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Scott Baio & Family: Kids’ Choice Awards

Nickelodeons 26th Annual Kids Choice Awards

Scott Baio and wife Renee were all smiles at the Kids’ Choice Awards with their adorable 5-year-old daughter Bailey in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (March 23). Sporting her very first dress from Justice, Bailey looked every bit the mini fashionista as she walked the red carpet carrying her Swarovski Hello Kitty purse.

“Scott and I got a lot of laughs and giggles while on the press carpet,” Renee tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “A huge gust of wind blew the back of my dress up over my head,” she says, further advising to “always wear underwear.”

She adds: “So he was posing for his pics while trying to wrangle my dress [laughs].”

Despite narrowly escaping a wardrobe malfunction, it sounds like the Baios enjoyed the fun family event.

“Scott was excited to meet Danica Patrick and talked to Steve Carell backstage,” Renee says. “He also enjoyed announcing awards already given out with his SEE DAD RUN kids.”

“Bailey was wanting to meet Taylor Swift and Katy Perry,” Renee adds. “She didn’t meet them, but was pleased to watch Katy get her award. BB is good friends with James Maslow (he plays “Ricky Adams” on SEE DAD RUN) and always loves talking to him.”

And you’ll never believe what Renee paid for her lovely dress.

“I chose a BCBG Classic dress I bought for $16 at Dress On A Dime, a pop up designer consignment franchise,” Renee says. “Next month the sale moves to Ventura County where shoppers can pay $15 entry fee to see a fashion show — and shop before it’s open to the public. The proceeds will go to the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation.”

Scott and his sweet daughter will make an appearance Monday on The Rachael Ray Show.

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‘Happy Days’ Star Erin Moran Is Homeless?

Where is Chachi when you need him? Little Joanie from the hit show Happy Days is having trouble being an adult. Erin Moran was living in a trailer with her husband and her mother-in-law, but reports claim that her mother-in-law kicked her out due to unnecessary partying. The troubled ex-child star was pictured outside of a Holiday Inn Express where she was reportedly staying with her husband and her dogs.

However, it appears that she was also kicked out of the hotel due to some kind of disturbance. Sources say that Erin spends all her time (and money) at local bars. The people in the bar just usually leave her alone; none of the locals really make a big deal out of her being there.

Erin recently received $65,000 after the Happy Days castmates reached a settlement in their lawsuit with CBS. She’ll also receive future royalties from the show, but a close source reports that she is blowing through the money; spending most of it at bars.

She always did seem like a trouble maker on the show. I blame the parents! They gave that soulless ginger Richie all of the attention and didn’t give poor Joanie any! They just let her run off with Scott Freakin’ Baio; everyone knows that you shouldn’t leave your daughter alone with Scott Baio.

She just never had a fair chance in life… Erin joanie joaniee


Scott Baio & His Sunday Sweeties

Happy Days alum Scott Baio and his wife Renee enjoyed a sunny afternoon with their adorable 2 1/2-year-old daughter Bailey at the farmers market in Los Angeles on Sunday (June 13).

When asked if the trio ran into Bailey's old pal, Danielynn Birkhead, Renee told Celebrity Baby Scoop, "We must have just missed them. We didn't get there until late in the afternoon." Renee added that they went "because Bailey loves to ride the ponies & Scott loves the fresh fruit." She added, "Bailey had her first Icee and loved it."

We couldn't help but ask about their cute sandals. "Our matching sandals are from Target. Mine are a kids size 4 - I have small feet," Renee laughed, and added, "We can often score matching shoes!"