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Stacy Keibler: St. Barts Bump

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.36.03 AM

Stacy Keibler has shared photos of her trip to St. Barts via Instagram. The Supermarket Superstar host and her husband Jared Pobre were there to attend a wedding. In a series of snapshots Keibler, 34, shows off her growing belly.

The 34-year-old captioned a photo of herself wearing a red dress with friends alongside the caption: “wedding time.”

In another picture she poses in a white sleeveless dress with a pleated skirt.

US Weekly reported that Keibler is expecting a baby girl.

Married for only a month she said, “Both Jared and I didn’t think that we were ever going to get married or have kids. When you meet the right person, everything changes.”

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Stacy Keibler 2014 People Magazine Most Beautiful issue

Stacy Keibler 2014 People Magazine Most Beautiful issue.

90457_stacy_123_162lo WYEvKZVdZfU

Stacy Keibler Nude In People’s Magazine Most Beautiful

Stacy Keibler Nude

So because we live in an age where you can’t officially join the pregnant celeb club until you pose naked for some “arty” black-and-white shot, here’s Stacy Keibler being a good future MILF by taking it off for People Magazine‘s “Most Beautiful Issue” and showing off those perfect stems of hers. Obviously I would’ve preferred seeing her growing baby bumps too, but still, I told you guys this Stacy pregnancy thing wouldn’t be so bad. Especially not if she keeps this up.

Stay Keibler Pictures

Stacy Keibler Debuts Baby Bump In Cutout Dress

Stacy Keibler glows for the ELLE 5th Annual Women In Music Event in Hollywood

Mom-to-be Stacy Keibler debuted her baby bump at Elle’s 5th Annual Women in Music event in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (April 22).

The former WWE wrestler, 34, looked radiant in a black maxi BCBGMAXAZRIA dress with cutouts alongside her midsection, giving us a peekaboo look at her barely-there baby bump. The Dancing with the Stars alum accessorized her chic look with metallic jewelry, a bouffant updo, and a stunning smokey eye.

Stacy and husband Jared Pobre, a tech entrepreneur, wed in early March in a surprise sunset ceremony on a beach in Mexico. Just two weeks later, the newlyweds announced that they are expecting their first child together.

Reportedly, the future parents are expecting a daughter, and are “beyond excited and happy” about their growing family.

Though Keibler has known Pobre, 39, for more than five years, the couple didn’t start dating until fall 2013, after she split from A-lister George Clooney last summer.

“Both Jared and I didn’t think that we were ever going to get married or have kids,” said Kiebler. “When you meet the right person, everything changes.”

View Slideshow »» Stacy Keibler glows for the ELLE 5th Annual Women In Music Event in Hollywood Stacy Keibler glows for the ELLE 5th Annual Women In Music Event in Hollywood Stacy Keibler glows for the ELLE 5th Annual Women In Music Event in Hollywood Stacy Keibler glows for the ELLE 5th Annual Women In Music Event in Hollywood

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Hollywood Tuna’s Extra Catch Of The Day

Today’s extra catch consists of Nina Agdal, Amy Willerton, Natasha Hamilton, Olivia Cooke, Erin Richards, Christina Hendricks, Sophia Loren,Stacy Keibler, Holland Roden, Willa Holland, Adelaide Kane, Layla Kayleigh, Aly Michalka, Taylor Swift, Emmanuelle Seigner, Olivia Munn, Heidi Klum.

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Stacy Keibler Expecting First Child


Just a few weeks after Stacy Keibler married Jared Pobre in a top-secret beachside ceremony in Mexico, the former professional wrestler and model, 34, announced on Instagram that she is pregnant with her first child.

“Look what we’ve got cooking!” she wrote alongside a photo of a bun in an oven. “A Bun’dle of love!”

Though Keibler has known Pobre, 39, for more than five years, the couple didn’t start dating until fall 2013, after she split from A-lister George Clooney last summer.

News of the pregnancy is as surprising as their intimate nuptials on March 8.

“Stacy really did not tell any of her friends that this wedding was happening,” a source close to Keibler told Us Weekly.

“Stacy loves Jared so much and is so happy with how everything went,” the insider added. “They’ve been head over heels with each other since they met.”

Congratulations to the newlyweds!


Hollywood Tuna’s Extra Catch Of The Day

Today’s extra catch consists of Courtney Stodden, Brandy, Una Healy,Michelle Hunziker, Tara Reid, Caitin O’Connor, Gena Lee Nolin, Olivia Holt, Cher Lloyd, Natalie Portman, Stacy Keibler, Christine Woods, Darby Stanchfield, Meredith Monroe, Peta Murgatoyd, Maddie Hasson, Sasha Pieterse, Jennette McCurdy, Stephanie Jacobsen, Jackie Cruz, Jacqueline Bracamontes, Eva Mendes.

