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Sadie Frost Writes About Her Postpartum Depression In Memoir

Sadie Frost tells all about her postpartum depression while married to Jude Law in her memoir Crazy Days. The actress/fashion designer says she started spiraling out of control during her pregnancy with their first child, Rafferty, in 1996.

Things got worse when she was alone at home one night with the baby. She writes:

Eventually I wanted to press the self-destruct button. One night I arranged a babysitter and went out. I partied all night and got home the next day racked with guilt.

I was sitting at my dressing table, not feeling anything - just numb. I watched my hand slowly pick up a pair of scissors. It was as if I was being sucked down lower into the chair and the scissors seemed to be drawn to my arm. I appeared to have cut myself. Blood dripped down my arm. There was no sense of panic within me - I just felt empty."

Her condition came back after the birth of the couple's second child, Iris, in 2000. Eventually, their marriage couldn't stand the emotional strain and the two divorced in 2003.

Law hasn't been very happy with the memoir, set to be released in September. In July he took legal action and attempted to block his ex-wife from publishing images of their children. Frost reportedly agreed and removed the images and select passages that Law had issues with.

The former couple have three children together, Raffery, 13, Iris, 9, and Rudy, 7. Frost also has a 19-year-old son named Finlay with Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp. She met Law while she was still married to him.


Sadie Frost Wouldn’t Change A Thing About Her Past

Fashion designer Sadie Frost is mom to four children- son Finlay, 19 with ex-husband Gary Kemp, and three children Rafferty, 13, Iris, 9, and Rudy, 7 with ex-husband Jude Law.

Frost, who has made headlines recently over details that will be revealed in her new autobiography, has said that motherhood made her feel "more complete" after feeling abandoned by her father as a child. She revealed the impact of her parents split via Contact Music, "I think becoming a parent is the true test of how your own childhood has affected you," and added, "I was incredibly needy and dependent on people because my father had left and I was fearful of relationships and being abandoned."

Though she has been twice-divorced, Frost says that she wouldn't change a thing, "I've tried to look back at the 20 year old me having the time of my life, and still wouldn't change anything. If I did, I wouldn't have met Gary or Jude and made four beautiful kids."

Of her current life, she said being positive helps her through, "Mentally, I feel young and alive. I'm not jaded or cynical or bitter and I'm physically fitter than I was in my 20s. Having a positive mental attitude is key."

Frost and Law split in 2003, and have since maintained what appears to be a friendly co-parenting relationship.


Jude Law & Sienna Miller’s Paris Pals

Sienna Miller and Jude Law arrived in Paris, France via Eurostar with two of his four children - daughter Iris, 9 1/2 and son, Rudy, 7 1/2 - along with a friend on Friday (June 11). The group looked like one big happy family as they traveled through Paris’ Gare du Nord and Montparnasse Metro Stations.

Jude and his ex-wife, Sadie Frost, are also parents to son Rafferty, 13 1/2. During a brief relationship with aspiring actress Samantha Burke, Jude also fathered a daughter, Sophia, 8 months.

Jude and Sienna seem to be going strong! The reunited couple broke off their engagement in 2006 after Jude's fling with his children's nanny, Daisy Wright.


Report: Jude Law Finally Met Baby Sophia

Jude Law has finally met his 5-month-old daughter Sophia, The Sun reports.

With his lawyer in tow, Jude, 37, who fathered the tot with model and aspiring actress Samantha Burke, met his fourth child in Miami on Wednesday (February 24).

A source said Jude - who has rekindled his romance with his ex-fiance Sienna Miller - looked nervous upon arrival: "Jude was very on edge about the meeting. The pregnancy wasn't planned but he wants to do the right thing. It's not like he can hide - as soon as Sophia can use the internet she can find out who her dad is."

When asked if he was going to meet Sophia for the first time, Jude replied: "It's nothing to do with you."

In an interview last October, Samantha, 25, said Jude had yet to meet Sophia or send his well-wishes, but thought he'd "fall in love with her" once he saw her.

Sophia is Samantha's first child while Jude is also dad to Rafferty, 13, Iris, 9, and Rudy, 7, with ex-wife Sadie Frost.


