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Tori Spelling: "My Dad Would Be Proud" Of 90210 Day

Happy 9.02.10 Day! Fans of the iconic Beverly Hills 90210 are celebrating their favorite show today and Us reports that Tori Spelling, who played Donna Martin, paid tribute to the show and its executive producer, dad Aaron Spelling.

"My Dad [would] be proud!" Tori said on Twitter, referring to all of the attention the show is getting today.

No word on if Tori and her kids Stella, 2 and Liam, 3, will be celebrating at the Peach Pit, but fellow celeb mom Nicole Richie paid tribute to the show on Twitter, too. "Today is 9-02-10," she Tweeted, adding the hash-tag "BeverlyHills90210Forever."


Hollywood Inspired Looks from The Children’s Place

It's back to school time and The Children’s Place has all you need to recreate Hollywood kids' best looks. Celebrity parents like Tori Spelling, Kelly Rutherford, LaLa, Elisabeth Rohm and Usher all outfit their little ones in affordable clothing from The Children's Place.

Ava Jackman was adorable in her cardigan, skirt, and tights while on her way to dance class. Get the look with a uniform cardigan ($14.62), pleated plaid skort ($10), heart fashion tights ($5), and dazzle ballet flats ($24.50). Lourdes Leon is ready for fall while out in Paris. Check out an updated version of her classic plaid with plaid woven shirt ($16.50). Finish the look with a graphic handkerchief tee ($14.50), knit denim leggings ($12.50), and promenade boots ($24.50-$26.50). Kingston Rossdale was zoo cute in an animal tee and camo shorts at the Los Angeles Zoo. Try a bulldog graphic tee ($5), camo cargo shorts ($7), and victory low-top sneakers ($19.50). Whatever your style is, The Children's Place has you covered for fall fashion.


Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Talk About The Terrible Threes

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott both agree that their two children, Liam and Stella, are a handful.

In a video chat with People, Tori reveals: "At this age...they're 2 and 3 right now, it's unbelievable the things that come out of their mouths. They make me laugh all day long. They have two speeds, on and on, and it is challenging. As amazing as it is, they are all over the place."

Dean adds, "Everybody says terrible twos terrible twos but it's terrible threes and he (Liam) is full on it in and Stella is going through it earlier because she emulates everything he does."

While Tori says she has the patience to deal with the youngsters' "Jekyll and Hyde" personalities, Dean responds he has none. The actor does see the kids getting into show business in the future.

I do see them in the business. Liam is a ham and Stella I think is going to be the little supermodel. So we have a comedian and a runway model."


Dean McDermott’s Breakfast Bunch

Canadian born actor Dean McDermott, who became an official American citizen on Saturday (August 21), took his crew out for a McDonald’s breakfast in Los Angeles, Calif. Sunday morning (August 22).

The group of five – including Stella, 2, Liam, 3, Jack, 11, and a friend – strolled hand in hand as they made their way into the fast food restaurant.

Liam, who has been known for his love of superheroes, made an adorable fashion statement as he sported his Spiderman costume. What a cutie!

Stella and Liam’s mother is Dean’s wife of 2-years, actress Tori Spelling, while Jack’s mother is Mary Jo Eustace, Dean’s first wife.


Celeb Parents Who Go Nude In Front Of Their Kids

Should parents display nude pictures of themselves in the house? How uptight is our society about nudity? Is there a certain age parents should cover up in front of their kids?

Some of our favorite celebrity parents have conquered some of these tough - and sometimes taboo - questions. Read below to see who is open about nudity and sexuality in their home.


Courtney Mazza’s Burgeoning Bump

Actress Courtney Mazza, the pregnant girlfriend of Mario Lopez, was spotted walking with a friend and her dog in Los Angeles on Saturday (August 14). The mom-to-be even cleaned up after the dog took care of business.

Courtney and Mario are set to star in a reality TV show that will showcase them embracing new parenthood. Mario said it won't be like the other reality shows out there: “It’s not like a ‘Nick and Jessica’ or ‘Tori and Dean.’ It’s more about seeing it through this guy’s eyes, and seeing how he balances work and family."


Tori Spelling Tries To Balance Family Life And Career

Tori Spelling says it's a challenge to balance home life and a career.

