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Katy Perry and John Mayer – Hot or Not?

So, Katy (Cutie) Perry and John (Lothario) Mayer have been spotted together recently and both have been mum on whether or not they are romantically coupled.   My guess is Katy may not yet be ready to commit so soon after being served divorce papers last December from her hubby of 1 year, Russell Brand.  Their divorce was finalized on July 16th.  Not to mention the obvious fact that Mayer has been a – ummm- JACKASS when it comes to relationships.   So why don’t we just ask him.. Hey there, John…learned anything from your past screw-ups and ready to be a real man in a relationship with Katy?  Or, is this just another notch on your crotch.  But hey, your music is okay…

Dear Katy, hope you aren’t left asking, “WTF”?  Worse case scenario – you’ll come out strong as you always do and  I’ll be here racing my fingers over the keyboard to out the villain.




London Olympics Closing Ceremony: Who Will Perform?

The 2012 Olympics are finally coming to an end today, which means it’s time for everyone involved to let loose and party! And everyone knows you can’t throw a great party without great music (which is probably why no one showed up to my ‘appreciate Nickelback party’) — Fortunately, Nickelback will not be terrifying the great people of London tonight.

So, who will be performing?

Adele: The 24-year-old superstar will be performing during the ceremony — which is kind of a big deal, considering she had vocal surgery just last year. She hasn’t performed much since the surgery, so it will certainly be a treat to hear her voice.

The Spice Girls: Yeah, the whole gang will be performing tonight. Sporty, Ginger, Baby, Posh and Scary will be reuniting in London and it feels so good. Don’t lie and act like you aren’t excited for their performance. Listening to The Spice Girls in your bedroom all alone is kind of like picking your nose; everyone does it but no one will admit it.

The Who: The band responsible for such hits as, ’Pinball Wizard’ and ’Baba O’Riley’ will take the stage in London. Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey promised to compose some new music for the closing ceremony. Let’s just hope it’s better than their horrific Super Bowl halftime performance.

Muse, Ray Davies, Annie Lennox and even that horrible creature Russell Brand will make an appearance during the ceremony. I have a feeling I will “accidentally” sit on the mute button when his god-awful voice comes through the speakers on my television.

You can watch the closing ceremony live on starting at 4 p.m on the east coast. It’ll also be shown in prime-time tonight on NBC.

Olympics The Spice Girls

Katy Perry Talks Russell Brand Split

We have heard Russell Brand open up about his split from Katy Perry, but how is Katy Perry handling the very tough situation? Well, she is opening up in her new documentary, ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me’.

“Being in love is a dream, but the reality is not like the movies. There’s a lot more compromise and sacrifice.” Katy Perry said in her new movie. Before Katy and Russell filed for divorce, Katy made it clear to her management that she never wanted to go more than two weeks without seeing Russell. However, that promise didn’t last long because at what point in the movie Katy said, “Where are my relationship days?” as she looked at the camera — with a frustrated look on her face after going 18+ days without seeing her husband.

At one point in the movie Katy looked in the camera and said, “I’m trying to keep my marriage alive” but it just didn’t work out. Brand filed for divorce in December, “The truth is I’m a romantic and I believed in the fairy tale. I did everything I could but it stilled failed. The dream of being in love is a lot different than the reality of making work” a visibly shaken Katy Perry said to the cameras.

Maybe “busy schedules” really are behind a lot of Hollywood break-ups. We always thought that was just something they said to cover up the real reason. Katy Perry Talks Russell Brand Split Katy Perry Talks Russell Brand Split Katy Perry Talks Russell Brand Split Katy Perry Talks Russell Brand Split


The Best from the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet!

Did you watch the MTV Movie Awards? Because we didn’t. However, we know that you all want to see the hot pictures from the red carpet, so our sister site Wasted Hollywood picked out some of the best.

CLICK HERE to view all of the hot red carpet photos.

Enjoy! The Best from the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet! The Best from the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet! The Best from the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet! The Best from the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet!



Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd?

Well, it appears that Katy Perry is finally getting over her divorce from Russell Brand. She is reportedly dating the guitarist from Florence + the Machine, Robert Ackroyd. The two were spotted holding hands at Coachella last weekend. Also, several people heard Katy Perry calling him her “boyfriend”,

“Backstage at the Artist Lounge at Coachella last weekend, Katy kept saying her boyfriend was the guitar player for Florence + the Machine. Then later, she and a bunch of friends were supposed to go see Dr. Dre together, but Katy said she was waiting to watch her ‘boyfriend’ perform!” A source said.

