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Robbie Williams & Ayda Field Expecting Baby No. 2


Congratulations are in order for Robbie Williams and Ayda Field.

The British singer-songwriter, 40, announced that their second child is on the way. “Ayda and I are are delighted to announce that Theodora Rose Williams is going to be a big sister,” he wrote via Twitter.

Their daughter Theodore, who goes by Teddy, turns 2 this September.

“Everything I do is for her,” the former Take That member recently told BBC Radio 4 of his baby girl.

“There’s a reason for me to do everything now,” he added. “I wasn’t going to have a kid and I wasn’t going to get married then I met someone who was amazing and fell in love with her completely and I changed all my thoughts and feelings about that. It’s a miracle that it has happened because I now get to experience the full gamut of being human. She’s a sensational kid.”

He went on to admit he was “very selfish for a long time” and “didn’t have to lift a finger” for most of his adult life. “[I was] terrified all through the pregnancy [with Teddy] that I wasn’t going to be able to step up and be a father, the father that I want to be to her. [But I] made a promise to her during that time, [and I realized that being a dad is] the most important job I will do on the planet.”


Madonna is Britain’s ‘Most Written About Celebrity’

madonna written about celeb
Madonna has once again proved that she is one of the most powerful celebrities in the world. The 52-year-old singer topped a recent study to determine the celebrity who has grabbed the most headlines in U.K. print since 2000.

Contactmusic reports,

The singer came top of a study to find the star who has grabbed the most headlines in U.K. print press since 2000. The research by Kantar Media found Madonna has been mentioned a massive 46,017 times over the last 10 years, while British music mogul Simon Cowell came second with 29,888. Kantar Media researcher Brian Merron says, “This shows why she’s hailed as a legend. That stickability factor in the consciousness of the nation marks her as a special talent and someone who is able to constantly re-invent themselves to change with the times.”
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Amy Winehouse snubbed Robbie Williams, claims Daddy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse thinks Robbie Williams is a f***ing non-professional. In fact, Amy even turned down a duet with Robbie just because she thought his idea was a joke. However, let me warn you that these words are coming out from the mouth of Mitch Winehouse. Amy is yet to air her reaction on her dad’s most recent rant.

According to Contactmusic,

The ‘Rehab’ singer’s father Mitch has revealed his daughter was approached by the ‘Angels’ singer to duet with him, but she told Robbie she thought his idea was a “f***ing” joke. Speaking on his online show ‘Mitch Winehouse’s Showbiz Rant’, he said: “I’m a bit worried about Robbie, next thing he’ll be wanting to make a record with Amy. That’s preposterous.” The 58-year-old taxi driver added: “Actually he said that once... he wanted to do a record with Amy. Amy said, ‘Are you f***ing joking.’ “

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who thinks this way, but Mitch should better stick to his driving skills rather than waste his precious time commenting on issues alien to him. I mean, if he can’t even differentiate between an affirmative and an interrogative sentence, then he should better keep his f***ing tongue tied to his dentures!