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Russell Crowe & Sons Make A Splash

Exclusive... Russell Crowe Plays With His Sons In The Pool

Man of Steel star Russell Crowe made a splash with his boys Charlie, 9, and Tennyson, nearly 7, in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (June 28). While playing in the pool with his sons, the doting daddy was all smiles on the sunny afternoon.

The night before, Russell and Danielle Spencer – who have only vaguely addressed rumors that they separated last fall – spent a relaxing evening together with their sons and some friends at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills.

According to Us Weekly, the estranged couple sat with a group of about 10 people outside in the restaurant’s courtyard, and “were both talking to their kids and being attentive.”

The insider added: “Russell and Danielle were sitting next to each other and seemed to get along well — but were never affectionate.”

Later that evening after the children had left the table, the pair continued to chat with another couple in a “loud conversation,” with Russell who was “smoking a cigarette and talking very animatedly, [seemingly] about politics.”

The Oscar-winning actor, 49, and musician, 44, reportedly split after a nine-year marriage.

Russell vaguely addressed the reports via social media. “As soon as I finish this job and can get home, my priority is to try to bring my family back together,” Russell wrote on Twitter in December, referring to shooting Winter’s Tale in New York City and traveling to promote Les Miserables. “I need to go home & be with my children. Cannot believe how f–ked up my schedule has become this year.”

And Danielle wrote a message to her fans via Facebook.

“Hi Everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t visited here for a while, things have been keeping me somewhat busy of late,” she wrote. “I just wanted to thank you all for bearing with me and also for your messages of support, it means a lot to me.”

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Russell Crowe Rescued by U.S. Coast Guard?

Even the manliest of men need a little help sometimes; even the great Russell Crowe. The 48-year-old actor was kayaking with a friend this past weekend. Russell and his friend left from Cold Spring Harbor on Saturday afternoon on the Long Island Sound. Apparently, they were out a little too long and it started to get dark on them. As the darkness set in, Russell and his buddy ended up getting lost — they ended up having to head towards the shore in Huntington Bay, 10 miles east from where they had left.

The U.S. Coast Guard happened to be patrolling the area and heard Crowe calling out for help from the shore at around 10 p.m.

“He just needed a little bit of help; he just got a little lost. It wasn’t really a rescue, more of just giving someone a lift.” Officer Robert Swieciki said.

Swieciki said that he didn’t even recognize the star, and wanted to make it clear that no one was injured. He also stated that both men were wearing life vests. Russell Crowe was extremely grateful and friendly during the boat ride back home. He also posted this message to Twitter early Sunday morning…

“Thanks to Seth and the boys from the US Coast Guard for guiding the way…4hrs 30 mins, 7m(11.2km)”

Bros helping bros! Is there anything better than that? I’m glad it happened to Russell Crowe and not me. I would have been freaking out, Tom Hanks style. I would have started talking to inanimate objects and yelling out for my mommy. I lack of all the great qualities of being a man; I blame my dad for never being around. Russell Crowe Russell Crowe1


Russell Crowe is no longer a Fatty?

I don’t know if a lot of you know this, but Russell Crowe got pretty tubby. You can see in the pictures that were taken just six months apart. You can tell that he has indeed lost some weight in the past six months, but I am not jumping on the bandwagon just yet. He is wearing pretty baggy clothes, so it’s not possible to get an accurate picture of his weight. I will say his face does look a little slimmer and his legs do look a little toner, but I am not convinced he his giving it his all. I think he is still packing some cupcakes in every once in awhile, and that is fine! Have a few cupcakes, he looks to be at a healthy weight now. He’s a famous actor and has a lot of money; he doesn’t need to be ripped to get hot chicks. Once a hot chick finds out that you’ve been in a movie, the panties just drop off and before you know it you are in happy town. So, it’s okay to be a little chubby, Russell. Take a few walks, do a few push-ups and maybe some jumping jacks, you’ll be just fine. You might not ever get back to your Gladiator days, but that’s okay! You are in perfect shape to play some clueless dad on a TV sitcom. If Tim Allen can keep landing jobs, then you can too!

Russell Crowe & His Beach Boys

Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe and his wife Danielle Spencer were spotted with their two sons - Charlie, 6 1/2, and Tennyson, 4 - at a beach in Sydney, Australia on Sunday (August 29).

Always the doting dad, Russell helped dry off his boys and collect their toys at the end of the day.

Russell recently said that Charlie motivated him to quit smoking:

The reality break was that my kids never saw me smoke.... I was in my office ... and I thought I heard my office door open and I looked around and couldn't see anything, so I had my cigarette. Later on I leant over to put my cigarette out and he was lying between the couch and the table and he very definitely saw me having a smoke. And that was my very last one."


Russell Crowe & His Cannes Kids

Russell Crowe walked the red carpet with his two sons - Charlie, 6, and Tennyson, 4 in July - at the Cannes Film Festival today (May 12).

Russell, along with costar Cate Blanchett and producer Brian Grazer, are currently promoting their new flick, Robin Hood, at the 63rd annual film festival.

Although Robin Hood is pretty cool, Russell said that Charlie prefers Indiana Jones:

Charlie's obsessed with Indiana Jones at the moment. I think it's magnificent to a degree. I really don't want any more critiques about my abilities and Harrison Ford's abilities. It's kind of starting to p*ss me off. He's just so certain that Harrison is much better at the job than I am. He's probably right but I just don't want to hear it."


Russell Crowe & His Toy Gun Guys

Russell Crowe and wife Danielle Spencer took their two sons - Charlie, 6, and Tennyson, 3 1/2 - to Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills yesterday (April 19).

Looks like the Crowe boys were playing a game of shoot 'em up. Tennyson was wearing a toy gun in its holster while Russell held onto Charlie's.

The family are still in town since Russell received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last week.

Do you let your children play with toy guns?


Russell Crowe & His Hollywood Stars

Russell Crowe was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday (April 12). The 46-year-old Academy Award-winning actor stood proudly beside his wife Danielle Spencer and their two sons, Charlie, 6, and Tennyson, 3 1/2.

Avatar's Sam Worthington, Jay Leno, Ron Howard and Brian Grazier were some of the celebs at today's ceremony.

"Thanks for the privilege. I'll always be grateful for it," Crowe told the crowd of more than 500.

What is your fav Russell Crowe flick? My vote is for A Beautiful Mind.


Video: [Feature Trailer]

And we end the Monday sheet with this feature trailer for Robin Hood. Oscar-winning director Ridley Scott teams up once again with Oscar winner Russell Crowe to repeat the magic of Gladiator. And guess what, they have all the reasons to believe that the spell is going to be a mirror image of the previous one. The trailer says so. Russell Crowe plays the title character whereas Maid Marian is played by Oscar winner Cate Blanchett. Any guesses on the number of trophies the combination of these three Oscar winners are going to secure for this film at next year’s Academy Awards? Take your time. The movie releases May 14, 2010.

Best moment: 1:22


Russell Crowe & Boys: Ice Cream Treats!

Russell Crowe enjoyed some down time with his sons Charlie, 6, and Tennyson, 3, yesterday, taking them out for an ice cream treat at Woolloomooloo Bay Wharf in Sydney, Australia (January 8). The boys looked adorable in matching polos.

Next up for the Aussie actor is the highly anticipated movie Robin Hood, co-starring mom-of-three Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian.