holloway gained national attention by reposting pictures the teens had put on social media websites. He says he did it in an effort to get them to take responsibility but only four did.

They had a “Project X” type of night and it’s going to end like “Project X”- with them all getting in trouble.


Bullied Gay 17-Year-Old Arizona High School Student Leaves Heart-Wrenching Twitter Letter Before Attempting Suicide!


Might wanna grab you a lil’ hanky or somethin’…

Bullied Arizona Teen Leaves Suicide Letter On Twitter


A high school student who spoke out against bullying decided to take his own life.

He even posted a suicide letter online. In it, he talked about being bullied. Now, his family and friends say they are determined to pick up where he left off.

“My son, he didn’t deserve this …” said Jacqueline Vigil.

She is saying goodbye to her 17-year-old son, Carlos.

She said he was involved in Youth and Government and tried to push for stronger anti-bullying laws, but his own experience with bullying became too much.

“He is not here because of bullying,” Jacqueline said. “It drove him over the edge.”

Carlos posted a note on Twitter on Saturday afternoon, referring to the mean names bullies called him and saying he’s free now.

bully letter

Carlos’ dad rushed home when he heard about it, but it was too late.

Carlos was going to be a senior at Valley High — a school he transferred to last year to escape bullying at Los Lunas High School.

He was picked on for everything from his weight and acne to his glasses.

According to his mother, Carlos had been a victim of cruel kids for a long time.

“He had this lunchbox, a smiley face lunchbox, and people thought it was the funniest lunchbox ever, and they made fun of him for it,” Jacqueline said. “They grabbed it on the school bus and just threw it on the floor and broke it. It’s just little things like that.”

Parents, make sure you’re teaching your children not to be little a$$holes at school.

R.I.P. Carlos Vigil

Image via KRQE

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Young And Gettin’ It: 9 Celebrities Who Are On Their Grind And Making That Scrilla


Being a young person in the industry can be tough. The 360 contracts and shady music politics can be the downfall of an artist.

Here are 9 young people who are pimping the music game.


Rumor Control: Love & Hip Hop’s Scrappy Calls Erica Dixon A “Fame Slore” And Denies Smashing Side-Chick Shay Because He’s Single!


Scrappy calls his baby mama Erica a desperate fame ho but denies dating Shay!

Scrappy Puts Erica Dxon On Blast And Says He’s Single

Via UrbanBelle reports:

Despite Lil’ Scrappy and Momma Dee’s many talks about the way she treats Erica and her heavy involvement in his love life, Momma Dee’s feelings about both Shay and Erica haven’t changed much. And Scrappy still makes it a point to check people who have anything nasty to say about how his mother acts.

When one of his followers tweeted him about Momma Dee’s “bullsh*t” and how no one should have to take disrespect from her, Scrappy defends his mother and says no matter how people feel about her, she is still on TV getting paid. And he makes it clear that he is a single man, despite the talk of him reuniting with Shay Johnson and calls Erica out again:



Scrappy gets even more out of pocket and accuses Erica of using their daughter as a paycheck…


Hit the flip to see what else Scrappy had to say about being single, his momma and virtuous Erica’s response!

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Catch Fade: Brooklyn School Teacher Fined $10,000 For Forcing Student To Beat Up Bully In Front Of Class

Teacher bully BK


New York Teacher Fined $10,000 For Allowing Student To Fight Bully In Class

Via NYPost

A Brooklyn teacher got so fed up with a notorious 8-year-old class bully that she taught him a lesson in street justice — having him stand in front of the class while his latest bullying victim “hit him back” for all the abuse.

The kid clocked his tormenter — and the bully cried like a baby.

“Well, that’s what you get,” the teacher told the wild child, according to Department of Education documents.

DOE officials sought to can veteran PS 191 teacher Tamu Francis last year following the incident involving the bully.

The aggressor was on top of his victim throwing punches when Francis pulled him off.

