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Italian PM Berlusconi promises to resign – A look at his sex addiction, orgies with minors and mafia operations

Europe’s sleaziest and definitely most ridiculous politician, Silvio Berlusconi, has promised to resign amidst rumors Italy is on the verge of collapse. Here in the States we mostly know him as the perma-tanned skirt chaser who wears bandanas over his hair implants. Now, however, that he’s about to make an exit after two decades as Italy’s PM, all his secrets are coming to the suface, including child prostitution, orgies with minors, mafia killings etc, so this bit of news was too good to pass. Below is an account of his “accomplishments” and why he lasted so long in his position.

Silvio Berlusconi won three general elections, two by a landslide.

It was always clear that he won elections because, after starting a property business in the late 1960s, his tentacles had spread into every corner of Italian life by the 1990s. He owned newspapers, magazines, insurance companies, video rental outlets, film distribution companies, publishing houses, a Milanese football team and much else besides.

In that time, anyone who dared criticise him was subjected to a barrage of ferocious abuse as his political rottweilers rushed to please their master.

More recently, Belusconi bribed English lawyer David Mills to withhold testimony in a corruption case. And on top of this, Berlusconi has been accused of tax evasion and sex with minors.

He’s known to be a sex addict, someone who, it is said, likes to be repaid with orgies in return for sorting out a ‘business problem’. That, in common parlance, is called prostitution.

After he attended the 18th birthday of a blonde called Noemi Letizia, journalists began to ask about her connection to him: was she his daughter or his lover?

Creepily, Noemi revealed that she called Berlusconi ‘Papi’ (Daddy).

Two years ago, it emerged that two of Berlusconi’s henchmen, one of them a newsreader on one of his channels, would take him photo albums of teenage girls for hire.

He would flick through its pages until he came to one he liked, saying: ‘I want that one.’

Berluscone personally intervened to spring a teenage North African beauty from prison and while his explanation was that she was granddaughter of the then President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, and that he was doing him a diplomatic favour it turned out that the girl was just another of the teenage girls who he had sex with during his wild parties.

It was an incident that led to Berlusconi’s prosecution for having sex with minors and his being named, in a report for the U.S. State Department just last month, as someone being ‘investigated for facilitating child prostitution’.

During recent years, more stories have emerged of Berlusconi’s debauchery. Investigators have seized photos of his orgies — the bunga bunga parties — from the phones and laptops of escorts

They show girls dressed as policewomen, nuns and schoolgirls, kissing each other and performing stripteases.

One escort, Patrizia D’Addario, made a tape recording of her sexual encounter with Berlusconi, then wrote a kiss-and-tell book in which she praised the ageing premier’s stamina.

Yet Berlusconi survived it all. He was too powerful to be brought down — his government even passed a law giving the prime minister immunity from prosecution.

And so he just kept embarrassing his country with his colossal gaffes: he called Obama ‘suntanned’, kept German leader Angela Merkel waiting on the red carpet while he talked on his mobile, he told homeless earthquake victims they should enjoy their camping holiday, and so on.

At the recent G20 summit, with world leaders worrying about the implosion of the global economy, Berlusconi spent his time checking out the butts of all the women present.

That, after all, is what he’s used to doing: he’s filled the Italian parliament with foxy young showgirls, even elevating them, astonishingly, to ministerial posts.

Berlusconi had mafia connections through his father and even employed a well-known mafioso, and many suspect his entire property empire was a complex money-laundering operation.

It is also believed that he won 100 per cent of Sicilian seats in the 2001 general election due to his connection with the mafia.

In the Seventies, Berlusconi joined P2, an illegal masonic lodge of Right-wing extremists. The lodge was connected to various notorious crimes, including the hanging of ‘God’s Banker’, Roberto Calvi, under a bridge in London in 1982. Berlusconi once denied being a member of P2 in court, but his membership was later proven and he was convicted of perjury, although an amnesty was granted.

Below are excerpts from some of his public gaffes over the years:

Encouraging traders to invest in Italy in 2003: ‘Italy is now a great country to invest in . . . today we have fewer communists and those who are still there deny having been one. Another reason to invest in Italy  is that we have beautiful secretaries . . . superb girls.’

Replying to allegations about his private life in 2011: ‘When asked if they would like to have sex with me, 30 per cent of women said, “Yes”, while the other 70 per cent replied, “What, again?”’

To a crowd of Milanese voteRs in 2010: ‘I am a man  who works hard all day long and sometimes I look at some good-looking girl; it’s better to be fond of pretty girls than to be gay.’

