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Full “All Access: Mayweather Vs Maidana” Episode 1 [Video]

If anyone shouldn’t be taken for granted… It’s Marcos Maidana! You know who we got.

The EMMY nominated series takes you beyond the ropes, behind the scenes, and into the lives of world champions Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana as they prepare for the marquee prizefight of the year, THE MOMENT: Saturday, May 3 – live on PPV.


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Watch The 10 Best Dunks Of The 2013-2014 NBA Season

Top 10 Dunks of the NBA season

Look out below

The NBA playoffs kick off today (April 19) so it’s a good time to reflect on the past season. Actually, let’s just get to the top 10 dunks of the 2013-2914 NBA season.

See more at: Hip Hop Wired

Image via YouTube

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SoCal: Charger Girl Auditions This Sunday April 6

Grab your pom-poms and your dancer’s tights, it’s time for Charger Girls auditions! That’s right YOU have a chance to be a Charger Girl this season in San Diego. You can get ALL OF THE INFORMATION from the website, but here are the highlights- REQUIREMENTS You must be at least 18 years old by [...]

Domestic Drama: Ray Rice Postpones Wedding Reception With Baby Mama After Indicted For Knocking Her Out!


In shady matrimony-dom news

Ray Rice Postpones Wedding Reception With Baby Mama After Beating Her

Via TMZ reports:

Ray Rice might have to wait a couple of months before the wedding gifts start to roll in — because TMZ Sports has learned the newly married NFL star isn’t having a wedding reception until June.

As we previously reported, the Baltimore Ravens running back traded “I Dos” with longtime girlfriend Janay Palmer last week in a quiet private ceremony.

Now, we know the couple is planning to celebrate the occasion with a standard reception — but it won’t go down for another couple of months. The reason for the delay is unclear.

Rice is still facing assault charges for allegedly attacking Palmer at an Atlantic City casino back in February … though Ray vehemently denies the charges and his attorney Michael Diamondstein has insisted the couple is “happy” and getting counseling.

What a great way to start a marriage?

Since the assault happened in a casino, chances are that the only evidence needed will be the tape of the alleged punch that knocked her out. The video reportedly exists, and it will go a long way toward proving beyond a reasonable doubt that assault was committed, regardless of whether his new wife takes the stand.

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Poor Thang: Gay Baller Jason Collins Says He’s Been The Target Of Homosexual Hate Since Joining The Nets

ASAP and Jason Collins

Jason Collins says he’s been harassed for being gay since joining the Brooklyn Nets…

Gay Player Jason Collins Says He’s Been Bullied Since Joining The Nets

Jason Collins has had a relatively quiet tenure since joining the Nets on Feb. 23, and that’s been viewed by almost everyone as a huge positive.

Via NBC Sports:

Collins became the NBA’s first openly gay active player once he inked consecutive 10-day contracts with Brooklyn, before being signed later to a deal that would have him on the roster to finish out the season.

It has been all business ever since, at least where the media has been concerned, as well as with Collins and his teammates. But he hasn’t gone unscathed in terms of at least one other player in the league attempting to use Collins’ openness against him.

From Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News:

From the moment he embarked down this trailblazing path, Jason Collins has said that he’d turn the other cheek when faced with ignorance, accepting that he can’t control the words and actions of idiots.

He was tested once during his first month with the Brooklyn Nets, although the NBA’s first openly gay player understandably doesn’t want to give attention to the “knucklehead” or his comments. … And Collins handled the negativity like he anticipated – with a silent disregard.

“One player, one knucklehead from another team,” Collins said in an interview with the Daily News. “He’s a knucklehead. So I just let it go. Again, that goes back to controlling what you can control. That’s how I conduct myself – just being professional.”

While Collins has been largely accepted without incident (as he absolutely should be), it honestly would have been more surprising had he not yet experienced a single incident like this.

The NBA is made up of players from widely divergent backgrounds, not to mention age groups that span from the teens to the late 30s. The fact that someone “went there” with Collins on the court is disgusting to be sure, but sadly, it couldn’t have possibly been completely unexpected.

How do you think Jason should handle the homosexual hate??

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Show & Prove: Can Losin’ Azz Olympian Lolo Jones Finally Win A Medal On The Women’s Bobsledding Team?

LoLo Jones

Maybe now Lolo can prove she’s not a huge Olympic failure.

Lolo Jones Adds Excitement To U.S. Women’s Bobsled Team

She couldn’t get it poppin’ as a track and field star. If she can’t get the medal as a bobsled athlete, well, UPS is hiring…

According to The Gazette:

Lolo Jones wanted to become a push athlete in Olympic bobsled competition.

She knew her ambition would require a big dose of courage. It’s no secret bobsledding can be perilous.

She also knew her ambition would require a more enormous version of Lolo.

Jones had made her name as a slim 130-pound world-class hurdler. She needed to add 30 pounds, at least, to prosper as a pusher.