After Francis got the two kids off the ground, that’s when she encouraged the victim to “hit him back,” say students at the Brownsville school.

In addition to making the serves-you-right comment, Francis also was heard telling the boy, “When you act like a dog, you get treated like a dog,” according to the arbitrator who presided over her termination hearing.

Francis denied the whole scenario other than the fight itself, saying that she tried to teach the whole class a lesson by asking the bully, “How would you like it if [he] was to hit you back?”

She says the victim misunderstood her point and got in a quick jab to the gut before she could protect the boy — but arbitrator Lisa Brogan did not find her story credible.

It didn’t help that Francis failed to report the incident to her superiors.

“The behavior is extremely disturbing . . . At best, it was a horribly misguided attempt to teach a lesson about bullying,” wrote Brogan. “She exhibited extremely poor judgment and made an enormous blunder by trying to mete out a certain brand of justice for the class bully.”

But because of the third- grade teacher’s 13 years with an unblemished record, she was hit with a $10,000 fine rather than booted last fall.

We never knew teachers could be fined. Interesting.

Image via Facebook

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Rumor Control: Shaunie O’Neal’s Young Cougar Cub Confirms He’s Still Smashing Her To Smithereens “Fawk What A Blog Say!”

Shaunie O'Neal and Marlon Yates

Shaunie’s young tenderoni clears up rumors they broke up!

Shaunie O’Neal And Boyfriend Still Together

Last week we reported that Shaunie’s boo Marlon Yates took to his IG account to vent about an ain’t isht woman in his life. The photos have since been mysteriously deleted from Mr.Yate’s IG page but here is a refresher….


Well, it looks like Marlon has decided to act right and let everyone know he’s still with his ex-basketball wife. Hit the flip to peep the message he and Shaunie left for all the haters….

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Family Feud: NeNe Leakes Calls Her Family And Bitter Sisters “Thirsty” For Trying To Steal Her Money Making Fame


NeNe vs. Her entire family!

NeNe’s Sisters Talk About Her And Not Having A Relationship With Her

NeNe Leakes beefed with Phaedra Parks on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show for contacting her estranged sisters to help bring some old skeleton’s out NeNe’s wig closet.

The reality star’s family didn’t need to be on TV to put her out there. NeNe’s sisters didn’t take too kindly to NeNe calling them half and saying they were jealous of her money makin’ fame. Well, her sister is still putting her on blast



Hit the flip to peep more of what NeNe’s “half” sister had to say about the reality angry bird and NeNe’s response as to who her REAL sisters are…

bossiprss?d=yIl2AUoC8zA bossiprss?i=-53J-l5c0mU:73Yp-5SBRaQ:D7Dq bossiprss?d=qj6IDK7rITs bossiprss?i=-53J-l5c0mU:73Yp-5SBRaQ:gIN9

Boston Bombers’ Uncle Snaps With Emotional Outburst Saying His Nephews Are “Losers” Who “Don’t Deserve To Walk This Earth!” [Video]


So much for blood being thicker than water…

Boston Bombers Uncle Says His Nephews Deserve To Die For Their Crimes

Via HuffingtonPost

The uncle of the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects told CBS that the men “do not deserve to live on this earth.”

Ruslan Tsarni told the station that he’d lived with suspects Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev in Cambridge for about 10 years. In an emotional interview, he said he realized that his nephews may be responsible after reading a report on Tsarni was also shocked but “not sympathetic” to learn that 26-year-old Tamerlan had been killed.

“Unbelievable — he absolutely deserved this,” Tsarni said between heavy breaths. “I always told those two, Islam has always been there, just do your business. Work, go to school, be useful. Know why you came to America … I am not sympathizing with them.”

He also described Tamerlan as a “loser.”

Tsarni said his nephews immigrated to the United States around 2000 or 2001, living in Cambridge the whole time. He said Dzhokhar was attending college somewhere outside of Boston.

He said he hasn’t been in touch with the brothers since about 2009, and believes their parents moved back to Russia.

