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Celebrity Ink: Tattoos Of The Stars

No longer a taboo act reserved for sailors, tattoos prove that skin is always in. Celebrities have led the way in increasing the popularity of permanent body art.

Susan Sarandon recently talked about getting tattoos with her three kids. A heavily inked David Beckham revealed how his sons are eager to join in the family tradition: "One of them said to me recently, 'How old do I have to be before I get my first tattoo?' I was like, 'A lot older than you are now.'" While mother-of-two Nicole Richie - who is inked alongside fiancé Joel Madden - said she'd be "heartbroken" if their kids chose to get tattooed like mom and dad.

Let's take a look at 20 celeb parents who have been inked.

Whose tats do you like the best? Have you been inked?


Pam Anderson uses her old beaver to save the baby seals


Pam Anderson has an ‘interesting’ view on life. She showed up at the Ontario provincial legislature on Friday to introduce the new ads. Pam, or as we like to call her, HO1 N1, is doing her part to launch PETA’s new campaign against Canada’s commercial seal slaughter when she started dry-humping this creepy fuzzy beast in front of the Ontario Legislative Building in Toronto, Canada. What makes this story ‘interesting’ is the fact that Pam wants to save the young seals but used a 9 year old humans as fashion accessorie a couple weeks ago at a fashion show. Sure, she didn’t skin the little girl and wear her as a bikini but you get the point.


Pam Anderson wears a leopard tube top as a dress at her fashion show


The always-classy Pamela Anderson hangs out with fashion designer Richie Rich from Heatherette, and still she can’t ever find an outfit that covers her ass.  Pam looks like she couldn’t decide what to wear, so she just grabbed the first thing off some skanky strip club floor, and headed out to host this fashion event in Chicago.

Both Pam and Richie Rich were tapped to host a party at the Venue which was billed as a ‘fashion show featuring Pam Anderson walking the runway in her new line of A*MUSE clothing.’  Wait, is this leopard hooker outfit actually from a line of clothing…that people are supposed to buy?  On second thought, if her target audience is whores, pimps, callgirls and Aubrey O’Day, we think she might just do alright.


Pam Anderson pulls the ol ‘oops, my fashion show has fallen off’ again


Well this is original….Pam Anderson, on the runway…at a Richie Rich show….clothes fall off. I guess in Pam’s world, there is no better way to sell clothes than to not wear them. The only problem for Pam is, it’s 2009 and everybody would pay to have her put them back on. Pamela and her co-designer were launching their swimwear range A*Muse by Richie Rich on the fourth day of New Zealand fashion week when Rich attempted to roller skate out with Pam. He ended up on his ass and she ended up showing hers. These two clowns were made for each other.


No, it’s not a drag queen’s saggy ass, it’s just Pamela Anderson making a fool of herself again


Pam Anderson was right in her element this weekend. An event in Vienna that doesn’t frown upon people who love to go for the blamboyant, ridiculous and downright hilarious when it comes to their outfits.

The Fire Ball Gala was a charity event aimed at raising funds for AIDS and HIV victims. And Pam (who knows a thing or two about painful sexually transmitted diseases…even if hers is confined to her crotch) was there for her own fundraiser…the “Let’s Raise Some Money For Pam Before Even The Half-drunk Austrians Don’t Won’t To Look At Her Saggy Ass” event.

Oblivious to her striking resemblance to an aging tranny, she proudly walked the stage wearing a huge wig (word has it she smuggled her penniless plumber fiancee in Austria in that wig) and carrying a ghetto blaster…looking every bit the fierce queen RuPaul was searching in his Drag Race.

Kate Perry was one of the performers at Fire Ball, and Eva Longoria, Tony Parker, Bill Clinton and Ivana Trump were among the other stars attending the event.


Carmen Electra does what she does best at the Roxy…dry humping

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Carmen Electra doesn’t have many talents but getting noticed isn’t one that’s lacking. Carmen did her little bump and grind with The Chelsea Girls at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood a couple night ago. What the hell, the girl is on the fast track to hittin the wall Pam Anderson smashed her hotness on, so let her have her fun while we can watch without hurling.