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Where Is Kimmy Cakes?? Kanye’s 17-Year-Old New Protegé Pia Mia Brags About Being His “Other Woman”


Should Kim be worried?

Kanye West’s New Protegé Pia Mia Brags About Being His “Other Woman”

Kim Kardashian is in the midst of planning her upcoming wedding but should she be keeping a closer eye on her boo? Weeks ago we reported how her fiancé Kanye West’s relationship with his protegee, Pia Mia, was raising eyebrows, the teenage singer bragged on Instagram about being the “other woman!”

Via RadarOnline reports:

Pia Mia, born Pia Ajdba Mia Perez, wrote on her Instagram on April 24 that the trailer for the upcoming movie The Other Woman was the “story of my life … #OtherWoman,” she wrote in a paid post for the movie starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton.

And her fans were quick to call her out for apparently stirring up drama with Kardashian, 33.

“I wonder if @kimkardashian knows ur the ‘other woman’,” @summerkillacali wrote.

And @avavavavava added, “Wtf Pia Mia you sneaky b***h.”

As Radar has reported, the seventeen-year-old’s relationship with West, 36, has raised eyebrows in recent weeks.

“Kanye is producing some tracks for her and he’s quite involved,” a source in his camp told Radar exclusively. “He believes she could be the next Rihanna.”

“Kanye has made it clear to everyone that their relationship is strictly creative,” the insider said. But as they’ve grown closer, and the teen has become one of his trusted advisors, their relationship has raised eyebrows.

“Kanye’s creative team was pretty shocked that he would use a teenager as his confidante [on his line with APC],” the insider said. “And Kim was actually kind of agitated by it, because he doesn’t usually want her input on design stuff. She was a little jealous.”



Do you think she’ll be more jealous now? Or was Pia Mia’s Instagram post just an innocent joke?

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True Or False: Is Khloe Kardashian Toting A Gut Full Of French Montana?

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana leave Philippe Chow in Beverly Hills after watching the Laker Game and leave in Khloe's Mercedes April 13

Could Khloe be sporting a gut full of French already?

Khloe May Be Pregnant With French Montana’s Baby

The Kardashians may have to prepare for the newest addition to their family.

According to Hollywood Life:

Could Khloe finally be expecting her first child?

A new report claims that Khloe and French are in love and ready to start making babies together. Yes, already!

According to Life & Style‘s May 5 issue, Khloe’s baby news has her glowing with joy.

“She hasn’t felt this happy in a long time,” a source close to the new couple told the magazine. “Friends keep telling her she deserves this, finally.”

Khloe is also not concerned about the fact that she and French are not married, or that she has yet to finalize her divorce from Lamar.

According to the magazine’s source, “she doesn’t necessarily believe in being married to have a baby. Look at [her sisters] Kourtney and Kim!” reached out to Khloe’s team for comment but have not yet received a response.

Nevermind the fact that French is reportedly still married to his estranged wife while Khloe has yet to finalize her divorce from Lamar….you know, minor details. SMH.

Do you think Khloe is pregnant?


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True Or False? Is Kenya Moore Really Faking Her Ballin’ Lifestyle And Rich African Boo Thang For RHOA?


Kenya is faking it until she makes it?

Kenya Moore Accused Of Faking Rich Lifestyle For RHOA

Kenya’s riches are like her African boo–invisible.

According to Radar Online:

Kenya Moore likes people to believe that she has a wealthy boyfriend and is living in the lap of luxury but has exclusively learned that she is in dire financial straits and most of her expensive things didn’t really belong to her.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has come under fire for not revealing who her “rich African boyfriend” is and often insinuates that he is paying her bills but a source close to the situation revealed that she isn’t telling the truth.

“Kenya is basically broke and she doesn’t have any money,” a source close to the Bravo star told Radar.

“Most of the things that she shows off, like purses or cars, don’t belong to her.”

Keeping up with the likes of NeNe Leakes is always part of RHOA, with the women trying to one up each other with their high-priced accessories, but the source said Moore isn’t as well off as she wanted the viewers to believe.

“Kenya had a local car dealership in Atlanta give her a really expensive car on loan and then they got the publicity that she was driving a car from their lot. It was just during filming and it was a good deal for both of them. She was able to pretend she had a high-end car and they got the free press.”

Dismissing Moore’s claims that she’s being supported by a boyfriend, the source told Radar that was highly unlikely.

