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Serena Williams’ Meaty Bikini Pictures

Serena Williams

I know when most of you hear that a famous tennis player hit the beach in a bikini, you’re probably expecting Maria Sharapova, not Serena Williams and her meaty booty. Sorry about that. But I figure some of you dudes out there must dig this look. I mean, there’s gotta be a reason why Kim Kardashian is still famous, right? OK, maybe not. Anyway, I’d also like to apologize to Serena for this too. Mostly because she looks like she could beat me up with that thing. Yikes.

Serena Williams Pictures Serena Williams Pictures Serena Williams Pictures Serena Williams Pictures Serena Williams Pictures
Serena Williams Pictures Serena Williams Pictures Serena Williams Pictures Serena Williams Pictures Serena Williams Pictures

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Snoop Dogg Kicks It At Oscars Party With Oprah, Serena Williams & More [Photos]

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Light-Skinned Rapper Problems: A Gallery Of Drake’s Ex-Boos Mentioned On Songs


You either love and respect Drake’s vulnerability as an artist or hate that he kisses and tells millions about his stressful love life. Either way, he’s built a massive fanbase off late-night drunk text anthems/side chick music as Hip-Hop’s “light-skinned Keith Sweat.”


Here’s a photo gallery of Drizzy Drake’s ex-boos mentioned on songs. Take a look.

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Making It Rain On These Hoes: Serena WIlliams Beat Victoria Azarenka For Second Straight U.S. Open Championship Victory!!!

serena williams

Serena Williams Wins 2013 US Open Championship

Serena is a beast!!!

According to CBS News:

Fussing with her skirt and flubbing her shots, Serena Williams was troubled in the U.S. Open final by the swirling air and the strong play of Victoria Azarenka. After one miss, Williams declared, “I can’t play in this wind.” After blowing a big second-set lead, Williams chucked her racket toward the sideline, and it bounced back onto the court. In the end, Williams pulled herself together, as she usually does when it matters the most. Facing her first test of the past two weeks, the No. 1-seeded Williams overcame No. 2 Azarenka 7-5, 6-7 (6), 6-1 on Sunday for a fifth championship at Flushing Meadows and second in a row.

“As impressive as her final set was, the bigger achievement may have been handling both her nerves as well as the swirling winds throughout Arthur Ashe Stadium,” writes CBS Sports’ Mike Singer. Williams, who turns 32 in 2-and-a-half weeks, raised her Grand Slam singles title count to 17, the sixth-most in history and one shy of Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert. Williams collected a $3.6 million prize, including a $1 million bonus for producing the best results during the North American summer hard-court circuit leading up to the U.S. Open. Helped by nine aces, one at 126 mph, Williams improved to 67-4 with a career-best nine titles in 2013. Since a first-round exit at the 2012 French Open, Williams is 98-5 with 14 titles, winning four of the past six Grand Slam tournaments.

But this one did not come easily, even though it appeared to be nearly over when Williams went ahead by two breaks at 4-1 in the second set. Williams served for the match at 5-4 and 6-5 — only to have the gutsy Azarenka break each time. This was a rematch of last year’s final, also won by Williams in three sets, and two-time Australian Open champion Azarenka provided another challenge with her big swings off both wings. Williams wound up holding there with a 104 mph ace, part of what seemed to be a match-altering stretch. She won five consecutive games and 16 of 18 points to take the first set and go up a break in the second.

Her lead grew to 4-1 in the second set, before Azarenka made things competitive again. Azarenka is responsible for two of Williams’ four losses this season. And entering Sunday, Azarenka was 31-1 on hard courts this season, and she showed why for portions of the final, playing far better than she had in her preceding six matches in New York. But she simply could not keep pace with Williams, who eventually adjusted to her opponent and the wind that topped 15 mph. Williams put aside her issues to finish with a 36-17 edge in winners.

The first time Williams served for the championship, at 5-4, Azarenka hit a cross-court forehand winner for break point, then forced a backhand long. Williams came right back to break for a 6-5 edge. But on her second chance to serve it out, she double-faulted to get broken for the fourth time Sunday.

Congrats, Serena!!!!!

