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The Best and Worst : Celebrity School-Run Styles

What do you wear when taking the kids to school? Yeah, I thought so. Me too. But how does the “other half” dress up (or in Tea Leoni’s case - down…very down) for drop off time? We’ve taken a sampling of some famous school bound moms to see how they pull it off at drop off. Check out how Elle, Sarah Jessica, Jennifer, Tea, Claudia, Victoria and Uma, drop off their kids here.


Tea Leoni in a bikini;David Duchovny zips up pants to be with her


Here’s to David Duchovny apparently recovering from the sweet&sour disease called “obsessive erectile attention disorder”(only “sour” if you’re in the supermarket line and the only person standing infront of you is a 75-year old toothless retiree holding on to her 25cent coupons).

 David has been working hard lately at not letting his zipper run like the Empire State Building elevator and it shows. Despite their split in the fall of 2008, Tea Leoni(who looked in top form as she strolled around in a bikini) and David looked loved-up at the Malibu beach on Sunday.

People Magazine is reporting the two as still very much in love. We just think David got tired of getting nasty rashes from the Thai hookers.