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Kim Kardashian on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Apparently, Kim Kardashian was doing an interview with V Magazine when she mentioned that she really wants to earn herself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She said that she wants to be the first reality star on the Walk of Fame, “I would love to break that mold” the 31-year-old said.

But, is there any way she will actually get a star? The Hollywood Reporter asked a chamber of commerce rep and the rep basically said, “Hellllllll no!”


“Part of criteria in being honored is receiving awards such as Emmys, SAG Awards, Oscars, etc. in the category of television, live-stage performance or motion pictures. They have to have a career in the business of acting for five years or more.” the rep said.

Aw, dangit! It looks like Kim Kardashian will have suddenly have to develop some sort of talent! However, talent and the Kardashians don’t really go together. The only talent the Kardashians possess is the talent of becoming famous without having any talent — which is honestly really a talent! I’ve actually defended that Kardashians in the past for this specific reason. They might be horrible people and they might not have any “real” talent, but they’ve built this incredibly empire.

They’re all over your television set, your magazines and one of them is all over your husband’s computer. It might not take a lot of talent to get famous in the world we live in nowadays, but it does take a little bit of talent and a lot of hard work to maintain it. Now, does that mean I think Kim Kardashian deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? F**k no! But, just let the poor girl have her dreams…it’s all she has. Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian1


Nicole Kidman’s Sexy Photo Shoot!

It’s not often that we get treated to the sexy side of Nicole Kidman, so we had to share these pictures with you all. Nicole posed for the sultry pictures in V Magazine’s Travel Issue; she also sat down and talked with the magazine about her new film, ‘Paperboy.’

She stars in the movie with ‘High School Musical’ star Zac Efron and shares some very personal moments with the actor. In fact, Nicole Kidman actually had to pee on Zac in the movie, after his character is stung by a jellyfish,

 “The peeing thing, I didn’t think that was weird, because I was in character. And for me it said so much about (my character). One, she’s protecting him. Two, she’s tough as nails and no one else is going to pee on this guy. All of that made total sense to me. I just went for it and didn’t over think it.” she told V Magazine.

The magazine will be in stands everywhere on August 30 and her interview promises to have a lot of surprises. She talks about her children, her husband (Keith Urban) and her surprise cameo in Lars Von Trier’s film, ‘Nymphomaniac’.

Enjoy the sexy photos down below… Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman1 Nicole Kidman2 Nicole Kidman3


Adriana Lima vs. Doutzen Kroes — Who Bra’d It Better?

Oh, we had to bring it back. Why? Because, while Katy Perry vs. Madonna — Who Bra’d It Better? should’ve been a one time occurrence, we here at The Daily Fix just couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this.

Adriana Lima, super-modeling super-goddess, and Doutzen Kroes went head to head in V Magazine, getting physical in the realest sense of the word. The models, posing in their provocative lingerie, tribal make-up, and crazy hair, went at it for V Magazine’s special sports issue — which also features a pic of Jennifer Lopez in nothing but a pair of boxing gloves.

The magazine explained, “We wanted to pay homage to these incredible icons past and present with our own Fashion Olympics. The talents who grace these pages face challenges, obstacles, victory, and defeat in an open forum almost every day.” Well, yes, that’s all fine and dandy, but — sports issue or not — it’ll be the women on these pages that prods males and females alike to pick up the issue.

The twelve page spread that features Lima and Kroes will certainly be a high point of the magazine. Lima’s dark looks and intensity play perfectly with Kroes allure and mystery. Both of these women look utterly stunning in the shots, but it still begs the question… Who bra’d it better?

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. Adriana Lima vs. Doutzen Kroes . Adriana Lima vs. Doutzen Kroes  . Adriana Lima vs. Doutzen Kroes   . Adriana Lima vs. Doutzen Kroes Adriana Lima pinning Doutzen Kroes

Justin Bieber talks about Sex, Drugs and Religion!

