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Video: Tyler Shields revisits 2010

Check out this amazing video compilation of Tyler Shields‘ work from all of 2010. A bevy of stars displaying and enacting every possible emotion a human mind can hold and generate. If you are fan of Tyler Shields’ videos, then this is the perfect time to reaffirm that this man is pure genius! Kudos Tyler Shields!

Best moment: Totally awesome!


Kristin Cavallari in a Bra and Panties Photoshoot

Looking hotter than a stolen tamale, Kristin Cavallari threw on her skimpiest lingerie  and got downright dirty for an impromptu photo shoot last week with Tyler Shields.

We gotta give them credit for originality here. It’s not often that the guy in these type of pictures is fully dressed, the woman almost naked and the whole thing looking like a near rape scene, or a hooker for hire. Yep, don’t see that often at all.

Kristin Cavallari in a Hot Photoshoot Kristin Cavallari Looking Hot in Photoshoot Kristin Cavallari Looking Hot in Photoshoot Kristin Cavallari Looking Hot in Photoshoot

Sara Paxton video portrait by Tyler Shields

Here’s another amazing video portrait by Tyler Shields, this time featuring the gorgeous Sara Paxton. I don’t know why I’m so much obsessed with Tyler’s videos. Maybe it’s his ability to create beautiful complexities out of simple things or just the opposite of it, but the result is always amazing. There’s no doubt that Sara Paxton is breathtakingly beautiful, but Tyler still manages to add a whole new dimension to her beauty. Amazing video!

Best moment: You ought to be a complete nut to ask that!