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Serena Williams Proves There Is A World Of Difference Between Fat And Fit

Here we see Serena Williams looking like she’s having a great time in Miami Beach, Florida. We also see her looking super toned and fit. I know there are a lot of people out there who like to say Serena is fat but I think those people are confused. The muscle definition we see here on Serena is not something one would see on a fat person – not by a long shot. There is a reason for that. There is nothing fat about Serena. She is an athlete and she has the body of an athlete. She’s fit and she’s fantastic. I love everything about this woman. I think she’s gorgeous. I don’t care what anyone else says.

Serena Williams Proves There Is A World Of Difference Between Fat And Fit

Serena Williams Proves There Is A World Of Difference Between Fat And Fit Serena Williams Proves There Is A World Of Difference Between Fat And Fit Serena Williams Proves There Is A World Of Difference Between Fat And Fit
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Venus & Serena Williams Movie Trailer [Video]


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Serena Williams in her new dress for the Australian Open

Here we go again. I love Serena Williams but I absolutely hate posting about her. I think Serena is a beautiful woman and a talented athlete and I’m not afraid to admit that. At the same time, it seems like each time I post about her, people hit up the comments section to talk about how fat she is. Muscle is not fat. It never has been and it never will be. If it is, Vin Diesel is a whale. The gender of the person the muscle is on should not make any difference. In these photos, Serena shows off her new dress for the Australian Open in Melbourne and I think she looks fantastic. She’s clearly a very muscular woman but she’s an athlete. I think she looks the way athletes should look regardless of what they have in their pants. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. Do what you want with it.

tn serena williams 2 Serena Williams in her new dress for the Australian Open

tn serena williams Serena Williams in her new dress for the Australian Open tn serena williams 8 Serena Williams in her new dress for the Australian Open tn serena williams 9 Serena Williams in her new dress for the Australian Open
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The BOOTY Edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly — Over Twenty of the Best, Worst, and Fugliest Celebrity Butts of the Last Decade!!!

Welcome to the BOOTY edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly — The Best, Worst, and Fugliest Butts of the Last Decade!!! Oh, do I have a treat in store for you today! Going back the last decade or so, I have collected pics of the nicest asses, the worst booties, and the fucking ugliest butts I could find — all from celebrities, of course! So, without further ado, (because I know you’re as excited as I am) let’s get to the booties!!! The Good — Kate Upton definitely gets my vote for a ‘Good Ass of the Decade!’ She is stunning; it’s as simple as that!                         Nikki Grahame is GOOD and pissed off here! I know nothing of the surrounding circumstances of the Big Brother cast member’s exposure — but, hey! — she’s got a good bum! Though I have absolutely no clue who this chick Jordan is (probably some damn reality show bitch) and though her face is ugly and plastic, I’ve gotta give it to her — she’s got one lush derrière! Nicole Scherzinger, even though I sometimes cannot stand your BS on the X Factor, you’ve got one scrumptious arse! Painted or not… OMG — Brooklyn Decker’s rump is one that is totally biteable in my opinion! Get it girl, and eat some collard greens! I had to do it! Brad Pitt totally deserves a spot on the Yummiest Butts of the Decade list… and boy is it a yummy one, indeed… Alicia Duval… you’re bum is totally fan-fucking-tastic! The accidental yummy butt shots are always the best, aren’t they?                                       The Bad   Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. Girl, your butt is atrocious!!! Period, point-blank! If you can sport some fur, then you can go get a butt job!                       Wow. For you to have picked that wedgie in public like that, Victoria Silvstedt, it must have been a monster!! Normally, even though she’s plastic as hell, she still rocks it. And even though she’s bangin from the front… girl’s havin’ issues in the back.             Pete Wentz, I like your hair, dude, but I’m not diggin’ the boxers-out look. Um, no!                       Can you believe this is Katherine Heigl’s ass? I couldn’t… Sad, just sad…                 Wow… Helen Hunt. Another shockingly grotesque backside.                               Jennifer Love-Hewitt. I don’t have much to say about this one. Heartbreaking, simply heartbreaking…                               Can you believe this is Britney Spear’s booty??? I couldn’t. Question, though: Where in the hell was she that she got a [...]