Speaking to US magazine, Tori says she wants to do it all. She states, "I'm passionate about everything in my life. Obviously my family and my kids are my priority. I want to be that stay-at-home mom, but I want to build an empire at the same time."

The reality star admits that raising her two kids, Stella, 2 and Liam, 3, with Dean McDermott has taken a toll on their marriage.

"Four years into a marriage, we never thought we'd be having these issues and having problems," she says. "But you never think ahead what it's like to have kids, and a lot of our issues came from different view points on parenting."

She adds that they continuously have to work on their relationship.

We had communication breakdown, but we've worked through that. We're still working on stuff, but I think relationships are a work in progress," Spelling says. "It all takes work, but if you love that person, you're willing to do the work."


Tori Spelling & Her Cars Kid

Tori Spelling toted her adorable 2-year-old daughter Stella at yesterday's Disney/Pixar World of Cars Online launch party in Los Angeles, California (August 11).

The actress-turned-author, who also has 3-year-old son Liam with her husband Dean McDermott, has been on the go these days promoting her latest book, Uncharted TerriTORI.


Hollywood’s Unsung Heroes: Nannies Of The Rich & Famous

They're the it accessory of almost every celebrity family: The trusted nanny! Whether seen playing at the local park or out for a stroll with our fav tots of the rich and famous, the celebrity nanny is sure to be captured by the keen lenses of the paparazzi. Let's take a look at the nannies of some of Hollywood's most elite families.

Read below about who values their nannies like family, who has had some bad nanny experiences, and who refuses to use a nanny...


Happy Blankie: One to Love and One to Give

We recently discovered Happy Blankie, soft, oversized cuddly animals that are the perfect combination of stuffed animal and blanket. Pretty neat right? But that's not the best part. Every time someone buys a Happy Blankie, an identical blanket is given to a child in a hospital, orphanage or distressed situation around the world. How cool is that? Their mission is "one to love" and "one to give". What a great lesson for every child! Celebrity moms Brooke Shields, Tori Spelling, Courteney Cox and Kelly Rutherford all agree.

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Liam & Stella McDermott: Made In The Shade

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott enjoyed a fun Sunday afternoon with their two children - Liam, 3, and Stella, 2 - along with Dean's 11-year-old son Jack at the farmers market in Encino, Calif. today (August 8). Liam and Stella looked too cool in their shades while snacking on a frozen treat. Looks like Liam is following in Kingston Rossdale's lead and painting his toenails!

Just two days before on Friday (August 6), the Spelling-McDermotts were spotted enjoying a treat at Menchies in Encino. Liam got a little playful with the paparazzi, throwing spoons and kicking karate chops at the nearby photographers.

Dean, who recently had a dirk bike accident, said that the experience has made him want to have more children with Tori soon. "I think it did tip the scales [the accident]. I would say that I love my family so much, let’s expand it! Plus, we make beautiful babies!"


Dean McDermott Wants More Kids With Tori Spelling ASAP

Dean McDermott's dirt bike accident in June landed him in intensive care, and he says the experience made him realize what's important in life – wife Tori Spelling and their two kids, Liam, 3, and Stella, 2. Not only that, but it also made him want to add to their family as soon as possible.

I think it did tip the scales. I would say that I love my family so much, let’s expand it! Plus, we make beautiful babies!

There may be a catch, however – sources say that Tori isn't too eager to gain the pregnancy weight back again. “[Tori is] so weight conscious that she doesn’t want to have another child for fear of blowing up like a balloon. She’s afraid that she’ll gain too much pregnancy weight and not be able to lose it.”


Giveaway: $150 Shopping Spree To Fierce Mamas

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Dean McDermott & Tori Spelling’s Karate Kids

Looks like Dean McDermott is on the mend! The reality star dad is out of the hospital and back home with his family after a dirt bike accident earlier this month.

Aided by a cane, Dean was spotted out and about in Sherman Oaks, California today with his wife Tori Spelling and their kids Liam, 3, and Stella, 2. The adorable tots were on their way to their first karate class!

The proud mama took to Twitter afterwards to update, "Liam and Stella's first karate class. They did a great job !!"


