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“Top Guns” is The Latest Hilarious Porn Parody

Digital Playground’s latest movie parody feature is a high-flying action film with fast jets, slutty USAF women, and only vague connections to a Tom Cruise/Val Kilmer movie. (Digital Playground doesn’t make parodies, so they say.) Anyway, here’s the awesome SFW trailer

Wow, That men’s locker-room scene with the four dudes in towels “high-fiving” really stays true to the original Top Gun. The volleyball game, as well.

We love movies that make us go “Ptchoo! Ptchoo!” and we can’t remember the last time we’ve gone from saying “Ptchoo!” to “Maybe this is a no-pants movie.” Because of that, we’re totally willing to overlook the fact that this is “Top Gun” pluralized (cause of boobs, get it? Yeah don’t have to be a genius to get it). Plus, it’s got all of our favorite Digital Playground contract girls – Stoya, Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Selena Rose, and Kayden Kross – and even Raven Alexis! What more could you want? ‘Splosions? You got it.

See the uncensored trailer at


FINALLY! A Simpsons Porn Parody

YAY! It’s what you’ve always wanted: a bunch of terrible actors dressed up as your favorite Simpsons characters and boning each other. This mostly SFW trailer for the Hustler made porn parody features some POV action of Homer shooting Marge, and, because this is porn, all the other characters (except Bart and Lisa… thank God… or not, maybe you like that kinda thing) are somehow involved.

One thing I don’t really get is the minor characters they had to resort to, I mean McBain/Nancy and Moe/Cookie Kwan? Really? I can think of at least one better scene right off the top of my head…How about… Edna Krabappel? Maybe in a Karl/Lenny double team cuckold scene in front of Principal Skinner. See? That was easy.

Oh, and they’ve all got one too many fingers. It would seem that this might matter at some point.

All things considered, that’s a pretty good Homer impression.

Also……… The Simpsons did it.


Brad Pitt unloads baggage in secret meeting with Jennifer;doesn’t object to comedy mocking them


Brad Pitt is said to have held a secret meeting with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston during a recent trip to New York.

The pair, who ended their five-year marriage in 2005, apparently met up at a hotel in the city for an hour where Brad unloaded his emotional baggage.

According to reports, the Hollywood star told Aniston about his relationship problems with Angelina Jolie, who he hooked up with after walking out on the Friends actress.

t comes amid reports that Brad and Jennifer are in regular phone contact and their latest encounter marks their second private meeting together in the Big Apple this year, according to Grazia magazine.

A source told the publication that Jennifer agreed to visit Brad in his suite at the Essex House Hotel, next to Central Park.

‘She arrived at his hotel suite a matter of hours after they had spoken. Brad was unloading his emotional baggage on Jen, which isn’t exactly fair considering their history.’

But the source added: ‘She was quick to tell him she wanted no part in his break-up with Angelina.’

At first she was reported to be reluctant to meet with her former husband.

But the magazine alleges Brad got his mother Jane – who is famously still close to Jen – to persuade her to meet with him and give some advice.

It comes amid claims that his four-year relationship with Angelina has hit the rocks.

Aniston was apparently brutally honest with Brad during their exchange, which took place the Friday before last, telling him he was being selfish and had to figure things out on his own.

Later that day Brad flew back to France with son Maddox.

Grazia reported that Angelina is keen to work out their problems, but as far as Brad is concerned it is ‘all but over’.

Some reports suggest he is planning a move to Berlin, away from his family home, where he has friends and can spend time indulging in the city’s architecture.

His reported meet-up with Jen came the day after he attended a political conference with former U.S. president Bill Clinton in New York on September 24.

Meanwhile, Brad and Jennifer gave their consent to Carrie Fisher to parody them in her comic autobiographical Broadway play Wishful Drinking.

Fisher makes a parallel in Wishful Drinking about her parents’ love life and the Pitt-Aniston-Angelina Jolie triangle.

Eddie Fisher left Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor.

“Anything that had to do with anyone else, I made sure that I went to them and cleared it with them,” said Fisher, who tells the story of her own troubled journey and lifetime with celebrity.

But she sought Pitt’s consent for the artistic license. She told Pitt: “This is exactly what your situation is like!”

Aniston made no objections, she added, saying: “She’s a very nice girl. I didn’t speak to her, but I heard that she liked it. At least, I hope she liked it.”

Fisher’s 90-minute play, which debuts on October 25, is already drawing the enthusiastic response of critics.