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Kevin Hart Impersonates Shaq, Kenny, And Charles Barkley In New Inside The NBA TNT Commercial [Video]


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Pure Comedy Slander: A Gallery Of Things V. Stiviano’s Face Looks Like

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.02.53 PM

A Gallery Of Things V. Stiviano’s Face Looks Like

V. Stiviano made her TV debut on 20/20 over the weekend and it was…something. She sounded pretty insane, but most hilariously, people started to notice her a bunch of things her face looked like.

So we gathered some of these comparisons because they’re damn funny.

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Miley Taught Me: Twitter TRASHES Draya’s Struggly Twerk Video


You would think an ex-skripper like Draya would have basic twerk abilities but NOPE, she doesn’t, and set herself up YET AGAIN with a hilarious display of white girl wasted struggle twerks on Instagram.

Hit the jump for the funniest reactions to Draya’s struggly twerk video.

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Power Ranger Couture: A Gallery Of Women Dressed Like Superheroes


We’re not sure when dressing like crime-fighting superheroes/Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers became the fashion wave but it’s a very popular fad among attention-thirsty “fashionistas,” flashy hoodrats and celebs that’s only getting strugglier stronger.

Hit the jump for a mind-blowing gallery of women dressed like superheroes.

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“First Ray J, Now Nelly?” 50 Cent Clowns Floyd Mayweather Over Losing His Love [Video]

floyd 50

We remember the time when 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather were best of friends These days they’re more like frenemies.

50 Cent Makes Fun Of Floyd Mayweather’s Break Up With Miss Jackson On Instagram

While 50 Cent continues to pledge his brotherhood with the boxing champ, over the past few days he has posted a series of videos aimed at Floyd’s struggle over losing his longtime boo thang Miss Shantel Jackson to Nelly.

Peep the first one below:

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 7.43.21 AM

Do you think he’s happy to see Floyd in a bad place?

Hit the flip for the next one.

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Less Is More: Nicki Minaj’s Stunning Transformation Back Into A Black Woman [Photos]


There’s no doubting Nicki Minaj’s beauty which was often hidden under layers of ashy clown makeup and hideous circus costumes during her now infamous white woman phase. Why she refused to ditch her Bozo the Clownette look, only she (or her label) knows, but her new natural look has the industry on fire.

Hit the jump for Nicki Minaj’s stunning transformation back into a Black woman.

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Thanks, But No Thanks!: Cooking Pigs Feet With “Pops” (John Witherspoon) [Video]

Who’s into hog-mogs, pigs feet, and chitterlings?

Hey everyone I’m back with another old school episode of Cooking for Poor people! Today I cook some pig feet with hot sauce! I will be making new videos soon so stay tuned.


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All Blacks Look Alike? A Gallery Of Black Celebrity Mix-Ups


It’s always awkward when mainstream media outlets (and regular everyday people) mix-up well-known Black celebs in this digital age of free information. Last we checked, Google images is 100% free for everyone, especially those in our very white media who suffer from “All Blacks look alike” syndrome.

Hit the jump for a so-sad-it’s-hilarious gallery of Black celebrity mix-ups.

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Forever Embarrassed: The Most Ridiculous, Hilarious And Awkward Wedding Photos Of All Time

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.01.47 PM

The Worst Wedding Photos Of All Time

Everyone loves wedding photos, right?! They’re supposed to signify the most glorious times of our lives. Well, not always. These horrible wedding photos will definitely remind you of how awkward people can be.

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Graduation Backflip Attempt Is Pure Fail Comedy! [Video]

SMH @ Bobby Blank…


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Lil Mo On The Breakfast Club Grilled About Her Young “Shooter-Boyfriend,” Her Divorce, The Next Season Of R&B Divas, And More [Video]

SMH @ Lil Mo’s getup…


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Pure Comedy: Man Sings “Facebook Thug” Theme Song [Video]

This goes out to all you Facebook thugs out there.

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Charlamagne Tha God Gives Kaylin Garcia Donkey Of The Day For Her Struggle Video [Video]

Charlamagne is the latest to blast Kaylin for her horrible “Want It More” video.