Awhile back Justin Bieber opened his mouth and said some stuff that he took a lot of heat for in an interview with, ‘Rolling Stone.‘ Especially, when had tried to talk about abortion, rape and healthcare. Well, now Bieber is opening up a little more in an interview with, “V magazine.” I’ve picked out some of the more interesting quotes from the interview. When asked about if he felt like had to, “play the role of the kid still.” I’m going to grow up how I grow up. I’m not going to try to conform to what people want me to be or go out there and start partying, have people see me with alcohol. I want to do it at my own pace. But I’m never going to make myself so the kids and the parents don’t respect me. I don’t want to start singing about things like sex, drugs, and swearing. I’m into love, and maybe I’ll get more into making love when I’m older. But I want to be someone who is respected by everybody. When asked about how we was going to reach out to a wider audience I know a lot of people say they hate Justin Bieber who haven’t even listened to any of my music. They just hate me because they hate the idea of me. I’m young, I’m handsome—I don’t mean to sound conceited—but they think that I just got here because [of that], When asked about his religious beliefs I don’t think I’m religious. I am spiritual. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I believe that he put me in this position, and that I have to always give him the glory he deserves for putting me here. But I don’t consider myself religious. A lot of people who are religious, I feel like they get lost. They go to church just to go to church. I am not trying to disrespect them at all, you know, whatever works for you; but for me, I focus more on praying and talking to Him. I don’t have to go to church. Is God behind Bieber Fever? When I was little, I did these things: “prophetic words,” which is sort of like fortune-telling, but from God. They said in one of those tapes—when I was really young—that I was going to be the voice of the new generation. So, I don’t know what that means.   Well, I guess he learned from the last interview. He didn’t say anything too controversial this time, I think the most interesting things are the last two quotes. It seems like a lot of celebrities are afraid to say they are, “religious.” They always say, “spiritual.” I am guessing it is because religion is kind of frowned upon these days. Personally, I think if you have Jesus tattooed on your leg…then you are religious. I do think it’s easy to tell that he is a bit conceited, but I don’t hold that [...]

Adriana Lima, Isabeli Fontana and Others Topless in V Magazine

V Magazine circumvents the issue of magazine cover censoring with nearly every issue by placing their favorite letter strategically over any naughty bits. Luckily, though, there also exist uncovered versions of these images, for your viewing pleasure.

The latest series of covers runs down our list of women we like seeing naked, combining Victoria’s Secret glam girls with lithe, high fashion waifs. Specifically; Adriana Lima, Eniko Mihalik, Isabeli Fontana, Lily Donaldson and Natasha Poly. Not diverse in any universe other than the fashion one, but we enjoy the selection anyway.

V Magazine Covers Uncensored V Magazine Covers Uncensored V Magazine Covers Uncensored V Magazine Covers Uncensored V Magazine Covers Uncensored

Nicki Minaj on the Cover of ‘V Magazine’ Will Give You Nightmares

Rapper Nicki Minaj is on the cover of V magazine, looking exactly like the sort of thing that chases me with a machete through dark and scary hallways in my typical nightmare. She’s so craaaaaazy, that Nicki Minaj!

And lest you think there’s some crafty behind-the-scenes Svengali calling the stylistic shots, Minaj says: “Everything I do has been approved by me personally. My team is mostly made up of guys, but none of them would ever think about telling me what to wear or what to do with my hair.”

But I don’t know, my first thought was “Oh… but is that PC acceptable makeup?” Since it reminds me of the stereotype of a crazy African witch doctor or an African cannibal. Put a bone in her hair/nose and it’s there… but then I remembered I really don’t give a shit what is politically correct these days, so carry on Nicki.

But hey, at least that giant arrow pointing to her boobalicious boobs is a nice touch.

Nicki Minaj on the cover of V Nicki Minaj on the cover of V Nicki Minaj on the cover of V Nicki Minaj on the cover of V Nicki Minaj on the cover of V Nicki Minaj on the cover of V Nicki Minaj on the cover of V Nicki Minaj on the cover of V Nicki Minaj on the cover of V

Nicki Minaj’s boobs ‘rise and rise’ for V Magazine

I couldn’t think of a better header because the latest issue of V Magazine is saying something about the ‘rise and rise’ of Nicki Minaj and the exact thoughts emerge in your mind when you see Nicki busting out in the photos, especially the one above this explanation and below the discussed header. The writeup is pretty informative and interesting, but the real deal is the photo gallery. Thanks V! Check out the gallery after the jump.

Photos: Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin
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Miranda Kerr is the best – Part V

I can go on forever with this series because I have full confidence that Miranda Kerr will never let me down. She is and always will be the best. The latest issue of V magazine has done just the right thing by featuring Miranda along with her fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel Ana Beatriz Barros in a photoshoot. Eases my burden! Anyway, I may be a little biased, so I give you the opportunity to decide the winner. Hit the jump and get going.
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