Cool Necktie Tees

Liam looked handsomely cool as he went to church with his family, Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, and little sister Stella. Check some of these funky necktie tee picks for your little dude.

For $26 - $28 Psychobaby has a skull tie tee offered in short and long sleeve tees and onesies. Rock & Rattle uses 100% USA made American Apparel cotton tees for their white tie long sleeve tee, red tie long sleeve tee, and plaid tie tee. All for $24.99 each.
Cherokee's graphic tee is part of a 2 pack available at Target for only $9.99!


Mario Lopez’s Reality Show Will Focus On Fatherhood

Dad-to-be Mario Lopez is the latest celeb to take his family life to the small screen. The Extra! host will be the star of a VH1 reality show that will "showcase me juggling all the different jobs I have, and also taking this journey and being a new father."

Mario, 36, tells In Touch that this show will take a different approach than all of the other reality shows out there, saying, “It’s not like a ‘Nick and Jessica’ or ‘Tori and Dean.’ It’s more about seeing it through this guy’s eyes, and seeing how he balances work and family."

One thing that likely won't make it to television? The delivery!

“If anybody’s going to be filming, it’ll be me, not anybody else!” Mario says.

The actor and his girlfriend Courtney Mazza are expecting their first child this fall.


Swaddle Designs: Making Swaddling Simple

Moms and dads everywhere struggle with getting their little ones to sleep. Did you know that swaddled babies sleep better? Swaddle Designs founder Lynette Damir sure did and, consequently, developed the ultimate receiving blanket line and called it SwaddleDesigns. Swaddling can seem complicated, however, to new parents. This is why SwaddleDesigns blankets are large and square with swaddling instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket, so parents have an effective swaddling technique at their fingertips. Now everyone, moms, dads, grandparents, and caregivers can swaddle like a Pro!

There are plenty of celebrity moms are swaddling like pros too. The brand has an impressive list of celeb mommy enthusiasts including: Tori Spelling, Brooke Burke, Alison Sweeney, Bridget Moynihan, Marcia Cross and many more. Famous identical triplets and new mommies, Erica, Jaclyn, and Nicole (Erica is married to Dr. Phil's son) even collaborated with the company on a special Triplets Paisley collection. Jaclyn is pictured above with daughter Chanel cozied up in her Swaddle Designs blanket.


Tori Spelling’s FroYo Youngsters

Tori Spelling and her two adorable children – Liam, 3, and Stella, 2 – made a pit stop at Menchie’s in Encino, Calif. on Sunday (July 18) where they picked up some frozen yogurt to-go before heading home in their black SUV.

Last week we spotted the 37-year-old reality mama and family, including daddy Dean McDermott, as they attended church in Los Angeles. Dean, 43, was recently released from hospital after being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident last month.


The Spelling-McDermotts Are Churchgoers

It's great to see him out and about!

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott took their two children - Liam, 3, and Stella, 2 - to church in Los Angeles on (Thursday) July 15.

This is the family's first outing with Dean since he was released from the hospital due to serious injuries from a motorcycle accident last month.


Tori Spelling On Her Twitter Tot Liam

When Twitter addict Tori Spelling created an account to record her 3-year-old son Liam's cute and funny sayings, she didn't realize he'd become an overnight phenomenon. At last count the preschooler (@liamsworld) has almost 20,000 followers!

"The response was not what I expected. It was insane," Tori tells People.

Little Liam's latest post? "Mama, you're Lady Gaga cause you have yellow hair and you are fancy!"

The 90210 star adds that her son's sense of humor is aiding in dad Dean McDermott's recovery from his recent dirt bike accident.

"Once Dean came home from the hospital, Liam told Dean, 'You have to stay in bed. Doctor said you're sick. You have a boo boo.' Dean is slowly recovering. He has a long road ahead and is still in a lot of pain. He's just taking it day by day, and the kids and I are good nurses!"

We'll have to wait and see if little sister Stella, 2, gets her own Twitter account too!


Tori Spelling Refuses to Eat a Sandwich

Don’t be surprised if you soon read the headlines of: Tori Spelling Dies of Ethiopian Level Starvation. In Beverly Hills this week, she was seen looking bone-thin. Not only is she anorexic, but she must also be stressed out by her recently injured husband and her steady lack-of-career. We can support women refusing to eat if the outcome is hot – after all, we are superficial and care only about looks. (Duh.)