You can see the full statement in the video below.

Unc keeps it real. We can dig it.

Image via YouTube


They Look Dark Skinned To You?? FBI Releases Video And Photos Of Boston Marathon Suspects

Can’t blame the blacks anymore…

FBI Releases Photos Of Boston Marathon Suspect

Via NBC News reports:

The FBI has released video and photos of two “armed and extremely dangerous” suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing and appealed for the public’s help in identifying them.

The images show two men in baseball caps who were seen walking together through the crowd.

One of them set down a black backpack at the site of the second blast in Monday’s attack, minutes before an explosion.

“Somebody out there knows these individuals…though it may be difficult, the nation is counting on those with information to come forward and provide it to us,” Boston FBI Special Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers said at a Thursday briefing.

“We consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous,” DesLauriers said of the men. “No one should approach them…If you see these men, contact law enforcement.”

He asked the public to call a hotline, 1-800-CALL-FBI, with tips or visit its website,

DesLauriers said investigators initially zeroed in on one of the men. By examining photos and videos of the marathon crowd, they were able to identify a second suspect.

“They appear to be associated,” he said.

The FBI released no other information about the probe, including the motive for the bombing, which killed three people and wounded 176 at the iconic race.





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Quote Of The Day: Glenn Beck Says “No American Citizen Blows Up Random People, That’s A Middle Eastern Scene”

glenn beck

Glenn Beck: Americans Don’t Blow Up Random People Middle Easterns Do

Really, this Glenn Beck character stays out of pocket!

According to Mediaite:

Monday night during his BlazeTV show, Glenn Beck offered his thoughts on the Boston Marathon bombings and who might have been responsible. He rejected the notion suggested by some that the attack was perpetrated by an American citizen “all hacked off at the government.” Instead, he suggested that “Middle Eastern” terrorists had to be behind the attack because “when our crazies go off, they target the government.”

“No American citizen blows up random people,” Beck asserted, “that’s a Middle Eastern scene.” He went on to express his wariness of the Obama administration in the wake of the attack, alluding to the “workplace shooting” designation that was given to the 2009 Fort Hood rampage. “Do you believe we will know the true story of what really happened today?” Beck asked.

Beck called out President Obama for saying “there’s no such thing as terrorism… there’s no such thing as Al Qaeda, all of this bull crap.” While the president did hesitate to call the Bostom bombings an “act of terror” yesterday until he knew more information, he did use those words during an address today. “How does the government that’s been in denial spin this?” Beck wondered.

Anchors on CNN, Fox News and elsewhere speculated about the connection between yesterday’s attack in Boston and the 1995′s Oklahoma City bombing. While the perpetrator of that attack, American citizen Timothy McVeigh, targeted a federal building, he also did “blow up random people,” including 19 children under the age of 6.

SMH. We will keep our opinions on that azzhole Glenn Beck to ourselves today.

The Blaze

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White Big Meech: 81-Year-Old Great-Grand-Pappy Popped For Running Multi-Million Dollar Illegal Prescription Pill Operation


You can’t be serious

81 Year Old Man Arrested For Selling Drugs

Via NewsOne reports:

Author Cox (pictured center) was cuffed by the cops Tuesday after they identified him as one of the “primary dealers” in a narcotics and prescription drug ring in Seminole County, Fla., The Smoking Gun reports.

The 81-year-old was the ring leader of a group that resold pills provided by co-conspirators who were prescribed the drugs, according to police. They allege that Cox sold $1000 worth of Dilaudid during a six-month investigation that included undercover cops.

His 26-year-old grandson, Erick Blakey, was also arrested in the sting.

“Listen, son, all this is a big bunch of crap,” Cox said in a TSG interview. He acknowledged having obtained Dilaudid for his grandson, but does not recall reselling the painkiller to anyone else.

“I’m 81-years-old. I’ve never been in trouble before in my life.”

