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Johnny Depp gets frustrated over split rumors


johnny depp

Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp seems to be in a very disturbing mood from last two days; not due to his hectic professional life, but because of his personal life. Yeah, there’s been quite a paparazzi poking going around his personal life. Johnny is apparently yelling over the reports related to the rift in his marriage of 13 yrs with Vanessa Paradis. And the source cause is once again another woman, Robin Baum, with whom Johnny shared awe…state of kiss and moreover, it was caught in the lens of a photographer.

According to The Sun,

VANESSA PARADIS, 38 - his wife of 13 years - was said to be at their home in southern France with their two kids at the time. Voici magazine wrote: “What is he playing at? He knows Robin is a maneater.” But Vanessa’s spokeswoman said last night: “It’s lies, you heard rumors but it is not true.”

It’s believed that this kiss took placed when Johnny and Vanessa were attending a Hollywood showbiz function together. It’s really frustrating for any true bonded couples when such situation arises; all I pray is that this news comes as a mere rumor and nothing in serious.



Nothing comes between Johnny Depp and his family… not even the telephone

depp nophone
When it comes to family and kids, no celebrity can come even closer to Johnny Depp, let alone match his dedication. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star may be a mega star with a schedule as busy as a bee, but nothing can persuade him to compromise with the quality time he spends with his family - not even the ringing of the telephone.

The Sun quotes him as saying,

Nothing makes me happier than watching Vanessa and my kids and just realising that they’re my world. It’s pure joy. When I’m at our house in France I totally cut myself off from the rest of the world. I never have to listen to phones ringing and that’s because - and Vanessa would confirm this - phones are banned from the house. We have a beautiful life and I feel that spending time in France has just calmed me down and made me stop worrying about things which aren’t really important.

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Vanessa Paradis Covers Harper’s Bazaar

It's not often we hear about the personal lives of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, but in a new interview one half of the notoriously private couple gives a tiny glimpse into the life they share together with their children Lily-Rose, 11, and Jack, 8.

"I didn't tame him - we tamed each other," Vanessa tells the July issue of Harper's Bazaar of Johnny (aka the "Sexiest Man Alive").

"He is a very special guy," she adds. "He has so many talents. He is a wonderful father and does so many different things so well."

Of the family's relatively low-profile life together - they make their home in the south of France rather than Hollywood - she says, "Our jobs make us do extraordinary things, and we travel and see lots, but the rest of the time we're quiet. We don't go to many parties or do a lot of red carpet."


Johnny Depp & His Gorgeous Girls

In a rare public siting, Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp was pictured with his longtime love, Vanessa Paradis, and their beautiful daughter Lily-Rose, 11 next month, in Venice, Italy on Thursday (April 29). Little brother Jack, 8, was not spotted with the trio.

After smiling and waving to the paparazzi, Johnny lovingly wrapped his arms around both his girls as they enjoyed a late night walk.

The following day, Johnny and his costar Angelina Jolie were seen shooting their upcoming flick, The Tourist.


Angelina Jolie is an Uncontrollable Sexbot


Angelina Jolie and her lips have been destroying relationships since she hit puberty. It’s almost as if an evil genius scientist created Jolie in order to break up marriages and single-handedly increase the divorce rate. A recent article in The Daily Mail outlined Jolie’s sexual past, triggered by the release of a book that reveals Jolie’s tumultuous affairs with pretty much everyone in Hollywood. Even Mick Jagger, who is 32 years her elder:

Mick Jagger had an affair with Angelina Jolie whilst he was still married to Jerry Hall, a new book has sensationally claimed.

It is alleged the pair first had a brief fling after she starred in the video for the Rolling Stones’ 1997 song Anybody Seen My Baby?, while she was still married to British actor Jonny Lee Miller.

And it is claimed they enjoyed a second affair six years later in 2003, while the womanising rocker was with his latest lover L’Wren Scott.

The book is called “Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie: The True Story” and it was written by the US biographer Jenny Paul. Jenny spent probably way too much time investigating the hunting habits of Angelina Jolie’s pussy; she has even been rumored to get her information from Jolie’s friend Texas Terri and an ex-boyfriend of her mother, Bill Day.