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Stacy Keibler And Her Killer Legs In New York

I love Stacy Keibler. She’s gorgeous and seems to be a fairly down to earth woman. That really appeals to me. I know these days most of what is written about her revolves around her relationship with George Clooney or the end of that relationship but not this post. There are more important things to focus on here such as her killer legs. In these shots, snapped at Good Morning America in New York City, Stacy legs are the stars of the show. Of course, the rest of her doesn’t look half bad either. I love the outfit she’s wearing here. In all honesty though, I don’t think it matters what she wears. Stacy looks great in everything.

Stacy Keibler And Her Killer Legs In New York

Stacy Keibler And Her Killer Legs In New York Stacy Keibler And Her Killer Legs In New York
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Stacy Keibler Shows Off Her Famous Legs

I really like Stacy Keibler. I have always really liked Stacy Keibler. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous and to this very day, I’ve met precious few people who have disagreed with me about that. Those legs of hers are the stuff of legend. Stacy is more than just a great pair of stems though. She has this beautiful, fresh faced vibe going on. There’s just something about those delicate facial features I just adore. I love these photos for many reasons. First, I like the fact that she’s gone with an understated hair and makeup look because I think such a look really shows off her features. Second, I love the dress. It’s a great cut and color for her. Finally, I love the length of the dress and the shoes she’s paired it with. Her legs really are the star of the show even if everything else is pretty damn close to perfect as well.

Stacy Keibler Shows Off Her Famous Legs

Stacy Keibler Shows Off Her Famous Legs Stacy Keibler Shows Off Her Famous Legs Stacy Keibler Shows Off Her Famous Legs
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Stacy Keibler and George Clooney at the Argo premiere in LA.

Is it silly of me to think Stacy Keibler is the woman who is finally going to tame notorious bachelor, George Clooney? It is? I don’t care. I want to believe it so I’m going to believe it. I love Stacy. I’ve been a big fan for a long time. She’s such a beautiful woman and she seems so down to earth. Plus these two look great together. Here at the Argo premiere in Los Angeles, Stacy and George are all smiles. I’d like to believe that isn’t just for the cameras but this is Hollywood and little in Hollywood is actually what it appears to be. Still, I really do hope for the best for these too.

tn stacy keibler 1 Stacy Keibler and George Clooney at the Argo premiere in LA.

tn stacy keibler 2 Stacy Keibler and George Clooney at the Argo premiere in LA. tn stacy keibler 3 Stacy Keibler and George Clooney at the Argo premiere in LA. tn stacy keibler 7 Stacy Keibler and George Clooney at the Argo premiere in LA.
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Stacy Keibler: The New Host Of…

Supermarket Superstars! What? You’ve never heard of Supermarket Superstars? Don’t worry; we’re pretty sure no one has heard of Supermarket Superstars. In fact, we’re pretty sure Stacy Keibler doesn’t even know what the heck the show is.

Luckily for her, we did some research and have found out that it’s going to be a new reality show on Lifetime. Inventors will pitch their “great” ideas to a panel of experts, in hopes to have their inventions manufactured and sold in a major grocery store. Lifetime has ordered 10 episodes for the first season and that will likely be all that this show gets. It’s possible it might get a second season, but that is only because guys will want to watch Stacy Keibler on their 52-inch flat screen television.

Guys can only watch Lifetime for so long, though. Eventually, their eyes will start to bleed and they will start to sit down when they go pee — then they’ll watch a movie with Tim Allen in it and everything will be back to normal. Stacy Keibler Stacy Keibler1


Stacy Keibler Joining X Factor?

It looks like Simon Cowell is finally waking up and smelling the hot coffee. He’s done with trying to find a host or judge with real talent, and is now just going for straight up hotness. Sources are saying that The X Factor is considering Stacy Keibler for a role on its upcoming second season. It is still not clear what role she will have, but you would have to think she would be some sort of co-host. You wouldn’t think they would let her judge.

Insiders are saying it could be a good move because of her “beauty” and she has “charisma” but they also add that her lack of experience in the music business could be a drawback. Simon Cowell said a few weeks ago that he wanted a “boy and a girl” to host the show and that he liked it when hosts lacked a background in hosting. Saying “it’s a different kind of dynamic.”

Please make this happen, Simon! It might be the only way you get me to watch this horrible show of yours again. Stacy Keibler Joining X Factor? Stacy Keibler Joining X Factor? Stacy Keibler Joining X Factor? Stacy Keibler Joining X Factor?


Angelina Jolie TOTALLY Snubs Stacy Keibler!!!