That’s not true. He was arrested in 1983 in Orlando for lewd and lascivious behavior

He think he Big Meech! He probably will expire before he is even brought to court for his preliminary hearing.


Angry Bird Beef: Kandi Says She’s Done A MILLION More Things Than NeNe And Is Not Jealous Of Her Money Making Fame


Kandi vs. NeNe

Kandi Says She’s Not Jealous Of NeNe Leakes

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 reunion show hasn’t premiered yet but pieces and clips of the show have already hit the interwebz. One of the many beefs from the show has been the reoccurring drama between Kandi and NeNe Leakes.

The twosome have squared of playfully in the past but recently NeNe couldn’t help herself but pour more hot tea and shade at Kandi on Twitter. Apparently, NeNe thinks Kandi is one big hater!


Kandi stopped by the Breakfast Club this morning, and on the show, she talked about the beef she has with NeNe:

“To me I feel like she contradicts herself. Like she’s constantly dogging me out, saying negative things about me. But then when she does, she says ‘Well that’s just my opinion.’ But if I say anything to her or about her it, ‘Oh people are jealous of her.’ You know, act like a victim. You know I give you what you give me. Like if you give me that energy, that’s what you’re going to get.

“I’ve done a million things [business wise], she’s never once said ‘Congratulations.’ Or came in support of anything that I’ve done. Nothing. You know I hate when people say, ‘Oh you hating on her!’ How am I hating on her? I always say I love what she’s doing as far as taking her opportunity of being on TV and turning it into something greater.”

Do you think Kandi has any reason to be jealous of NeNe???

Check out the full interview with Kandi HERE


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ChitChatter: Aunt Viv (Janet Hubert) Says Yes To ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ Reunion But Puts Will Smith’s Shady Ways On Blast


Aunt Viv exposes Will’s messiness and talks about possible reunion…

Jane Hubert Talks Will Smith And Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Last week Hubert became a media sensation after penning an open letter to talk show host Wendy Williams over her recent interview she did with Tatyana Ali, who played Hubert’s on-screen daughter Ashley Banks.

During part 2 of her interview with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon, Hubert set the record straight on why she left The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Via The Grio reports:

“It was a negotiation that should have come back like most do,” Hubert said. “We were a very successful show and I felt like I was an integral part of that, and felt valuable, but you cannot feel valuable in Hollywood.”

Since leaving the show in 1993, there have been several conflicting reports of a feud between Hubert and her former cast members, including Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro.

“I think what happened, because the audience was so on my side at that time, that Will probably felt like he needed to go out, and he needed to tell a lot of lies,” Hubert revealed. “Alphonso went out to a college and told a lot of lies, but the problem is I have proof that a lot of that didn’t happen.”

Hubert said she has since moved forward in her life and career and wants to leave the past behind. She confessed that she knew then, and knows now, that the on-camera chemistry between the cast members of the original Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was magic.

“When I do a show I want the best people on that stage with me. I thought that we were the best. That cast of Fresh Prince was good. Everybody was exceptional at what they did.”

Last year, reports of a feud between Smith and Hubert was reported by TMZ, after Hubert was absent from a 2011 photo of the cast that Smith published on Facebook.

However, Hubert revealed to theGrio that she in fact is willing to do a reunion with the entire cast of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. “Absolutely,” Hubert said. “Even Daphne (Reid).”

Hubert also feels it’s time for her and Smith to heal any damage that has been done since she left The Fresh Prince some 21 years ago.

“I would say to him [Smith], we need to heal this. You’ve done some things, you’ve said some things, that were totally untrue and you know that they were untrue. I’ve said some things that I probably should have never said. But you’ve never heard them come from my mouth. Especially the TMZ thing last Christmas; my Mom passed away. So there I was again in the media getting beaten up…and you get tired. I’m tired. Aren’t you tired Will?”

Hubert added that she has a 20-year-old son and Smith has children that are in the public eye. She told theGrio she believes” karma is a monster,” and hopes that her past feud with Smith doesn’t negatively affect the careers of his children.