Well, how sweet! We don’t know anything about this Robert dude, but we are assuming he doesn’t have that annoying accent that Russell has, which already makes us like him more. Hopefully Katy Perry takes it a little slower this time around. Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd? Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd? Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd? Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd?


Katy Perry: I’m Tired of Being Famous

Katy Perry is annoying, hypocritical and a maker of horrible songs. But, she gets away with it all because she has big boobs and she knows how to use them. Teen Vogue featured Katy Perry on the cover of their magazine and she once again told them a bunch of lies to make herself seem “different” and “cool.”

“I’m tired of being famous already! But I’m not tired of creating. Fame is, I think, just a disgusting by-product of what I do. It’s a delicate creature – a wild animal of sorts. It can love you, and then it can attack you. But really, I stopped focusing on what other people think a while ago.” She told the magazine.

Oh, please. Since when does Katy Perry not like attention? And since when does Katy Perry “create” anything. She sings shitty pop songs for a living; she isn’t changing the world with her deep and meaningful lyrics. Katy Perry is famous because she knows how to make catchy hooks and knows how to make her breasts jiggle.

Speaking of breasts jiggling…take a look at this amazing GIF of Katy Perry below…

Katy Perry: I’m Tired of Being Famous Katy Perry: I’m Tired of Being Famous Katy Perry: I’m Tired of Being Famous Katy Perry: I’m Tired of Being Famous Katy Perry: I’m Tired of Being Famous

Russell Brand and Chris Brown: The Double Standard

Chris Brown has an ugly past, we all know that. A lot of people despise him and you know what? I can’t blame them; they have plenty of reasons to hate him. But is there a big double standard? Just recently Russell Brand grabbed an iphone out of the hands of a paparazzo and fired it toward a local law firm, the phone ended up smashing through a window. But where is the outrage? Where are all the media sites talking about how much of a douche bag he is? And how his temper is out of control?

You won’t find many sites saying that. Instead, they are rolling on the floor over this tweet made by Russell Brand, “Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iphone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory.” Some sites are calling him a “genius” and applauding him for standing up to the paparazzi, but I find that a little strange.

Chris Brown stole a woman’s phone for the same reason….he didn’t want his picture being taken. Brown was RIPPED for it, I’ll even admit to being apart of the ripping. I think what he did is wrong and I still think Chris Brown is a huge douche, but I also like to be fair. Where is the Russell Brand outrage? At least Chris Brown broke a window and stole a phone on completely different days. Russell managed to steal a phone and break a window within a matter of minutes!

Sure, he offered to pay for the window and he has never hit a lady (that we know of) but he still lost his temper. He still grabbed someone’s phone and smashed it through a window! Why isn’t he being questioned? Why is it that when Chris Brown stole a phone the media said that he was stupid and horrible, but when Russell Brand does the exact same thing…he is a hilarious hero? Really?

To me, they are both douchebags. Russell Brand and Chris Brown: The Double Standard Russell Brand and Chris Brown: The Double Standard Russell Brand and Chris Brown: The Double Standard


Russell Brand: It’s Cool, Katy, Keep Your 20 Mil

Apparently, that’s exactly what Russell has told his estranged wife, Katy Perry, when he had his lawyer file final divorce papers yesterday — though the divorce won’t actually be finalized until June 30th, due to a six month waiting period.

And that twenty million is no joke. Forbes mag reported that Katy Perry raked in a whopping $44 million from May of 2010 to May of 2011. Due to the fact that Katy and Russell’s was a whirlwind romance turned marriage, neither of them thought to draw up that little thing called a prenup. Because of this, Russell is entitled to an astounding twenty million dollars per the community property rights of marriage.

According to a close source, ‘This divorce is as amicable as it gets, and Russell was a mensch (Yiddish for a good person).’ Russell says he doesn’t want a dime from Katy — which is either pretty freakin’ chivalrous… or pretty damn stupid. What do you think?

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. 3rd Annual Art Of Elysium "Heaven" Gala Event - Inside Russell -- It's Cool, Katy, Keep Your 20 Mil    . Russell -- It's Cool, Katy, Keep Your 20 Mil   . Russell -- It's Cool, Katy, Keep Your 20 Mil  . Russell -- It's Cool, Katy, Keep Your 20 Mil . Russell -- It's Cool, Katy, Keep Your 20 Mil...