Whenever we hear about Angelina Jolie, it’s normally about the good, humanitarian and philanthropic things she’s done, making her out to be this wonderful, giving, and loving woman. Well, it seems Ms. Jolie isn’t as kind as we may think. Case in point — the private jet incident… George Clooney, together with his bombshell girlfriend of six months Stacy Keibler, hitched a ride on Brad and Angelina’s private jet  from L.A. to the Palm Springs International Film Festival in  California on January 7th. But, even though it was only the four of them… the ride was quite turbulent — and not from the freezing air at 35,000 feet, but from the frigid air inside the luxurious craft. A source close to the couples said this: ‘Angelina refused to acknowledge that Stacy was even on the plane… Angelina went out of her way to ignore her, from takeoff to landing. She  would not even look Stacy’s way. She was not having it!’ Hmm… Angelina’s snobbery was probably due to one of two reasons. #1 — Angelina even admitted herself to Marie Claire mag back in December that she didn’t really have any female friends. Maybe she just doesn’t know how to talk to chicks… or, maybe she’s just a bitch. Who knows? Possible reason #2 — she was planning on getting freaky with Brad and her plans were ruined when George and Stacy tagged along. We all know that Angelina is a freak in the sheets, so it wouldn’t be doubtful if that was the reason. ;D Whatever her snobbish reasons were, though, it was still a bitchy thing to do. No bother, though; Angelina’s bombshell sexy… she can do what she want!

The Daily Fix-ation for 1/22/12

A little bird told me that you haven’t had your Daily Fix, yet. That must change! We are here to bring you The Daily Fix-ation for this fine Sunday! Get out your coffee cup and let us pour two teaspoons of hotness and one teaspoon of, “OH NO!” in it. First up today… Stacy Keibler: How is it possible for someone to be this incredibly sexy? It’s just not fair. She could get away with anything! She could murder someone and not spend one day in jail, you think I am exaggerating? Of course I am, but you get my point! Her legs are the only things that could ever bring peace to the world. Rita Rusic: There have been a lot of pictures of her in a bikini recently, so I just picked the set of pictures I liked the best. I am still amazed that she is 51 years old! She must have worked out some deal with the devil. That is the only explanation I can think of, how else would she still look that hot? “Diet and Exercise?” Pleaaaaase. Florence Welch: I know she was just on “The Daily Fix-ation” a few days ago, but these are slightly different pictures! She looks so bad, that she deserves to be in here twice. If you don’t know, Florence is the lead singer of, “Florence and the Machine” and I really do love her songs, but her body and her swimsuit? Not so much. She looks older than Rita Rusic, and she is only 25 years old! I really think it has a lot to do with that horrible swimsuit, though. It looks like something a sumo wrestler might wear to bed. 

The Best of 2011

I know everyone is doing these, “Hottest ___ of the year” or something very similar. So, I debated for awhile whether to even post something like this. I decided I would do it, but it has to be a little different from all the rest. Instead of just finding some hot pictures and claiming they are the “hottest” of the year, I am going to break everything down into categories. And, I am not limiting the pictures to just this year. The categories are: Best ass, best boobs, best legs, best GIF, and best MILF of the year. If you don’t agree with the people who won, let me know in the comments who you would have put! First up… Best Ass: This was a hard one for me (no pun intended) I take some pride in knowing a good ass when I see one. However, the ass is very tricky. Some people like REALLY big ones and some people like REALLY small ones, you can never really please everybody. So, I just went with the ass I liked the best, I mean it is my list. The best ass is… Of course it had to Rihanna! You all should know that she is one of my favorites and it has a lot to do with her ass. Enjoy all the pictures of her fine ass below in the gallery.   Best Boobs: Oh, man. There are a lot of celebrities who have very nice boobs, so this was a very difficult choice. I looked at a lot of boobs and I mean a lot. But, I have decided on… Katy Perry, I kind of gave it away with the featured image, but oh well! I know, there are people out there screaming, “WHAT ABOUT SOFIA VERGARA OR SALMA HAYEK…etc.” but this is my list and I happen to enjoy Katy Perry’s fun bags a lot.   Best Legs: This was probably the easiest choice out of all the categories and I’d hope that a lot of you agree on this one. Stacy Keibler! She has the best legs.  Just think about how much it must rock to be George Clooney.   Best GIF: This was also a hard category. There were a ton of GIFs to choose from, and there were a lot of hot GIFs that included porn stars. However, since this is a celebrity list, I decided to go with the safe, but ever so hot choice. A pair of Kate Upton GIFs! I couldn’t choose between the two, so they both win. You got the back and you got the front…party time! Be careful, once you look at them, it’s hard to look away.   Best MILF: Last but not least, the MILF category. There have been a lot of pictures of hot celebrity moms lately, it’s been insane. Every week now there is a new MILF out in a bikini. But, to me the hottest of them all is… I had to include Sofia Vergara [...]

Sexy Stacy Keibler bikini pics from Mexico

Stacy Keibler is a fox. She’s so smoking hot it’s a little bit crazy. Those legs of hers are fantastic. I’m pretty sure I could look at pictures of Stacy’s legs all day and be a happy girl. Okay, that’s been said. Let’s talk about George Clooney because these days, you can’t talk about Stacy and not mention George. I actually thing these two make a pretty good couple. They look good together and they really seem to get along. It’s also nice to see George breaking from his string of gorgeous brunettes whose only claim to fame is dating him to take up with a gorgeous blond who was relatively famous before she got involved with him. Here in Mexico, Stacy hits the beach and shows the world two things we probably already knew anyway. One, she’s unbelievably hot and two, George Clooney is a lucky, lucky man.

tn stacy keibler Sexy Stacy Keibler bikini pics from Mexico

tn stacy keibler 1 Sexy Stacy Keibler bikini pics from Mexico tn stacy keibler 3 Sexy Stacy Keibler bikini pics from Mexico tn stacy keibler 5 Sexy Stacy Keibler bikini pics from Mexico
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Stacy Keibler and Molly Sims Spice up Cabo!

