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Tiger Woods can still celebrate Christmas

tiger woods
Believe it or not, but Tiger Woods still has a fair chance of celebrating this Christmas and hugging the New Year with his head held on his own shoulders. Well, I know the count of his mistresses is adding up with each sunrise, but the great “swinger” need not worry about buying a rope (to hang himself!) in a hurry because the worst has eluded him for the time being. Woods can thank his stars because Playgirl has turned down the offer to publish his nude photos.

People reports,

Daniel Nardicio, the director of marketing for the online adult magazine (which plans to re-launch a print version in the spring), tells PEOPLE his magazine received photos of an individual who appeared to be Woods, but “Playgirl has decided to turn down the alleged Tiger Woods nude photos, reportedly taken by camera phone by Woods himself. They were impossible to one 100 percent verify, hence the unwillingness to go there.

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