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Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady Baptise Vivian

Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady and Vivian attend Church in a Fashionable Manner

Hollywood couple Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady stepped out with their 1-year-old daughter Vivian in Santa Monica, Calif. on Saturday (March 8). The supermodel, 33, and her football star husband, 36, baptized their baby girl at St. Monica’s Church.

Sporting a white top and blazer paired by floral pants, the Brazilian beauty matched her daughter who wore a long white christening gown. Meanwhile, papa Tom looked dapper in a blue suit while toting their adorable tot.

The baptism comes after the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary.

The handsome pair are also parents to 4-year-old son Banjamin.

Brady is also dad to 6-year-old son Jack with his ex-girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan.

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Kevin Youkilis Tying the Knot with Tom Brady’s Sister?

Yeah, we are still confused here, too. We’re surprised that anyone would marry Kevin Youkilis! That is just wrong on so many levels, have they looked at him? His sweat probably smells like roast beef. But, we’re even more surprised that he’s getting married to Tom Brady’s sister! Are you kidding? How could Tom Brady let this happen?

The Boston Herald is reporting that “they spent Super Bowl week together with the Brady clan in Indy, got engaged recently after dating for at least a year.” This would be a disaster on so many levels.

But, luckily this story only has a 50/50 shot at being true because The Boston Herald has been known to fudge up a story. Just four months ago the paper claimed Youkilis was dating Brady’s other sister, Nancy and then tried to delete the story when they found out it wasn’t true.

So, we will just have to see where this goes. If Tom Brady cares about his sister, then he should probably step in and not let this wedding happen. Kevin Youkilis is the king of douche; he probably eats corn nuts in his underwear while watching re-runs of Roseanne. All I know is that if I had a sister, she would not be getting anywhere near Mr. Youkilis. Tom Brady's Sister Kevin Youkilis Tying the Knot with Tom Brady’s Sister? Kevin Youkilis Tying the Knot with Tom Brady’s Sister? Kevin Youkilis Tying the Knot with Tom Brady’s Sister?


Gisele Bundchen TRASHES Her Husband’s Teammates [Video Inside!]

Uh-oh. It looks like Gisele knows a thing or two about football because when Giants fans started bothering her about Brady’s performance, she fought back. She tried to ignore them and just brush it off, but in the end she just couldn’t hold back her feelings. The is the one who taped the incident.

In the video above you can hear Gisele say, “You (have) to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball. My husband cannot [expletive] throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”

Snap! I bet those Giants fans didn’t expect to hear that. She does have a point, New England dropped at least four catchable balls and really I think five. It’s nice to see Gisele sticking up for her man, but I am not so sure he will be happy that she badmouthed his teammates. No matter how mad you are, you have to stand behind your team — even when your team sucks.

Apparently that is something Gisele has yet to learn about sports. But that‘s okay, she is still really hot.

Gisele Bundchen Throws Her Husband’s Teammates Under The Bus [Video Inside!] Gisele Bundchen Throws Her Husband’s Teammates Under The Bus [Video Inside!] Gisele Bundchen Throws Her Husband’s Teammates Under The Bus [Video Inside!]

And The Super Bowl Champs Are…


The game started off on a very odd note. The first points of the game were from a safety! Surely no one would have bet on that happening, but wait! Apparently someone did bet on that exact thing happening, a very lucky person turned $200 on a 1st safety score bet into $15,000! A very merry Super Bowl for them.

The game quickly settled down after the safety. It was pretty lackluster for most of the first half, that is until the Patriots had a fantastic drive late in the 2nd quarter. The Patriots were down 9-3 before they put together a magical and record tying 96-yard scoring drive to end the 2nd quarter.  Surprisingly, running back Danny Woodhead was the one who caught the touchdown pass.

The Patriots kicked the extra point, which made the score 10-9 going into halftime. I would breakdown the halftime show for you all, but I turned it off after the first few minutes. Ever since Janet Jackson showed her nipple, the Super Bowl halftime shows have sucked. Bring back the nipples! Although, I am sure Madonna was better than the Black Eyed Peas…good lord they were horrible last year. If you want more info on the halftime show click here.

Anyway, back to the game. The Patriots opened up the second half right where they left off in the first half. Brady took them down the field, and they scored on another touchdown pass by Tom Brady. That touchdown stretched their lead to 17-9. However, they didn’t do much after that. The Giants went on to kick two field goals, shrinking the Patriots lead to 17-15.

Then things got really interesting…

Late in the 4th quarter the Patriots had a chance to extend their 17-15 lead, but they failed. The Patriots ended up having to punt the ball, which gave the Giants a chance for the ultimate comeback victory.

The drive started off with an incredible catch by Mario Manningham. The Giants then proceeded to drive all the way down to the goal line — with less than two minutes to play they could have drained most of the time off the clock. However, the Patriots basically let Ahmad Bradshaw walk into the end zone. You could tell Bradshaw tried to stop himself before getting into the end zone but he failed miserably;  it was one of the most awkward touchdowns, ever.

That play opened the door for the Patriots. After a failed two point conversion from the Giants, the Patriots were down 21-17 with less than a minute on the clock. Brady had one more chance to be the hero of the game. One more chance to lead his team to victory, but it just didn’t happen. The Patriots managed to move the ball close to the 50 yard line, but that is as far as they would get.

Giants win, Giants win, Giants win. I guess the jinx wasn’t so bad after all. I apologize to all the Giants fans. Have fun celebrating…just don’t start setting cars on fire.


And The Super Bowl Champs Are… And The Super Bowl Champs Are… And The Super Bowl Champs Are… And The Super Bowl Champs Are… And The Super Bowl Champs Are… And The Super Bowl Champs Are...

Why The Giants Will Not Win The Super Bowl

A week ago I posted this article, and Manning came out on top. So, for a week I was predicting that the Giants would win the Super Bowl. However that all changed yesterday when this heartbreaking story came out…

Apparently for a few minutes the image you see above was posted on “” any sports fan knows how big of a jinx that is, even if it was only on there a few minutes. The damage has already been done. The NFL came out with a statement yesterday and said the following…

“It is common practice for both teams to create web pages in advance of the conference championship games and Super Bowl. In this case, the hidden URL for the page was inadvertently available for a brief period of time while it was being positioned on the NFL server for possible post tomorrow night.”

That is a fine excuse, but it doesn’t change the fact that people saw it. The jinx is now in spin cycle and there is only one thing that can stop it. The Patriots have to accidentally jump the gun, as well. But, I do not see that happening, considering all of the backlash the Giants have received from this. You may all think I am crazy for believing in such things but a lot of sports fans do, it’s not just me.

Plus, I have had some experience in this area. Last year the Rangers were so very close to winning the World Series when a local news station sent out a text saying, “The Rangers are World Series Champs.” And of course we all know what happened after that. The 9th inning meltdown in game six…lose game seven, and I spend five weeks crying in my shower.

My official prediction for the Super Bowl: Patriots win in a come from behind victory. 31-24 Why The Giants Will Not Win The Super Bowl Why The Giants Will Not Win The Super Bowl Why The Giants Will Not Win The Super Bowl


The Day Before The Super Bowl

Let me guess. You probably woke up really early today and tried to beat the crowd at the store, right? You waited until the last day to get snacks for your party, and now you are in full panic mode. You are rushing down the aisles, hip checking every grandma that dares to get in your way. “TOSTITOS! TOSTITOS! WHERE ARE THE TOSTITOS?” you scream. A polite woman to your right says; “There are none left. But they have some goldfish over there” you slowly turn to her and say; “Oh, do they? Do they? That’s great. Maybe I’ll pick some up after I go buy some apple juice and blankets for nap time.”

You have turned into a monster. A snack obsessed monster and nothing is going to get in your way. Then, you make your way to the dip aisle…oh the dip aisle. Bean dip, cheese dip, spinach dip, low-fat bean dip. You stand there confused and afraid, like a lost little puppy that is miles away from home. Finally, you just close your eyes and pick one from the shelf, but when you open your eyes — you realize you picked up the spinach dip. Go on and put it back for the bean dip, we all know that is what you are going to do anyway.

Three hours later you manage to stumble your way back home. You just blew $300 on a bunch of snacks that will be gone before halftime. But, who cares? It’s the freaking Super Bowl!

Now you are in the kitchen, stocking up the fridge with beer and soft drinks. Things are starting to look like they might actually come together, but then your girlfriend walks into the room. She walks right up to you and kisses you. “RED FLAG! RED FLAG!” You scream in your head. She never just walks in the room and kisses you. She wants something…

After the kiss, she comments on how good you smell today. “Good? I haven’t even showered…oh this is bad. This is really bad.” you think to yourself. “What do you want?” you ask her. She goes on this long spiel about how she thinks it’d be a delightful idea if everyone showed up to the party dressed as their favorite player. Right away you recognize how horrible that idea sounds, but you can’t show your disgust. You tell her that you’ll think about it, but never mention it again. Crisis averted.

And that is all before noon.

The rest of the day is spent on the phone, answering questions from your friends. Larry wants to make sure no peanuts are mixed in with the chips because he is allergic. Dylan wants to make sure that Lisa isn’t going to be there because he “hit it and quit it.” And, John called five times making sure you got bean dip and not that disgusting spinach dip.

Why do you put yourself through this every year? Because it’s the Super Bowl! When you successfully pull off the best Super Bowl party on the block, it will all be worth it.

Keep your head up… The Day Before the Super Bowl The Day Before the Super Bowl The Day Before the Super Bowl The Day Before the Super Bowl


Manning vs. Brady: Who Wins On A Personal Level?

There has been a large deposit of, “Manning vs. Brady” articles and most of them only look at the stats. Sometimes you need a little more than stats to see who has the advantage. I know what you are thinking, “What? Like game footage?” No, not game footage. Today we are going to look at their personal lives. Who has the better life? Eli Manning or Tom Brady? Let’s take a look…

I am going to be awarding them points for each category. Age, Hometown, Love life, Home life and Charity work. I can give them anywhere between 1-50 points. Whoever racks up the most points becomes the champ.

Eli Manning: is 31 years old and his birthday falls on January 3rd. He was born in a little town you might have heard of, New Orleans. He is listed at being around 6’4 and 218 lb. He went to college in Mississippi and was the number one draft pick in 2004. Manning graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in marketing and a GPA of 3.44

Manning proposed to his wife back in 2007, Manning and his wife Abbey have been together since college. The couple got married in a private ceremony in Mexico. They have had one daughter together and during the season they live in Hoboken, New Jersey. Manning has a long history of charity work, both he and his brother volunteered after hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans. The pair helped deliver over 30,000 pounds of water, Gatorade, baby formula, pumice and pillows to the people of New Orleans. He has also been the host of Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s Golf Classic.

What does all of that mean? Well, let’s break it down.

Age: Solid age. It’s important to note he looks younger than 31, which will benefit him in the future. I give him 43 points out of the possible 50.

Hometown: New Orleans. It’s a great city, history, music, great food and attitude. However, it is in a very vulnerable place, if you move to New Orleans you are taking a bit of a risk. Plus with all of the spicy foods in New Orleans, you will be investing a lot of money in toilet paper. So is the risk worth the reward? I think not. It’s a nice vacation spot, but I wouldn’t want to live there. I give him 21 points.

Love life: This is a tough one because he is married and one would assume that he is in love, so his love life must be great. But, you don’t really think it’s that simple do you? No. You see they have been together since college which means Eli has been chained down for a long time. High School was the only time in his life where he could play the field. I think Eli has been severely deprived in his love life, he might secretly be wishing he hadn’t popped the question so soon. I give him 26 points.

Home life: His home life should be pretty rewarding. He has a daughter and a wife he can come back home to after a tough night on the field. No matter how much he might suck that night on the field, he will always have that love at home. I give him 43 points. It could have been a perfect 50 but let’s face it, kids are annoying sometimes.

Charity work: Eli seems to be a pretty charitable guy and he even helped out his hometown in their time of need, which means he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. I give him 46 points.

Total points: 179.

Now we move on to Tom Brady…

Tom Brady: is 34 years old, and his birthday falls on August 3rd. He was born in San Mateo, California. He is listed at being around 6’4 and weighing 225 lb. Brady played college football at Michigan and was drafted in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.
He has two kids with two different women. Brady had his first child with actress Bridget Moynaham; they dated from 2004 until late 2006. Brady is now married to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen and they have one child together. Gisele and Brady will celebrate their three year anniversary on the 26th of February. Tom Brady has been heavily involved with, ‘Best Buddies International.’ He also went on an eight day trip to Ghana and Uganda to help fight extreme poverty and AIDS.

Age: He is three years older than Eli Manning, but he also looks younger than he actually is. I’ll give him 41 points.

Hometown: San Mateo, California. Not as well known as New Orleans but it seems like a pretty nice place. It’s close to San Francisco, has a great downtown area and has a very low crime rate. It has pretty nice weather; San Mateo has a lot going for it, except one big thing. John Madden went to college in San Mateo and that is going to hurt Brady a little bit in the points department. I give him 30 points, but it could have been a lot more.

Love life: This is a complicated one. If you looked at it just on paper you would think that Eli has clearly had the better love life. But when the paper has a supermodel on it…you kind of need pictures. Brady certainly has Eli beat in the sex life department, but love life? No. I am giving him 20 points, but I will add a high five for landing a babe like Gisele.

Home life: He has one more kid than Eli and his home life might be a little hectic, considering the two kids have different mothers. You know how the Holidays go, right? You have to deal with a double dose of crap from annoying family members. I imagine his home life is a lot harder than Eli’s. I give him 31 points.

Charity work: Brady has done some charity and his work with Best Buddies International is very admirable. However, his charity work wasn’t as easy to find as Eli’s charity work. It seems like Eli might be a little more giving than Mr. Brady. I give him 37 points.

Total points: 159 points.

WINNER: ELI MANNING! Manning vs. Brady: Who Wins On A Personal Level? Manning vs. Brady: Who Wins On A Personal Level? Manning vs. Brady: Who Wins On A Personal Level? Manning vs. Brady: Who Wins On A Personal Level? Manning vs. Brady: Who Wins On A Personal Level?


Wednesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (11.09.2011)

Oh no, Mickey Rourke is putting more stuff into his face again. That thing’s about to implode any minute now.

“Help!! This man told me he will pull my endocrine system out if I didn’t play nice in the sand!!!” 67 year-old Garey Busey with his one-year old son at the park. Wait, someone actually had sex with Garey Busey???

Hilary Duff shows us the delicate way to scoop up a tiny dog when you have a pregnant uterus getting in the way.

This lovely lady is Hugh Grant’s baby mama after a one-night stand. Nice to see he’s matured and is now into wholesome, God-loving women.

Elin Nordegren’s quads scare me.

Leann Rimes is making it a habit of going to the airport in see-through tops.

Why doesn’t Penelope Cruz get it? We will only watch her movies if there is an abundance of cleavage in it.

Natalie Portman doing the noble thing and trying to get rid of that baby fat.

Freida Pinto looking hot at the Immortals premiere.

Tom Brady has to keep reminding himself he’s banging Gisele Bundchen.

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Tom Brady & His Construction Cutie

On Saturday (April 17), Tom Brady and his adorable 2 1/2-year-old son Jack checked out the construction site at the new home Tom and wife Gisele Bündchen are building in Beverly Hills. Jack ran around and played in a large pile of dirt while papa checked out the site.

Tom and Gisele have just returned from their vacation in Brazil and Paris. The happy couple were spotted a few times with their gorgeous 4-month-old son Benjamin.

Jack's mother is Tom's ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan.


Tom Brady: It’s “Back To The Drawing Board” For Baby Boy’s Name

Baby Bündchen-Brady is nearly a week old, but his parents haven’t quite been able to settle on a name.

Tom Brady, 32, and Gisele Bündchen, 29, had previously decided on a name for their little bundle, but just prior to the arrival of her son the new mom had a ‘change of heart’.

“It’s kind of back to the drawing board,” said Tom in an interview on WEEI Sports Radio. “We thought we had a name picked out for about six months and then about two days before he was born she said, ‘I don’t like that name anymore.’”


Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady Welcome A Boy!

Udpate: The exciting news first broke this morning that Gisele Bündchen and husband Tom Brady welcomed a baby boy on Tuesday, December 8.

So what did the handsome couple name the little guy?

You know I don’t have any picks, so we haven’t really chosen one yet," Brady, 32, said Wednesday. "But everyone is great. Everyone is doing really well."

Tom's ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, the mother of his 2-year-old Jack, offered her congratulations. "I wish [Tom and Gisele] the best with their baby," the 38-year-old actress tells PEOPLE in a statement. "I'm sure my son will enjoy having a half-sibling. I ask the press to respect our privacy while we are welcoming this new addition to our extended family."

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