Samantha Burke & Sophia’s Sunny Stroll

Samantha Burke enjoyed a sunny Sunday afternoon shopping with her 4-month-old daughter Sophia and her mother in Pensacola, Florida on January 10. The mother of Jude Law's fourth child walked and smiled while pushing their daughter in a stroller.

Earlier this month, rumorville stated that the 37-year-old Sherlock Holmes star contacted Samantha over the holidays to arrange a visit “within a few weeks.”

Sophia is Samantha's first child while Jude is also dad to Rafferty, 13, Iris, 9, and Rudy, 7, with ex-wife Sadie Frost.


Jude Law’s Barefoot Lass

Jude Law’s daughter, Iris, 9, hitched a ride on her dad’s back as they went for a stroll near his Maida Vale home in West London on Tuesday (January 12).

Her toes must have been chilly without any shoes on!

Jude, 37, is also dad to Rafferty, 13, and Rudy, 7, with ex-wife Sadie Frost and 3-month-old Sophia, from a previous relationship with Samantha Burke.

Recently, rumors have surfaced that the Sherlock Holmes star might be getting ready to propose to on-again off-again girlfriend, Sienna Miller.


Jude Law & Kids Take On Parliament Hill!

Actor Jude Law, 37, and his children, Rafferty, 13, Iris, 9 and Rudy, 7, went sledding together at Parliament Hill in Hampstead this afternoon (January 9).

Jude’s kids looked to be having a great time enjoying the snow and even used their dad as a human toboggan!

The mother of his three eldest children is Sadie Frost, Jude's ex-wife, while his youngest offspring, 3-month-old Sophia, is the daughter of ex-girlfriend Samantha Burke. Recently it was revealed that Jude might be making plans to finally meet his fourth child.


Report: Jude Law Wants To Meet Baby Sophia

According to Showbiz Spy, actor Jude Law, who celebrated his 37th birthday on December 29, has finally decided to meet his fourth child.

Samantha Burke, 25, who gave birth to baby Sophia on September 22, recently bragged to friends that the Sherlock Holmes star contacted her over the holidays to arrange a visit “within a few weeks”.

A source tells British newspaper The News Of The World, “[Samantha]’s over the moon. She was hurt he had not seen Sophia.”

Samantha is allegedly hoping to rekindle her relationship with Jude, though he is reportedly seeing Sienna Miller again: “She told us they would get back together but I think Jude just feels a responsibility to his daughter,” says the source. “Sam is also considering a move to London. It could be the career chance she wanted.”

Jude is also dad to Rafferty, 13, Iris, 9, and Rudy, 7, with ex-wife Sadie Frost.


Jude Law: “Being A Daddy Is What Counts”

According to Jude Law - who plays the character of Dr. Watson in his latest film, Sherlock Holmes - the most important role in his life is being a father.

“Being a daddy is what counts,” he tells PARADE. “I’ve been busy rehearsing that in real life for more than 10 years.”

The 37-year-old actor admits that being a dad has changed him in many ways:

I used to sleep until noon, but it’s not so bad to have to get up at 7 and give them breakfast. My daughter made me realize that if there’s anything that’s going to make a man of you, it’s having your will broken by a little girl.

Jude is father to three children – Rudy, 7, Iris, 9, and Rafferty, 13 – with ex-wife Sadie Frost, and one child – 3-month-old Sophia - with ex-girlfriend Samantha Burke.


Jude Law & His London Lad

Jude Law took his 7-year-old son Rudy Christmas shopping at Bohemia in London, England on Friday (December 11). Jude and his ex-wife Sadie Frost are also parents to son Rafferty, 13, and daughter Iris, 9.

Recently Jude became a father for the fourth time with Samantha Burke who gave birth to their daughter Sophia on September 22.

Samantha recently said she hopes the pair will quickly form a close bond:

I hope for him to be just as good as he is to his three children by Sadie Frost. He's a great father to his three kids. She's his daughter and I believe he'll come through. I mean once you see her face, how can you deny it?"