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Pete Doherty’s band is in shambles

Junkie singer Pete Doherty stunned his fans, including two of his bandmates, by unveiling a new Babyshambles line-up at a gig on Tuesday night. His confusing act fueled the rumors that the his current band is actually heading towards a split and left most of his fans with no choice but to walk out of the show.

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‘Last Of The English Roses’ singer Pete was due to play a solo show in London on Tuesday, but instead appeared to play with a different line-up of his full-time band. Appearing alongside Pete was guitarist Mik Whitnall and an unknown drummer, but Adam Ficek and bassist Drew McConnell were conspicuously absent, sparking rumors the band is to change its line-up before releasing a new album later this year. Fans chanted the absent members names, and Pete indicated that the players with him were the current line up of the band, causing some fans to walk out of the show.

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