Katy Perry Caught Kissing Another Guy! (pictures inside!)

Okay, so the headline might have been a little misleading. She was pictured kissing a guy…but it was just a lucky fan at one of her concerts. Katy performed in Indonesia Thursday night and her recent divorce seemed to be the last thing that was on her mind. In the pictures you can see that she brought up a very lucky shirtless fan on stage and gave him a kiss. He also can be seen kissing her hand. Perhaps she is trying to show Russell Brand that she will and can go on without him. However, there still appears to be some tension between the two. There are reports that Katy Perry is worried Russell Brand will write a tell-all book about their marriage. Rumors are going around that Russell is planning on writing a third memoir. As some of you know, Russell has already put out two autobiographies, “My Booky Wook and My Booky 2.” (yes those are actually the names of the books.) A source tells Us Weekly that, “Katy is insulted and feels betrayed that Russell has treated her so poorly. She will never forgive him. Ever.” No word on whether or not he already has a title for the third book, but I have come up with a few suggestions for him. “I Kissed Katy Perry and Hated It” “My Booky 3 (Scratch ‘N Sniff Version: It reeks of Alcohol.” “Russell Brand: The Man Under Katy Perry.” “Brussels Sprouts” If you have any titles you think he could use, leave a comment below.  

Tim Tebow and Katy Perry? New Couple?

Russell Brand is old news! Apparently Katy Perry’s parents have already started to think about potential lovers for their daughter. Their first choice? Tim Tebow. Of course they want her to date Tim Tebow! Because, you know Katy Perry is such a great Christian and all, give me a break. Her parents do know that she is one of the biggest sluts and hypocrites around, right? Sources told OK! Magazine that Katy has mentioned on more than one occasion how much she likes Tim. The source also says, “Katy’s mom firmly believes the best cure for heartache is to quickly fall in love…in her mind, Tebow is the perfect guy for her daughter. He’s handsome, charming, intelligent and above all, a good Christian.” And, apparently Katy’s parents want Katy and Tim to meet at their church. So, we’ll see if this story goes anywhere. They could end up falling in love, or there might be nothing at all to this story. However, I think this story has some traction, just because Katy’s parents seem to think their daughter is some perfect angel. They probably are crazy enough to think that Tim Tebow would be her perfect match. If any of you want to see Katy Perry being a good Christian check out the video below!

Tuesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like — 1/10/12

Hello there, my junkie friends! I’m back for the third time with the Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like! So… let the fun begin!!! Dr. Conrad Murray, as we all know, was found guilty for causing the legend Michael Jackson’s death because it was he who prescribed the medication Propofol to the star. Now, Dr. Murray is basically being sued in a civil court by MJ’s fam for $100 million dollars. But, Dr. Murray is saying that he may have prescribed lethal meds to Michael, but it was Michael himself who administered the medication and therefore MJ is responsible for his own death. You know what? I agree. Just because a celebrity is a celebrity and they get whatever they want from whoever they want doesn’t make them any less responsible for their own actions. That Dr. was WRONG, but in the end, it was Michael who was responsible for his own actions — that’s what being an adult is all about. Enough with the heavy… So, do you guys remember that mega WWE star named Stone Cold Steve Austin? Yes, I figured you would. Well, those who are WWE fans — and even those who aren’t — will remember his saying ‘Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass!’ Well, TMZ caught up to Stone Cold and asked him if he would consider relinquishing his hold over the numbers to Tim Tebow. After finding out that Tebow threw a … miraculous… 316 yards in this last game, Stone Cold said that he would gladly give them up… if Tebow could do it again. Wow… so now, 3:16 isn’t associated with its original place, but with the saying of a WWE wrestler and now a football player?! Okay… I’m not going there… Baby Blue Ivy has been taken home! Beyonce and Jay-Z took their multi-million dollar bundle of joy to their multi-million dollar Manhattan apartment. Something you may not have known? At least part — or even most of — that million dollars was spent on renovation to the hospital itself! This included a swanky — and of course, private — recovery area, as well as a damn bulletproof door for Beyonce’s room!!! All of this for a three day stay! Wow… Kelly Rowland, former member of the Beyonce led group Destiny’s Child, stopped by the Lucky Wang baby boutique. For what exactly? To buy baby Blue Ivy a green Bob Marley onezie of course. That. is. just. stupid! You wanna know the really sad thing? I bet that scrap of material probably cost her — not just one — but a couple pretty pennies. As my friend and fellow Daily Fix author, Zachary Row reported to you all a few days ago, Russell Brand was Banned from the People’s Choice Awards. Why? Because, they didn’t want Katy Perry to feel uncomfortable around her estranged husband. Yeah… like that building’s not big enough for the two of them. But, no worries now, because Katy Perry has announced that she won’t even [...]