“I can eat anything,” Jones said late in 2013 as she looked back on her successful attempt to add weight to her frame. “And it’s awesome.”

Jones is the most famous of the athletes who have traveled from other sports to bobsled competition. She is joined on the Olympic team by Lauryn Williams, a gold medal Olympic sprinter, and Aja Evans, who competed in track at Illinois.

On the men’s team, Curt Tomasevicz traveled to the bobsled Olympic team from football. He was raised in Shelby, Neb., on land almost as flat as a pool table. He still found his way, with a stop at Nebraska’s football team, to this mountain sport and lives and trains in Colorado Springs.

“They ask me if bobsledding is fun,” Tomasevicz said, “and I don’t think I could describe bobsledding as fun with freezing temperatures and spandex and wearing only a helmet as protection, it’s not necessarily fun.”

Jones disagrees.

She’s been surprised by the sheer joy of bobsledding. She once spent her days trying to run as fast as she could while clearing hurdles, but has found thrills in her role as, borrowing his words, “the engine” of a bobsled race team.

“Once you get use to the g-force and how it knocks you around, it’s really quite fun,” she said.

Do you think Lolo can get a gold Olympic medal as a bobsled athlete?

Image via RunLoloRun

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Seen On The Scene: Celebrities Party It Up In NYC For Super Bowl XLVIII [Photos]

super bowl

Check out pics from Super Bowl XLVII festivities in the Big Apple!!!!!

The ESPN Party at Basketball City The ESPN Party at Basketball City The ESPN Party at Basketball City The ESPN Party at Basketball City The ESPN Party at Basketball City The ESPN Party at Basketball City The ESPN Party at Basketball City Stars attend the Super Bowl XLVIII Party in New York - Part 2 Stars attend the Super Bowl XLVIII Party in New York - Part 2 Stars attend the Super Bowl XLVIII Party in New York - Part 2 Stars attend the Super Bowl XLVIII Party in New York - Part 2 Stars attend the Super Bowl XLVIII Party in New York - Part 2 Stars attend the Super Bowl XLVIII Party in New York - Part 2 super bowl



Who Looked More Bangin??? Former LHHNY Ladies Do Roc Nation Sports Super Bowl Party [21+ Photos]

LHHNY Roc Nation

Loreal, Chrissy Lampkin, and Emily B. hit up the Airbnb and Roc Nation sports celebration at 40/40 Club last night in NYC. Although these ladies are no longer on Love and Hip Hop New York, we still gotta ask…

Who Looked More Bangin???

Hit the flip for more pics including Tika Sumpter, Fabolous, Antonio Cromartie, and much much more!!!!

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Something To Cheer About: A Gallery Of Broncos Beauties Working The Sidelines Superbowl Sunday

Lelanna Denver Broncos cheerleader

Superbowl Sunday is here! Yesterday we introduced you to the Seahawks Sea Gals cheerleading squad so today we bring you a few faces from the Broncos. Their squad isn’t quite as diverse as the opposing team, but there’s still plenty to cheer about.

Hit the flip for more photos!

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Touchdown! Check Out The Seahawks Cheerleaders Who Will Be Working The SuperBowl Sidelines Sunday

Seattle Seagals

We’re suckers for pompoms So we figured we’d give you a little preview of some of the cuties who will be working the sidelines on Superbowl Sunday. We’ll start with the Seahawks today and introduce you to some of the Broncos gals Sunday!


Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Watch Carmelo Anthony Score A Madison Square Garden Record 62 Points! [Video]

Carmelo 62

Melo makes history

Carmelo Anthony Scores 62 Points At MSG

That boy good!

Image via YouTube

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Drugs Are Good M’Kay: NFL Commissioner Open To Medical Marijuana Use For All Football Players


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is leaving the door open on medical marijuana use for pro football players.

NFL Commissioner Open To Medical Marijuana Use For Players

Via Fox News reports:

Although it’s been legal to buy and use marijuana in Colorado since Jan. 1, smoking marijuana is still illegal under the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement.

When asked if a player might ever be allowed to use medical marijuana in states where it’s legal, Goodell told he could envision a time when players use medical marijuana in states where it’s legal.

“I don’t know what’s going to develop as far as the next opportunity for medicine to evolve and to help either deal with pain or help deal with injuries, but we will continue to support the evolution of medicine,” he said.

He said he could envision a time when players use medical marijuana in states where it’s legal.

His remarks were the first comments in the league about marijuana since 2012, when Washington and Colorado voted to legalize pot.

Goodell also addressed the Jonathan Martin bullying case, concussions in the game and whether the NFL was ready for an openly gay player.

On the latter, he said: “Yes. There may be, I don’t know, but the answer to that is yes.”

Last week, Goodell also said he hasn’t ruled out a Super Bowl taking place overseas.

“I want to grow the game,” he told the New York Post.

Goodell said that London would get a Super Bowl only if it had an NFL franchise.


