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The American Pie Girls — Then and Now!

Ah, American Pie — a movie that will live forever in the minds of Generation X. Many of us will never forget this movie; we’ll never forget when Jason Biggs porked a pie, when Alyson Hannigan told us about the dirty things that happen at band camp, and, of course, when Shannon Elizabeth went topless!

American Pie is a classic featuring four senior high school boys determined to lose their virginity by their senior prom. The boys embark on a journey of self discovery while hoping to discover the female body as well, of course. Along the way, some fall in love and some find themselves. But, one thing is for sure — they had some HOT chicks in that movie!!!

But, where are the gorgeous babes that starred in practically every pubescent boy’s fantasy in 1999? It’s been thirteen years since the original American Pie, and thirteen years can do a lot to a person. But wonder no more, because we here at The Daily Fix have compiled a photo collection of the American Pie Girls — Then and Now!

And why are we so interested in what they’re doing now? Because of the American Pie Reunion movie, of course! The original cast got back together for a… well, reunion on the red carpet of their upcoming movie (the trailer of which is below). The movie looks absolutely hysterical and I’ve no doubt that it will be just as funny as the first. But — back to the chicks. Some got fat, some got hot, and some got hotter! So, without further ado — here’s the babes!!!

Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari was the chorus babe in American Pie, tempting Oz with her beautiful… voice. But, she hasn’t lost any of her tempting appeal at all. If anything, she’s gained in hotness!

Natasha Lyonne

Natasha Lyonne played Vicky’s (Tara Reid) best friend in the funny flick. She was the girl all the other girl’s could relate best to in the film because she was your average girl who always had boys who were friends but never boyfriends. Though, it would be no surprise if the girl couldn’t catch a boyfriend now… someone got ratchet!!!

Jennifer Coolidge

Who could EVER forget Stifler’s mom? She was the plastic surgery lovin’ old broad who was well educated in the bedroom And even though she’s never been particularly attractive, she still has sex appeal. Plus, she’s funny as hell! She even paused on the red carpet at one point to rearrange the girls!!! [pic available below]

Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth — the hottie that played a hottie. THIS was every man’s dream girl — and not just because she was hot as hell. But because she was hot as hell and wanted the guy that wasn’t all that hot. What average guy wouldn’t want a girl this sexy not to try to make sexy with him in a bed???

Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan was absolutely HYSTERICAL in American Pie!!! She let us know that not all band geeks were as awkward and inexperienced as we may think. Who could ever forget her line ‘This one time… at band camp…’? But the best one by far was ‘This one time… at band camp, I stuck a flute up my p***y.’ Pahaha! Priceless!!!

Tara Reid

Ah, and the one you’ve all been waiting for, we’re sure. Tara Reid, the human train wreck. We all know that the instant fame that the American Pie cast got went to her head, causing her to go down a very bad path. But, what you may not know is that that path caused her to age MUCH faster than she should’ve. Because, even though she looked unbelievably beautiful, it was hard not to notice the crows feet on the thirty something’s eyes. Hard knocks, but maybe things are looking up? I mean, she didn’t show us her boobs this time, right? Or… would that be looking down?

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Shannon Elizabeth Posed Nude Once

It’s really kind of sad what’s happened to Shannon Elizabeth, all kinds of people, myself included had really high hopes as to what this hottie would become and now here she is a jaded washed up actress just waiting for another installment in the American Pie franchise. Poor thing. She did Playboy didn’t she? She should have just become a Playboy chick and be done with it, those girls get invited to all kinds of parties and strip club openings… She could have had it made.

Shannon Elizabeth PicturesShannon Elizabeth PicturesShannon Elizabeth Pictures
Shannon Elizabeth PicturesShannon Elizabeth PicturesShannon Elizabeth Pictures
Shannon Elizabeth Pictures  

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Saturday Style: Live Mechanics

We keep seeing everyone in these jackets and leathers this cold season. Keyshia Cole, 50, Diddy, Damian Marley, Luda, Cudi, Travis McCoy, to white folks like  Ryan Sheckler and Shannon Elizabeth are all finding comfort in Live Mechanics jackets and denim. We caught up with the owner based out in L.A.:

Bossip: Let’s start from the jump; give the Bossip readers your name and activity please.