I don’t know what you did with your Thanksgiving but I bet it didn’t match up to the Thanksgiving George Clooney had. He got to spend Thanksgiving with his girlfriend Stacy Keibler and mutual friend Molly Sims. Just let that simmer for a minute, you most likely spent Thanksgiving with Uncle Tom and Aunt Sherry. Probably playing Monopoly or something, and George Clooney was riding Jet Skis with Stacy Keibler, I think Mr. Clooney has all of us beat.

While we were chewing on Turkey legs, he was staring at Stacy’s legs and those things go on for days! They probably went to some hot club, and then they probably went back to the hotel room and had a threesome with Molly Sims. At least that is how I pictured it happening, you might have your own fantasies.

The only complaint I have is that there is too much towel and not enough body. Why are people so against air drying? Just relax in the sun and let the water slowly drip off of you. Towels are only acceptable when they’re slapping someone’s ass. That would have made for some great pictures….ah one can only dream.

Stacy Keibler and Molly Sim in Cabo Stacy Keibler and Molly Sim in Cabo Stacy Keibler and Molly Sim in Cabo Stacy Keibler and Molly Sim in Cabo

Thursday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (11.17.2011)

Check out that old lady checking out 58-year old Pierce Brosnan. “Boy, I sure would love to tap that young hot ass! Now, if I could only get my stroller to go a little faster…”

Remember Stephanie Powers from Heart To Heart? Well, she looks like this now. And she’s in the British version of “I’m a celebrity…get me out of here”.

Donald Trump looking more oompa loompa-y than usual.

Bradley Cooper just got voted Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. Seriously? He doesn’t even have lips! Donald, show them yours, baby.”

Who wants to see Angelina Jolie’s 80-year old legs?

Charlie Sheen has substituted drugs and whores with well, food and whores. That’s the only way to explain the gut and the smile (on the set of his new movie).

Holly Madison just made turkey a thing for my fantasies. Is that wrong??

Lady Gaga’s nipples are showing. And I’m guessing the sperm hat means she’s promoting birth control?

Ex-Pussycat doll Jessica Sutha in a bikini in Miami.

So it turns out Stacy Keibler is a freaking genius. That cleavage we showed you yesterday? Well, it was meant for George Clooney’s parents. “Georgie boy, you gotta marry this one. Her breasts, er, brain really spoke to me.”

So what if Twilight’s Breaking Dawn Part I sucks? The ladies looked hot at the premiere so it’s all good.

Courtney Love has gone on a rampage to blind me this week.

article-2062204-0ED0F71F00000578-114_468x748 article-2062204-0ED0D4CA00000578-80_468x786 article-2062518-0ED3040700000578-429_634x370 article-2062518-0ED304F500000578-135_634x475 article-2062518-0ED3050C00000578-373_634x465 article-2062518-0ED3052300000578-5_306x390 article-2062518-0ED3074100000578-151_634x383 Trump admires his image article-0-0ED1936D00000578-432_468x635 article-0-0ED32EAB00000578-279_468x647 article-2062153-0ED1FC9700000578-241_468x607 article-2062153-0ED1767900000578-73_468x714 article-2062251-0ED0B60E00000578-26_474x688 article-2062251-0ED0D3F700000578-619_476x759 article-2062251-0ED0D42F00000578-823_228x698 article-2062251-0ED0D33400000578-389_226x698 article-2062293-0ECD3A2F00000578-842_468x611 article-2062293-0ECD3A3700000578-472_468x730 article-2062293-0ECD3A5300000578-582_468x678 article-2062293-0ECD39FB00000578-343_468x569 article-2062153-0ED1767900000578-73_468x714 article-2061947-0ED273A000000578-686_224x665 article-2061947-0ED295EF00000578-799_468x725 article-2061947-0ED2735400000578-949_224x665 article-0-0ED4322B00000578-855_634x534 article-0-0ED4333B00000578-529_306x648 article-0-0ED4326700000578-856_634x741 article-0-0ED4330700000578-94_634x455 article-0-0ED4339700000578-387_306x648 Fox Searchlight's "The Descendants" Los Angeles Premiere article-0-0ED4C26F00000578-54_634x819 article-0-0ED4C37700000578-38_634x770 article-2062365-0ED3CF7800000578-316_634x922 article-2062365-0ED3D2E800000578-689_306x795 article-2062365-0ED3D06B00000578-510_306x795 article-2062365-0ED3F00800000578-144_634x680 article-2062524-0ED4CA8700000578-94_306x715 article-2062524-0ED4CB6B00000578-531_306x672 article-2062524-0ED4CC8F00000578-702_306x672 article-2062524-0ED4CDE700000578-756_306x715 Courtney Love leaving The Museum Of Modern Art 4th Annual Film Benefit: "A Tribute To Pedro Almodovar" in New York City.

Wednesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (11.16.2011)

Steven Tyler is still in Hawaii assaulting our eyes. And can someone please tell me what’s going on with one of his toes (pic with scuba diving outfit). It’s literally humping the big toe!

Who wants to see how you spread gonorrhea on the beaches of Bali?

I’m pretty sure I can see Stacy Keibler’s belly button in that dress. George must be voicing concerns that they’ve been dating for too long again.

Demi Lovato took Wilder Valderrama to a wedding and then twittered her happiness over catching the bouquet. Run Wilder, run!!

Hillary Duff is showing off her swollen uterus.

Lady Gaga and her talons must be a blast cuddling up to.

Vienna Girardi is now leading the exciting life of a pig farmer after getting dumped by Kasey Kahl. I was about to start crying for her, but Eddie Cibrian’s ridiculous mustache turned my sorrow into fits of laughter.

article-2062116-0ED12B2600000578-139_634x657 article-2062116-0ED1165E00000578-987_634x822 article-2062116-0ED0ED6500000578-452_306x765 article-2062116-0ED0EDD600000578-320_634x739 article-2062116-0ED0EE6D00000578-72_634x814 article-2062116-0ED0EE2200000578-53_634x369 article-2062116-0ED0EE3200000578-414_634x679 article-2062116-0ED11CC400000578-63_306x765 Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are flying out of the water on Steven's new Seabob Cayago F7 water craft. article-0-0ED11DD400000578-337_306x700 article-0-0ED11DDC00000578-399_306x700 article-0-0ED0EDA100000578-522_634x598 article-0-0ED0B89F00000578-66_306x650 article-0-0ED0B89700000578-513_306x650 article-0-0ED0BF1100000578-703_634x524 article-0-0ED0BF7700000578-378_634x623 article-0-0ED0B7DF00000578-174_634x768 article-0-0ED0C24600000578-940_634x570 article-0-0ED0C92100000578-710_634x599 article-0-0ED0CC7100000578-667_634x373 article-0-0ED0D8E700000578-413_634x576 article-0-0ED0E0B700000578-455_634x554 article-2062094-0ED1455E00000578-8_634x746 article-2062094-0ED1310700000578-145_306x694 article-0-0ED12F6600000578-598_634x843 article-0-0ED12F9600000578-211_634x468 article-2062094-0ED14B3900000578-60_306x694 article-2062094-0ED1310700000578-145_306x694 article-0-0ECFF32500000578-735_634x885 article-0-0ECFF37900000578-692_634x423 article-0-0ECFF1A600000578-830_634x435 article-0-0ECFF1CF00000578-49_306x661 article-0-0ECFF1E500000578-528_634x812 article-0-0ECFF2E200000578-739_306x661 article-2061727-0ECDE1BF00000578-559_224x491 article-2061727-0ECDDEF700000578-975_224x491 article-2061727-0ECDDF4B00000578-846_224x776 article-2061727-0ECDE1AB00000578-301_468x959 article-2061727-0ECDE10300000578-718_224x776 article-2061727-0ECE1B2200000578-312_468x929 article-2061888-0ECFB3BD00000578-244_468x286 article-2061888-0ECFB78400000578-552_468x1066 article-2061888-0ECFC40C00000578-73_224x501 article-2061888-0ECFC37300000578-466_468x715 article-2062018-0ED0094D00000578-519_634x401 article-2062018-0ED00A9A00000578-151_634x889 article-2062018-0ED00A0600000578-360_634x815 article-2062018-0ED00A1700000578-863_634x798 article-2061984-0ECFA92900000578-764_468x662 article-2061984-0ECFAABC00000578-941_468x586

Tuesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (11.08.2011)

Someone told me JLo and Jennifer Aniston engaged in some sort of battle of the slits and thighs at Glamour’s Women Of The Year Awards but I was too mesmerized by Donatella Versace’s corpse-like beauty to notice.

Iggy Pop is the new face of Paco Rabanne perfume…which I’m assuming smells like unwashed hair and soiled underwear? This brand just committed suicide, didn’t it.

Kim Kardashian pictured arriving at LAX without make-up. She’s really, really hurting, you guys!

Christina Aguilera revisits her Disney days…and somehow makes Minnie look quite appealing. I have a thing for skinny chicks.

Coco goes shopping for clothes. Just trying to imagine the salesperson’s face when she asks for pants in size DDD.

George Clooney takes Stacy Keibler to Los Cabos for the second time in a month! “Good morning, George. I hate marriage.” “I’m booking us another vacation as we speak!”

Nicole Richie and her cleavage accepting the award for Style Influencer Of The Year. That tip on how to wear a scarf AND earrings at the same time had a profound effect on my life.