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Guess The Cakes

Nene Leakes and Tony Dovolani appear on Extra, and Tony teaches Tracy Edmunds some dance moves on stage

These cakes were spotted dropping it like it’s hot on the set of a popular L.A. based entertainment show. They belong to a powerful woman who has been working in the entertainment field for quite some time.

Hit the flip for the answer!


LHHATL: Stevie J & Joseline Hit The Shower To Mock Mimi’s Freaky Flick Shenanigans

More Mimi shower rod comedy courtesy of Steebieline…

Stevie J And Joseline Mock Mimi Faust Shower Rod Scene

Much of the world is still getting a good laugh over the now-infamous freaky flick that was released last week courtesy of attention-sloring LHHATL couple Mimi Faust and her fiance Nikko Smith…and Mimi’s ex Stevie J is one of the many joining in on the fun.

In addition to promptly going in on Mimi last week once a preview of the tape hit the internet, Joseline recently shared this photo of she and hubby Steebie mocking his babymama’s shower rod acrobatics before heading out:


We doubt either Mimi nor Nikko will ever live this down. Needless to say, this season of LHHATL should definitely be one to remember.


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Please No! A Gallery Of The Worst, Most Hilarious And Ridiculous Prom Pictures Of All Time


Worst Prom Pictures Of All Time

It’s prom season, kids. Which means it’s time to get your gear together and jump clean. However, some people take it a bit too far with their prom gear. So without further ado, here are the very worst prom pictures ever recorded. Unbelievable.

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You Better Werk! A Gallery Of Rappers Rocking Suspect Outfits


We live in a glittery rap era where mainstream rappers are sassy fashionistas who gleefully-rock women’s clothing/suspect outfits with the utmost flair . At first, it seemed like just another overhyped fad but it’s spread like a plague through ALL of Hip-Hop.

Hit the jump for a gallery of rappers rocking suspect outfits.

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Pure Comedy!: David Alan Grier’s “How To Tell Black People Apart” [Video]

Our friend David Alan Grier has a passion project that he asked Jimmy to plug for him. We made a quick video with him to promote it. It’s an educational book, and while we are typically not the kind of show that cares to “educate” we think there is a lot to learn from this, so pay attention.


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In White Folks News: Kanye West Asks James Franco And Seth Rogen To Perform Gay “Bound 3″ At Kim’s Attention-Sloring Wedding!


Send in the royal fools!

Kanye West Wants James Franco And Seth Rogen To Perform “Bound 2″ At Wedding

Via NYDailyNews

Kanye West had quite the humorous request for his upcoming wedding to Kim Kardashian.

According to James Franco, the 36-year-old rapper reached out to him and Seth Rogen and asked them to perform their spoof version of his “Bound 2″ music video the night before the expected lavish affair.

“Kim loved the video and we didn’t hear back from Kanye. … We kind of felt like he’s not bashing us, but he probably hates it, but he’s not going to say anything,” Franco said on an appearance on Tuesday’s “The View,” alongside the cast of Broadway’s “Of Mice and Men.”

“But then two weeks ago, we got a call from Kanye. Seth and I were on the phone. We thought he was just going to let us have it. But he loved it,” he explained.

“And I’m pretty sure I can say it now because I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen — he wanted us to perform it live the night before his wedding at Versailles.”

Kimye have yet to confirm their wedding venue. The Palace of Versailles was a rumored location, however, the palace tweeted in January that the nuptials would not be held there.
Kardashian and West are set to wed on May 24 somewhere in France.

So Kanye is gonna have a gay performance at his wedding? Surprise, surprise…

Image via YouTube

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Makeup Sorcery? A Gallery Of SHOCKING Before/After Photos, Pt. 5


Makeup sorcery grows more powerful by the day and we have even MORE pics to prove it.

Hit the jump for another gallery of shocking before/after makeup photos.

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Iyanla, Fix My Hairline: A Gallery Of The STRUGGLIEST Haircuts On The ‘Net, Pt. 3


Back again with another hilarious batch of the absolute STRUGGLIEST haircuts you’ll ever see.

