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Christie Brinkley’s Daughter Sailor: “I Can Make My Own Identity In The Modeling Industry.”


Christie Brinkley and her children Sailor, 15, and Jack, 18, grace the cover of Hamptons magazine’s Holiday issue. In the interview Sailor – who recently signed on to IMG Models – talks about her new career and the advice given by her 59-year-old mom.

Sailor said, “It hasn’t really changed my life in a way that people would think. I go to school; no one sees me differently. I’ve never been followed by paparazzi, except when I’m with my mom.”

She acknowledges that her mom is one of the reasons why she got into the industry.

“It got my foot in the modeling world, but otherwise it’s pretty normal. As much as people say we’re twins, I don’t think I look like my mom that much, so I think I can make my own identity in the modeling industry.”

Brinkley – who also is mom to 27-year-old Alexa Ray Joel – said she tells her youngest daughter to “have fun with this job but always be professional to ‘Show up on time and be respectful of everybody else’s time’”.

She added, “I told her, when you’re in a magazine, buy the magazine and look at it like 90 percent of the people who are going to see the story on you; don’t look online because the story will roll right into a comments thread, and those comment threads are an invitation for the bitter and disenfranchised to hide behind a fake name and try to tear you down—and nobody needs that in life.”

Jack shared that when he graduates from college he wants to do “something that has to do with media relations because I enjoy that part of the business. I’ve been exposed to media my entire life just growing up around my mom, my older sister, and now Sailor is getting into that world, too.”



Christie Brinkley & Sailor: Honorary Angels

Supermodel Christie Brinkley and her daughter Sailor Lee, 11, attended the launch of Tea Party Angels held in New York this afternoon (Novmber 7).

Tea Party Angels is a national fundraising program designed for mothers and daughters to host tea parties in order to raise money for girls in need around the world, and to teach social responsibility among young women.