And now the Obamas taking drastic measures to resurrect the economy.

article-2058818-0EB5F4F500000578-237_634x879 article-0-0EB5D46900000578-820_196x617 article-0-0EB5D4C900000578-193_196x617 article-0-0EB5D47100000578-204_196x617 article-2058818-0EB5E8B000000578-282_306x705 article-2058818-0EB5E77C00000578-272_634x924 article-2058818-0EB5FCBB00000578-973_634x835 article-2058818-0EB5FF2500000578-445_306x652 article-2058818-0EB5FFEB00000578-493_306x652 article-2058818-0EB67FEC00000578-829_306x574 article-2058618-0EB4AE5D00000578-915_468x699 US singer Iggy Pop article-0-0EB33F7600000578-534_634x387 article-0-0EB31F3100000578-662_634x640 article-2058777-0EB2F98000000578-415_634x512 article-2058847-0EB5FE9300000578-606_468x683 article-2058847-0EB585C600000578-596_224x655 article-2058847-0EB5FE3600000578-793_224x655 article-0-0EB5FDF300000578-695_468x790 article-0-0EB5FE3200000578-178_468x797 article-2058676-0EB4671C00000578-519_634x548 article-2058676-0EB4722A00000578-624_634x626 article-2058676-0EB4616800000578-965_634x969 article-2058676-0EB4652800000578-779_634x473 article-2058843-0EB5E0D800000578-212_634x767 article-0-0EB5E0E000000578-878_306x687 article-0-0EB5E0E800000578-862_306x687 article-0-0EB5264D00000578-532_964x641 article-0-0EB5264300000578-416_964x478 article-0-0EB5263500000578-805_964x591 article-2058737-0EB525ED00000578-332_964x614 article-0-0EB525E400000578-5_964x623

Friday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (10.21.2011)

George Clooney at the exact moment he realized Stacy Keibler will soon want marriage too. Don’t worry, somebody had an oxygen tank handy, so all’s good.

Who wants to see Amanda Seyfried bend to pick up poo?

That’s Hugh Jackman’s 55-year old wife and no he hasn’t cheated on it. He’s a saint.

Some Joe Manganiello for the ladies?

SJP shouldn’t hire nannies that are better looking than her. Wait. That’s pretty much impossible, unless the carriage horses working in Central Park are applying for a job, so scratch that.

Salma Hayek should know better than to cover those with padded pasties.

Serena Williams walking alone in a short skirt at night puts the fear in my groin.

Mick Jagger’s girlfriend is a giant. Or Dustin Hoffman is a midgit.

Sofia Vergara sends us her best from Mexico. But why so much clothing, Sofia? It’s Los Cabos!

Candice Swaynepoel has put on weight to stay with Victoria’s Secret. Can’t you tell?

the-crap-we-missed-1020-03-480x720 article-0-0E75EEF200000578-101_634x902 article-2051529-0E75FCDA00000578-216_196x612 article-2051529-0E75E9DD00000578-440_306x522 article-2051529-0E75EB1E00000578-793_306x632 article-2051529-0E75ED1400000578-917_634x566 article-2051529-0E75EEE300000578-611_306x632 article-2051529-0E75EFF500000578-681_634x879 article-2051529-0E75FA7F00000578-333_634x453 article-0-0E73491100000578-336_468x587 article-0-0E73346600000578-85_468x690 article-2051208-0E7375BD00000578-457_468x784 article-2051208-0E72E8CC00000578-738_468x586 article-2051208-0E72E89C00000578-654_224x607 article-2051208-0E72E86300000578-331_224x607 article-2051208-0E7321FE00000578-643_468x665 article-2051208-0E7366E200000578-332_468x523 article-2051389-0E732C5600000578-277_224x630 article-2051389-0E732C1200000578-872_468x994 HUGH JACKMAN AND WIFE AT THE GYM IN NYC article-0-0E71E27500000578-43_634x739 article-0-0E71C72300000578-757_634x801 article-0-0E71DFF900000578-545_634x809 article-0-0E71E14900000578-21_634x408 article-0-0E71E22100000578-204_634x877 article-0-0E760F4B00000578-941_468x565 article-2051650-0E760F3700000578-273_468x553 the-crap-we-missed-1020-02-480x720 the-crap-we-missed-1020-20-480x720 article-0-0E73B0B800000578-279_468x707 article-0-0E73AF7100000578-11_468x721 article-2051490-0E75816B00000578-687_468x393 article-2051490-0E752C4F00000578-552_468x617 article-2051490-0E752C4300000578-225_468x645 article-2051490-0E752C6400000578-387_468x550 Candice Swanepoel looks Gorgeous on her Birthday at Victoria's Secret Store in Toronto, Canada article-2051654-0E767F4800000578-693_638x815 article-2051654-0E767FE400000578-841_312x516 article-2051654-0E76802C00000578-924_642x973 article-2051654-0E76803000000578-226_308x740

Wednesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (10.19.2011)

Christina Aguilera has stopped wearing pants. Unbuttoning those pesky buttons after eating a horse can be annoying.