“Broke as a joke” Kenya can’t win.

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Rumor Control: Not So Fast! Is Draya Really Done With “Basketball Wives”?

Draya Michele

Word on the street was Draya had chunked deuces to Jackie Christie and the rest of the “BBWLA” gang before the end of the third season.

Draya Michele Set To Return For Fourth Season Of “Basketball Wives L.A.”

But it seems she shall make it rain on them hoes for yet another season of shenanigans.

According to HipHollywood reports:

The rumor mill has been buzzing with reports that Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele is quitting the VH1 show, but a source tells HipHollywood exclusively that the reports are false.

“Draya will be back for next season,” the insider tells us.

Sounds like she pulled the “I quit” card and the network “showed her the money.” Can’t blame her, and honestly who wants to watch most of those wildabeasts bicker without Draya and her racks around anyway?

Draya Michele

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Don’t Be Jeally!!! Kimmy Cakes Not Feelin’ “The Other Woman” In Yeezy’s Life, New Protegé Pia Mia

Kanye Kim Vogue

Is Kim seriously jealous of Kanye’s relationship with Kylie’s lil friend Pia Mia???

Kim Kardashian Jealous Of Kanye’s Young Protegé Pia Mia

According to RadarOnline reports:

Kim Kardashian‘s dream came true this week when Vogue released the cover image of her posing in a wedding dress with Kanye West. But behind the scenes, the couple’s reality is far from picture perfect. has learned that though they insist they’re more in love than ever in the weeks before their wedding, West’s relationship with his hot young protege, Pia Mia, has been raising eyebrows — and Kardashian is “jealous”!

West and the stunning songstress have been working on music together under his GOODMUSIC production company for the past few months. “Kanye is producing some tracks for her and he’s quite involved,” a source in his camp tells Radar exclusively. “He believes she could be the next Rihanna.”

Pia, born Pia Ajdba Mia Perez, is only seventeen and “Kanye has made it clear to everyone that their relationship is strictly creative,” the insider says. But as they’ve grown closer, and the teen has become one of his trusted advisors, their relationship has raised eyebrows.

One source who worked with the singer on a shoot in L.A. earlier this month tells Radar, “Kanye called her and the conversation sounded kind of flirty and romantic. It could be that they are just good friends but it was definitely more than just a professional call.”​

In fact, the insider close to West tells Radar that he sees her as the key to keeping himself relevant and growing his career.

“Kanye thinks she’s young, fresh and hip — totally his target audience,” the insider says. “He’s been consulting her on a lot of his creative projects, including the Kanye x APC collection.”

When those around him found out, the source says, “Kanye’s creative team was pretty shocked that he would use a teenager as his confidante. And Kim was actually kind of agitated by it, because he doesn’t usually want her input on design stuff. She was a little jealous.”

Indeed, fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians might recall an episode based on Kardashian’s jealousy of younger sister Kylie Jenner‘s seemingly effortless style. Mia is friends with Kardashian’s half-sister as well, and Kardashian even posted a keek video of them all hanging out last year.

“Kanye sometimes brings Kendall and Kylie along when he hangs out with Pia so he can pick all their brains,” the source explains. “He wants to tap into the voice of the hip generation, but it’s definitely a little weird.”

SMH @ Ye hanging with the lil teenybopper girls…

Seriously though, this girl is too young for all the freaky things Kanye is into. But we get it, Kim has been cheated on so many times and after Reggie we can imagine it might be difficult to trust. Plus we all know how Kanye can get when he’s obsessed with something or someone. Right Riccardo Tisci?

Hit the flip for more photos of Pia Mia to see why Kim is so jealous

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Deuces! Mrs. Carter Ditches Another Manager To Give Herself And Hubby Hov Full Control Of Her Career

Jay-Z Beyoncé Blue Ivy Carter

Bey just gotta be free!!! Word on the curb is that she’s let go of yet another business manager so that she and hubby Hov can have complete control of her career.

According to Mail Online reports:

Beyonce has reportedly parted ways from her manager so that she can run her own affairs with the help of husband Jay-Z.
The 32-year-old singer is believed to have ditched her general manager, Live Nation Executive Faisal Durrani, the Daily Mirror reports.

Durrani, 32, is one of several managers that Beyonce has dismissed over the years so that she can run her career with Jay-Z, 44.