“My heart breaks from some of the comments that people make about his children,” Hubert said of Smith and his famous kids. “And for the damage that you may have done to someone else, your children may suffer… for your legacy.”

Hubert is keeping busy these days being a mother, producing a TV sit-com pilot, and appearing in her one-women show, “Broadway to TV Now Back to Me.” Fans of Hubert can tune into her Blogtalkradio program, and follow her on Facebook.

Why doesn’t she just move on with her life and leave this behind her? Will Smith has moved on to more fame and fortune and he is not looking back. Lastly why did she feel the need to bring his children into this mess? This clearly an attempt to throw mud on Smith indirectly. She is too old for this…

bossiprss?d=yIl2AUoC8zA bossiprss?i=K11Rjl2QzPU:6jqIon6B2M8:D7Dq bossiprss?d=qj6IDK7rITs bossiprss?i=K11Rjl2QzPU:6jqIon6B2M8:gIN9

Race Matters: 13 Parks Department Employees Paid $165,000 Settlements For Being Transferred From Their Positions For Light-Skinned And White Folks


Dark-skinned, light-skinned, Asian, and White women…

Parks Department Workers Paid $165,000 Settlement For Racist Transfer Practices

Via NYDailyNews

The city will pay thousands of dollars to dark-skinned Parks Department workers who claim they were transferred out of tony Battery Park City in favor of white and light-skinned staffers amid threats and veiled complaints that they were too aggressive.

The workers filed a discrimination suit after the March 2011 transfers — which came after months of escalating tensions between the mostly minority agents and some residents of the ritzy enclave.

Swastikas and graffiti calling the Public Enforcement Patrol officers “thugs,” “pigs” and “n—–s” started popping up on benches and walls, according to the suit filed by 13 workers.

The Parks Department wrongfully transferred eight dark-skinned workers out and brought in eight white, Asian or light-skinned Hispanics after the Battery Park City Authority — a private trust that pays the city $2 million for 31 PEP workers on its 32 acres — complained that some officers were too aggressive in ticketing residents, the suit charged.

Residents of the waterfront neighborhood were pleased when PEP workers ticketed visitors — but annoyed when they got tickets for the same petty violations, said Charles St. Louis, a retired NYPD officer and PEP agent who is a plaintiff in the suit.

What part of the game is THAT?!

The city admitted no wrongdoing in the February agreement of $165,000 — $8,000 to each of the dark-skinned workers, plus the same payment to the replacement workers, who charged they were unwittingly put in the middle of a hostile situation.

One black worker, George Parker, 62, will get a payment of $14,000 because a white resident went after him in a fury after another park worker questioned why his dog was off-leash.

“I’ve been around a bit in my time, even Birmingham, Ala., and I’ve not seen much that was as bad as Battery Park City,” said Parker. “I got a lot of ‘I pay your salary’ and ‘You work for me’ when I tried to enforce the rules.”

PEP worker Keshun Anderson, 40, said she was once called a “f—ing n—–” by the white resident who fought with Parker.

And people still have the nerve to call this a “post-racial America” Sheeeeeeeeeeeit…SMMFH

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Justice Is Served: Former Tennis Pro Sentenced To 135 Months In Prison For Smuggling African Children Into America As Slaves!

Jean-Claude Toviave

The boys in the bing are going to have fun with this guy

Ex-Tennis Pro Sentenced To Over 11 Years For Forcing 4 Children Into Slavery

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A former tennis pro accused of fraudulently bringing four children from the African nation of Togo to the U.S. and forcing them to work as slaves in his Michigan home was sentenced Monday to more than 11 years in federal prison.

Jean-Claude Toviave, who didn’t apologize when provided the opportunity to speak at his sentencing hearing in Detroit, also was ordered to pay two of the children $60,000 each.

Prosecutors asked U.S. District Judge Arthur Tarnow to sentence Toviave to the maximum sentence within the guidelines, and he did, handing down a 135-month sentence, with credit for about two years of time served.

