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Police chief now faces 10 years in prison for Sarah Jessica Parker plot


A disgraced police chief who plotted to steal documents related to Sarah Jessica Parker’s twin daughters — and then sell them to the paparazzi — was found guilty of theft Monday.

Carpenter, the former police chief of Martin’s Ferry, Ohio, was convicted of arranging a burglary at the home of the surrogate mother who carried the actress’s twin girls. Carpenter, 40, and another police chief allegedly met with photographers and offered to sell the stolen items, which included a poem, photos, and legal documents related to the pregnancy.

One photographer alerted authorities to the scam. Carpenter, who claimed the whole affair was a joke, faces 10 years in prison.

“I stand by what I say. I didn’t burglarize no home,” he told investigators, according to People. “I don’t want to give up a 17-year police career for something that was a joke.”

Michelle Ross, the 26-year old surrogate mother of Parker’s and Matthew Broderick’s girls, testified in the trial. Carpenter’s alleged accomplice, Bridgeport Police Chief Chad Dojack, will stand trial in January.