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What Dreams Are Made Of: FSU Pulls Out Victory Over Auburn In Final Seconds Of BCS Championship [Video]

Winston became a hero last night…

Quarterback Jameis Winston threw a touchdown with just seconds to play to lead Florida State to a 34-31 win in the BCS Championship game in Pasadena, California. (Jan. 7)


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Real Or Nah? Suspect Twitter Page For DWade’s Secret Babymama Goes IN On Gabrielle Union


Alleged Twitter Page Of Aja Metoyer Criticizes Gabrielle Union

A Twitter page for the woman confirmed to be Dwyane Wade’s now not-so-secret babymama Aja Metoyer has now surfaced as more details continue to emerge about the messy love affair that shocked the world in the last few days of 2013.

While there’s no way to tell just yet whether or not the account is a fake, the Tweets streaming from the page are definitely not holding much back and will certainly not make things any easier in the Union-Wade household.

Hit the flip to see what we mean.

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Coupled Up: DWade & Gabrielle Union Make First Public Appearance Following News Of His Newborn Son


DWade rings in the new year with his future Mrs. and says his secret child has helped him “grow” and become a better person…

Dwyane Wade And Gabrielle Union First Public Appearance Following News Of His Lovechild

Hollyweird actress Gabrielle Union and her baby makin’ baller boo Dwyane Wade have been the non-stop talk of the town after news of DWade’s secret, 6-week-old lovechild broke last week just as 2013 was coming to a close. However, despite the unavoidably messy nature of their current situation, the newly engaged couple seem to be pushing forward.

DWade coupled up with Gabby and his fellow Miami Heat teammate Chris Bosh along with his wife Adrienne to bring in 2014 and he had this to say as the twosome made their first appearance together since news of his secret seed broke.



Do you think Gabby will really ride this whole thing out with DWade, Bossip fam? Guess only time will tell…


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Congratulations: Dwyane Wade Asks Gabrielle Union To Be His “Basketball Wife”

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 8.46.09 PM

He finally put a ring on it!!! And not just a championship one. Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union hit a few bumps in the road this year but it looks like they are ending 2013 on the upswing cuz the couple just announced their engagement via instagram.

photo (5)

photo (5)

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 8.24.50 PM

Good job D-Wade. Because once “Being Mary Jane” takes off next year Gabs is gonna be killing the game. And you know you got them old knees and stuff. Time to sit on the sidelines and be on Daddy duty with Zion, Zaire and all those precious chocolate babies you and Gabs are gonna be making.

Hit the flip for a photo from the engagement and a closeup of that ring.


LeBron James About To Catch Fade With Teammate Mario Chalmers During Timeout (Screams In Grown Man’s Face) [Video]

LeBron James is frustrated and screams at Mario Chalmers (almost fight) – Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat – 12.18.2013


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What The Hell? Virginia Community In Uproar After Local Cemetery Is Dug Up And Replaced With Football Field


Random ricdiculousness…

Virginia Cemetery Dug Up And Replaced With Football Field

Residents in one Virginia community are rightfully outraged as a local high school is reportedly moving forward with plans to dig up a cemetery to make way for a new football field.

via Fox News

A northern Virginia school district has been criticized for following through with plans to turn an unruly swath of land identified as a gravesite into a high school football field.

“It’s not even the high school,” Carolyn Lynn, a genealogist from Manassas, Va., told The Washington Post. “And that kind of adds insult to injury.”

At the beginning of the school year, Prince William County high schools announced it would move the cemetery, which they just learned about over the summer, the report said. The report said contractors at the location found evidence of the cemetery in 2008, but for “unknown reasons” did not alert anyone in the school system for years. Some of the graves date back to the 1860s.

“It’s very upsetting. These were people who lived there, farmed there, had children….that expected to be there forever.”
- Carolyn Lynn, a genealogist from Manassas

Philip B. Kavits, a school spokesman, told the paper that the school division cannot afford to go through a redesign. Work at the cemetery had already started when researchers traced the land to a farm occupied by William Lynn and his wife in the mid-1800s. The graves likely belong to the family. Lynn, the genealogist, believes she is related to the cemetery’s occupants, the report said.

The report said despite complaints, the dig at the site was completed five days later. Workers reportedly found 11 graves and decayed bones and other artifacts.

How in the world was this even able to take place? This just sounds outrageous…


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Double D Downfall: Middle School Football Coach Fired After Refusing To Cancel Plans For Team Trip To Hooters


Middle School Football Coach Fired For Planning Team Trip To Hooters

via Fox News

A Portland, Ore.-area middle school football coach who said he was willing to lose his job rather than back down from plans for a team party at Hooters has lost his job.

The athletic director for the Corbett School District, Jean-Paul Soulagnet, sent a letter to parents Monday night telling them the end-of-season awards party at Hooters was no longer a Corbett Middle School event.

KGW reports the athletic director also fired coach Randy Burbach for refusing to choose a more appropriate location.

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Who Is My Former Baller Daddy?