Serena Williams is not fat

It feels like every post about Serena Williams brings comments about her weight and it’s kind of ridiculous. There is a world of difference between fat and athletic and Serena is definitely the latter not the former. She’s an athlete and she’s built like an athlete. Sure there are many excellent female athletes out there that fall into more typical definitions of sexy – big boobs, slim waists etc – but there’s nothing typical about Serena and to me, that’s what makes her most appealing. I think Selena is an incredibly sexy woman and I love her body. Here in Miami, Serena spends a little time out with friends and she looks absolutely beautiful.

tn serena williams 6 Serena Williams is not fat

tn serena williams 14 Serena Williams is not fat tn serena williams 22 Serena Williams is not fat tn serena williams 23 Serena Williams is not fat
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Serena Williams looks Beefy in Bikini

Serena spent Christmas in…….Miami! You guessed it, I am pretty sure every single celebrity went to Miami for Christmas. Anyway, she not only went to Miami, she went to Miami on a mission to make everyone look at her oddly shaped body. You can see her in the pictures below, she’s in a very odd looking bikini and it only covers up about a quarter of her ass. Normally that is a good thing! The more ass the better, but not in this case. It doesn’t even look like an ass; it looks a pillow filled with cement. Her whole body looks hard and uncomfortable. Even her boobs look like they could crush a beer can, it’s just freaky! I know some people find Serena hot, and I applaud you for being so brave. It truly takes a real man to admit he likes Serena Williams. I was going to include her in the “Spank Bank” for later today, but I just couldn’t do it after the Richard Simmons joke yesterday. I figured that would just be too much for everyone. Enjoy these pictures as much as you can! I am going to go in the corner and suck on my thumb ‘til the scary images get out of my head.

Friday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (11.04.2011)

AnnaLynne McCord reveals some pasty-covered side boob while shooting 90210.

Prince Charles has an incredible taste in women.

Amanda Seyfried shows some leg at the In Time photocall in Madrid.

Serena Williams is into bondage? Next you’ll tell me she beats men who refuse to share their fries with her into a pulp.

Julianne Moore looks great for a corpse who hasn’t seen the sun in over a century.

Naomi Watts tries to win Liev Schreiber back by using the allure of her large chest hole. Seems to be working just fine.

Someone tell Rose McGowan wearing MC Hammer’s pants makes my penis sad. I don’t have the heart.

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Friday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (10.21.2011)

George Clooney at the exact moment he realized Stacy Keibler will soon want marriage too. Don’t worry, somebody had an oxygen tank handy, so all’s good.

Who wants to see Amanda Seyfried bend to pick up poo?

That’s Hugh Jackman’s 55-year old wife and no he hasn’t cheated on it. He’s a saint.

Some Joe Manganiello for the ladies?

SJP shouldn’t hire nannies that are better looking than her. Wait. That’s pretty much impossible, unless the carriage horses working in Central Park are applying for a job, so scratch that.

Salma Hayek should know better than to cover those with padded pasties.

Serena Williams walking alone in a short skirt at night puts the fear in my groin.

Mick Jagger’s girlfriend is a giant. Or Dustin Hoffman is a midgit.

Sofia Vergara sends us her best from Mexico. But why so much clothing, Sofia? It’s Los Cabos!

Candice Swaynepoel has put on weight to stay with Victoria’s Secret. Can’t you tell?