Fun sex trivia in the book includes little nuggets like Angelina started sleeping with Colin Farrell four months after being on set with him in the movie “Alexander.”  But that is much less controversial compared to how her relationship with Brad “we’re going to have 13 kids” Pitt began.

In a string of other allegations, Paul also claims that Angelina was sleeping with Hollywood star Ralph Fiennes and ex-husband Miller when she met Brad Pitt in 2004.

The new book also outlines an account of how Angelina Jolie and her current partner Brad Pitt got together. When they first met, he was still married to Friends star Jennifer Aniston.

‘Brad told Angelina just weeks into filming Mr & Mrs Smith that his marriage to Jen was over in every way apart from on paper and had been for more than a year,’ says Paul.

According to the book, Brad told Angelina that he and Jen were just good friends and were waiting for the right time to officially end their marriage.

Angelina Jolie’s crotch is kind of like a man-eating tiger. It gets to have its meals when it wants and from whomever it wants. Even if Brad Pitt was married to a ridiculously hot actress, Jolie had the power to strip him away from the marriage and eat him alive.

It’s understandable that Johnny Depp’s wife, Vanessa Paradis, is concerned about Depp’s role in the new movie, “The Tourist.” There is supposedly a very steamy sex scene between Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in the movie – and Paradis asked Johnny to quit the film after catching wind of it. After all, Johnny Depp is the attractive kind of weirdo that might cause Jolie’s nether-regions to sniff the air and label him as its next target.

Hopefully Jolie will stay satisfied with Brad and her legion of kids… or else Mr. Depp will have to start guarding his loins with lock and key.


Johnny Depp and french wife are chronically rancid


Apparently, Johnny Depp has fulfilled his requirements for a permanent residence visa in France: support pervs in the name of Art (Roman Polanski) and never take a shower unless absolutely necessary. And by necessary we mean your eye boogers are seriously threatening to steal your eyesight away and you’re critically close to developing a crustacean shell. So ladies, next time you start getting moist at pictures of Johnny Depp shirtless, remember this: he makes love to a soap only on Bastille Day and Christmas. Ok, and maybe when he celebrates the French Revolution.

Via Fox411:

Johnny Depp and his wife, French supermodel Vanessa Paradis may look like a gorgeous couple on the outside, but sources who work with the two tell Fox411 that they aren’t as clean as they sometimes appear.

“Johnny usually smells because he rarely showers,” sources say.

“He isn’t big on personal cleanliness and Vanessa isn’t much different.  They found their perfect match in each other – it’s hard to be around them.  Their personal hygiene is not their priority.”

And while Johnny is known as a movie hunk and was even named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive last year, sources say he takes pains to cultivate a different image in his personal life.

As for his gorgeous girlfriend, we hear she is just like her man.

“Vanessa is the furthest thing from a supermodel every second that she isn’t on a big photo shoot.  No makeup and unruly hair – she’s a bit of a mess normally.”

Johnny’s new co-star, Angelina Jolie, will certainly get a taste of the real man while they film “The Tourist” together in Paris this month.

“When Johnny shows up for work or travel, he’s usually in rough shape,” sources say. “If he’s showing up for work on set, he’ll be a total professional, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be shiny and clean.  He entrusts his movie looks to his hair, makeup and costume team.  He’s quite a character in person.”


Vanessa Paradis: Johnny Depp Is The Love Of My Life

It's rare we get a peak into the personal lives of notoriously private lovebirds Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, but the French beauty shares a bit about their relationship in a new interview with the UK's Sunday Times.

“I’d wanted to be a mother for a long time, but with him I couldn’t avoid it,” Vanessa says of her longtime love. “He was, and still is, the love of my life.”

The pair have never married - though the interviewer notes, "the chunkiest thing about her is the ring on the fourth finger of her left hand, made up of more than half a dozen small diamonds" - but they have been together for 11 years and are parents to kids Lily-Rose, 10, and Jack, 7.

"Maybe I’m a good girlfriend because I’m his girlfriend. I’m not sure I’d be a good girlfriend to anyone else. There is a lot of friendship between us, respect and admiration," Vanessa says of her relationship with People magazine's recently re-crowned Sexiest Man Alive. "We’ve understood that if we want it to carry on working, it’s essential to give each other space. You don’t eat the same food every day, you don’t read the same book or listen to the same record over and over again. You have to discover things for yourself.”