Keyshawn Johnson seen with girlfriend Jennifer Conrad and daughter London during week two of Dancing With The Stars at the rehearsal studio in Los Angeles. Photograph: © Cathy Gibson,

This curly cutie is the daughter of a former NFL baller who has been getting plenty of TV time since leaving the league. Can you guess who he is?

Hit the flip for the answer!

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A “Lil Positivity”: Ray J Hosts Anti Bullying Basketball Game For ‘RockLife’ In Calabasas

Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even

Look at Ray J doing good and stuff… This weekend Brandy’s brother hosted an event in Calabasas for the RockLife anti-bullying campaign for kids. Ray J held it down on the basketball court alongside celebrities including Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, Tank, Mario, Laura Govan and more (including his sister Brandy). The event was put together along with former NBA baller Mitch Richmond who is now co-wonder of the Sacramento Kings.


Brandy sat out the game with her fiancé Ryan Press right by her side.

Check out more photos below:

RayJBrandy RayJKid RayJTank RayMic Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Event Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Brandy Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even IMG_1543 Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Mario Ray J Tank Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx Ray J Tank Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Tank

Cassy Athena


Making It Rain On These Hoes: Serena WIlliams Beat Victoria Azarenka For Second Straight U.S. Open Championship Victory!!!

serena williams

Serena Williams Wins 2013 US Open Championship

Serena is a beast!!!

According to CBS News:

Fussing with her skirt and flubbing her shots, Serena Williams was troubled in the U.S. Open final by the swirling air and the strong play of Victoria Azarenka. After one miss, Williams declared, “I can’t play in this wind.” After blowing a big second-set lead, Williams chucked her racket toward the sideline, and it bounced back onto the court. In the end, Williams pulled herself together, as she usually does when it matters the most. Facing her first test of the past two weeks, the No. 1-seeded Williams overcame No. 2 Azarenka 7-5, 6-7 (6), 6-1 on Sunday for a fifth championship at Flushing Meadows and second in a row.

“As impressive as her final set was, the bigger achievement may have been handling both her nerves as well as the swirling winds throughout Arthur Ashe Stadium,” writes CBS Sports’ Mike Singer. Williams, who turns 32 in 2-and-a-half weeks, raised her Grand Slam singles title count to 17, the sixth-most in history and one shy of Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert. Williams collected a $3.6 million prize, including a $1 million bonus for producing the best results during the North American summer hard-court circuit leading up to the U.S. Open. Helped by nine aces, one at 126 mph, Williams improved to 67-4 with a career-best nine titles in 2013. Since a first-round exit at the 2012 French Open, Williams is 98-5 with 14 titles, winning four of the past six Grand Slam tournaments.

But this one did not come easily, even though it appeared to be nearly over when Williams went ahead by two breaks at 4-1 in the second set. Williams served for the match at 5-4 and 6-5 — only to have the gutsy Azarenka break each time. This was a rematch of last year’s final, also won by Williams in three sets, and two-time Australian Open champion Azarenka provided another challenge with her big swings off both wings. Williams wound up holding there with a 104 mph ace, part of what seemed to be a match-altering stretch. She won five consecutive games and 16 of 18 points to take the first set and go up a break in the second.

Her lead grew to 4-1 in the second set, before Azarenka made things competitive again. Azarenka is responsible for two of Williams’ four losses this season. And entering Sunday, Azarenka was 31-1 on hard courts this season, and she showed why for portions of the final, playing far better than she had in her preceding six matches in New York. But she simply could not keep pace with Williams, who eventually adjusted to her opponent and the wind that topped 15 mph. Williams put aside her issues to finish with a 36-17 edge in winners.

The first time Williams served for the championship, at 5-4, Azarenka hit a cross-court forehand winner for break point, then forced a backhand long. Williams came right back to break for a 6-5 edge. But on her second chance to serve it out, she double-faulted to get broken for the fourth time Sunday.

Congrats, Serena!!!!!

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Some Strong Black Lovin’: Carmelo And La La Anthony At The Toronto Film Festival, Tyson And Kim Chandler Hit NYFW

Basketball player Carmelo Anthony (L) and wife La La Anthony arrive at the "12 Years A Slave" premiere during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival at the Princess of Wales Theatre on September 6, 2013 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

We gotta give it up to the NY Knicks for having some of the best examples of black matrimony-dom in the entertainment world… La La and Carmelo Anthony turned up at the “12 Years A Slave” premiere at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival Friday… Melo cleans up alright but cotdayuuuum La La looks good as fawk in that forest green leather jawn!

Tyson Chandler and wife Kimberly Brown seen holding hands while out and about in New York City.

Meanwhile Tyson Chandler and his fashionista wife Kimberly were spotted looking stylish as ever as they held hands in the streets of NYC. It’s New York Fashion Week so it’s a pretty safe bet these two were headed either to or from the tents to catch some shows.

Hit the flip for more flicks of both couples.



Kush Before Kick Off? New Colorado Billboard Encourages NFL Players To Stop Getting Slizzard And Start Piff-Puffin’

Do you agree?

