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Cortney & Robert Novogratz Dish On Family & Their New Dinner Collection


Modern. Chic. Bold. Those are the words that describe husband and wife design team Cortney and Robert Novogratz’s new Novogratz Dinnerwear Collection. The fun and colorful collection includes plates, bowls, mugs, serving trays, and canisters. Prices are affordable and range from $9.00 – $29.00.

The couple live in New York City with their seven children: Wolfgang, 16; twins Bellamy and Tallulah, 15; Breaker, 13; twins Five and Holleder, 8; and Major, 4. Their show Home By Novogratz airs on Saturdays on HGTV. Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with Cortney and Robert the other day to ask how they juggle life as a big family and learned more about the creation of their dinnerware collection.

CBS: Congrats on the launch of your Novogratz Dinner Collection – how did you decide on the theme/design?

C & R: We are big fans of incorporating color into our lives, and this Macy’s dinnerwear collection is very happy and colorful.

CBS: Tell us why you decided to create the dinnerware collection?

C & R: We have wanted to work with Macy’s for a while and were really happy with the vibe of the collection.

CBS: Any special reason you created the Small Melamine Popcorn Bowl?

C & R: As a family, we are big movie people! So nothing is better than a movie night with the family — and sometimes, we love the popcorn more than the movie.

CBS:  Do you usually see eye to eye when doing design projects?  How do you handle it when you don’t?

C & R: Yes, we usually see eye to eye, most of the time. These days, we are all about dividing and conquering since we’re so busy.

CBS: Do you make products with children in mind?

C & R: Always

CBS: As a family – do you ever manage to all sit together at the dinner table?

C & R: Yes, it’s very important to us so we usually have dinner together at least 5 times a week.

CBS: How do you manage life in a house with seven children?

C & R: While we have help, it is important to stay organized, but sometimes you have to just roll with the punches. We love what we do but family is most important.

CBS: With a lot of kids – there’s bound to be messes in the rooms of your home. Are you neat freaks or have a more laid back clean it as we go attitude?

C & R: We are not messy people.

CBS: You have two sets of twins – what are their personalities like?  Are they carving out their own individual paths?

C & R: All seven kids are very different as they were born different and have been raised as individuals since day 1. Twins can be tricky and really need individual attention as they develop their own paths.

CBS: Are any of your children creative and want to follow in your footsteps?

C & R: We try to expose them to a whole bunch of different activities so they can figure out what they like.

CBS: You currently are in the HGTV series Home By Novogratz and were in Bravo’s 9 By Design – does the family find it natural to be in front of the cameras?

C & R: Most of the time, yes. We just try not to take ourselves too seriously.

CBS: What is your life like living in NYC? Do you take the subway with the children?

C & R: NYC is amazing and the public transit system is incredible. Once the kids hit their teen years (we have 4 teenagers now), we trust that they can travel independently on the subway.

CBS: What does the family like to do together for fun?

C & R: We love to travel, have family movie nights, most of our kids participate in sports, and we love entertaining and hosting dinners at our home.

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9 By Design’s Robert and Cortney Novogratz On Raising 7 Kids!

Robert and Cortney Novogratz started fixing up rundown buildings in New York City almost 15 years ago. Now, they star in the reality TV series 9 By Design and fix up everything from residences to hotels. The mom/dad duo design team opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their seven (!) children, how they balance their busy career and family life and how they make time for self care and date night.

CBS: You have 7 children! Please tell us their names and ages.

C&R: "Wofgang, 13, twins Tallulah and Bellamy, 11, Breaker, 9, twins Five and Holleder, 4, and Major 17 months."

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