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Sarah Jane Morris Found Being A New Mom "Isolating"

Since becoming a parent to her now 8-month-old son Emmett Andrew, actress Sarah Jane Morris has discovered new mommy friends. However, it wasn't easy at first.

In the summer issue of The Nest, Morris admits that she felt alone when Emmett was just born.

“One thing I’ve found is it’s very isolating in the beginning. It’s hard to get out and, you know, people are pretty quick to come and help — but after a couple of months, people stop bringing dinners. The phone stops ringing quite as much.”

The former Brothers and Sisters star and her husband Ned Brower, the drummer of Rooney, took action and formed a support group with their neighbors.

“I’ve started to make a lot of friends in the neighborhood, because some other couples here have babies too and are our age,” Brower explains. “It’s funny how that creates a quick bond with people — because your kids become such a focal point of your life, so it’s a little more challenging to hang out with friends that don’t have kids.”

Morris adds, “Since having the baby, I think our social activities happen in the daytime a lot more."

Check out the couple's tour of Emmett's nursery for the magazine. Morris said they tried to make it as eco-friendly as possible.


Sarah Jane Morris Welcomes Baby Boy Emmett Andrew!

Congratulations to Brothers & Sisters star Sarah Jane Morris, 32, and husband, Rooney drummer Ned Brower, who have welcomed a baby boy!

Emmett Andrew Brower arrived January 24, Sarah’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.

New daddy Ned took to Facebook to share his pride:

S.O.N. (Son of Ned) hath arrived. Emmett Andrew Brower weighs in at 8.2 lbs. Sarah labored for 15 hours w/ NO meds ... she is a total powerhouse and my hero.

The couple, who first announced the pregnancy in August, confirmed they were expecting a boy in October. Sarah also shared her hopes for giving birth naturally: “I’m excited, curious, and terrified about doing it,” she explained. “But something in my gut is telling me that it’s an experience I don’t want to miss out on – even though I know it is going to be painful and hard.”

“It is called 'labor' after all!” she added. “I look at it as a privilege we have as women, and I think that it will only make me stronger as a person.”

Sarah and Ned, who were college sweethearts, have been married since 2005.