the-crap-we-missed-1020-03-480x720 article-0-0E75EEF200000578-101_634x902 article-2051529-0E75FCDA00000578-216_196x612 article-2051529-0E75E9DD00000578-440_306x522 article-2051529-0E75EB1E00000578-793_306x632 article-2051529-0E75ED1400000578-917_634x566 article-2051529-0E75EEE300000578-611_306x632 article-2051529-0E75EFF500000578-681_634x879 article-2051529-0E75FA7F00000578-333_634x453 article-0-0E73491100000578-336_468x587 article-0-0E73346600000578-85_468x690 article-2051208-0E7375BD00000578-457_468x784 article-2051208-0E72E8CC00000578-738_468x586 article-2051208-0E72E89C00000578-654_224x607 article-2051208-0E72E86300000578-331_224x607 article-2051208-0E7321FE00000578-643_468x665 article-2051208-0E7366E200000578-332_468x523 article-2051389-0E732C5600000578-277_224x630 article-2051389-0E732C1200000578-872_468x994 HUGH JACKMAN AND WIFE AT THE GYM IN NYC article-0-0E71E27500000578-43_634x739 article-0-0E71C72300000578-757_634x801 article-0-0E71DFF900000578-545_634x809 article-0-0E71E14900000578-21_634x408 article-0-0E71E22100000578-204_634x877 article-0-0E760F4B00000578-941_468x565 article-2051650-0E760F3700000578-273_468x553 the-crap-we-missed-1020-02-480x720 the-crap-we-missed-1020-20-480x720 article-0-0E73B0B800000578-279_468x707 article-0-0E73AF7100000578-11_468x721 article-2051490-0E75816B00000578-687_468x393 article-2051490-0E752C4F00000578-552_468x617 article-2051490-0E752C4300000578-225_468x645 article-2051490-0E752C6400000578-387_468x550 Candice Swanepoel looks Gorgeous on her Birthday at Victoria's Secret Store in Toronto, Canada article-2051654-0E767F4800000578-693_638x815 article-2051654-0E767FE400000578-841_312x516 article-2051654-0E76802C00000578-924_642x973 article-2051654-0E76803000000578-226_308x740

Serena Williams is going bald

Here’s Serena Williams getting out of a nightclub in L.A last night with a big, shiny bald patch on her head and although it’s tempting to assume she just went on one of her “I’ll shove a ball down your froat!” rage rants and got what she deserved in return, it’s hard to imagine giant warbeasts hang out at clubs in L.A, because let’s admit it, that’s the only kind that can inflict this damage and get out of the fight alive. So we’ll just blame it on a bad weave or 100.

article-2050501-0E6C994000000578-451_634x825 article-2050501-0E6C6E5000000578-574_634x889 article-2050501-0E6C712C00000578-568_634x944 article-2050501-0E6C998B00000578-879_306x457 article-2050501-0E6C713000000578-68_634x929

Monday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (08.10.2011)

Miranda Kerr gets completely naked for Australia’s Harpers Bazaar. Which is a fashion magazine. About clothes. Ok, that turban is pretty fashionable.

Katie Holmes’ cleavage is more desolate than an African village plagued by drought. And later, Tom Cruise goes for some well-documented PDA. He washed his hands with Lysol afterwards and looked at his photo album of penises to make him forget. Kinda like comfort food.

Looking at 53-year old Sharon Stone in a tight mini dress is like drinking milk that’s slightly beyond its expiration date. It doesn’t make you throw up, but you wished you didn’t take that huge gulp.

Holly Madison reminds us of the important things in life: Oktoberfest and beer.

Lady Gaga is into rams now.

Demi Lovato is on her way to winning over alcoholism and bulimia. Don’t let that water fool you. She ate the Twinkies and the beef jerky before the guy gave her change back.

Serena Williams and country singer Jake Owens were out on a romantic date. “I said, gimme your goddamn fries or I’ll shove a tennis ball in your mouth. And then strip down to a bikini!”

Kim Kardashian’s ass defies air brushing (Australian InStyle).