“I can’t get a read on you,” Tarnow told Toviave. “I can’t tell if you understand what you did was really wrong.”

The four children emigrated from Togo in 2006 with fraudulent immigration paperwork that listed them as being Toviave’s biological children, which they are not.

The victims said Toviave beat them with toilet plungers, broomsticks and electrical cords and starved them if they didn’t follow his orders. They were forced to vacuum, iron, cook, clean and shine shoes at the home in Ypsilanti, near Ann Arbor, for nearly five years until January 2011.

One of the unidentified victims had his statement read aloud in court:

“The physical torture, beating me and starving me, you inflicted was so painful that I prayed at night that God would either help me to be free or allow your assaults to kill me,” wrote the unnamed victim. “The pain is something I will never forget. In the midst of your verbal and physical assaults, you worked the four of us to death.”

We would have liked to see ol’ boy get sentenced to a lil’ more time, but we’re glad the victims got the justice they deserved.

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Unapologetic? Rih-Rih Leaves Chicago High Schoolers Waiting For More Than 4 HOURS At Charity Event!

Screen shot 2013-03-23 at 12.07.00 PM

C’mon now Robyn WTF?!

Rihanna Left Chicago High School Students Waiting Over 4 Hours For Appearance

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Rihanna, clearly, does not make excuses.

The Barbadian superstar barely acknowledged her tardiness when took the stage at Barrington High School moments ago – despite being more than four hours and 30 minutes late for her much-anticipated visit. Her fans, nearly despondent minutes earlier, greeted her with wild applause and Beatlemania-type screaming.

“Thank you guys for coming and waiting,” the Barbadian signer said, before paying tribute to the school’s charitable works.

Oh beyotch please! Damn near 5 hours late??? You better come up with something better than THAT bullisht!

Sixteen minutes and roughly a dozen smiling pictures later, RiRi was gone and her late arrival forgotten by a starstruck crowd.

It was hard to believe that only minutes earlier she was the cause of quite possibly the most angst-ridden moment in Barrington High School history.

The overwhelmingly female crowd had been patient in waiting for hours for her arrival after the school won a visit from the star. Teens have been chatting on their phones, grabbing snacks and braiding each other’s hair. Many have been at the school since the doors opened at noon.

Rihanna was originally supposed to start her visit at 1 p.m.; on Thursday evening, the school announced that had been pushed back to 2 p.m. As of 5 p.m., she still wasn’t at the school.

“It’s one thing to be fashionably late. This is just rude. Our lives don’t revolve around a pop star,” said junior Patricia Halle, who nicknamed the afternoon “the survive Rihanna event.”

“Our school worked hard to win this. She should be more respectful,” Halle said.

One seventh-grader in particular was not shy about her irritation with Chris’ breezy.

Jaki Mora said: “Rihanna is pathetic. She shouldn’t be making us wait for her.”

Right on sista!

Rihanna posted this pic to her Instagram page at 4:22pm. To that we say ph**k yo’ traffic! You’re already 2 1/2 hours late!

Rih IG

Apparently Rih-Rih brought more tickets to give out for her Chicago show that evening to make up for her egregious tardiness.

Way to be an example for the kids Rih, make a mistake, bribe folks to forgive you.

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Catch Fade: Consequence And His Gangsta Grill Claim To Have “Smacked The Isht” Out Of Joe Budden At The Love & Hip-Hop Reunion!

Cons and Joe

Slapped? Not bitten???

A few hours ago, VH1 assembled their motley crew of characters to film the Love & Hip-Hop reunion special.

Joey IG

While we expected some sparks to fly between the ladies who clearly dislike each other, we were shocked to read on Twitter that Jen The Pen’s toothy baby daddy came to blows with MC Hella Vests aka Joe Budden.

Cons vs Joey

Say it ain’t so Joe!

Hit the flip side to hear Mr. Budden’s side of the story.

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