Miss Bikini USA Jennifer Nicole Lee “working out”. If you look close enough you maybe be able to see a couple of testicles.

Oprah and Rossie O’Donnell getting drunk live. Their plan to save OWN network must be working really well.

Sophie Monk has not had her morning coffee yet.

Miranda Kerr’s almost gave us a supermodel crotch-sighting. Almost.

Mariah Carey’s twins are white??

George Clooney takes Stacy Keibler to France. Does he not know she will demand a ring and the right to birth his children after this?

Rosie Huntington and her see-through corset top.

Courtney Love is her usual ethereal self.

Sinead O’Connor’s lesbiantry has served her well over the years.

Liev Schreiber is the very essence of manliness.

Patrick Swayze’s wax figure unveiled at Madame Tussaud’s in Hollywood.

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Monday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (10.17.2011)

Hillary Clinton boogie woogies to Lady Gaga at Prez Clinton’s 65th birthday celebration. She’s now ready to be our next President.

Meanwhile Lindsay Lohan dresses appropriately for the same event.”Bill, what did we say about hookers and public appearances??” “But honey, it’s my birthday!!”

Elisabetta Canalis’ rack is still worthy of stare.

Our congrats to Stacy Keibler. She made it to her first movie premiere with George Clooney.

Lady Gaga’s looking for a better signal.

Kelly Rowland’s breasticles are an excellent judge of talent at the British X-Factor.

Christina Milian as the hostess for the End Of Summer celebration at the Palazzo in Las Vegas.

article-2049771-0E61CC0D00000578-89_306x423 article-2049771-0E61CC5400000578-835_306x423 article-2049771-0E61CCAC00000578-743_634x457 A Decade Of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years Of The William J. Clinton Foundation Executive Produced By Control Room A Decade Of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years Of The William J. Clinton Foundation Executive Produced By Control Room Usher performs during "A Decade of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years of the William J. Clinton Foundation" at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood article-2049771-0E653F0900000578-587_634x395 Clinton shakes hands with Bono, lead singer of Irish band U2, before his performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood decade of difference concert 161011 article-2049831-0E66BC1F00000578-265_224x688 article-2049831-0E66BC0400000578-616_224x662 article-2049831-0E66BD2C00000578-382_468x662 article-2049831-0E66BD2700000578-100_224x687 article-2049831-0E66BD3400000578-541_224x554 article-2049831-0E66BD4100000578-993_224x554 article-2049831-0E66BD5300000578-630_224x665 article-0-0E64745100000578-98_468x587 article-0-0E64745500000578-960_468x615 article-0-0E64759300000578-865_468x526 article-2049972-0E683F7900000578-950_634x968 article-2049972-0E684C4100000578-499_634x898 article-2049972-0E684C8500000578-732_634x994 article-2049972-0E684E9000000578-446_634x959 article-2049972-0E68658C00000578-35_634x879 article-2049922-0E678AAE00000578-11_640x731 article-2049922-0E678ABB00000578-8_322x790 article-2049922-0E67880900000578-733_640x424 article-2049922-0E67881900000578-713_638x396 article-2049800-0E67E55E00000578-492_634x972 article-2049800-0E67E56500000578-759_634x838 article-2049800-0E652C1F00000578-382_306x687 article-2049800-0E652D2B00000578-843_634x881 Christina Milian hosts Azure Luxury Pool at Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas on October 15, 2011

George Clooney takes Stacy Keibler to Mexico

Here’s Stacy Keibler showing George Clooney her appreciation for her upgrade to “girlfriend who made it to Cabo San Lucas and sun bathed with Cindy Crawford’s old, wrinkly knees”.  Game well played, Stacy, well played. The two are staying at the Puffy Taco Resort & Casino (co-owned by Ryan Seacrest and Steven Tyler) which features an olympic-size jacuzzi. Because when The Cloon tells you to get naked and do 20 laps in boiling water, you do what the man says.

article-0-0E53A13400000578-271_468x688 article-0-0E53A14E00000578-55_468x286 article-0-0E53A18500000578-899_468x753 article-0-0E53A20600000578-151_468x668 article-0-0E539FAB00000578-413_468x748

Leggy Stacy Keibler is sexy bikini photoshoot

So… Stacy Keibler and George Clooney, huh? That seems like such a strange pair to me. First, George usually dates ladies who aren’t well known in the industry – waitresses, aspiring models and women of that ilk. Stacy seems a little high profile. Second, George seems to go mostly for gorgeous brunettes instead of gorgeous blonds. I kind of like this pairing though, as unusual as it may seem and from the looks of this bikini photoshoot, it isn’t hard to imagine why George might stray from the brunettes to spend some time with Stacy. I can really see this one working. Here’s hoping too. Stacy deserves a good man and if you believe the gossip surrounding these two, Stacy is definitely into Mr. Clooney in a big way. I hope that works out for her.