LM: I am Osa Odiase, the founder of Live Mechanics. We started Live Mechanics in 1999. I am originally by way of Nigeria and I have been in America for over 20 years.

Bossip: Where did you guys start?

LM: Well, we are not your average clothing company. We started on the underground London street scene, Melrose stores, and spots like that. We just grinded for 10 years with an ultimate vision. We are not a typical urban line who caters to the ‘thug mentality,’ no.

Bossip: What inspires this line?

LM: Unity among people of color. Don’t get me wrong. I sell my line through God’s vision, but practical and spiritual at the same time.

Bossip:  How are you making it through this recession?

LM: Surrounding ourselves with good people and good employees. I tell the young brothers as soon as they are hired. You will need to further your education because it is important to educate yourself at all times. You want some of this shrimp taco?

Bossip: Naw, I’m good.

LM: Man, I’m telling you. These are the best tacos I ever had, and I am not Drake. One of my employees gave me one of these yesterday and I made him go get me four of them today. Here have one, I insist.

Bossip: Naw, your V.P. Raphael already got me some Teriyaki … the best ever?

LM: Yes, and I am not a fan of Mexican food.

Bossip: Me neither.

LM: Ok, well these are different. Here!

Bossip: Takes bite..(damn) Are these deep fried Shrimp tacos? Yeah, they taste good.<—- Insert 'NO HOMO‘ Disclosure Here

LM: Yeah, like I was saying. I came out here from England and have been grinding really hard ever since. It is my career and company, so I love doing what I do and helping out brothers along the way. Besides that, we have some sick denim, leather, and shirts for this winter. Live Mechanics is not what it was…

We feel obligated to support our good people with good intentions.

Live Mechanics Here


Pam Anderson pulls the ol ‘oops, my fashion show has fallen off’ again


Well this is original….Pam Anderson, on the runway…at a Richie Rich show….clothes fall off. I guess in Pam’s world, there is no better way to sell clothes than to not wear them. The only problem for Pam is, it’s 2009 and everybody would pay to have her put them back on. Pamela and her co-designer were launching their swimwear range A*Muse by Richie Rich on the fourth day of New Zealand fashion week when Rich attempted to roller skate out with Pam. He ended up on his ass and she ended up showing hers. These two clowns were made for each other.


Kim Kardashian paints the town black and white


Kim Kardashian’s big booty has been very busy this weekend. She showed up for three different events on three consecutive nights dressed in either black and/or white outfits.  First up, Kim hosted the Three Olives Vodka Launch Party for their new Bubble flavor at Greenhouse in NYC on Thursday (June 9) wearing a wildly boring zebra print dress and white blazer.  She showed her ‘O’ face on the red carpet before partying in the VIP section, sipping on bubble-gum flavored cocktails (ew!).

The next night, Kim K Superstar attended the 2009 Pepsi Max Bullrun Launch Party looking as curvy as a Coke bottle.  We don’t get the purpose of the big puffy sleeves on her white blouse, but we were more distracted by her naughty librarian leather pencil skirt.  We won’t be checking out any books, but we will check out that ass!

On Sunday (July 12), the jet-setting reality TV star hopped on a flight to LA to host another soiree, this time at the Playboy Mansion.  Kim showed up to the famed den of sin in a demure long-sleeved black dress for the Aces and Angels Celebrity Poker Party.  The charity event was attended by tons of D-listers (Brody Jenner, Maria Menounos, Shannon Elizabeth) and was held for the benefit of families of Southern California firefighters injured or killed in the line of duty.

With all that running around, we’d think Kim would lose a couple inches in the tush region, but maybe this is just how she stays in shape.  Whatever works!