article-0-0E4EFFBC00000578-211_634x494 article-0-0E4EFFB800000578-835_634x796 article-2046824-0E4BC86B00000578-523_468x662 article-2047136-0E4BE3FB00000578-28_634x619 article-2046824-0E489E6C00000578-913_224x500 article-2046824-0E489D8800000578-470_224x500 article-2046824-0E489DDC00000578-512_468x675 article-2046824-0E489E7000000578-566_468x613 article-2046824-0E48092900000578-114_468x715 article-2046824-0E48940800000578-784_468x666 article-2046865-0E4BAB2C00000578-627_468x584 article-2046865-0E4BAB0400000578-26_224x377 article-2046865-0E4BAB4800000578-500_224x377 article-2046865-0E49A47B00000578-669_468x623 article-2046865-0E4885E800000578-604_468x567 article-2046865-0E48854800000578-488_468x821 article-2046865-0E48856800000578-892_224x600 article-2046900-0E48CF2E00000578-132_468x711 article-2046900-0E48CF7A00000578-903_468x682 article-2046900-0E48CF8A00000578-346_224x600 article-2046900-0E48CF4300000578-194_468x521 article-2046900-0E48CF9000000578-660_224x600 article-2046776-0E47538A00000578-865_468x784 article-2046776-0E47537300000578-723_468x486 article-2046855-0E48A96900000578-740_468x745 article-2046855-0E48A97500000578-811_468x768 article-2047178-0E4CC6CA00000578-792_224x625 Serena Williams on a date with country singer Jake Owen at Matsuhisa article-2047178-0E4CC36800000578-279_468x594 article-0-0E489B3E00000578-977_634x712

Serena Williams – fit or fat?

I think by now you all know my opinion on this one. There is nothing fat about Serena Williams except her attitude (which I love about her, by the way) and it seems at least some of you agree with me. So why do the nasty insults persist? With these photos, Serena once again shows off her toned, athletic body and I took a really close look this time. I can’t see any fat. The woman is all muscle – as she has to be. She is a professional athlete. As I said last time, it is completely unfair to compare Serena with the likes of Anna Kournikova because one of them (Serena, obviously) is one of the most talented women in tennis. The other is only a little better than especially talented amateurs. With that said, the comparisons are still made and folks wind up calling Serena fat. I am not one of them.

tn serena williams 5 Serena Williams   fit or fat?

tn serena williams 7 Serena Williams   fit or fat? tn serena williams 9 Serena Williams   fit or fat? tn serena williams 36 Serena Williams   fit or fat?
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Is Serena Williams fat or muscles?

People like to give Serena Williams a lot of crap about being a little too masculine, but I don’t think that’s entirely fair. I mean, come on – she’s a professional athlete. Of course she’s a little on the muscular side. People like to point out Anna Kournikova and her ultra feminine body, but aside from the fact that they both play tennis, I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two. Anna is widely considered mediocre in tennis. Serena, on the other hand, is seen as one of the best female tennis players in the world today. I like Serena. I like that she is who she is and doesn’t seem to worry a whole lot about what other people think of her. So, is Serena Williams fat or not?

tn serena williams 5 Is Serena Williams fat or muscles?

tn serena williams 3 Is Serena Williams fat or muscles? tn serena williams 16 Is Serena Williams fat or muscles? tn serena williams 17 Is Serena Williams fat or muscles?
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Serena Williams and Kelly Rowland hit the town

Serena Williams and Kelly Rowland in tight black pants. Those are two nice asses. Every time I see Serena though, I can’t help thinking about her episode of Punk’d. I loved how she handled the prank. She came out of the whole thing looking really good – like a good sport and a good person. I like that in a celebrity. If you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend checking it out. It’s good for a laugh. I think it was sometime in the second season. Anyway, I love that Serena and Kelly are such good friends. I always thought Kelly got a raw deal in the whole Destiny’s Child situation. She’s talented but, like Michelle Williams, was completely over shadowed by Beyonce. Regardless, both ladies look hot and look like they’re having a pretty good time. Always nice to see attractive women enjoying themselves.

tn serena williams 2 Serena Williams and Kelly Rowland hit the town

tn serena williams Serena Williams and Kelly Rowland hit the town tn serena williams 4 Serena Williams and Kelly Rowland hit the town tn serena williams 6 Serena Williams and Kelly Rowland hit the town
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Serena Williams still assaulting the waters of Miami beach

article-1263232-08FC53E0000005DC-403_468x452Serena Williams spent her weekend in a bikini in Miami, and as usual we were as turned on as a cow about to be slaughtered. Apparently, not the same happened to the stud in the photo who did not register an expression of awe and fear perhaps because he thought he had enough padding on him to protect him in case she attempted to break him in half with her one gloved hand or he has a thing for overly-tanned football players with implants.


