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Peaches Geldof nude snaps are too dopey

I’m 99 percent sure that this scandal is going to die a premature death, but since everyone’s talking about Peaches Geldof at the moment, I thought why not go with the flow and honor the remaining one percent by posting these nude snaps.

The nude snaps were posted online by an American man (seen with Peaches in the last pic) who goes by the name Ben and claims that the pics were taken last November in Los Angeles during a one night stand with Peaches, which involved a visit to Hollywood’s Scientology Centre, lots of sex... and heroin! A spokesman for Peaches, however, has rubbished the Scientology and heroin part of the story, leaving the remaining allegations of Ben intact for us to decipher. I feel so sorry for Paula Yates. She must be trembling in her grave. Hit the jump for the remaining pics.
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