Russell Brand is BANNED from People’s Choice Awards

In a surprising move the People’s Choice Awards showed that it really shouldn’t be called the “People’s Choice” after they made the decision to ban Russell Brand. The reasoning behind the madness is to protect Katy Perry, they don’t want any confrontations. And, since it will be “Katy’s big night” they decided that Russell would be the one left out, according to a source who talked with The Mirror. That is some bullshit. You mean to tell me they can’t trust two adults to be in the same big ass building together? They probably won’t even see each other. I mean, what do they think will happen? Honestly. Do they think Russell Brand will jump on stage while Katy is on there, and start dick slapping her on stage? I just don’t understand their reasoning. They are adults; they should be able to act like adults for a few hours. It’s like your family Thanksgiving. You don’t want to see half of those douche bags, but you do it because you have to! You don’t say, “Yeah, unless someone bans Uncle Larry, you won’t see me up in this bitch.” What is that? I am giving two big thumbs down to the People’s Choice Awards and two big thumbs up to Lucky Charms because that cereal is freaking delicious.

Katy Perry didn’t want to be the one that filed for divorce?

According to sources connected with TMZ, Katy Perry and Russell Brand knew their relationship was going downhill a few months ago, but didn’t want to give up without trying. However, things never got any better with both sides feeling like, “it wasn’t there.” Sources go on to tell TMZ that Perry and Brand were both on board with the divorce, but they didn’t want to be in town when the papers were filed. That is why we saw pictures of her in Hawaii and pictures of him in England. Here is the really confusing part, though. Supposedly Katy didn’t want to be the one that filed for divorce because her parents are evangelical Christians. She didn’t want to disappoint them, since she was raised to believe that divorce was “wrong.” That is the most insane thing I have ever heard. Not the part where Christians think divorce is wrong; the part where Katy Perry thinks THAT would be the thing that disappoints her parents. I am sure her parents raised her and taught her that shooting icing out of her boobs was wrong…no? Or, is that completely fine? All the party pictures of Katy touching on other girls? They are completely approving of that? I’m just a little confused here. Either the source is wrong, or Katy Perry is the most fake person ever. She cannot possibly be that oblivious. It’s just that her boobs make her all that money, so she can just forget about that one little sin. Give me a break. I can’t believe I am siding with Russell Brand on this. I mean, I’d still love to have sex with Katy Perry, but the urge has gone down quite a bit.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry are getting a Divorce!

Well, I (along with a lot of other people) called it a few days ago. It was quite obvious that their marriage was headed downhill and now we have confirmation. Brand has filed for divorce; he filed for divorce in LA and cites, “irreconcilable differences.” Which is a nice way of saying, “I hate this fucking bitch.” They got married back in October of 2010, so they lasted just over a year. That is like…10 years in Hollywood? So, congrats. While other gossip sites were reporting that the couple was fighting and claiming their argument consisted of just a few “fuck yous” I was probably closest to how their argument really went down. You can view that article here So, there you have it folks. Katy Perry is now a single gal and we all still have no shot with her. But, maybe this will give us more pictures of her in slutty outfits and stuff. That is what girls do after they break up with someone, right? Try to make them jealous by looking like a hot little slut. God bless you women.   By the way…Russell Brand has released a statement saying… “Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.” Yeah…right.

Katy Perry might be single Soon?