Hit the jump for more of the struggliest haircuts on the ‘net.

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Call Maury? John Legend Has A Little Look-Alike

john legend baby twin Caden

Hopefully he’ll fare better in the hairline department

St. Louis Woman Tweets Photo Of Baby Nephew Who Favors John Legend

Not every celebrity is lucky enough to get a cute impersonator, but R&B singer John Legend’s should definitely make him smile.

According to US Weekly reports:

John Legend has a startling lookalike, and the Grammy-winning singer’s doppelganger is a little baby named Caden!

St. Louis native and proud aunt Rachel Ayanaw tweeted a photo of the adorable Legend lookalike on Easter Sunday, April 20. “My nephew looks like John Legend lol,” she wrote in the post alongside a pic of Caden strapped into a car seat.

The little tot, 4 months, remarkably resembles the “All of Me” crooner, down to his chubby-cheeks and smiley expression in the photo. Eventually, the tweet went viral and prompted the nine-time Grammy winner to address his baby doppelganger with his own throwback photo.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 6.07.21 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 6.07.30 PM

Here’s the photo John shared and a fan was kind enough to create a side by side


What do you think?

While John seemed to be a good sport about the whole thing, his wife Chrissy seemed a little miffed. Hit the flip for her reaction.


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Racist Or Nah? Comedian Louis C.K. Admits He Started Sitting At The “Black Kids’ Table” At Mostly White Jr. High Only Because They Were Black


We’re not sure racist is the word but isn’t it a relief to have a famous white person ADMIT flat out to having a fascination with black people?

Louis C.K. Sat With Black Kids At Lunch Because He “Had To Know Them”

Our friends at GQ Magazine shared this interesting cover story they just did with actor/comedian Louis C.K.. Here are a few details:

Comedy is subjective, but not with Louis C.K. He’s the best, which is why we named him the funniest man alive. GQ’s Andrew Corsello catches up with the May cover man and explores his comedic genius.

After reading the article we had to share this one particular quote with you about how Louis’ desire to get to know the black kids at his mostly white school helped him overcome the discomfort he felt being out of place at their table. Peep the excerpt below:

Discomfort underlies all of C.K.’s work—it’s often both medium and message—and he seems to regard it as a moral imperative. “You’ve got to embrace discomfort,” he tells me at one point. “It’s the only way you can put yourself in situations where you can learn, and the only way you can keep your senses fresh once you’re there.”

Black kids were bused in to C.K.’s otherwise all-white junior high school. Szekely, an incurably curious boy who grew up to be what Chris Rock has called “the blackest white guy I know,” wanted to know them. Had to. So he began sitting at their table at lunchtime. “It was awkward and scary, but I made a lot of black friends, and that was the only way to do it. It had to be uncomfortable. It was actually racist, ’cause I was sitting down with these kids only because they were black. Sometimes discomfort is the only way through.”

This brings up some interesting questions about what racism really is — cuz to us this sounds a lot more like curiosity and maybe a touch of ignorance.

What say you?

louis ck featured 0514-GQ-FELC02.01 COVER

Photo Credit: Peggy Sirota/GQ

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Poor Breezy: The Boondocks GOES HAM On Chris Brown In Series Premiere

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.51.20 AM

Boondocks Destroys Chris Brown

The Boondocks made its return last night amidst all of the controversy that Aaron McGruder wouldn’t be involved. While the show wasn’t as funny as years past, it still made waves by blasting Chris Brown all episode. Naturally, Twitter had a lot to say.

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You Can’t Be Serious: Old Head Arrested For Stealing Dentures Out Of Crush’s Mouth After She Rejected His Geriatric Advances!

Man arrested for stealing dentures

LMAO! This isht is every bit as crazy as it sounds!

Virginia Man Arrested For Stealing Womans Dentures

You’re never too old to be “ain’t isht”…

Via NYDailyNews

A heartsick Virginia man was arrested Thursday for snatching a woman’s dentures out of her mouth, allegedly because she shot down his romantic advances.