Colorado Billboard Encourages NFL Players To Smoke Kush

via Huffington Post

A billboard calling out the NFL to stop punishing players for [kush] use has popped up outside Sports Authority Field at Mile High just in time for the Broncos-Ravens NFL season opener.

The 48-foot-wide billboard–in Broncos colors, no less–produced by [kush] policy reform group the M*rij*ana Policy Project reads, “Stop driving players to drink! A safer choice is now legal (here).”

Colorado and Washington voters approved ballot measures last November which legalized recreational [kush] for adults in each state and the Department of Justice recently announced that it will let the new laws go into effect in both states.

“For years, the NFL has been punishing players for using [kush] despite the fact that it is far less harmful than alcohol, a substance widely embraced by the league,” said Mason Tvert, director of communications for the M*rij*ana Policy Project who was a key figure in the legalization effort in Colorado.

“The league would never punish a player simply for having a couple beers, so why does it penalize them for using a substance that is less toxic, less addictive, and less likely to contribute to violence.”

MPP also launched a petition aimed at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, calling on the NFL to change its [kush] policy. At the time of publishing, the petition already had nearly 1,500 signees.

Do you think NFL players should be allowed to blow trees during the season if it’s legalized in their state?

bossiprss?d=yIl2AUoC8zA bossiprss?i=-p27eIhMt-k:abAYAb29TTE:D7Dq bossiprss?d=qj6IDK7rITs bossiprss?i=-p27eIhMt-k:abAYAb29TTE:gIN9

Guess The Baller Brood On Their First Day Back To School

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 1.41.23 PM

Class is back in session for many kids across America, but how many can say their NBA player Dad walked them to the first day? We can count at least three — these adorable siblings rode their scooters to the first day of school while their baller daddy walked alongside with their mom pulling up the rear while pushing baby bro in the stroller.

Can you guess which baller is at the head of this fam?

Hit the flip for the answer.


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Our Boy… Jozy Altidore Hat Tricks The USA Team Pass 12th Ranked Bosnia 4-3! [Video]

With Jozy playing the way he’s been playing for the last year straight… we actually-have-a-shot to make it far in the 2014 World Cup!!


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David Ortiz Goes “Bat-Crap” Crazy Destroying Dugout And Trying To Attack Umpire! [Video]

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It’s All Coming Out Now!: A-Rod And 20 More MLB Players To Be Suspended In Worst Steroid Scandal Ever! [Video]

7abc youtube

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Bump, Bump, Bump: Woman Files Lawsuit After Getting Herpes From Used Tube Of Rihanna’s “RiRi Woo” MAC Lipstick


Woman Files Lawsuit Against MAC After Contracting Herpes From Used Rihanna Lipstick

A New York woman who says she contracted herpes while visiting a MAC cosmetics store in Harlem where an employee applied a used tube of Rihanna’s “RiRi Woo” lipstick to her lips is taking the popular cosmetics company to court.

via NY Daily News

A Harlem woman claims in a lawsuit that she got herpes at a Rihanna concert in Brooklyn from lipstick the singer endorsed.

Starkeema Greenidge, 28, alleges she contracted the virus when a representative of MAC Cosmetics applied a used tube of RiRi Woo to her smackers.

“I wasn’t able to work for two weeks. It cost me a lot of money,” Greenidge, a waitress, told the Daily News on Wednesday.

She said she slapped MAC with the suit in Manhattan Supreme Court in hopes of forcing the company to be more sanitary in the future.

Greenidge also said the company should train its employees to use disposable tubes or swabs to apply the lipstick.

Sounds like this woman is about to making it rain RiRi Woo money very soon.


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Ho Sit Down: O.J. Simpson Wants to Go On A College Speaking Tour If He Is Released From Jail


O.J., what can college students possibly learn from you? How to kill a b**** 101? How to go to jail for stealing your own ish?

O.J. Simpson Wants To Go On Tour If Released From Jail

According to TMZ

OJ Simpson is already planning life after jail — despite the fact that his conviction has yet to be overturned — and priority numero uno: a massive college speaking tour to line his pockets.

Simpson is gunning for a retrial in his 2007 armed robbery case, for which he’s currently serving out a 33-year-sentence. If a new trial happens, and his conviction is overturned, Simpson’s time behind bars could be drastically reduced.

With high hopes of getting out soon, Simpson reportedly told a source close to The NY Post that he plans to go on a nationwide college tour to make some cold, hard cash speaking about the Nicole Brown murder case.

OJ told the source, “I’m excited. I mean, they teach the ‘Trial of the Century’ in school, so who better to talk about it than me?”

According to the report, Simpson could make up to $1,000 per speech.

Would you want O.J. teaching your kids?



Here Comes Baby: Reggie Bush’s Kimmy Fakes Gives Birth To Beautiful Baby Girl

Parents to be Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan arrive at Bootsy Bellows hand-in-hand. Reggie and Lilit matched as they both wore black and white to the club.

