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Oprah Gets Caught in the Middle of Mike Tyson and Robin Givens


Oprah recently interviewed Mike Tyson and during the interview, there was a moment that involved the audience ridiculing Robin Givens, who Oprah sympathized with in the past.

Robin Givens wasn’t very pleased with the outward banter that occurred on the show, and now Oprah is apologizing for the misconduct that took place.

Robin Givens says she was disturbed by Tyson’s reference to wanting to “sock” her after a 1988 Barbara Walters interview and the Oprah audience responded with laughter.

Oprah says on her website that she received a letter from Robin, who is also the spokesperson for the National Domestic Violence Hotline, stating she was “really hurt” that Oprah didn’t do anything to stop the laughs after Tyson’s comment.

Givens actually appeared on the show to respond publicly to Oprah on Friday and said:

“I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t [say] there wasn’t a part of me that wanted you to … say, ‘That’s not right,’” she says. “When there is this laughter, if you are in that situation out there, it kind of lightens it for all the women that are experiencing it.”

Oprah should just stay clear of domestic issues cause she always seems to get into some ~ish.

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Brad and Angelina spice up their lovelife with interracial threesomes, claims Chris Rock

chris rock nia long

Comedian Chris Rock has been out promoting his documentary ‘Good Hair’ for a while now, but no interview so far has been quite as juicy as the one he gave to National Lampoon’s Matt Zaller.  In it, Chris claims that he knows a black woman who slept with Brad Pitt.

OK, ok, no big surprise there!  It’s long been known Brad is down with the brown sugar.  He’s been attached to Robin Givens and Thandie Newton in the past, but what made this sit-down convo really riveting was that Chris claims to know a black lady who slept with both Brad and his wild-child-cum-child-adopting wife, Angelina Jolie.

“I know black women who slept with both of them,” Rock bragged but refused to reveal the lucky lady.  So did this woman get it on with the famous couple at the same time or separately? We’re praying for the former.

Check out the complete interview below (skip to :55 if you’re impatient for the good stuff).

Click here to view the embedded video.