tn stacy keibler 2 Leggy Stacy Keibler is sexy bikini photoshoot

tn stacy keibler 3 Leggy Stacy Keibler is sexy bikini photoshoot tn stacy keibler 4 Leggy Stacy Keibler is sexy bikini photoshoot tn stacy keibler 5 Leggy Stacy Keibler is sexy bikini photoshoot
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George Clooney finally takes Stacy Keibler out of the cage

George Clooney deputed his WWE wrestler of a girlfriend, Stacey Kiebler at the Toronto Film Festival after-parties Sunday night, and we can only assume it was after she wrapped her 42 inch legs around his head and threatened to break his neck if he didn’t. Somewhere in L.A, Elizabetta Canalis is hitting on Chaz Bono as we speak to get over this new turn of events.

article-0-0DD22D3D00000578-558_468x866 article-2036220-0DD22D4D00000578-879_468x611 article-2036220-0DD22D7900000578-308_468x583 article-2036220-0DD2957000000578-732_468x611 article-2036220-0DD2958000000578-857_468x636 article-0-0DD22D4900000578-893_468x647

Stacy Keibler and her legendary legs

If you’ve heard of Stacy Keibler you already know she has fantastic legs. For those of you that don’t know her, she’s mostly known for her time in wrestling where she worked with the WCW and then WWE. Stacy is also known for her stint on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ where she came in third behind Jerry Rice and Drew Lachey. She’s also had some film and television roles but all that is secondary to those killer legs and the gorgeous body they’re attached to. Here on a yacht in Cannes, Stacy puts it all out there and we all owe her a debt of gratitude for that. This woman is gorgeous but she also seems somewhat down-to-earth which only makes her more appealing. I love Stacy. Glad to have the chance to write about her.

tn stacy keibler 5 Stacy Keibler and her legendary legs

tn stacy keibler Stacy Keibler and her legendary legs tn stacy keibler 2 Stacy Keibler and her legendary legs tn stacy keibler 4 Stacy Keibler and her legendary legs
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Picture Gallery: Celebrity Halloween Costume 2010

0 heidi klum
I wait impatiently for 365 days just to embrace this special day with all my heart because Halloween never fades away without giving us some hot and weird moments. Some are hot and some are weird, but each celebrity babe is a sparkling gem when it comes to showing off their Halloween costumes. Though Heidi Klum is (and will always remain) my all-time favorite, I feel the other babes in the gallery deserve some attention too. Check out the babes in their Halloween costumes after the jump.
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Stacy Keibler’s Sexy Mariachi Band

I wasn’t sure if a chick dressed up as one of the Three Amigos for Halloween was going to be sexy or not, but after seeing these pictures of Stacy Keibler and her hot friends I think it works. Obviously it helps a hell of a lot that she’s a hottie who would look damn good wearing pretty much any kind of stupid costume, especially one that shows off those amazing long legs of hers. Aye yay yay.

Stacy Keibler PicturesStacy Keibler PicturesStacy Keibler Pictures
Stacy Keibler Pictures  

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Photos: PacificCoastNews


Hayden Panettiere in a hot pink bikini, too

I was too excited to see Stacy Keibler in that sexy hot pink bikini, but it turns out that she was not the only babe to don the sexy color. Hayden Panettiere pulled one out of her wardrobe, too, while vacationing in Miami with her boxer boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko. Hot pink is such a sexy color. However, let me make it clear that a face-off between the two is the last thing on my mind. Do you want me to tell you why I’m avoiding it? Thanks! Scope out the gallery after the jump.
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Stacy Keibler flaunts her hotness in a hot pink bikini

Here’s former WWE diva Stacy Keibler flaunting her hot side in a hot pink bikini and validating her forever-hot status, once again. Let me take this opportunity to confess that I do miss this hot babe whenever I tune in to watch WWE. It’s not that WWE is not doing good without her, but Stacy’s presence is anytime welcome. Are you listening, Mr. McMahon? Gallery after the jump.
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Our New Year’s Resolution:Post more bikini pics of Stacy Keibler


Here’s Stacy Keibler on the beach in Miami last week flaunting an absolutely perfect body and chiseled abs that could easily compete with Kelly Ripa’s, but without the scare factor thanks to the absence of a penis coming out of her belly button (and here we thought of posting Ripa’s pic making our case, but why spoil the moment). And while Stacy hasn’t done much in terms of TV and Movies after Dancing With The Stars in 2006, all you need to know is that her legs are 42 inches long and that her cover of Stuff magazine back in 2003 resulted in the magazine’s highest selling issue ever.


Stacy Keibler’s Legs Are A Good Workout

Stacy Keibler Pictures

Here’s some Stacy Keibler in FHM Australia. I don’t know if these are old or new pictures ( I should know, Stacy was one of my favourites before she turned into a prude) but I’m glad they showed up, because nothing beats those long long legs. I’d definitely get back into shape if I had a chance to climb those vines every single day.

Stacy Keibler Pictures Stacy Keibler Pictures Stacy Keibler Pictures

Stacy Keibler Pictures Stacy Keibler Pictures

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Stacy Keibler’s Ass And Legs Are Covered Up Again!