Congratz Reggie.

Reggie Bush Becomes A Dad

According to US Magazine

Reggie Bush is a dad! The 28-year-old NFL player welcomed his first child with fiancee Lilit Avagyan on Monday, May 6.

“Lilit gave birth to a beautiful baby girl,” her rep tells Us Weekly. The tot weighed in at 8 pounds, 9 ounces.

The Detroit Lions running back and the 25-year-old dancer have been dating for about a year and a half. Bush confirmed Avagyan was pregnant in October 2012 on Florida’s Paul and Young Ron Morning Show. “I have a little one on the way,” he said. “We’re pretty excited!”

Bush famously dated Kim Kardashian on-and-off for several years before calling it quits for good in March 2010. The 32-year-old reality starlet is also expecting her first child in July with boyfriend Kanye West.

In an Apr. 15 blog post on the Detroit Lions’ website, Bush opened up about his thoughts on becoming first-time parents with his Armenian girlfriend. “I’m very excited. Very excited about the baby. It’s our first one and couldn’t have come at a better time,” he shared. “It couldn’t have come with a better person. Someone I really love and care about. It’s great. It really worked out perfect.”

Bush also shared his plans to travel back and forth between his family in L.A. and work in Michigan. “The baby will be in L.A. Well, [Avagyan] is going to be in L.A. because her family lives 15-20 minutes away from us,” he explained. “So she’s going to need that support system while I’m here for a few days out of each week. Then I’ll be home . . . I’m going to rack up a lot of sky miles, I know that.”

Kim is about to pop out a baby and Reggie’s look-a-like gives birth to one. Interesting.


Mama Said Knock You Out! Floyd Mayweather Jr. Beats Robert Guerrero And Keeps Welterwelt Championship Belt


Congrats to the money team!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Beats Robert Guerrero

Via SI reports:

The defense was back, just like it used to be. Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s dad was back, too, just like he used to be.
And Mayweather was a winner once again – just like he always is.

Mayweather fought as if he had never left the ring, coming back from a year’s absence Saturday night to win a unanimous 12-round decision over Robert Guerrero in their welterweight title fight.

The game plan was defense, and Mayweather followed it perfectly. With his father directing from the corner after a 13-year absence, he dominated Guerrero in a performance not totally expected at the age of 36.

“I needed my father tonight,” Mayweather said. “My defense was on point and he told me to stick with my defense and that the less you get hit the longer you last.”

Mayweather was masterful at times, landing thudding right hands and bloodying Guerrero’s face in a performance that mimicked some of his best fights. Mayweather hurt Guerrero on several occasions, including a series of right hands near the end of the eighth round that buckled Guerrero’s knees.

All three judges scored the bout 117-111. The Associated Press had it 119-109.

“We did it again,” Mayweather said after earning at least $32 million for his night’s work. “I take my hat off to Robert Guerrero. He’s a true warrior.”

If it wasn’t terribly pleasing to the crowd of 15,880, it was terribly effective. Mayweather made a fighter who hadn’t lost in eight years look befuddled as he danced and moved and shot out right hands with increasing frequency.

He remained unbeaten in 44 fights and, more importantly, looked so fresh that he may follow through on his plan to fight again in September.

“I was looking for the knockout but I hurt my hand,” Mayweather said. “I feel bad I didn’t give the fans the knockout.”

Did you watch the fight?

Isaac Brekken/AP


Sell Out: Camel Man Hov Has Begun The Sale Of His Shares Of The Brooklyn Nets In Order To Represent NBA Players Throught Roc Nation Sports

Camel in brooklyn

Ah well, it was a good run while it lasted.

Jay-Z Selling His Shares Of The Brooklyn Nets In Order To Represent NBA Players Through Roc Nation Sports

Via Yahoo!

Entertainment mogul and rapper Jay-Z has started the process of divesting his small share of ownership with the Brooklyn Nets to extend his Roc Nation Sports representation business into basketball, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Jay-Z – whose real name is Shawn Carter – owns less than 1 percent of the Nets, but has been a central public figure in the franchise’s marketing and move from New Jersey to Brooklyn.

Selling his share of the Nets is a necessary prelude for Jay-Z to obtain his National Basketball Players Association certification as an agent.

NBA rules mandate that no one individual affiliated with a player representation company can have an ownership stake with an NBA team.

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation company has partnered with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to launch a sports representation business that recently secured New York Yankees star Robinson Cano.

The process is expected to be completed in time for Roc Nation to compete for players entering the June NBA draft, but there’s no guarantee of the timing, sources said. Those within Roc Nation and the CAA alliance aren’t “chasing a clock on this,” one source said. “This isn’t about one draft, but taking the long view of the business.”

Rival agents are anxious over the possibilities of Jay-Z on the recruiting trail, believing the lure of his iconic business and cultural standing will have a major impact on attracting top prospects and current league stars.

The rich are always plotting a way to get richer. We’re sure between the sale of his shares and his new business interest in sports management, Jiggaman’s pockets will only get fatter.

