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Katy Perry is a South Park and Dom Perignon Fan

Katy Perry tweeted yesterday a picture of herself in some sexy form-fitting South Park pajamas and with a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne.

If anything this image proves that touring with Katy Perry would be the coolest shit ever. I can just see us cuddling in the tour bus under a blanket watching Cartman hate on gingers while getting drunk on French luxury champagne. But then I realise that will never happen and that I’ll die alone in a corner covered in McDonald’s leftovers.

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Nicolette Sheridan has lost all desire to get banged


Here’s Nicolette Sheridan doing a little bit of shopping at Ralph Lauren and Chanel in her pajamas and slippers and we’re guessing it’s either the onset of Alzheimer’s or she’s been having a very fruitful and satisfying relationship with her vibrator. Either way, we’re pretty sure Nicolette is not spending her nights cuddling a real life penis as it tends to wither and die when forced to rub against old lady flannel for long periods of time.