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Ashton Kutcher shows mirror to Heidi Montag, too!

We all remember how Heidi Montag fired her guns last month and shot an audition tape of herself in action to lure Michael Bay into signing her on for Transformers 3. Well, either Michael was not that dumb or Heidi was not that lucky, because it didn’t happen the way Heidi wanted it to happen. However, Heidi’s lame act cannot be tagged totally fruitless because at least there’s one man who is enjoying the benefits of that audition tape - George Lopez. He’s been convincing guests on his show to recreate that audition on Lopez Tonight. Sir Ben Kingsley obliged the very same week and now George has made Ashton Kutcher do it for him. I guess George should introduce a regular segment into his show where his guests kick Heidi’s a$$ by mocking her in their own special style. I bet it’d prove a nice strategy to tweak the TRP because, who doesn’t want to make fun of Heidi Montag?!

Best moment: Totally hilarious!