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Al Gore’s Daughter Karenna Splits From Husband

Last week, the world was stunned to learn that political power couple Al and Tipper Gore were splitting up after 40 years of marriage. In another sad turn of events, People reports that their daughter, 36-year old Karenna Gore Schiff, has separated from her husband of 12 years, 44-year-old Andrew Shiff.

A source tells People that Karenna and Andrew have been in marriage counseling and have been seperated for a few months, but are not divorced. Don't look for either of them to comment about their seperation publicly, their reps did not talk to People and probably won't in the future.

Karenna and Andrew have three kids from the marriage, Wyatt, 10; Anna, 8; and Oscar, 3. The source tells People that Al and Tipper have been helping Karenna out with the kids since learning of the seperation. The source says, "Like all families, they rally."