In the aftermath of the Abruzzo earthquake in 2009: ‘Of course, their lodgings are a bit temporary. But they should see it like a weekend of camping.’

On his critics in 2006: ‘I am  the Jesus Christ of politics. I am a patient victim, I sacrifice myself for everyone.’

On his height in 2006: ‘Only Napoleon did more than I  have done. But I am definitely taller.’

On his heigh (again) in 2008: ‘They keep calling me a dwarf, but I’m taller than [Nicolas] Sarkozy and [Vladimir] Putin.’

On Obama’s election as U.S. president in November 2008: ‘Handsome, young and also suntanned.’

On going bald in 2001: ‘I have little hair because my brain is so big it pushes the hair out.’

On the personal appearance of political rival Mercedes Bresso in 2010: ‘You know why Mercedes Bresso is always in a bad mood? Because in the morning, when she gets up, she looks at herself in the mirror to put her make-up on — and sees herself. And so her day is already ruined.’

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Filmmaker Brett Ratner resigns after shocking interview with Howard Stern

Oscar producer Brett Ratner, you know, the guy who likes to eat shrimp and masturbate at the same time according to Olivia Munn, apparently had a really, really bad week.

First he brought upon him the fury of the gay mafia by saying at a Q&A last Friday that “rehearsal is for fags”. Then he went on Howard Stern and in 90 seconds managed to talk about his mutant sperm count (“How lucky I am that I never got a girl pregnant. It’s crazy!”), the size of his testicles (“I have HUGE balls…”), his talent for performing oral sex on Lindsay Lohan (“I’m probably the best in the world…[girls] cry”), the possibility that HPV causes throat cancer (“If that’s true, I’m a dead man.”) and how he sends women to his doctor to be checked for sexually-transmitted diseases, “before I go all the way.”

Obviously the gay mafia won, and Ratner resigned as a producer of the 84th Annual Academy Awards on Tuesday.

In his public apology, Ratner explained his reasons for standing down: “Being asked to help put on the Oscar show was the proudest moment of my career. But as painful as this may be for me, it would be worse if my association with the show were to be a distraction from the Academy and the high ideals it represents,” he wrote in a letter published by

And just in case you missed the story about his love of the crustaceans and their importance in getting an erection, here’s an excerpt from Olivia Munn’s book:

“Wait,” he begged.
Slowly, like in a bad horror movie, I turned around once more. And I remember first noticing him wearing an Oxford shirt and holding a fistful of cocktail sauce-smothered shrimp. He popped one down his throat and then another, the red sauce collecting like so much baby’s blood at the corner of his smirking mouth before dribbling down his front and settling as glistening stains on his shirt.
[…] This A-List schmuck then has the nerve to say: “You have such an interesting look– what ethnicity are you?”
And this is where things crossed over from merely disturbing to downright horrific–that was the exact moment I noticed what was either a tiny gnarled doggie toy or this adult man’s penis being stroked by his own stubby hand.
He was masturbating. Right there. With shrimp in one hand. And me standing in front of him. Masturbating. Mastur-bating. I’m not even kidding.
And the dude was going for it, too, furiously pulling at the tragic stub. Before I could even begin to make sense of the whole deal, he was moaning, moaning and then–fire hose. On steroids. The Mt. Saint Helens of man-juice.


The Office Without Steve Carrell? It’ll Happen.

You thought it’d be impossible for The Office to go on without actor Steve Carell? Well. You’re dumb. Even though he is resigning from his job at The Office,  it doesn’t mean the end of the Emmy-award winning TV comedy show, NBC said on Friday.

NBC entertainment programing chief Angela Bromstad told TV reporters that Carell’s decision to quit as the egotistical boss Michael Scott in May 2011 had been known for some time to the network and the show’s writers.

“The writers have a plan in terms of who is going to replace Michael. There will be a lot of storylines (on the show) leading up to that,” Bromstad said.

Bromstad noted that NBC’s long-running medical drama ER had continued for years after the departure in 1999 of actor George Clooney.

“This is a tremendous ensemble cast,” she said of The Office.

“We have known about (Carell’s departure) for some time and planned for it. I would be very sad to be ending the show, and I couldn’t go home and face my 14 year-old son if The Office was off the air.”

Carell, 47, began playing Michael Scott in 2005 when the U.S. version of the hit British mockumentary created by Ricky Gervais was launched on NBC. It has become one of NBC’s biggest critical hits and is seen in syndication around the world.

Carell, who has gone on to a prolific movie career with films like Despicable Me and Little Miss Sunshine, has said he wants to spend more time with his wife and young children.