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A “Lil Positivity”: Ray J Hosts Anti Bullying Basketball Game For ‘RockLife’ In Calabasas

Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even

Look at Ray J doing good and stuff… This weekend Brandy’s brother hosted an event in Calabasas for the RockLife anti-bullying campaign for kids. Ray J held it down on the basketball court alongside celebrities including Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, Tank, Mario, Laura Govan and more (including his sister Brandy). The event was put together along with former NBA baller Mitch Richmond who is now co-wonder of the Sacramento Kings.


Brandy sat out the game with her fiancé Ryan Press right by her side.

Check out more photos below:

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Cassy Athena


Leave It To The Professionals: Celebrity Shade That Didn’t Go Over Too Well

What were these celebrities thinking when they made these silly comments?

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Ray-J Still On Chitterlings Circuit About “I Hit It First”: Confirms Sister Brandy Is Upset With This Mess Of A Song! [Video]

Is Ray-J the annoying little brother destroying Brandy’s comeback?

Turn the page for another interview with this obvious “gentleman.”


“Someone” Wants to Buy the Rights to Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

Gee, hmm, who could possibly be the “mystery buyer” trying to get the Kim Kardashian sex tape off of the market by buying the rights to it from Vivid Entertainment? Which is like trying to get toothpaste back in the tube? At the price of $30 million?

TMZ reports:

“I was approached by a private party who has asked us about looking into the possibility of acquiring all rights of the Vivid, ‘Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.’”
The lawyer adds, “The party we represent does not intend to distribute or broadcast the ‘tape,’ but hopes to completely remove it from the market.”
The buyer also wants to purchase all of the raw, unused footage (sex tape outtakes) that never made it to the DVD.

On the one hand, now that she’s married, it makes sense that KK wouldn’t want folks watching footage (NSFW link) of her sucking Ray J‘s dick and getting banged from behind. The past is the past! On the other hand, the video was part of the formula that made her famous. Of course, there’s always the possibility that KK is not the mystery buyer, and that someone else wants to remove the tape from the market… And! It’s entirely possible that there is no mystery buyer and Vivid is boosting sales (and clicks) by spreading a fake story in the wake of the lavish wedding. Slut-shaming is lucrative.


Ray-J Rides Against Us: “Yeah, F**k BOSSIP. BOSSIP Can Eat a Fat D**k!!!”

Celebrity whore and “Brandy’s little brother”Ray-J has some serious beef with Bossip.

“Well, first off the ratings were unbelievably out of control. Especially for a dating show, you would think it would be cool, but our ratings were number one on all of cable except sports every week. So we broke records as far as VH1 and every network. And me and Cocktail, we remained really good friends. I felt like she was the best girl in the house for me, but as far as longevity is concerned I felt like that’s what we were lacking so I’m back again for another shot at it.”

On Competitors in the Music Game

“I think there are a lot of great R&B artists out there right now, [but] I don’t think I have any competition because I’m in my own lane as far as who I am and what I’ve done and experienced. As long as I touch on that and stay true to myself and true to my art, I think it’ll stand out against the rest that are out there right now. I love everything out there. I really love the new Trey Songz that’s out right now. He’s pretty much the only one out there I’m messing with right now as far as R&B.
 He’s a real dude. He paid his dues. He worked really hard to get to where he’s at and now he has a very strong women fan base. They’re going crazy over him. I think he deserves that.”

On Executive Producing

“I’m executive producing this movie that I did with Lisa Raye and Maia Campbell. It’s about Detroit hustling and gangs and [the city]. It’s coming straight to DVD. I have two new shows coming on VH1, one show coming on BET. I’m just trying to make sure all my ideas come to life right now.”


“I try to stay away from talking about sex, because I’m so overwhelmed with the whole sex thing that I want people to look at me in a different light. When you think about Ray J, you think about sex. A lot of people do. I want people to think about me in a different way so I don’t even want to get into the whole sex talk.”


“Bossip goes hard. It’s cool though … I got Bossip. It’s all good though, I ain’t trippin because that’s a Kim K. website. I remember seeing a lot of exclusive content from her on the site so I know how the game goes, I been hating.”

Wait, you think she has a hand in Bossip?

“Do I think so? I know so. I’m looking at Bossip because she know I got my new site,, up and running. I don’t really f*ck with Bossip.”

I mean they don’t really f**k with you.

“Yeah, f**k Bossip. Bossip can eat a fat d**k. I’m sorry for saying that. Is that inappropriate?”

No, you can say it.

I’m so sorry, but that’s how I feel. I’ve always felt that way about Bossip. Hey, it’s not stopping my checks so they can go hard.

Damn Ray-J, Did we touch a nerve because last time we checked, you have NOTHING going on for us to speak on but it is what it is. FYI… We Love You Too!!!

Check Out for the Full Interview


Tila Tequila Does Striptease For Ray J?


Tila Tequila has announced that she is dating Kim Kardashian’s sex tape co-star rapper Ray J:

From her Blog:

My baby is Ray J…..and no man has made me feel so loved and so happy in such a long time. We really do love each other and I am so happy to have FINALLY met someone who treats me with respect and love. He is so sweet to me and makes me melt everytime I see him…….I love my baby……so there you have it! Tila Tequila is officially dating Ray J!!!!!! I think we make the cutest couple….dont you????? And this video that I posted earlier tonight was for him so he would hurry up and come over to see his wifey: