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Whitney Port Rainy Bikini Days

You all remember Whitney Port, right? She got her start on that horrible TV show, ‘The Hills’ and even got a spin-off called, ‘The City’ which she starred in and narrated! What is she doing now? Well, not much. She has made a few guest appearances on shows like America’s Next Top Model and she had a small part in the movie What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

Well, Whitney decided to take a break from her very busy schedule and relax by the pool of her hotel. There was just one problem…it started to rain! Poor Whitney just can’t catch a break! Mother Nature is clearly just jealous of Whitney’s bikini body.

Shame on you, Mother Nature…shame on you! Whitney Port Rainy Bikini Days Whitney Port Rainy Bikini Days Whitney Port Rainy Bikini Days Whitney Port Rainy Bikini Days Whitney Port Rainy Bikini Days Whitney Port Rainy Bikini Days Whitney Port Rainy Bikini Days


Heidi Montag Has Big Boobs!

We’re sure you all knew that she had big boobs, but we thought we would remind you…just in case you forgot. It seems like her boobs have actually gotten bigger since we have last seen them. Maybe she had implants put in that grow each year? Like a plant, or something.

Anyway, if you want to view all of the pictures then click on the following link.

Enjoy! Heidi Montag Has Big Boobs! Heidi Montag Has Big Boobs! Heidi Montag Has Big Boobs!


Stephanie Pratt in a Bikini!

Stephanie Pratt might not be a huge star and 95% of the country probably has no idea who she is, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t drool over her bikini pictures! The 26-year-old reality star is celebrating her birthday down in Hawaii and looked damn good. By the way, she is single! So, you can fantasize about her all you want without feeling like a home wrecker!

You can view two of the smoking hot pictures below. If you want to view ALL of the pictures, then go check them out at

Enjoy! Stephanie Pratt in a Bikini! Stephanie Pratt in a Bikini!


Heidi and Spencer’s Bankruptcy: Just the Numbers

In case you haven’t heard, reality stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have declared bankruptcy. Although this may not come as a huge surprise, it’s still very comical to see how they blew their undeserved fortune. After all that expensive work, at least Heidi will be looking her best at the unemployment office. I can’t wait till Spencer is pumping my gas and Heidi is giving me table dances.

$10 million
Amount of money Heidi and Spencer estimate they “squandered” during their brief moment in the limelight

Amount the duo was paid for each episode of “The Hills”

10 years
How much longer Spencer expected “The Hills” to run (it ended in 2009)

10 hours
Duration of Heidi’s “marathon” plastic surgery session in 2007

Number of procedures she underwent, including breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, and chin reduction

Combined cost of those surgeries and aftercare

$3 million
Total investment in Heidi’s music career

Approximate number of copies Heidi’s first album “Superficial” sold in the week after its release

Cost of hiring ex-marines as personal bodyguards

Monthly cost of the couple’s Malibu pad

Amount Spencer spent on gems, to which he once claimed he was “so addicted”

$2 million
Back taxes currently owed by the couple

How old Spencer says he feels, now that he and Heidi are stuck living at home with his parents


Lauren Conrad is Against Fashion F*ck Ups

In a new PSA filmed for Ryan Seacrest’s shitty radio show, Lauren Conrad sounds off about “Fashion F*ck-Ups” (FFUs) including men wearing jhorts and women in kitten heels (with the exception of Suri Cruise). Lauren’s final message: There’s no shame in changing your friends if it makes you look better.

Wait, is she wearing a potato sack while giving out fashion advice? I wish she would go back to 2009 when someone actually gave a shit about what she had to say, well people pretended to at least.


Lauren Conrad hits best-seller list with

lc candy
It’s a flowery path downhill for Lauren Conrad. She may not be on The Hills anymore, but she’s certainly on top of the world. Her debut novel, L.A. Candy, has topped the New York Times Best-Seller list two weeks in a row.

LC shared her excitement with People,

If someone said to me five years ago when this all started that I would one day make the New York Times Best Seller list I wouldn’t have believed it. I am so honored that it is now a reality. It was such a compliment to be included in something with such established names.

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