Image via Facebook

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Justice Is Served: Former Tennis Pro Sentenced To 135 Months In Prison For Smuggling African Children Into America As Slaves!

Jean-Claude Toviave

The boys in the bing are going to have fun with this guy

Ex-Tennis Pro Sentenced To Over 11 Years For Forcing 4 Children Into Slavery

Via NYDailyNews

A former tennis pro accused of fraudulently bringing four children from the African nation of Togo to the U.S. and forcing them to work as slaves in his Michigan home was sentenced Monday to more than 11 years in federal prison.

Jean-Claude Toviave, who didn’t apologize when provided the opportunity to speak at his sentencing hearing in Detroit, also was ordered to pay two of the children $60,000 each.

Prosecutors asked U.S. District Judge Arthur Tarnow to sentence Toviave to the maximum sentence within the guidelines, and he did, handing down a 135-month sentence, with credit for about two years of time served.

“I can’t get a read on you,” Tarnow told Toviave. “I can’t tell if you understand what you did was really wrong.”

The four children emigrated from Togo in 2006 with fraudulent immigration paperwork that listed them as being Toviave’s biological children, which they are not.

The victims said Toviave beat them with toilet plungers, broomsticks and electrical cords and starved them if they didn’t follow his orders. They were forced to vacuum, iron, cook, clean and shine shoes at the home in Ypsilanti, near Ann Arbor, for nearly five years until January 2011.

One of the unidentified victims had his statement read aloud in court:

“The physical torture, beating me and starving me, you inflicted was so painful that I prayed at night that God would either help me to be free or allow your assaults to kill me,” wrote the unnamed victim. “The pain is something I will never forget. In the midst of your verbal and physical assaults, you worked the four of us to death.”

We would have liked to see ol’ boy get sentenced to a lil’ more time, but we’re glad the victims got the justice they deserved.

Image via Handout

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Love And Basketball: Who Is James Harden’s New Thicky Thick Boo…This Time?


Pictures Of James Harden’s New Girlfriend

James Harden may have finally gotten tired of spending his game checks at Onyx long enough to find himself a boo thang. The lady in question is none other than Claudia Nelson, urban model and former cover girl. And like most model types booed up with athletes, she took to Instagram to share the news as soon as she could.

So who is this dime? Well, take a look cuz we got pics!

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Gay: The NFL To Investigate Whether Teams Have Been Asking Draft Prospects At The Combine About Their Sexual Preference

Manti Te'o

What? The NFL ain’t got no love for a gay rookie?

Via NYPost reports:

The NFL is looking into allegations that certain teams may have asked a draft prospect about his sexual orientation.

Reports surfaced on Wednesday that Colorado tight end Nick Kasa was asked whether or not he liked girls during the interview process at the NFL Scouting Combine.

“We will look into the report on the questioning of Nick Kasa at the Scouting Combine,” NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello said in a statement. “It is league policy to neither consider nor inquire about sexual orientation in the hiring process.

“In addition, there are specific protections in our collective bargaining agreement with the players that prohibit discrimination against any player, including on the basis of sexual orientation.”

Kasa said that during the interview process, teams outwardly questioned his sexuality.

“They ask you like, ‘Do you have a girlfriend? Are you married? Do you like girls?’” Kasa said on the CJ and Kreckman show on ESPN Radio in Denver. “Those kinds of things. It was kind of weird. But they would ask you with a straight face, and it’s a pretty weird experience altogether.”

Kasa did preface those comments by saying the whole goal of the interview process is for the coaches to learn how mentally tough a player is and whether or not they can get into the prospect’s head.

“I think the whole point of the week is to play with your mind to see if you stay focused and stay driven,” Kasa said. “There was a couple of questions by coaches … they try to catch you off guard or try to say something you wouldn’t normally say … to see if they can get a reaction. They’re trying to see how badly they can get in your mind.”

Regardless of the purpose of the questioning, if team officials at the Combine did ask Kasa about his sexuality, they may have violated league policy against discrimination.

“Any team or employee that inquires about impermissible subjects or makes an employment decision based on such factors is subject to league discipline,” Aiello said.

The allegations come just days after it was revealed that teams wanted to know more about controversial Notre Dame linebacker prospect Manti Te’o’s sexual preferences.

Earlier in the week Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reported that NFL coaches and GMs at the scouting combine wanted to find out if Te’o was gay.

“Here’s the elephant in the room for the teams and it shouldn’t matter, but we have to step aside from the rest of reality and walk into the unique industry that is the NFL,” Florio said on the Dan Patrick Show. “Teams want to know whether Manti Te’o is gay. They just want to know. They want to know because in an NFL locker room, it’s a different world.”

There have been several issues of team’s grilling prospects during the scouting combine, with the most recent one coming to mind being when Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland asked then Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant (now with the Cowboys) if his mother was a sex worker.

There has not ever been an openly gay player to play in the NFL or any other major team professional sport.

