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ModCloth Is Having A Cardi Party!

Spring has sprung!  That is the PERFECT excuse for this SoCal girl to break out the cute dresses and cardigan sweaters. So thank goodness for ModCloth’s Dress & Cardi Party! Get 20% off pieces perfect for garden fetes, grad celebrations, & more. Stock up for the season and use code EXPRESS to get free express shipping [...]

Fashion – Spring Dress Twirl Twirl Twirl #modtwirl

Show off your twirling capabilities with the ModCloth ‘Twirl Around the World Contest’ and you could win a $350 gift card! Snap a photo of yourself twirling in your favorite spring ensemble and upload to the Style Gallery or post on your Instagram account with the hashtag #modtwirl. Videos will also be considered on Instagram. Need some inspiration? Check out [...]

Artist Shag Releasing Nightlife and Purgatory Prints

  There is just something about Shag that completely fits my Southern California modern retro loving lifestyle.  Josh Agle has a sense of humor about whatever it is he is sharing. Shag has two new prints that go on sale to the public this Monday, March 24th at 8:00 AM PST, but I have a [...]

Dita Von Teese Launches Lingerie Line TONIGHT At Bloomingdales NYC

Are you ready New York?  The queen of the new burlesque, Dita Von Teese is officially releasing her lingerie line Dita Von Teese at Bloomingdales tonight at 6PM. She has been promoting the event on her social media sites and is asking for those interested to please attend.  (All of these photos are from her [...]

Song of the day: Dean Martin Winter Romance

Spring is nowhere to be found, though it is two weeks away. So why don’t we just embrace it for now and have a retro Winter Romance with Dean Martin. I know this Southern California pinup has some vintage ski outfits around here somewhere.    *My Socal Lifestyle with Celebs, Gossip and Pinup Girls* Follow [...]

Did You Get Engaged? Start Your Modern Retro Wedding Here!

So it seems celebrities were not the only ones getting engaged over Valentine’s Day.  SIX MILLION of you y’all get rings!  What in the world??!?!  If you are already starting to feel the pressure of planning, relax.  This SoCal pinup has you covered. You simply have to go take a look at the unique wedding styles available [...]

New Aussie Inspired Spring/Summer/Fall Line

There is one aspect of fashion this SoCal pinup has never really been able to get the hang of. The transitions between the season have always been difficult. I just cannot seem to layer things correctly. But if I follow Shabby Apple’s lead it looks like I may have an easier time of it. Shabby [...]


Do you love Instagram? How about Modcloth’s retro, vintage, and modern styles and fashion? From now until Friday 02/14/14 (Valentines Day), Modcloth is having a contest for YOU! Love is in the air and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day ModCloth is asking their Instagram community to participate in a love-inspired ModCloth Instagram Challenge. Simply [...]

Planning a Retro Modern Wedding?

Adrift on a Cloud Dress from ModCloth This little SoCal pinup knows so many people that got engaged last year. It’s making my head spin. Did you get engaged over the holidays? Congratulations!! ModCloth has a fun line of bridal dresses and accessories for you to plan your vintage-inspired wedding? Just take a look at all the options [...]

Kim Basinger Returns To Modeling At Age 60!

BAM! And here you thought Kim Basinger would just be a mom and actress happily avoiding any talk of exhusband Alec Baldwin. Nope. Girl got herself a modeling agent at 60! Basinger has been giving her daughter Ireland modeling advice for her budding career, and now Kim is signing up at Ireland’s agency, ING. Kim [...]

Cocktail Thursday – Adult Hot Chocolate

It’s a marshmallow world in the winter. And I have had that song in my head all week. So I figured I would make this week’s cocktail Thursday recipe revolve around marshmallows. What goes better with marshmallows than hot chocolate? The easiest way to make your “Adult Hot Chocolate” is to add some peppermint schnapps. [...]

Find Winston The Pug For Modcloth Rewards!

