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Pamela Anderson demands magic flash be used to take out the ugly in her pictures


So wait…Pamela Anderson finally realized that her pictures have been subbing for a penis shriveling apparatus for years now and that her face has been permanently stuck on October 31st? And she thinks that a ring flash will make the nightmares go away? Too bad she forgot to give photographers the manual on how to turn David Copperfield on when using the flash…because darn it, making her disappear is the only way it won’t hurt! For those of you with damn near perfect eye sight who are confused because you’re still experiencing eye stinging, yes, you are not viewing pre-ring flash pictures. These are the improved ones…so be thankful for today…

Here’s the full story:

The 42 year old was glammed-up and photo-ready for her fragrance launch in Miami, Florida at Saturday’s (07Nov09) Make-A-Wish Ball.

However, her manager Peter Asher requested photographers shoot her only with a “ring flash”, known to eliminate shadows and imperfections.

According to the New York Post, Asher banned all lensmen without a ring flash from the event, prompting several photographers to walk out.

Anderson’s spokesperson confirms the star made the request, telling the New York Post the flash requirement “is something Pamela wanted”.

However, organisers at Make-A-Wish are attempting to cool down the controversy, adding: “In-house photographers were told to use the ring light, but our red carpet was issue-free.”

Photos: Splash News