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Janine Lindemulder: I Want Sunny Back!

In the midst of a custody battle against Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, Janine Lindemulder opened up to Life & Style about being an adult film star, co-parenting with Bullock and James, and why she wants full custody of her 5-year-old daughter, Sunny.

On why she continues starring in adult movies: "I like my job. I’m good at it. I’ve been a porn star for 23 years. It’s what I did right out of high school. If I won the lottery, would I do it? No. I don’t see myself in this for very much longer."

On if she makes enough money to support Sunny: "At this moment, no. That’s why I’m not going into the courtroom saying I want her completely now. But I do have 50 percent legal custody."

On if Jesse contributes financially: "I’m not getting any money from Jesse. What would make him happy is if I just vanished off the planet. I’m in fear of what Jesse’s capable of doing. [I suspect that] he had a hacker erase 30 e-mails from when Sunny was born. The e-mails said, “I don’t want Sunny to have my last name. Find her a new daddy.” After he showed no interest in the first six months, I moved to Oregon. He said, “Good, the farther, the better.” He wanted nothing to do with Sunny for three years of her life."

On if Sandra has reached out to her: "We haven’t even had a conversation. They couldn’t care less what I have to say. They changed Sunny’s school a while ago and didn’t tell me. I found out from Sunny."

On what’s next: "I want them to be in the picture. Let’s all get along and put our own issues aside. We’ve got another 13 years that we’ve got to deal with each other."