Demi Moore wants to end slavery. Or at least get Ashton to have sex with her

kimtwitterIt all started when Kim Kardashian posted this picture of her, Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland and LaLa at an event in Miami with the post: “Big pimpin w @SerenajWilliams @LaLaVazquez @Kelly_Rowland Love u girls!’”

Demi Moore, who was sitting staring at her computer monitor contemplating pulling out another tooth and posting her toothless grin on Twitter went all hormonal on her…which is really an exaggeration since she stopped getting her period back when they were airing The Love Boat.

This is how the kindergarten exchange went down:

Demi to Kim: Are you using the word “pimpin” as in pimping? RT @KimKardashian: Big pimpin w @SerenaJWilliams @LaLaVazquezKim to Demi: Doesn’t everyone? LOL

Demi to Kim: No disrespect I love a girls night out but a pimp and pimping is nothing more than a slave owner!

Kim to Demi: Nothing wrong with dancing to Big Pimpin’ by Jay Z in the club! Having a girls night out, gotta love that song!

Demi to Kim: Yeah but a pimp is nothing more than a slave owner! if we want to end slavery we need to stop glorifying the “pimp” culture

Demi after realizing everyone was staring at the stick up her ass: Just so ya’ll are clear I like @KimKardashian I was just making a point about how we have used a word and desensitized the real meaning. Clearly I stirred up a s**t storm, but 2 create change U have 2 be willing 2 take a risk and be willing 2 provoke thought & conversation

Kim to Demi: Good point!I agree! It was just a song not literal

So, two solid conclusions after this presidential candidate-caliber debate: a)Demi Moore ain’t getting any from Ashton Kutcher so it’s time to take up gardening or knitting ugly sweaters and b)she has no idea who Kim Kardashian is, for to try and provoke genuine thinking in her would be something akin to trying to get Lindsay Lohan not to have sex with an absolute stranger after a night of booze and blow. It’s just ain’t happening.


Serena Williams’s army tank in a bikini

FP_4750589_Williams_Serena_BR1J_032510You know we took an oath to post any and all bikini pics that come our way, be it sexy Victoria’s Secret models or a 4814 Panther Tank with high velocity cannons, so here’s Serena Williams trying not to sink and bring about a tsunami in the process while on vacation in Fiji. And look, there’s always a positive side to everything scary and haunting. Like for example the guy’s look on this picture when he realized his job description did not include lifting grizzly bears onto speedboats and instantly regretted not buying full medical coverage.


Which One Would You Hit??? Roids vs. Rocks

“Meathead” Timbaland had a party in MIA for the release of his latest album Shock Value, and Travis McCoy was in attendance looking like he was ‘on one’ for sure. Ladies, would you prefer a roided-up muscle head to beat that thang up, or pierced-face druggie looking cat???

More images…including Jessica White trying way too damn hard to be “sexy” and BDR and Serena super-duper giddy below:

Pop the hood for more pics….


Out of Pocket: Serena Williams is Fined $82,500 and Future Suspension for her US Open Explosion

Serena Williams is still feeling the aftermath from her outburst at the US Open. She has just been fined by the Grand Slam Committee a record $82,500, and she is on probation for two years. If she has another outburst, she will be suspended.

Is all of this really necessary???

Serena Williams was fined a record $82,500 for her
U.S. Open tirade and she could be suspended from that tournament if she has another “major offense” at any Grand Slam in the next two years, Grand Slam administrator Bill Babcock told The Associated Press on Monday.

He said Williams faces a “probationary period” at tennis’ four major championships in 2010 and 2011. If she has another “major offense” at a Grand Slam tournament in that time, the fine would increase to $175,000 and she would be barred from the following U.S. Open. “But if she does not have another offense in the next two years, the suspension is lifted,” Babcock said in a telephone interview from London.

He said the previous highest fine for a Grand Slam offense was about $48,000 to Jeff Tarango in the 1990s.

Williams earned $350,000 by reaching the semifinals, part of her more than $6.5 million in prize money in 2009, a single-season record for women’s tennis. Her career prize money tops $28 million.