In 2011, the Texan singer sacked her father, Matthew Knowles, who managed the star for 21 years since she was in Destiny’s Child in 1990.

She became the president of Parkwood Entertainment, the entertainment and management company that she set up in 2008.

But now Beyonce has also allegedly dismissed general manager Faisal so that she can gain even more independence with her husband, who plays an unofficial managerial role.

A source told the Daily Mirror: ‘Jay has been heavily involved in Beyonce’s career for years, and was instrumental in organising the Mrs Carter Show World Tour. But he isn’t officially regarded as her manager – she really is independent.’
The insider added that the couple, who got married in 2008 and have a two-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, want to put family life first.

‘Now the couple have Blue, she wants to make sure her family come first at all times, especially as there’s talk of them adding to the brood,’ the source added.

‘The best way to do that is to make sure all managerial decisions are made by her and her husband – together.’
When Beyonce parted ways from her father, she revealed that their relationship had often been tempestuous.

She said: ‘It took about two years, to when I was 20, for him to realize, “Oh, she is an adult now, and if she doesn’t want to do something, I can’t make her do it.’

A representative for Beyonce told Mail Online: ‘Beyonce has managed herself since 2010 under her company Parkwood Entertainment. Faisal Durrani worked for her as President for a very short time.’

It all sounds well and good but we thought the whole point of her letting Matty Knowles go was she wanted him to be “just her dad”, is there going to become a point where Bey and Hov’s business relationship starts getting in the way of their personal one???


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Back To The Brothas: Zoe Kravitz Dumps ‘Gossip Girl’ White Boo-Thang Penn Badgley For Drake!

Serial swirler Zoe Kravitz is dating softcore rapper Drake

Zoe Kravitz Is Dating Rapper Drake

Friends and sources close to Zoe tell the New York Daily News that the actress and Mr. OVO are officially a couple. Sorry Caucasian brothas but Zoe has moved on!

Via NY Daily News reports:

Drake and Zoe Kravitz are dating, sources tell Confidenti@l. Our spies caught the rapper and the actress canoodling at Diddy ’s star-studded New Year’s Eve bash at the Versace mansion in Miami Beach, and we’re now told the two are officially an item. “Zoe dumped Penn Badgley to be with Drake,” says our source. “They have been hooking up on and off for the last month, but now they are telling friends they are together.”


This can only mean we should be expecting “Zoe’s Interlude” sometime in 2014.

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Family Feud: Breezy Unfollows His Mom And She Asks Fans To Keep His Shady Junkie Enabler Friends Off Her Timeline


Breezy’s bad habits are really causing big problems on the homefront. A source who claims to be close to Chris Brown reached out to BOSSIP regarding some big issues the singer is having with his mom and from what they had to say he is having a major struggle with drugs and the bad influences around him haven’t been of any help!

Here’s the details:

“The real reason Rihanna left wasn’t because of any female,” our spy tells BOSSIP. “It was because Chris’ crew, who he refers to as OHB are not good people. He wouldn’t get help for a drug problem, so she gave him an ultimatum and left.” From what the source says, Karrueche has also long been considered part of OHB.

Joyce Hawkins, Chris’ mom recently came to the same conclusion as Rihanna according to our source, and after a big blowout the singer unfollowed his mother on Twitter and she let it be known she wants nothing to do with his crew, asking that her followers not retweet “OHB” on her timeline.

“She’s fed up with Chris’ crew and when Chris came home for the first time last month, they completely disrespected her and he was high as a kite,” the source said of Breezy’s family feud with his mother. “She doesn’t know what else she can do for him, her nor Rihanna. They’ve tried to get him help and his drug dealing/gang banging friends keep supplying him with more drugs. He’s alienated his family and people who truly care about him for yes men and women who keep him high enough to use him.”

If that isn’t bad enough, our source says Breezy’s music career could even be in jeopardy!

“His album has already been pushed back because when he gets to the studio, he’s too high to hit notes,” the source told BOSSIP. “Everyone is just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Unfortunately it’s only getting worse.”

WOW! Do you believe it? We don’t see Breezy and Mama Joyce staying mad at each other for long though.

Hit the flip to see the tweets.

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True Or False: Plies Rumored To Be In Critical Condition After His Neck Is Fractured In 3 Places By Heavy A$$ Gold Chain!


What the hell??? Rapper Plies was the subject of internet rumors of being hospitalized following a freak accident with his 7 kilo gold chain…

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.48.51 AM

Here’s the report via some janky blog:

“It was my first time seeing him without a hat on and to be honest, I prolly won’t even do the video anymore… I thought he was cute”, said one video chick who seen Plies being carried off in an ambulance while on set.

Paramedics were called to the scene around 12pm this afternoon where rapper Plies laid unconscious from what onlookers are calling a “freak accident” after his 7 Kilo gold chain fractured his neck in 3 places.

“I couldn’t believe this was the same guy who wrote Becky; He was polite and spoke so well” said an EMS operator shocked by Plies speaking voice in comparison to the many videos he posts online talking ghetto slang including the one of him buying the 7 kilo gold chain that led to him being in a critical condition.

Despite rapper Plies desperate plea to stay connected to the streets, the Hospital confirmed he has full health insurance and no priors as police ran a background check, because there were suspicions of foul play.

This sounds downright ridiculous. And we can confirm it’s NOT TRUE!!! Sources close to the rapper tell BOSSIP they’ve been in touch with the rapper all weekend and he’s doing just fine. He’s even been tweeting since the alleged incident.



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Bossip Exclusive: Carmen Ortega Says Lebron And Jason Derulo Lied About Their Relationships, But She Learned Her Lesson After Being Deceived By Reggie Bush!


Last week some leaked text messages painted a pretty clear picture about what Lebron James has been trying to do to a model named Carmen Ortega. Carmen, you may recall, was linked to Reggie Bush way back when Kim Kardashian discovered he’d cheated on her with the curvy Latina. We tracked Carmen down to find out what really happened between her and Lebron and also to get to the bottom of recent rumors that Jason Derulo cheated on Jordin Sparks with her. She had a lot to say about what she learned from the Reggie fiasco and the lies these guys tell to get some on the side!

BOSSIP: First things first, how did those text messages get out? A lot of people seemed to think they could be fake?

Carmen Ortega: I lost my phone in Ibiza, I was hanging out with my good friend Afrojack, we went to a club and my stuff was near the DJ booth and from what I’m hearing, everything was dramatic, next thing you know my phone was gone, I really think somebody took my phone… And yes, those were real texts from Lebron, you can verify the number if you want. I have no reason to make it up.

BOSSIP: So how did you meet Lebron?

CO: I actually met Lebron when I was in a relationship. Me and my ex just broke up about a month and a half ago, I met Lebron six months before that in Miami. I didn’t even know who he was. I was with my best friend, he sent guys to my table to get my number and join him at his table. I never went to the table I was like ‘Nah I’m good I’m fine here.’ Towards the end of the night my friend was like ‘I gave Lebron your number.’ I was like ‘Why would you do that I have a boyfriend, you should never give my number out without asking.’So the next morning I get a text message, like “Good seeing you, I wish you would have joined my table, something something L James”. It didn’t even click at the moment and then it clicked later, and I responded “Nice meeting you, thanks for offering to join you at the table.”

Later he kept texting me I guess trying to initiate a friendship and I was very direct like ‘I have a boyfriend I’m not interested in anybody other than that I’m exclusive to him and out of respect to him we shouldn’t talk.’ He was like “no worries.”

More on the flip!


Is Chris Breezy “Getting Served” By NY Nightclub Waitress Despite Being Booed-Up With Rih-Rih??

Musicians Chris Brown and Rihanna perform during the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York

Damn Chris, you JUST said you were “a respectable guy” now…

Chris Brown Has Allegedly Been Seeing A Nightclub Waitress Behind Rihanna’s Back

Via NYPost

There could be a reason that Rihanna wasn’t with Chris Brown in court Friday — sources tell us he’s been “hanging out with a beautiful New York waitress.” We hear Brown hit it off with stunning server Karizma Ramirez at Finale when he visited the club Easter weekend. A source said, “They hit it off and headed out together. They also spent Easter Sunday together.” Despite this, Brown said he and Rihanna are still together during a “Today” interview that aired April 1.

Christopher was in court so that judge can rule on whether or not he cheated the system for 180 hours of community service he was sentenced to.

On Friday, Brown sat in court as lawyer Mark Geragos met with an LA County Superior Court judge behind closed doors in the probation-violation case. The judge ordered Brown back June 10 because lawyers need more time for “additional discovery.” Prosecutors accuse Brown of not completing 180 days of community labor ordered when he pleaded guilty to felony assault in his infamous Rihanna beating. Geragos has argued that the prosecutor’s wrong and Brown’s been “tortured” during his probation. Brown’s mother was in court Friday, but Rihanna, who attended his last court date, was not.

A waitress??? Even if she is a banger, are you REALLY gonna risk your A-list, Grammy winning girlfriend for a piece of a$$ that brings people drinks??? Señor Breezy got some ‘splainin’ to do…

Image via Splash

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Exclusive Blind Item: Which “Pop That” Rapper Got Caught On Tape Chopping Down A Men’s Mag Model Turned Emcee?

kimmi pop that

Blind item time… Does another one of your favorite rappers have a freaky flick floating around? A source told BOSSIP exclusively that there is indeed a new naughty tape featuring one of the four rappers from the mega-hit “Pop That”…

A BOSSIP source whispers that Kimmi Kennedy is a vixen that doesn’t mind mixing business and pleasure. She’s the latest men’s mag model to step in the booth in hot pursuit of a rap career, but when she reached out to this rapper he gave her a lot more than a feature. Besides the free verse our “Pop That” MC also supplied a serving of long hard D on the side.

Who do you think it is?

Hit the flip to find out.

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True or False: Pleasure “Chester the Molester” P Violated a Child?!?!?!?!

A girl on twitter is claiming that Pleasure P, former member of Pretty Ricky, is a child molester. Her dad was the attorney that was handling the case and apparently the bill has not been paid.

The Florida attorney who allegedly represented P in the case and the assistant claim to have documented proof that Mr. Cooper molested several children while he was a member of the group: “My dad was being paid to cover it up but they owe my dad a lot of money and now they don’t want to pay him. I first overheard my dad say that it was someone famous but I found out who he was talking about. This guy Pleasure P got kicked out of a group because he was hiding that he was a child molester.

His managers or whatever hired my dad to keep it quiet so he could get a record deal. The guy Pleasure P molested a 4 yr old child and was about to molest another one when police came and saved the child.

Now, the truth is out, they’re threatening my family and telling my dad he’s going to get sued.

Also, the girl hit Spectacular up on Twitter and asked him: @IamSpectacular, Is there a reason why everyone in the world is talking about your brother Pleasure P the child molester & ya’ll don’t know?

His response to her was:
Then on top of all that Pretty Ricky puts out an official statement about the situation:

Unfortunately due to Pleasure P’s lawyer filing an injunction against us from speaking, we are not at liberty to speak about the case.” However we will let it be known that we did kick him out of the group, he did not leave on his own free will. We did a deal with Atlantic via Craig Calman that we would let him out of the group if they bought out his contract with us and Blue Star which is the official label of Pretty Ricki. We are not at liberty to discuss why we kicked him out of the group. ~ Pretty Ricky

WoW!!! Those are some serious allegations BUT what we don’t understand is, if you have the documents proving that he molested children, why not release the documents????

Something sounds kind of funny about this whole situation but you never know!!!

What do ya’ll think???



True or False: Britney Spears was Molested by her Father

According to Courtney Love’s facebook page, she alleges that Britney Spears was molested by her father. More details under the hood.

Courtney says:

Britneys dad molested her , imagine the father that molested you owning you for slavery while your forced to sing songs picked for their sexual content every night, insane right? i have it on First had authority, and fight as hard as she is and does she still didnt pull that card, its a pride thing i can relate to, However they want to play dirty, lets go, Im SO not afraid of the little trolls who hit this when i was f***ked up who are called lawyers. lets GO.

Courtney is a bit of a nutcase but you never know. We can’t call it.

Source: Courtney’s FaceBook page.


We All Know Fantasia is Seeing a Married Man But Let’s See What he Looks Like

It’s been reported that Fantasia is seeing a married man who dipped out on his family to be with her.  Pop the top to see this guy “Cook” and get more details on Fanny joining the homewreckers’ club.

Sources say that Fantasia has been shacking up with Antwaun Cook (pictured), a North Carolina real estate agent and married man.  He has two kids, ages 4 and 1, and a wife who he left in order to move in with Fantasia.  The two met in a T-Mobile store and have been inseparable ever since. Although Antwaun isn’t too bad on the eye, the fact that he’s married and living in Fantasia’s house makes her look desperate wouldn’t ya’ll agree?