“YES! YES! YES!” was my first reaction when I heard reports that Katy Perry and Russell Brand were having trouble. Then, I realized even if she was single, I would have no shot at her, so “NO! NO! NO!” was my second reaction.  Enough about my hopeless dreams, though. Let’s get to the juicy details… Here is what we know. We know Katy Perry and Russell Brand spent Christmas thousands of miles apart, and we know there are a lot of reports saying that they are having trouble. One report from the Us Weekly claimed they had a massive fight before Christmas. A source close to the couple told the Us Weekly, “They had a massive fight. She was like, ‘Fuck you. I’m going to do my own thing’ the source said that Brand replied with his own, “Fuck you.” Which supposedly led to Katy spending Christmas in Hawaii, while Brand was still back in England.  Apparently they had plans to spend Christmas together, but they all went to shit when the fight happened. Now, to me that argument sounds completely fake. I think they are having trouble, but I highly doubt the argument when anything like that. This is my best guess at how the argument went… It took place over the phone Katy Perry: Russell, I am so excited to come and see you for Christmas! Our schedules have just been so busy and now we finally get some free time together. Russell Brand: Lollipops and rainbows, yeah? Katy Perry: What did you say, babe? Russell Brand: Lollipops and fucking rainbows, floating around, yeah? Katy Perry: Um…what? I don’t understand. Russell Brand: Are you fucking deaf, darling? I said rainbows and lollipops. Katy Perry: RUSSELL! ARE YOU DRINKING AGAIN? YOU TOLD ME YOU STOPPED! Russell Brand: Fuck you, okay? I’m not drinking…not right now at least. I’m playing with our cat. Katy Perry: We don’t even have a cat. Russell Brand: Well, it sure looks like a cat to me. What do you suppose it is then? A dog that looks a lot like a cat? Now that I think about it, I did hear something barking earlier. Katy Perry: You know what? I am spending Christmas in Hawaii where I can show off my big boobs. Russell Brand: Well, alright then. I’ll look for the pictures online, so I can jerk off to them a bit later. Katy Perry: Jerk. The end.

Rihanna is going to Rehab? Katy Perry to the Rescue? OH NO!

I hope the following news isn’t true. I’d hate for Rihanna to go into rehab for a few months, how would we get hot pictures of her? I doubt they allow slutty outfits and cameras into rehab facilities. A source told Star magazine the following… “Katy begged Rihanna to take some time off and get therapy. Rihanna’s been running on empty. And rather than resting, she’s drinking and clubbing until the early hours of the morning. Rihanna’s been self-medicating with booze ever since her split [with Chris Brown], and it’s not getting better. She calls Katy in tears, saying how down she is and that her life’s controlled by her label. She just wants a loving boyfriend. Russell Brand, a recovering addict himself, has expressed concern. “He told Katy that she had to step in because Rihanna is on a very slippery slope.” The source goes onto say Rihanna agrees she needs to stop because she doesn’t want to be the next Amy Winehouse. Well, that is kind of sad, huh? Not the story, but the fact that all I got out of it was an awesome Katy Perry and Rihanna lesbian fantasy. I am a bad person. Rihanna, don’t ever stop giving us sexy pictures to stare at. If you have a drinking problem, please get it under control. Don’t jeopardize your hotness. Examples below…

All Occupy Wall Street needed was Russell Brand

“Excuse me sir? Why are you sitting next to me staring at the camera?” “Silence me lad, we’re making history here. Now if you’ll pardon me, I’m rather wet and shivering in me boots right now because of this bloody sodding rain, so I’ll be off to my ‘ome in me mansion to bury me face in Katie’s breasts. Did I mention she will be naked an’ all ‘xept for ‘er diamond earrings and necklace?”

Seriously, could this Occupy Wall Street get any more ridiculous? Filthy rich actors, some of who are not even Americans as in this case and a bunch of hipsters, most of them rich and bored trust fund kids or from elite universities trying to take down capitalism? The very concept that made them rich? Give me a break!

article-2051381-0E737BD700000578-159_468x342 russell-brand-occupy-wall-street-1019-04-480x360 article-2051381-0E737BD700000578-159_468x342 article-2051381-0E737AF300000578-329_224x446 article-2051381-0E737B1B00000578-495_468x330 article-2051381-0E737B3300000578-720_224x446

Get Ready to See Snooki’s Name Everywhere

Well the mystery off all them dead birds falling out of the sky this week has been solved. It was suicide. And they had a reason too. That reason is Jersey Shore’s Snooki, who has hired a firm to slap her name on every sort of product imaginable. And she’s applying for trademarks on a variety of her catchphrases too… I might just follow those birds.

