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Debi Mazar & Her Entourage Hit The Shops

Entourage star Debi Mazar and husband Gabriele Corcos were photographed on a shopping trip with their two daughters - Evelyn, 7 1/2 and Giulia, 3 1/2 - in Beverly Hills on Saturday (March 6). The family of four were seen smiling and laughing after making a stop at the Salvatore Ferragamo store.

In an interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop, Debi explained how she manages her career and family life.

I manage by having a very present husband. We are a team and I feel blessed. Doing it alone is difficult. I'd advise people who are overwhelmed and unsure of how to navigate taking care of little ones to ask friends and family for more support. Rely on community. I call friends all the time who have kids older than me for advice. I also ask friends to babysit so I can get a break. Or to please drop off a lasagna or some prepared food when I've had a long day. Or if I'm sick and I need help, I have friends sleep over to help me in those moments when I need it. That's what friends are for.....'the village.'"