Linwood Harris, 63, of Richmond, was facing robbery charges after cops said he reached into the woman’s mouth and pulled out her false teeth during an attack at her apartment on Tuesday night.

The bizarre incident appeared to be a case of fatal dental attraction.

The victim said Harris had a crush on her and bought her the dentures in an attempt to woo her after she lost her teeth in a car crash a year and a half ago, local CBS 6 reported.

No $200 date, no flowers, no romantic walks on the beach. This ninja tried to bag ol’ girl by copping DENTURES!

The woman said Harris was smitten with her, but she’d made it clear she wasn’t interested.

“I hadn’t been able to afford dentures,” the woman told CBS 6 earlier this week.

“He says to me, ‘You’re a pretty girl, but I see you feel self-conscious about not having your teeth,’” she said.

“And he said, ‘I want to surprise you. I’m going to buy dentures for you,’” she said.

Harris picked up the tab for the false chompers at a local Affordable Dentures shop.

Awww, wasn’t that sweet of him?

“I told him I think it’s best you just don’t call me anymore because you constantly ring my phone, you come over here knocking on my door and I don’t like it,” she said.

The woman said she found Harris waiting for her outside her apartment when she went to do her laundry at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

The elderly goon lunged at her, grabbed her head and yanked the teeth out of her mouth, yelling that he had paid for them and was taking them back,


That’s petty as f**k! Wouldn’t you have let the old lady keep her faux grill??

Image via Shutterstock/Richmond Police

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Groupie Tales: Drake Gets DRAGGED For Showing Up At UConn Locker Room Two Days After Repping Kentucky

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.59.23 PM

Drake Gets Blasted After Game

Drake has proven to be one of biggest groupies ever and tonight is no different. After the UConn vs Kentucky NCAA Championship game, pics surfaced of Drake hanging out with UConn locker room and Twitter went all the way in. We won’t keep you waiting, so dig in to the slander.

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Pure Comedy! Must Watch Parody Of Kelly Rowland Apologizing For “2nd Lead Vocalist” Comment! [Video]

Destiny's Child Kelly apologizes

This is easily the funniest isht you will see all day!

Surely you remember the infamous Vine clip that showed a palm tree-shady Beyoncé cuttin’ a MEAN side-eye toward Kelly Rowland when she claimed that she was the “2nd lead vocalist” in Destiny’s Child.

Well, “Kelly” has recently “apologzied”…

LMFAOOOOOO! Play it again!

Image via YouTube

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Hi Hater? Wendy Williams Is Already Predicting Nene Leakes Won’t Win “Dancing With The Stars!” [Video]

Well, we all know Nene isn’t really a fan of working out. Earlier this week the new cast of “Dancing With The Stars” was announced and Wendy Williams is already predicting Nene Leakes won’t be a front runner.

The show matched Leakes up with Tony Dovolani, who previously partnered with Wendy during her short stint on the show. Wendy was kind enough to wish Nene well but she warned that she wasn’t sure if Nene will be disciplined enough to keep up with the practice schedule, noting that Dovolani will want her rehearsing for six hours a day, six days a week.

“He’s not fun, NeNe. I wish you well, but you all aren’t going to win,” she advised Leakes during a Hot Topics session of her daily talk show.

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Makeup Sorcery? A Gallery Of SHOCKING Before/After Photos, Pt. 3


We doubt the makeup sorcery, cosmetic witchcraft and catfishy voodoo will ever stop, and that’s cool, as long as folks accept that fantasy is the new reality in 2014.

Hit the jump for even more shocking before/after makeup photos.

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LMAO! Funniest Vines Of The Week, Vol. 12


It’s Fridaaaay–Valentine’s/Singles Awareness Day–and we’re back with more Vine hilarity!

Hit the jump for the funniest Vines of the week.

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Watch Amber Rose, Iggy Azalea, Wacka Flocka, And Ed Sheeran In MTV’s Throwback Theater Reenacting “Mean Girls” Movie [Video]

On Tuesday (January 28), it was Amber’s turn to take a crack at some throwback theater.