The American is an 11-time Grand Slam singles champion and ended the 2009 season at No. 1 in the WTA rankings.

Williams’ profanity-laced, finger-pointing outburst drew a $10,000 fine from the U.S. Tennis Association in September — the maximum on-site penalty a tennis player can face. But because it happened at a Grand Slam tournament, Babcock was charged with investigating whether further punishment was merited.

He concluded that Williams violated the “major offense” rule for “aggravated behavior.” The Grand Slam committee — with one representative from each of the sport’s four major championships — approved his decision Saturday.

Babcock said a “major offense” under Grand Slam rules is “any conduct that is determined to be the ‘major offense’ of ‘aggravated behavior’ or ‘conduct detrimental to the game.’” There is no specific definition of what sort of actions constitute a “major offense.”

He said the highest possible fine that Williams could face — $175,000, if she violates her Grand Slam probation — was chosen because it is the difference in winnings between reaching the quarterfinals and semifinals at the U.S. Open. The $10,000 Williams already was docked by the USTA will be counted toward that total; that’s why she is paying half of $165,000 now.

Even though his time has long passed, John McEnroe, the biggest a$$ in tennis history, never had a fine that big. Actually all his fines totaled up to $90,000.

This punishment is a bit much… What are your thoughts???


Padma Lakshmi Bumps Up The Glamour Awards

An expectant Padma Lakshmi was spotted arriving at the Glamour Women of The Year Awards in New York City on Monday (November 9). Celebs also in attendance included Rihanna, Amy Poehler and Serena Williams to name a few.

The 39-year-old mom-to-be recently told OK! that she’s not concerned about the baby weight.

I don’t expect my body to be exactly how it was before pregnancy. If it doesn’t, it’s okay. It’s a really small price to pay for me. I really want to be a mother. I’m really happy! I don’t care if I go up a size!”


Who Looked More Bangin??? Women of the Year Edition

serena williams and iman

Serena Williams and Iman attended the 2009 Women of the Year Glamour Mag event last night in NYC looking lovely as ever. Others showed up looking a little ‘iffy’ and ‘not-so-bangerific’ (see Zoe K and Kerry Washington below, SMH)

Nonetheless, Who Looked More Bangin????

Actress Zoe Kravitz attends the The 2009 Women of the Year hosted by Glamour Magazine2Actress Kerry Washington attends the The 2009 Women of the Year hosted by Glamour Magazine2

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Serena Williams naked for ESPN…thankfully with someone else’s body


Here’s Serena Williams attempting to bring all penises to the breaking point because, instead of being perched on top of the Empire State building, grabbing traffic helicopters with her toes she’s oiled up and naked on the cover of ESPN’s first Body Issue (to hit stands on October 9). And since staring at her privates would feel similar to actually seeing the Lochness monster for the first time, the editors made sure her Grand Canyon was strategically covered. 
Serena is among six athletes who have been chosen to appear on six different covers of the magazine. The other five sport figures include mixed martial artist Gina Carano, NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, triathlete Sarah Reinertsen, Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson, and Dwight Howard of the NBA’s Orlando Magic.

The editor-in-chief of ESPN The Magazine, Gary Belsky, said the magazine will also include a section called “Bodies We Want” that features other top athletes, who either pose in the buff or with minimal clothing. He stated at a conference call on Wednesday, September 30 that the section is “essentially our version of the best bodies in sports.”

Mercifully, King Kong did not make that section. And for those who’s memory is as weak as Hugh Hefner’s bladder, here’s a few pics to remind you why Serena Williams naked and untouched is a blatant violation of penis human rights.


Serena Williams tries to digest the ox she ingested


Don’t mess with Serena Williams and don’t look at her “titles” for too long (see shirt she was wearing). She might sit on you and squash you like a can of coke. Serena looked like Myke Tyson after a night of heavy drinking and stripper-slapping on the Vegas strip as she attempted to jog around Wimbledon with her personal trainer, more likely in an attempt to fit her linebacker ass into the shiny pirate pants she wore that night at for the pre-Wimbledon party at the Kensington Roof Gardens…unfortunately, the only thing she achieved was to look like her sister’s bodyguard…