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Mo’Nique Addresses Oscar Buzz and Haters and Bossip’s ‘Precious’ Performance Review


If you haven’t seen Precious, we “highly” recommend you go see it as it’s a story that must be told and is relevant to a whole lot of people. Have you been verbally abused and tortured by a family member? Sexually abused? Mo’Nique recently was interviewed and addressed a few things about the movie. BOSSIP also grades the individual performances under the hood

Mo’Nique: A-

Oscar-worthy performance and it will be artistic robbery if she is not in the mix.

Gabourey Sidibe (Precious): B+

You couldn’t tell she is a rookie at this. Not only did Gabby do the damn thing, this had to take a lot of courage to pull-off.

Paula Patton: C

We aren’t sure if Paula Patton ( Ms. Blu Rain) was supposed to connect with Gabby, if that was the intention, it failed. On a side note, was the lesbian relationship really necessary? There was already too much going on in the movie.

Mariah Carey: C+

A step up from Glitter, but that’s not saying much. We think MiMi did a good job. We didn’t see an authentic-looking connection and chemistry between Gabby(Precious) and MiMi. Didn’t see it with Paula Patton either. Poor Precious, no one connects with her poor soul during the entire movie.

Overall Movie Grade: A-

Moviefone’s interview:

Are you surprised that people are so surprised you have the dramatic chops that you display in this movie?

Well, I think that people are surprised because they oftentimes want to put us in a box. And it’s like, “OK, well, you can only do this.” And it’s so unfortunate becuase there are so many talented people out there that get put in boxes and they don’t choose to fight their way out of it. It’s like, “Guys, I’m an entertainer. I love being funny, that’s what keeps me alive. But I also love entertaining, period.”

What would earning an Oscar nomination mean to you?

Any nomination would be appreciative, but we’ve already won it. We’ve already won. Because when you get an Asian brother that comes up to you and says, “Mo’Nique, what I’m going to say to you is going to sound really weird, but I have to say it. I am Mary Jones, and I was Mary Jones to my brother and my sister.” And now he’s sobbing and we’re embracing and I said, “Congratulations for your honesty, now go get you some help.” We’ve already won.

There’s been a lot written in the media about you missing a couple movie premieres and not doing enough to promote the film. Do you think that coverage has been fair?

Well, who’s saying that? Because no one can tell me who, Kevin, do you know who they are [laughs]? Because I want to meet them! Who are “they”? Baby, people gonna talk. It comes with the territory. But didn’t they talk about Jesus? Then they killed him. So, what makes me think I’m so special that they’re not gonna talk about me?

MovieFone has the rest of the Interview.