“I love ‘Mean Girls’,” she declares in a new “Retro” clip. “I was like the super nerd in high school. I got picked on a lot and after watching that movie, me and my friends, we kind of make a joke out of it.”

Rose took the remake super seriously and, we must say, casting redhead Ed Sheeran as Lindsay Lohan’s Cady Heron was an excellent choice. So what happens when Amber and company play the roles of Gretchen, Regina, Cady and Karen? You have to see it to believe it.


bossiprss?d=yIl2AUoC8zA bossiprss?i=ukzwjvXy-SM:VJpM-6tQut8:D7Dq bossiprss?d=qj6IDK7rITs bossiprss?i=ukzwjvXy-SM:VJpM-6tQut8:gIN9

Pure Comedy: Man’s “I Cheated” Prank Goes Wrong When Girlfriend Admits She Has Been Unfaithful Too [Video]

He got more than he bargained for.


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Tyrese Taught Me: Funniest Reactions To Ginuwine’s Illiterate Twitter Rant


Twitter is the ultimate gift/curse that shows you how attention-thirsty and straight-up dumb your favorite celebs are. At times, it’s cool to see unfiltered celebrity thoughts but mostly a terrible idea for illiterate divas like Ginuwine who clearly can’t read or spell based on his now infamous Twitter meltdown.


Here are the funniest reactions to Ginuwine’s illiterate Twitter rant. Take a look.


Endless Slander: 10 Most Bullied Celebs [Photo Gallery]


Celebs may be filthy rich and famous but they’re also the most slandered, dragged and bullied human beings on Earth. Do they deserve it? Ehh, sometimes, but the endless slander always spirals out of control and bruises even the biggest of egos. Ask yourself this: “Am I bully?” The answer: Yea, probably.


Here are the ten most bullied celebs in the game. Take a look.

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Pure Comedy: 10 Funniest Bitstrips


Bitstrips are the latest internet obsession where anyone can make their everyday life into comic strips. Mostly unfunny and catfishy (Drake-skinned on Bitstrips but Akon-crispy in real life? Really?), we compiled the best (and absolute funniest) Bitstrips before the fad dies.

Here are the ten funniest Bitstrips from across the ‘net. Take a look.

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LMAO! 10 Funniest Vines (Right Now), Pt. 6


Vines are getting funnier and more creative by the week with no signs of fading like countless other internet obsessions.

Here are ten more of the funniest vines. Take a look.

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Yeezy Gone Crazy: Photos From Kanye’s Yeezus Tour Hit The ‘Net & Twitter Explodes


Kanye is either completely-insane or a leather blouse-wearing genius who continues to push boundaries to the unknown. Love/hate him, he’s a bona fide rockstar who sparked hilarious banter, heated debates and fake outrage on the opening night of his mega-hyped Yeezus Tour.


Here are the best Twitter reactions to Kanye’s “provocative” Yeezus Tour photos. Take a look.

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Light-Skinned Rapper Problems: A Gallery Of Drake’s Ex-Boos Mentioned On Songs


You either love and respect Drake’s vulnerability as an artist or hate that he kisses and tells millions about his stressful love life. Either way, he’s built a massive fanbase off late-night drunk text anthems/side chick music as Hip-Hop’s “light-skinned Keith Sweat.”


Here’s a photo gallery of Drizzy Drake’s ex-boos mentioned on songs. Take a look.

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Some Throwback Thursday Comedy: Chris Brown Does Hilarious Trey Songz Impersonation [Video]


Chris Brown Impersonates Trey Songz

Before he became the center of attention for all things negative, Chris Brown was known for being a jokester and this video of him impersonating his homeboy Trey Songz is pretty hilarious.

Check it out below:

We can’t help but laugh…


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Famously-Dimply: A Gallery Of Beloved Celebrity Women With Cellulite


With every God-given talent or physical gift, comes a humbling imperfection like ugly feet, struggly teeth or unsightly cellulite. Believe it or not, some women actually embrace their dimply legs, thighs and booty cheeks while others pay thousands to have their cellulite removed only to resurface weeks later.

Here’s a photo gallery of beloved celebrity women with cellulite. Take a look.