We keep saying it and it’s definitely true. It’s only a matter of time. Should these NFL teams be ashamed for inquiring about players sexual orientation?

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Will You Be Watching? Katie Couric To Sit Down With Widow Of Fallen ‘Peen’ State Coach Joe Paterno And Address Jerry Sandusky Child Sex Scandal


Will Mrs. Paterno keep it real with Katie?

Katie Couric To Sit Down With Widow Of Joe Paterno

After just a little over 2-years since his death, the widow of the late former Penn State University coach Joe Paterno will sit down with Katie Couric to spill the beans on the child sex scandal that rocked the nation and sent peen-pandering perv Jerry Sandusky, also a former Penn State coach, to prison where he belongs.

via The Hollywood Reporter

Katie Couric has landed an exclusive interview with the widow of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. It is the first in-depth interview Sue Paterno has given since the sex abuse scandal rocked college sports and forever tarnished her husband’s legacy.

Couric visited Sue Paterno at her home in State College, Penn., where she lived with her husband of 50 years until his death in January 2011, which came two months after he was fired by the university.

It should be quite interesting to hear Mrs. Paterno tell her side of the story about her once-legendary husband’s fall from grace since one of the burning questions that we all wondered about was how in the world the wives of these “men” had no idea what was going when it was happening for so long. Will you be watching?

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Celebrity Cribs: Vanessa Bryant Sells $3 Million Mansion She Got From Kobe During Divorce Talks


She was with him shooting in the gym

Vanessa Bryant Sells California Mansion

Via RadarOnline reports:

They’ve called off the split but not before Vanessa Bryant sold off the house she got as part of her divorce settlement with Kobe Bryant.

The 6,000 mansion in a gated Newport Beach community was listed in September for $3.75 million. It closed mid-January for $3.22 million. It was one of three homes Vanessa and the Los Angeles Lakers superstar had jointly owned in the same upscale community.

Just days after the sale, the pair announced they’d reconciled and the divorce petition was being dismissed.

The mountain-view house was built in 1999 and purchased by the Bryants in 2003 for $2.65 million.

It has five bedrooms, an office, five fireplaces and balconies. The quarter-acre property has a spa and outdoor kitchen.

Kobe lived in a three-bedroom bungalow at the nearby Resort at Pelican Hill during his separation from Vanessa.

Looks like Vanessa is getting to have her cake, sell it and eat it too…

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Go Fight Win Lose! Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Says Was Booted From The Super Bowl Squad Because She Gained Weight


Dayyyyuumm homie

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Claims She Was Cut For Gaining Weight

Is it us or is it getting more and more difficult to focus on the actual reason for the Super Bowl with all this other ridiculousness taking precedence over the actual game?

Keeping with the theme of all things non-football that seems to be surrounding Sunday’s big game, a Baltimore Raves cheerleader who was booted from the squad that will be cheering on their Bmore ballers as they take on the 49ers later this weekend says she was kicked to the curb for weighing too much……at a whopping 124 pounds.

via L.A. Times

Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Courtney Lenz (pictured above), 23, says she has been barred from the Super Bowl because she weighs too much.

Lenz made the comments during an interview on “Access Hollywood” on Wednesday evening.

“They said that I had quote, unquote, a rough year,” Lenz said. “I’d been benched earlier in the season for a little bit of a weight gain. We do get weighed every week during the season, and you can’t fluctuate at all. I gained, I think it was 1.8 pounds. I had been consistent and they let me cheer previously and then I gained 1.8 or 1.6 pounds and they said because I had gained weight and they wanted me to be consistent or they wanted me to lose, they benched me for a game and because it was a disciplinary action, that was the reason.”

Lenz went on to say that she weighs 124 pounds.

“During the season, I was 124. That was consistently, they wanted me to get back down to 121, 120, which is what I was at when I was 18, 19, when I started on the team,” she said. “That was the only disciplinary action I had during the year. I got benched because of my weight, and they said that was the reason.

Anybody that had disciplinary action taken during the season was automatically disqualified [from the Super Bowl]. However, there are some girls on the team that were also benched for their weight, and are going. So they just aren’t consistent, it isn’t fair. That’s why I brought this to the attention of the fans because what they’re doing is not right.”

Lenz has been a Ravens cheerleader for five years.

Meanwhile, the Baltimore Ravens management stands by their reasoning that only 32 cheerleaders total are permitted to attend the Superbowl and Courtney just didn’t make the cut, which was made based on “seniority, performance ability and personal conduct throughout the season.”

And yes. You read that right. She gained 1.8 pounds. SMH.

Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun

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Love And Basketball: When NBA Ballers And Musicians Chop Each Other Down


NBA Players And Singers Who Got Together

Face it. The star athlete gets the pretty girl. It happens. But nowadays, instead of the star athlete getting the cheerleader, he usually ends up chopping down a beautiful R&B singer. These basketball stars are living the dream of chopping down beautiful divas. Don’t be jealous…congratulate them.

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