But, when it comes to counting ribs and looking like a sad flesh-puppet stretched over bones… then it’s time to order yourself up a nice, big ham sandwich. Isn’t that right, Skeletor Spelling?

Tori Spelling skinny Super Skinny Tori Spelling Looks Miserable in Beverly Hills Super Skinny Tori Spelling Looks Miserable in Beverly Hills Super Skinny Tori Spelling Looks Miserable in Beverly Hills Super Skinny Tori Spelling Looks Miserable in Beverly Hills Super Skinny Tori Spelling Looks Miserable in Beverly Hills Super Skinny Tori Spelling Looks Miserable in Beverly Hills Super Skinny Tori Spelling Looks Miserable in Beverly Hills Super Skinny Tori Spelling Looks Miserable in Beverly Hills Super Skinny Tori Spelling Looks Miserable in Beverly Hills Super Skinny Tori Spelling Looks Miserable in Beverly Hills Super Skinny Tori Spelling Looks Miserable in Beverly Hills Super Skinny Tori Spelling Looks Miserable in Beverly Hills Tori Spelling is skinny

Tori Spelling: Kids Are Having A Hard Time With Dean’s Accident

Dean McDermott, husband to Tori Spelling, has been recovering from a motorcyle accident the actor and reality star experienced on June 29.

The good news is he is out of ICU and back at home with Tori and their two kids, Liam, 3, and Stella, 2. The bad news is the kids are having a rough time seeing their dad in the state he is in.

Tori tells People that it's especially difficult for Liam, "Liam's a daddy's boy, so he wants Dean to pick him up and we have to explain that daddy's sick, that he's hurt, so he can't get up."

Fortunately, Tori reports that while she doesn't know how long the recovery will take, Dean has been "taking a short walk every day."


Tori Spelling’s Playdate Pals

While her husband Dean McDermott is at home recuperating from his recent dirt bike accident, Tori Spelling took her kids Liam, 3, and Stella, 2, to a friend's house for a playdate in Los Angeles, California yesterday (July 9).

Tori is a regular on Twitter, and now little Liam is on the social networking site as well. The reality star mom has started a new account (@liamsworld) to record her son's funny sayings. The latest: "Oh no mama. We've got a problem... My butt is farting again"


Tori Spelling & Her Pet Shop Pals

Reality star mom Tori Spelling was sporting heart-shaped shades as she and her kids Liam, 3, and Stella, 2, headed into Petco in Los Angeles, California yesterday (July 7). The group emerged a while later with a lizard tank, which they loaded into the car before going to grab a bite to eat.

Good news for Tori and family: Her hubby Dean McDermott was released from hospital earlier this week. Dean was in the ICU with a punctured lung and other injuries after a serious dirt bike accident last week.


Tori Spelling’s Ice Cream Cuties

With some ice cream cones in hand, Tori Spelling brought her kids Liam, 3, and Stella, 2, to a Los Angeles hospital to visit papa Dean McDermott on Sunday (July 4) as he recovers from a motorcycle accident.

Dean has kept his fans updated on his condition via Twitter. "I had the worst night. Catheter cut me up coming out. Unbelievable pain. I got a fever of 104 and was throwing up. Fun, WOW !!!" Dean wrote on Saturday (July 3). Yesterday, the father-of-three tweeted: "I'm healing, slowly Ill be doing rehab for a while I messed a few things up when I crashed."

Dean is recovering from a punctured and collapsed lung as well as a few other injuries he sustained from a dirt bike accident.


Celebrity Parents Take To Twitter This 4th Of July

Check out what your fav celebrity moms and dads have to say this holiday weekend!

@jessicaalba jerry-rigged a grill cleaner w brillo pad for 4th of July bbq -What r ur BBQ mishaps?

@michellebranch Happy Fourth of July!! Nothing like spending the day with our troops to remind us how fortunate we are. I'm gonna party with the Military!

@jennaonpurpose Happy 4th! Feeling free and independent today? ;)

@DENISE_RICHARDS Happy 4th everyone! Thank u to all the brave men and women who serve and have served ... Have a happy and safe holiday!!!....xo

@Deanracer Happy 4th everyone!!! Feeling better today. Tori asked Liam who his best friend was and he said."Dean is. He is my brother". Made my cry

@britneyspears Sounds like y'all have some great plans. I'm just chilling by the pool, grilling out and hanging w/ my boys. Watching fireworks later! -Brit


Tori Spelling & Kids Visit Dean McDermott

Tori Spelling and her kids Liam, 3, and Stella, 2, were spotted heading into the hospital in Los Angeles, California yesterday (July 2). The threesome were on their way to visit dad Dean McDermott, who is recovering after a serious dirt bike accident earlier this week.

The 90210 star took to Twitter to give friends and fans an update on her hubby's condition:

"Kids and I are about to go see @deanracer. He's been moved from ICU to a regular room! Yay! I'll tell him everyone sends their love."

Dean suffered a collapsed lung and severe bruising in the crash.


Dean McDermott Tweets Dirt Bike Accident Details

It looks as though reality star Dean McDermott, 43, is in good spirits, despite the dirt bike accident which landed him in the intensive care unit with a punctured and collapsed lung on Tuesday (June 29).

The father-of-three took to Twitter to let his fans know he was on the road to recovery: “Thanks for all the well wishes. I think I will be out of the ICU tomorrow. It's a slow recovery, but I am well on my way.”

He also took a moment to explain his unfortunate crash:

FYI- Tuesday I went out for a dirt bike ride with my friends, I ended smashing my chest into my bars as I went over the front of the bike. It was a freak accident. We still can't figure out what happened. None the less, I have a collapsed lung and bad bruising on my right side. Oh, and 3 stitches in my right butt cheek where a stone got imbedded. Let's just say, I won't be dirt biking anymore.

Wife Tori Spelling, 37, will be happy to hear that his biking days are over as this was his second accident of the year.

“He’s taking this as a sign and realizing family is too important to risk his life,” she told PEOPLE on Thursday (July 1).

Dean and Tori have two children together – Liam, 3, and Stella, 2. Dean also has an 11-year-old son Jack with ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace.


Dean McDermott In Intensive Care After Motorcycle Accident

Father of three, Dean McDermott, is in the intensive care unit with a punctured and collapsed lung after enduring a motorcycle accident, PEOPLE reports.

"He's in a lot of pain," Tori Spelling, who has been by her husband's side since the accident (his second on a motorcycle this year), says. "He's taking this as a sign and realizing family is too important to risk his life."

Dean, 43, crashed on Tuesday (June 29), while dirt bike riding with two friends. After the accident, he couldn't move and was bleeding heavily from his right side with a puncture wound. He was rushed to the intensive care unit at a Los Angeles-area hospital. The reality TV star is expected to make a full recovery.

On Thursday, Dean took to Twitter to thank his supporters.

Thanks for the well wishes. A collapsed lung is no fun, and is a lengthy heal. Feeling pretty bad today. Day 2 is always the worst."

Tori and Dean are parents to son Liam, 3, and daughter Stella, 2. Dean is also dad to 11-year-old son Jack with his ex-wife, TV presenter/chef Mary Jo Eustace.


Tori Spelling & Family’s Book Launch

Beverly Hills 90210 alum Tori Spelling brought her family along to celebrate the launch of her latest book, Uncharted terriTORI yesterday (June 21) at The Grove in Los Angeles, Calif.

Husband Dean McDermott, and 3-year-old Liam had a rest and took a peak through moms book, while matching mom/daughter duo, Tori and 2-year-old Stella posed for a few photos.

Spelling recently opened up to Ryan Seacrest via US about how marrying McDermott changed the dynamic of her relationships with her former 90210 cast members, saying,

We were all great friends during 90210, we were friends after 90210, and they all came to my first wedding. All of a sudden I marry Dean and I don't know what happened. I lost all my cast members."

She added that new mom Tiffani Thiessen "doesn't talk to me anymore," and that Jennie Garth is the only friend that remains from that time.


Giveaway: Lisa Jordan Designs ($300 Charm)!

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If you are searching for the perfect “push present” or chic gift for a new mother-to-be, look no further. Lisa Goldman, owner and designer of Lisa Jordan Designs is proud to launch an upscale jewelry line specifically designed for moms and proud families. The line features fresh, original designs of little boy and girl charms with the highest standards of excellence and craftsmanship.

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Tila Tequila fakes suicide attempts, shows off cuts


Tita Tequila, in what was most likely the result of a 30-minute counseling session with Joe Francis on how to advance her career, cut herself with a shard of glass and posted the bloody pictures on her Twitter page last week. And yesterday, she was chirpily walking around Roberston Boulevard in L.A showing off those nasty cuts.

Via OK! Magazine:
The reality star posted a picture of her bloody arm and worrying comments on her Twitter account last week, causing terrified fans to call police – who eventually said the whole thing was a hoax.

Tila blamed her “multiple personalities” for the cuts, claiming “Jane” attacked her.

She tweeted: “Jane was just here! She tried to kill me!! Blood everywhere! She slit up my entire body with knives! I’m scared blood everywhere!

“I told you guys I have multiple personalities. I fell asleep and just woke up with blood cuts everywhere! And everything is smashed.”

If you’re still failing to understand that Tila Tequila will do anything to be on TV, here’s another illustration:

Joe Francis: Tila, Sci-Fi promised to get you on Ghost Hunters. But there’s a problem. You have to become an actual ghost. So i have to kill you now. Then you’ll return and you can haunt Tori Spelling.

Tila: Awesome!! Wait….can ghosts type???

Joe Francis: Er, sure thing.

Tila: OMG, this is sooo exciting!! Ok, go ahead, start chocking away!!


Tori Spelling: I see dead people!

Today Show Tori Spelling Dean McDermottTori Spelling’s hunger is getting to her brain matter, because she’s seen things. Dead things. Like Farah Fawcett who came to her for a chat: “Listen up Tori. Tell that fat bastard Ryan, nice going with Cheryl Tiegs. And going at it behind my casket at my OWN funeral is sooo not cool. Your testicles are mine to haunt forever!! Oh, and you should probably stick to sweaters. Darling, those things on your chest were never meant to see the day of light.”

Via Fox News:

While promoting her memoir “uncharted terriTORI” (her spelling, not ours), Tori Spelling spilled on one life experience that didn’t make it into the book.

She met Farrah Fawcett – after Farrah was dead.

“I was talking to a medium,” Tori told Access Hollywood Tuesday. “I was hoping my dad [‘Charlie’s’ Angels’ producer Aaron Spelling] would come through.”

Nope – she got former neighbor Farrah instead!

“Farrah Fawcett came through in my reading loud and clear,” Tori said. “It was really awkward for him as well. He’s like, ‘I have never had this happen.’”

Tori said she had known Farrah for years, as her dad had produced “Charlie’s Angels.”

So what did Farrah say? Tori’s not saying.

“She wanted me to give a message to her family about how she was doing,” Tori said.

Tori relayed the information from Farrah’s spirit to longtime compantion Ryan O’Neal and son Redmond.

“I haven’t heard from Ryan so I don’t know, you know, I’m hoping you know he understood what I was trying to say and doesn’t think I’m some loony.”


Tori Spelling – Will Her Skinny Saga Affect Stella?

In the last year there have been confused and uncontrolled rumors about Tori Spelling's dramatic weight loss. In her new book, TerriTORI, she reveals why she shed so much weight. The mom of two admits she feels worried "every single day" about how the coverage will affect her daughter Stella, 2.

I'm so grateful that she can't read yet," Spelling says. "I'm hoping they'll let up on that by the time she gets old enough to understand, but I'm going to have to explain to her that this is what happens."

Spelling, 37, blames a number of factors for the dramatic weight loss: Swine flu, stomach pain, migraines and nerve problems. She told USA Today, "I've never had a great stomach, but (being ill) just completely tore up my stomach and broke down my immune system, and I've basically been a mess ever since, stomach-wise. It's about rebuilding my immune system."


Dean McDermott Totes His Tots

Dean McDermott had his hands full as he left the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, California today with his kids Liam, 3, and Stella, 2 (June 14).

Dean's wife Tori Spelling recently made an interesting confession:

We're a loving couple, but were human and definitely not perfect. Given our history I often get worried that Dean is going to cheat on me. If the phone rings and it's a girl's voice I have to ask if he's having an affair."

Dean and Tori met while he was still married to his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace.


Tori Spelling is now down to bones. And nightmare tits

article-0-09ECD175000005DC-200_468x658Tori Spelling spent her day on the beach in Malibu because Dean McDermott was pissed and wanted everyone to have a shitty weekend too. Otherwise he would have been conscientious enough to put an extra large sweater over her. Or a tarp. We’re not picky. Anyway, Tori blames looking like a broom with dislocated tits on Swine Flu. Is Dean’s penis also quarantined then? Because we know IT forces him to have sex with IT even when he’s not in the mood (which is 100% of the time).

TORI: Honey, it’s that time of the week, come to bed.

DEAN: “Quickly, think, THINK MAN!!” *Picks up pliers pulls one of his eyes out* “Honey, i don’t think it’s going to happen tonight. Can you please call 91….” *faints in a pool of blood*

Via People:

I was sick for months and had a hard time eating, so I was losing weight,’ she told America’s People magazine. ‘I did look too thin. I went from doctor to doctor trying to find answers.’

‘Seeing those bones I was scared,’ she told the publication. ‘I did look too thin.’

‘I’m not anorexic, I don’t have an eating disorder.
‘But when everyone’s like, ‘What’s the reason, then?’ I didn’t want to say I had swine flu. I was too embarrassed.’


Tori Spelling Admits To Cheating Paranoia

Tori Spelling admits that she often accuses husband Dean McDermott of cheating on her, even though he insists he has always been faithful, Contact Music reports.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum - who met Dean when he was still married - admits she can't control her jealousy and regularly thinks that females calling their home are looking to sleep with her husband.

We're a loving couple, but were human and definitely not perfect," Tori says. "Given our history I often get worried that Dean is going to cheat on me. If the phone rings and it's a girl's voice I have to ask if he's having an affair."

Tori admits that her husband is constantly reassuring her that he is faithful. "Dean has never been anything but devoted, and he tells me over and over again that he would never do that. Deep down I believe him. But I can't stop myself. For some reason I'm compelled to accuse him of cheating," Tori says, and adds, "I apologize to Dean constantly and it drives him crazy and rightfully so."

Tori and Dean are parents to son Liam, 3, and daughter Stella, who turns 2 today.

Do you think Tori has anything to worry about?


Happy 2nd Birthday Stella McDermott!

Name: Stella Doreen McDermott

Birthdate: June 9/2008

Parents: Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott

Siblings: Liam Aaron (May/07) and half-brother Jack Montgomery (Oct/98., mother is Mary Jo Eustace)

- Stella was born via C-Section weighing 6lbs. 8oz.
- For her 1st birthday, her parents threw her a huge ladybug themed party

"Stella is a natural comedian too. She smiles a lot and repeats everything Liam says! Her latest is "stop that!". She also is so girly. She loves purses, jewelry, sunglasses, and tries to feed and rock her "baby" doll."


Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott’s Beach Buddies

Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott took a beach stroll with their two children - Liam, 3, and Stella, 2 on Wednesday - in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday (June 6).

Liam looked adorable in his shades and orange crocks, while Stella rocked pink duds and a matching pink headband.

The Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood couple recently renewed their nuptials after celebrating four years of marriage.


Tori Spelling & Family Touch Down In LA

Beverly Hills 90210 alum Tori Spelling, husband Dean McDermott and the couples' two children Liam and Stella arrived in Los Angeles yesterday (May 22). The family-of-four looked happy to be home with little Liam, 3, enjoying a ride up on dad's shoulders and 2-year-old Stella appearing quite sleepy in her stroller.

The Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood couple recently renewed their nuptials after celebrating four years of marriage, and the same weekend were spotted enjoyed Mother's Day with Spelling's once estranged mother, Candy Spelling.

The mother-daughter pair are now getting along well, and Candy told PEOPLE how she loves having her grandchildren in her life, saying, "They're the best gift ever."

The doting grandma also dished on their personalities, adding,

Liam is much more quiet. If you tell him no, he knows that no is no," she explains. "Stella is a rebel ... and she’s going to give Tori a little problem, I think!"