So if you fell in love with Snooki as one of the few television faces with a seemingly solid upbringing and sturdy moral grounding in light of thousands of trashy, money-grubbing reality stars, then… well, then you are a grade-A idiot.

The little orange ball of STDs has signed with a company to help her launch lines of fuzzy slippers, sparkly (fake) jewelry, and sunglasses, all things that we associate with the beach-loving reality star. If there was a legal way to sell genital warts she’d probably have a Snooki™ G-Warts on store shelves already.

Here are some of the products she hopes to branch into in the future:

  • Perfume, false eyelashes, false hair, artificial nails, cosmetics, make up,nail grooming products, namely tips, glue, lacquer and glitter, nail polish, suncare lotion, sun screen; personal care products
  • Jewelry; watches
  • Handbags, purses, wallets
  • Clothing for men, women and children, namely shirts, underwear, hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, track suits, swimsuits, gloves hosiery, socks, sleepwear, pajamas, coats, jackets, dresses; headwear; headbands; hats; footwear; shoes, gloves
  • Hair shampoo, Hair conditioner, Hair styling gel, hair spray; self tanner tanning spray
  • Hair accessories and hair ornaments, namely, hair ties, hair clips, and hair bumps
  • Shot glasses, cups
  • Printed matter, namely, books in the fields of entertainment, variety, news, and comedy
  • Entertainment, namely, a continuing variety, news and comedy show broadcast over television and radio; television show production

Condoms aren’t on the list? Amazing. Unless she doesn’t use them. Then it makes sense.

Check out some of her trademark applications  below. Sadly I don’t see one for smush smush…

Snooki is Taking Over the World Snooki Copyright Snooki Copyright Snooki Copyright Snooki Copyright Snooki Copyright Snooki Copyright Snooki Copyright

The Brand Wife Project, Starring Katy Perry

Oh oh, foreigner comedian Russell Brand, who is married to American song-and-dance woman Katy Perry is in big big trouble. We hope Russell Brand’s New Year’s Eve plans didn’t include getting laid or getting whipped cream launched at him. Because we don’t see that happening now. Why you ask? Because he Tweeted this picture of Katy in the middle of the night without any makeup on, making her look somewhat like a surprised Klingon. He quickly took down the picture probably after getting kicked in the nuts, but what’s the point really, anything that´s been online for even a second is there for good.

So enjoy the splendor that is Katy Perry in the morning. Humm, she actually looks like Trinity in the last couple of Matrix movies, the ones where she looked manly.


Katy Perry is Changing Her Name, Meet Katy Brand

Darn it, now I’ve gotta adjust the artist titles of all them super awesome Katy Perry songs I got on my iTunes, because Katy Perry may soon be no more. She is about to make the ultimate “no longer an available woman” move – changing her surname to match that of her newly wed status. That of her brand new husband, Russell Brand.

Katy revealed this during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, which will air later on tonight.  When asked by Ellen if she was going to change her last name to her husband’s, she said she was already, “in the process,” of doing so. In fact, the name change makes sense to her already as she is getting called by the Brand surname. “Sometimes when people try to get my attention. Like if I’m at an event or something like that and they want special attention. They go, “Mrs. Brand!” and I go shwoosh [looking back].”

Well, anything that makes Katy Perry’s tits “shwoosh” around has to be a good thing… right?

But “Brand” is a more accurate reflection of what she is anyway. Tits McGee would have worked too.


Just One Pic: The ‘Bieber’ sandwich

jop bieber katy russell
Here’s wonderkid Justin Bieber sandwiched between Katy Perry and Russell Brand at the recently held AMAs. Now, it’s up to you to decide what’s more precious - Bieber’s innocent expression of a traumatized kid or Katy and Russell’s questionable pose. Sweet moment! Enjoy the pic.



Katy Perry and Russell Brand get married in India

katy perry russell brand
Katy Perry and Russell Brand have officially tied the knot. And now we are sure neither of them was fooling around with people when they talked about the grand plans of their Indian wedding. The lovey-dovey couple got married in a traditional Indian ceremony today at the Aman-i-Khas resort in Rajasthan, India.

People reports,

Brand, 35, and Perry, 25, “were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Brand on Saturday, October 23,” the couple said in a statement. “The very private and spiritual ceremony, attended by the couples’ closest family and friends was performed by a Christian minister and longtime friend of the Hudson Family. The backdrop was the inspirational and majestic countryside of Northern India.”

