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Beyonce & Jay-Z: Babysitting Duo

Music power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z don't have kids of their own just yet, but they're getting plenty of practice thanks to the Single Ladies singer's 5-year-old nephew Daniel.

Daniel's mom Solange Knowles gives both babysitters rave reviews, telling OK! that Jay-Z is a "very good uncle." As for her big sis Beyonce:

“She’s very hands-on. I’ve had two weekends where I’ve been able to hand him over, and it’s been very nerve-racking for me, but she does a great job. The bedtimes we got to work on. Sometimes I’ll call expecting him to be asleep, but he’s still up.”


Katy Perry turned spikey porcupine for the VMAs


There were a lot of angry vaginas at the VMAs last night. Lady Gaga kept giving the evil eye to everyone, Solange Knowles came packing with a rack of uzi ammunition on her shoulders, and Katy Perry was threatening to turn any horny penis approaching her into a lamb gyro on a spit with her metal spikes (which were strategically placed at male genital level on her dress…unless you were Tom Cruise, in which case she would have gouged your eyes out).


Solange Knowles shows where babies come from at the San Francisco Pride Parade


Donning her gayest get-up, a multi-colored Solange Knowles performed at the 39th Annual LGBT Pride Parade on Sunday (June 28).  Wrapped head to camel toe in a rainbow, Beyonce’s younger, less famous sis belted out her breezy R & B “hits” for the crowd of out and proud revelers.  Her skin-tight bodysuit must have been worn for the benefit of the ladies in attendance.

Speaking of benefits, it was just announced that Solange and Beyonce are teaming up for a special show at the Target Center in Minneapolis next month to raise money for the Charles & Phyllis Newman Foundation, as well as their own charity, The Survivor Foundation.  If she turns up in something as revealing as this, we might consider giving a donation…to the sperm bank.