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Melanie Brown & Family: New Reality TV Show Premieres Sunday!

Melanie Brown is set to star in a new docu-comedy called Mel B: It’s a Scary World, which will hit the small screen this Sunday, September 5 @ 9PM ET/PT on The Style Network.

The show will follow Scary Spice as she raises her two daughters Phoenix, 11, and Angel, 3. Mel B's hubby Stephen Belafonte will also be a big part of the reality TV show. No word if Stephen's 5-year-old daughter Giselle will be making any appearances.

The 10-episode TV series is expected to be shown in the UK at a later date.

Will you tune into Mel B's new show?


Mel B: From scary Vegas man-stripper to welfare bum

EXCL breadline mel b 100909

It only seems like yesterday when Mel B (aka Scary Spice) was tantalizing men-still in the closet-and craving ice-cream cone with her boa-choking thighs as she molested several poles during her Striptease show in Vegas. After getting fired and replaced with an actual woman, Mel B found herself in the unfortunate position of looking for a job…and it seems the only natural and logical progression of that was to get herself on a reality show in England where she lives in a delabitated house, tends to someone else’s five kids and tries to make ends meet on a petty $170 welfare check per week (show’s called On The Breadline).

We’re really crying inside for Mel…can you hear our whimpering sounds coming from within? Oh, wait, that’s just the cheeseburger moving down the shit tube…