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Russell Brand Says He’ll Do a Sex Tape With Katy Perry

Right before you jump around on your couch, fist pumping the air so hard that you’ll knock out a random ghost who happened to be floating by, know that Russell said that tongue-in-cheek.

“We’ll do a sex tape! Give them what they want!” he said at an event promoting his new book, when asked if he and his pop-star (hopefully future porn star) fiancée, might ever work on a movie together. In other words, don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

He added: “It takes up enough of my time to be in love with her. Negotiating in films is very, very hard. Imagine trying to direct someone you really love – it would be a [expletive] nightmare.”

“I’ve found someone who is singularly important to me, so it means compromise, growing up and all the things they tell you in school,” he says. “Love between two people is the most spectacular yet ordinary thing in the world.”

Now if it were to happen, I hope they go all out and get a production crew, a few extra ladies, some dildos, anal lube and skip Russell all together.


Russell Brand promotes his new book on Twitter

russell booky wook2
Russell Brand has a new book out titled Booky Wook 2: This time it’s personal and he is going the Twitter way to promote his new Erotic literature. A cursory glance at his Twitter page will tell you how much serious he is about the promotion job. And the above pic is just a small glimpse of his intensive promotion plan.

If you feel like pulling your hair, then just do it... because you cannot do anything else about it. Russell Brand is a man who likes to live by his own rules. You are free to react or overreact over his antics in your own elite style, but that’s not going to persuade him to dump his own style. Go Russell!


Russell Brand named ‘Worst Dressed Man in Showbiz’

russell brand worst dressed
And here’s the least surprising news of the day. Russell Brand has been voted the Worst Dressed Man in Showbiz in a recent online poll conducted by The funnyman secured 31 per cent of total votes and defeated some truly deserving candidates including Justin Bieber and Simon Cowell, who were placed second and third respectively.

According to Contactmusic,

The long-haired comedian’s penchant for medallions and black, chest-revealing outfits has earned him 31 per cent of votes in the poll. Brand is closely followed in second place by baseball cap-loving teen pop star Justin Bieber, whose legion of fans couldn’t stop him amassing 26 per cent of votes. Simon Cowell, whose style was often mocked on his talent shows The X Factor and American Idol, landed in third with 21 per cent, ahead of Idol runner up Adam Lambert with 16 per cent. Style icon Kanye West rounded out the poll in fifth place with just six per cent.

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Russell Brand is a hit with Katy Perry’s parents

Russell Brand’s legendary charms have worked not only on Katy Perry but also on her parents, especially her mother. Katy’s devout evangelical Christian parents believe that the reformed bad boy is becoming “a great man of God”. In short, Russell has been successful in identifying and touching the right chord of the whole family like a perfect musician magician.

Contactmusic reports,

The ‘Teenage Dream’ singer’s mother Mary and father Keith Hudson - who are both evangelical Christian pastors - believe the former drug addict and womaniser is undergoing a “transition” and will eventually turn to God. Katy, who shares her parents’ faith and has a ‘Jesus’ tattoo on her wrist, said: “My mum has this idea about Russell that he’s going to be a great man of God and his transition is happening. I think it is happening in some way, but won’t be exactly specific to what my parents think. Can you imagine where he’s come from to where he is now? There’s got to be a reason why he’s arrived at all.”

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Are Russell Brand & Katy Perry Expecting?

Newly engaged couple, Russell Brand and Katy Perry, were spotted leaving the house together to get some breakfast in London on Sunday (January 10). Noticeably visible was Katy's engagement ring. The I Kissed a Girl singer walked arm in arm with her new fiancé while holding her left hand over her tummy.

Could the 25-year-old pop star be cradling a mini baby bump? People couldn't help but notice her questionable Tweets.

It started with her message on January 1: "Let me tell you 2010 is BUMPIN!" Then on Friday, Katy wrote, "Hey @rustyrockets" (Brand's Twitter name) "i heard ur prego-ed." She added, "I WANT IN AND OUT," a hamburger chain, before telling Brand, "I love you … (awwwww barf!)."

Bump, prego, cravings, barf? Is Katy sending cryptic messages?

Brand recently said he definitely has kids on his mind. "I don’t know, get married, you say? That would be good, isn’t it? I want to have children – that would be good."

Do you think Katy & Russell are expecting their first child?