Did I hear someone say they love pugs? Well you’re in luck, because ModCloth is hiding their adorable pug, Winston, all over their site with special rewards for you to shop with when you find him! Start your hunt right now: Find Winston the pug for fun rewards @… I found him pretty quick!  * My Southern [...]

Vintage BMW Motorcycle Races 1920s-50s Video

Let’s start Wednesday with a little fun. BMW at Motorcycle races in the early 1920s and the Tour of Germany 1950. These look like so much fun, but I’m not so sure about riding a motor cycle in the snow. :-/  * My Southern California Lifestyle with Entertainment, Celebrity Gossip and Pinup Girls * Subscribe [...]

Special 14% Off Sale Today At Modcloth!! 11-12-13

Sequential dates, like today…11/12/13, are limited, just like the ModCloth 14% off sale going on for the next 24 hours! There is actually one more sequential day this century, and that is 12/13/14 (next year!) But that is all besides the point. Head over to ModCloth and take a look at some of their unique items that are [...]

3 Facts To Know About Your Meat

Fire up the grill my little bees, it’s time to cook up some meat. While this little pinup knows how to cook a good steak, and the veggies that go along with it, sometime I can get a little confused about what’s what on the labels. If you are like me, here’s a handy outline [...]

Man Men Season 6 Finale TONIGHT!

It’s finally here, the Season 6 Finale of Mad Men. Now, I was even less impressed with this current season than last, and if it hadn’t been for my partner, I don’t think I would have watched at all. Let’s hope Season 7 of Mad Men is better. I keep trying to think of anything [...]

Wonderful Wedges For Summer

I know I have already spoken my love for FLATS especially for Spring/Summer events. But there are times where I just need a little lift, and a nice wedge does that without me sinking into the grass. Whether dressy or casual, wedges help to make my legs look longer (and thinner) with a little more [...]

Interview with Rich Sommer : Mad Men ‘s Harry Crane

There’s only one episode left of Mad Men, so it was nice to see my favorite character Harry Crane make an appearance on last night’s show. Swim trunks and all! Now we have an interview with Rich Sommer, who plays Harry. Of course the discussion includes his late 60s California inspired wardrobe (Hello ascot!) and [...]

Bettie Page Clothing Memorial Day Sale!!

Attention Pinups! Bettie Page Clothing is having a great sale this weekend. You can get 20% off their retro and vintage inspired styles online,, and in store. You can also get 10% off at Celebrities such as Claire Sinclair LOVE this brand! This is a great deal! I know that there’s a Bettie [...]

Um, Yes Please Beautiful Maxi Dress for Summer

Swirling Soiree Dress from ModCloth This blue maxi dress isn’t the maxi dress you’ll see at Coachella. This is one I can wear to graduations, weddings, and events all summer long. Heck, this is SoCal, I can probably wear this to Thanksgiving or Christmas parties. Haha. The floral belt is removable. So if you want [...]

How To Get The Pinup Girl Winged Eye Liner

How do you get that perfect pinup girl winged eye liner? This is the perfect how-to for gel liner and an angled brush. This is how I learned to do it, and I use MAC’s gel pot and their angled brush. Keep practicing.  *My Socal Lifestyle with Celebs, Gossip and Pinup Girls* Subscribe to’s [...]

Full Of Glitz and Glamour Get the Great Gatsby Look

Full of glitz, glamour, ornate details, and a true style all its own – what girl wouldn’t want “The Great Gatsby” look? Whether you are looking to enjoy a casual Gatsby themed garden party or don your most glamorous look at a fabulous cocktail evening, there are plenty of ways with ModCloth to add a flapper-esque flair [...]

Happy Pi Day

To all my fellow nerds, Happy Pi Day! Go ahead and have a slice.  *My Socal Lifestyle with Celebs, Gossip and Pinup Girls* Subscribe to’s  FEED, and follow me on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!